Growing Fond of You, Mr Nian

Chapter 1205 - Meet His Rival in Love

Chapter 1205: Meet His Rival in Love

Jiang Yuning walked into the supermarket, awkwardly lingered before the goods shelf for a while.

Finally, he found pads. There were so many kinds of pads, and he didn’t know which one to choose. It was his first time buying pads for a girl. Merely looking at those pads made him blush.

At last, he gathered his courage and bought the most expensive one.

As he went to the checkout counter, a tall and young man walked in. The young man was wearing a black leather jacket, a pair of jeans. He had eagle eyes and dashing eyebrows.

Jiang Yuning rarely paid attention to other people. However, he froze when his wandering eyes swept across the young man.

Nian Xi had shown him a photo of her ex-boyfriend back when they were in France. Jiang Yuning had a great memory, and he paid great attention to the guy in the photo. Therefore, he instantly recognized him in the supermarket.

The guy in the photo had a brush cut. His hair had grown slightly longer.

He was really strong. Jiang Yuning looked at himself, found himself skinny indeed.

“Please give me a pack of cigarettes,” Feng Ji Chuan took his wallet. He noticed that the guy beside him was staring at him.

He glanced at that person. The guy was as stall as himself, good-looking wearing a neat suit, seeming like a polite intellectual.

“Sure…” The cashier was a lady. Seeing the two gorgeous men before the counter, she felt a little dizzy.

She had worked in the supermarket for long, but it was her first time seeing such two handsome guys at one time. One of them was muscular, and the other was as pretty as a prince.

It was like a dream.

She wondered which lucky girl could be with one of them. Those two guys were both so handsome.

“What kind of cigarette do you want?”

“Paektu Mountain.”

The cashier took out the cigarette. As Feng Ji Chuan was taking cash from his wallet, the cashier said to Jiang Yuning, “Can you please give me what you want to buy?”

Jiang Yuning embarrassedly took out the pack of pads from behind his body.

“Is this for your girlfriend?” The cashier smiled, “You’re such a nice boyfriend.”

“Emm,” Jiang Yuning murmured to respond. He lacked confidence in front of Feng Ji Chuan, but somehow, he didn’t deny.

Feng Ji Chuan took another glance at him, then picked up the cigarette and left.

Jiang Yuning let out a breath. After paying for the pads, he slowly walked toward the court.

Feng Ji Chuan was about ten meters before him. He was walking fast, seemingly going for the hearing.

‘So, I’ll be seeing him again?’ Jiang Yuning thought.

‘Am I gonna meet my rival in love face to face?’

Jiang Yuning instantly grew nervous, felt very stressed.

He had no experience facing rivals in love at all. The guy seemed not easy to deal with.

He felt so bothered, so he hurriedly called Uncle Han for help, “I met… my rival in love. Xi’s ex-boyfriend.”

“Sooner or later,” Uncle Han encouraged him, “He’s her ex. Why are you so nervous? He’s not his boyfriend. You need to remember that you’re the one who saved her from the fire scene.”

“The ex is handsome indeed,” Jiang Yuning was still unhappy.

“Hehe, isn’t Officer Nian’s brother handsome too? A girl like her should be immune to handsome guys since long ago. Haven’t you heard that the people who eat pork every day could get tired of pork easily?”


“Mr. Jiang, just go. If you spent more time talking to me, the ex might have a chance talking to Officer Nian,” said Uncle Han.

Hearing that, Jiang Yuning instantly panicked. He hurriedly quickened his pace and headed upstairs.

Nian Xi was standing at the door of the courtroom, looking at her watch. The hearing was going to start soon. Where had Jiang Yuning been? Why hadn’t he come back yet?

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