Growing Fond of You, Mr Nian

Chapter 1210 - Has He Defeated His Rival in Love, Just Like That?

Chapter 1210: Has He Defeated His Rival in Love, Just Like That?

“Nian Xi, let’s go. It’s getting late.” Feng Ji Chuan turned his eyes to Nian Xi, who had been sitting on the chair the whole time.

“Hmm, you go first. I still have something to do.” Nian Xi hurriedly packed her stuff on the table, then quickly pulled on Jiang Yuning’s hand and ran out of the trial room.

Looking at their backs, Feng Ji Chuan’s face instantly turned blue.

Fang Qi sighed, patted him on the shoulder and said, “Ji Chuan. Let bygones be bygones. Put it down. You are a great man and you have a bright future. Don’t let yourself sink for just one relationship.”

Feng Ji Chuan gave a bitter smile and responded with, “Before, my relationship wasn’t my priority. However, when I lost her, I realized how important she was to me. I was not thoughtful enough. I was never nice to her enough. Now, I just want another chance. Seeing her with another guy doesn’t feel good. If I failed, I guess it’s because we weren’t meant to be together.”

“Um, I’m glad you’re thinking that way.”

Out of the trial room, the surprised Jiang Yuning let himself be dragged forward by Nian Xi.

He looked at her hand that was holding his; he felt like he was in a dream.

Nian Xi held his hand in front of her ex-boyfriend. She chose him over her ex-boyfriend, didn’t she?

Did he win? Had he defeated his rival in love, just like that?

He smiled all the way, gazing at the back of Nian Xi’s head. When Nian Xi stopped running, he sensed an unpleasant odor. He raised his head and found himself standing in front of the toilet.

“Give me a pad.” Nian Xi reached out a hand toward him eagerly.

“Are you… on your period?” Jiang Yuning blinked.

“Shut up.” Nian Xi’s cheeks were red.

“So you held my hand because you want the pads.” Jiang Yuning felt as someone had just poured a bucket of ice water onto his head. He was so frustrated. “You didn’t hold my hand because you chose me.”

Nian Xi clenched her teeth and said, “Is now the time to talk about that? Give me the pads.”

“Oh.” Jiang Yuning clumsily took out a bag of pads from his pocket, put it in her hand and said, “How do you know that I have pads?”

“You went out earlier. I knew what you were doing.” Nian Xi picked up the pads and went into the lady’s room.

Jiang Yuning stood by the door for a few minutes. He was disappointed, but also satisfied.

Nian Xi used the pads that he bought. It was so nice.

Her pants weren’t stained, were they? Jiang Yuning was worried. He hurriedly took off his coat.

In the bathroom, Nian Xi checked her pants. Thankfully, she dealt with it in time and her pants weren’t stained yet.

Soon, she came out of the bathroom and found Jiang Yuning wearing only a shirt. His coat was on his arm.

Looking at him, she felt so confused. Earlier, she said his invention wasn’t good, but unexpectedly, it was amazing.

That watch could be so helpful for girls, and also for her nephew.

“The air conditioner isn’t on. Why did you take off your coat? Be careful, you might catch a cold,” Nian Xi said reminding him.

Jiang Yuning shyly glanced at her crotch area.

“What?” Seeing the look in his eyes, Nian Xi blushed.

“I worried that your pants might be stained. I took off my coat so you can wrap it around your waist to cover the stain,” Jiang Yuning said.

“My pants are fine.” Nian Xi felt touched. “Fortunately, you got me some pads. I’m sorry for complaining about your invention.”

“It’s okay. As long as I’m sure my invention is working well.” Jiang Yuning smiled shyly.

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