Growing Fond of You, Mr Nian

Chapter 1206 - He Didn’t Know He Was Professor Jiang

Chapter 1206: He Didn’t Know He Was Professor Jiang

At that time, Feng Ji Chuan came downstairs.

Fang Qi greeted him and said, “What brought you here? Aren’t you busy today?”

“I came here to take a look.” Feng Ji Chuan looked at Nian Xi blandly. “Afterall, this is your first official case.”

Nian Xi nodded peacefully.

Fang Qi gave them a meaningful glance. He then thought of Jiang Yuning and became a little nervous. It seemed that not only the trial was going to be intense today; there would be a great show out of the court too.

He was a little worried about Professor Jiang. Professor Jiang was such a fragile person. He wondered if he would be crushed by Feng Ji Chuan.

“Why are you two alone here? Where are the other witnesses?” said Feng Ji Chuan. He was curious about Jiang Yuning.

“The school manager has arrived. The professor left to buy something.” As Nian Xi spoke, Jiang Yuning showed up. She hurriedly waved at him.

Jiang Yuning had seen Feng Ji Chuan. His heart missed a beat. He was right.

Unhappily, he walked to Nian Xi.

Feng Ji Chuan turned to look at him, then paused briefly with surprise. “You.”

He recalled what Jiang Yuning bought from the shop earlier. He felt pain as if his heart was cut by something.

“Hi.” Jiang Yuning nodded at him, then moved to Nian Xi’s side.

Nian Xi glanced at the two guys, then furrowed her eyebrows. She did not want the two of them to see each other because she didn’t want trouble. Jiang Yuning seemed to be quite fragile. She didn’t want anything to happen to affect the trial.

“Do you guys know each other?”

“We met downstairs in the shop,” said Feng Ji Chuan blandly. “I didn’t know he was Professor Jiang.”

Nian Xi felt embarrassed and wondered if Feng Ji Chuan saw Jiang Yuning buying pads.

What a nerd. She had told him that she was not on her period, yet he insisted on believing it.

Jiang Yuning dropped his head, with his hand holding the pads in his pocket. He felt so annoyed. He admitted that he was buying the pads for his girlfriend back in the shop. Hopefully, Feng Ji Chuan wouldn’t ask Nian Xi about it. If Nian Xi denied it, he would be so embarrassed.

As the atmosphere was turning weird, Fang Qi hurriedly started talking while laughing saying, “Are you surprised to know that Professor Jiang is not one of those old-school scientists, but turns out to be so pretty and polite?”

“Hm,” Feng Ji Chuan responded, then turned and said to Nian Xi, “When will you go to the party? I didn’t drive my car, so I don’t know where the place is. How about you give me a ride?”

Jiang Yuning was stunned at first, then he figured it out. He felt as if his heart was like an erupting volcano. The scorching hot lava burned his internal organs.

She refused to take him to the party. She was going to attend her nephew’s party with Feng Ji Chuan.

He was not important to her at all.

Nian Xi glanced at him, noticing the sullen look on his face. She had a headache. Feng Ji Chuan’s words could easily cause misunderstandings. “I need to drive Yuning to his place later, so I’ll probably be late. You can take a taxi; the driver will know where the place is.”

She called him Yuning. Hearing that, Jiang Yuning started to feel sweet in his heart again.

“So let’s drive Professor Jiang home together,” said Feng Ji Chuan. “I’m in no rush. It’s gonna be boring if I get there too early.”

“My brother and Si will both be there.” Nian Xi felt troubled. What on earth was happening to Feng Ji Chuan? He was being weird.

“Junting needs to keep his wife and son company, while Xiao Si is spending every day following behind Ji Nuanyi now,” Feng Ji Chuan explained.

Seeing the situation getting harder and harder for Nian Xi, Fang Qi hurriedly said, “The trial is starting. Let’s go in.”

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