Growing Fond of You, Mr Nian

Chapter 1207 - Nian Xi Is Giving Me A Compliment. Did You Seen That?

Chapter 1207: Nian Xi Is Giving Me A Compliment. Did You Seen That?

Nian Xi felt relieved as she hurriedly brought Jiang Yuning in.

The two of them were both victims and witnesses. They were supposed to sit separately. However, as Jiang Yuning had mild autism, the judge let them sit together so they could look after each other.

Feng Ji Chuan wasn’t allowed to sit with them. He could only sit in the back.

After sitting down, Jiang Yuning glanced at Feng Ji Chuan, then said to Nian Xi with a muffled voice, “You’re going to your nephew’s party with him.”

Strong jealousy could be sensed in the air. Nian Xi smiled and said, “He’s a good friend of my brother. They grew up together, so it’s normal he’s invited.”

“I see.” Jiang Yuning understood. However, it made him feel even worse than before. “He grew up with your brother, so, he grew up with you too. You two were childhood lovers.”

Nian Xi was surprised that he even knew the term, ‘childhood lover’.

“What am I?” Jiang Yuning was sad. “I am only your cleaning guy.”

“Eh-hem.” Nian Xi coughed slightly. “You are my cleaning guy, and my hero who saved me from a fire scene.”

Jiang Yuning was stunned. He spent a short while thinking, then asked her, “Is the hero more important or the childhood lover?”

“Guess.” Nian Xi glanced at him.

How silly are you? Haven’t you watched the movie, “A Chinese Odyssey”? she thought.

“I don’t know. I’m stupid,” Jiang Yuning said painfully.

Nian Xi laughed.

I’m glad you’re aware of that, she thought. But, you’re a scientist. Aren’t you ashamed to call yourself stupid?

“Ask Uncle Han about it,” Nian Xi said. She then followed the judge into the trial room.

The room fell into silence. Nian Yuning seemed to want to say something else, but Nian Xi hurriedly stopped him.

“Be quiet. The trial is going to start. Focus.”

“Oh.” Jiang Yuning didn’t care about the trial, but he understood how important it was for Nian Xi.

The prosecutor first stated Yang Wenzhi’s crimes, then asked Nian Xi and Jiang Yuning about the process of the crime.

When it was Jiang Yuning’s turn to answer questions, the prosecutor asked him, “According to Officer Nian, you pushed her away in time because you had night vision glasses and a watch that can monitor the changes of the magnetic field on the scene. So back then, you witnessed how the shelf fell. Am I right?”

Jiang Yuning nodded and said, “I’m doing relevant studies. When I walked into that lab, I already figured out the lab was for quantum electric shock experiments. Normally, the students need to shut down the power before leaving. When I went in, I noticed that the devices in the lab were powered off. Based on how fast the lab was set on fire, the massive fire was produced within two to four seconds. In less than one minute, the entire lab was burning. To do that, the devices in the lab had to be turned on to accumulate power five minutes in advance. It means that Yang Wenzhi sneakily turned the power on not long after we got in.”

The prosecutor said to the judge, “That means Yang Wenzhi planned to burn the two of them to death since they went into the lab. That is premeditated murder. The lab had a burglar-resistant window, and the door was locked. Except for fully equipped firemen, no ordinary person could escape from that sealed room.”

As Jiang Yuning sat down, Nian Xi quietly gave him a thumbs-up.

Jiang Yuning instantly felt sweet in his heart, as if he had just eaten a full jar of honey. He couldn’t help but take another glance at Feng Ji Chuan.

Nian Xi is complimenting me. Did you see that?

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