Grasping Evil

Chapter 48

Seventeen Beauties have become cauldrons

Here’s the Thirdrelease!

One of them of them was named Bing Ling while the other was named Yue Ling. Both of them were Gold Core experts. They had privileged positions in Extreme Yin Gate as they were disciples of Old Devil Purple Yin Kidd (Purple Yin). They were also his concubines and cauldrons.

Furthermore, the rest of the Harmonious Spirit female cultivators were also Purple Yin’s concubines.

All of the seventeen girls had one similarity – they were all virgins. Since they were all virgin, their Yin energy was still pure. This was quite a special case as females who practiced Evil Dao would not remain chaste.

These girls were Purple Yin’s women that were nurtured by him as cauldrons. The only reason that he nurtured them as such was to absorb, through plucking, their Yin energy to supplement his Yang energy when he reached the Nascent Soul ream.

However, his current cultivation grade was still below the targeted realm, although it was only a step away. Thus, he couldn’t harvest his cauldrons just yet. That was why these girls were able to maintain the Yin energy in their bodies.

They were all very fine cauldrons. However, now that they intended to capture Ning Fan, he wouldn’t let go of the opportunity to collect seventeen new cauldrons.

Only his enemies would become his cauldrons. This fact wouldn’t change for the rest of his life!

The murderous intent of an immortal emperor exuded from Ning Fan’s eyes, sending icy chills down the women’s spines.

They suddenly felt a sense of great danger that struck them without warning. They certainly wouldn’t have thought that the harmless-looking youth before had such a killing intent.

“To the formation!”

Bing Ling froze. As she was the oldest among the seventeen, she had to make a prompt decision to act.

The other fifteen hastily circulated their magical powers to form a formation, using Bing Ling and Yue Ling as the core.

The seventeen of them had formed a large enchanted formation that looked wonderful, but at the same time, gloomy. It wouldn’t be a problem defeating an intermediate Gold Core opponent with the complete formation.

However, they were one step slower than Ning Fan. He would never allow them to succeed. He stepped and moved so fast that it made him look like an icy light.

He appeared before Yue Ling who was in a white dress while she was doing some hand gestures during the incantation. After Ning Fan’s silhouette became vivid, her face changed instantly and she struck with a palm at the center of his chest.

Her attack was sent too quickly. Despite being an early Gold Core expert, she was raised and nurtured as a cauldron. Thus, she lacked in experience in the battlefield. Furthermore, her Qi wasn’t fortified because she had taken too many dans.

Nevertheless, her palm carried magical power that could instantly kill a Harmonious Spirit warrior.

At this moment, a flash of silvery light was seen from Ning Fan’s body, before he was an inch away from the punch. As a result, no injuries had been inflicted on his body. His facial expression turned cold while his Yin Plucking Finger pointed out at lightning speed and poked seventeen different spots on the upper part of Yue Ling body, from the bosom to the front clavicle.

The Yin energy entered her body through the seventeen spots that were poked. Suddenly, her magical power and Qi became messed up, making her pant. Her face became red and her body turned feverish. Ashamed, she shouted, “YouYou used a charm spell!”

After getting enchanted by the seventeen Yin Plucking Fingers, she fell from the clouds. Ning Fan waved his left palm, and a black and gloomy light shot out from the Cauldron Ring. She was powerless to resist it, and was sucked and contained within the red-fogged spatial zone.

Yue Ling, a Gold Core expert, was taken the moment the young man attacked. Bing Ling was stupefied. She found out that she had totally underestimated Ning Fan. His abilities were terrifying. She was afraid that even a Gold Core expert couldn’t assure her safety when facing him.

Due to their magical powers not being solid and their inexperience in battling, her sister and her wouldn’t stand a chance against Ning Fan although they might be able to defeat a peak Harmonious Spirit warrior.

“Detestable! Kill him now and save Sister Yue Ling!”

The two of them were real sisters. Her emotion had been severely affected when she saw her sister being captured. It was obvious that this girl had a weak mental state. She couldn’t be compared to Lu Nanzi and Nanyang Zi who had the heart of stone; they wouldn’t give in easily until the final moment.

Having been overwhelmed by uncontrollable anger and mixed feelings, she had forgotten Old Devil Purple Yin Kidd’s order. The order was to capture Ning Fan, not to kill him.

She threw out a hairpin instantly at Ning Fan. It then turned into a swift and forceful red light, speeding at Ning Fan’s direction, like a shooting star.

“Early-intermediate ranked magical treasure!”

It all happened in a blink of an eye. In a flash, Ning Fan patted his storage pouch to retrieve a flying blade that was as black as black-iron. It was the early-intermediate ranked magical treasure-Moon Chasing Flying Blade that he took from Yan Zhuiyun.

Using such a weapon was quite taxing for him given his current strength. As for an intermediate ranked magical treasure, he wouldn’t even be able to wield it at all. Otherwise, he would’ve simply used any high rank magical weapon to pin down the early Gold Core females.

The Moon Chasing Flying Blade lunged forward. Ning Fan activated his golden hairband and became invisible without a trace, preparing for a sneak-attack. He had completely ignored the impact of the two magical weapons.

Regardless, his magical power was weaker than Bing Ling. His blade fell to the ground although it was only a strike from Bing Ling’s hairpin.

However, she didn’t take it for granted. Immediately afterwards, she summoned the immortal cloud and retreated as she knew Ning Fan was going to attack her at any time.

To her surprise, Ning Fan was expecting her at the tail of her retreat. A silhouette materialized, and then the Yin Plucking Finger dotted behind her jade-like back like torrential rain droplets.

Yin energy entered her body from ten spots. She felt her body burning and her magical power dropped drastically. She then fell into Ning Fan’s embrace from behind. Her pink-red face turned evil. “You dare to cast charm spell on me? I am an official concubine of Old Devil Purple Yin. He would definitely shred you to pieces if you touch me!”

“Humph! Still trying to threaten me, even when you have fallen into my grip? You surely can’t distinct between life and death, can’t you?”

His finger then gently poked at her forehead. She lost her consciousness. He waved his left arm and kept her into his Ring Cauldron.

Now, there were only fifteen Harmonious Spirit females left after capturing the two Gold Core females, which had become a lot easier.

The incident of capturing Bing Ling and Yue Ling had only lasted for an exceptionally quick moment. The rest of them, who had poor foundation of magical power and ordinary psychology, weren’t able to react to it.

They were all frightened to death after seeing their leaders falling into Ning Fan’s hands. How could they possibly think about capturing him now? They quickly summoned immortal clouds to run for their lives.

Unfortunately, being Harmonious Spirit cultivators, they certainly could not outrun Ning Fan who travelled using the Icy Rainbow.

A smirk came from his mouth. He wouldn’t let these female devils return to their sect to report the incident to the old devil.

Icy lights flashed as he chased each female who had the skin as fair as moonlight. Each of them was paralyzed by his Yin Plucking Finger before they were kept into the Ring Cauldron.

Ning Fan only travelled a few miles from the original place to capture all fifteen of them.

Afterwards, he returned to the previous battlefield and kept the two magical weapons – the hairpin and flying blade. He smiled coldly while looking at the Cauldron Ring on his left wrist.

The seventeen females that tried to capture him just now were not capable enough to accomplish the task. Take the two Gold Core females for example, they were nothing compared to Yu Chi even if they had given all out.

In the cultivation of True Dao, magical power and cultivation grade weren’t everything. There were many cases where lower grade experts could defeat higher grade experts or seemingly weaker experts defeating powerful experts. The women that ambushed him were cauldrons nurtured in a favorable environment. Perhaps Old Devil Purple Yin had underestimated Ning Fan. However, the fact still remained that these seventeen cauldrons were certainly enough capture even a peak Harmonious Spirit warrior.

Besides, an ordinary peak-Harmonious Spirit warrior would continue moving forward into the ambush instead of stopping midway. He would then be attacked from the front and back like a sandwich. Given a situation like this, it was very unlikely that even a very experienced Gold Core old devil could escape.

It seemed that Purple Yin did not expect that Ning Fan possessed such heaven defying skills and spells. He also wouldn’t have known that Ning Fan’s ability wasn’t equivalent to an intermediate-Harmonious Spirit expert. If he knew Ning Fan was Black Devil Ning and was the one who killed a Harmonious Spirit old man and punched a Gold Core expert to death, he wouldn’t make such careless plot of sending his own concubines to capture him.

It was a pity that the result was destined to disappoint him. He had been deceived by Ning Fan. This was a right thing to do in Evil Dao.

“There is no point to engage in battle with them. These cauldrons are too weak.” Ning Fan’s cold smile turned emotionless and then sighed.

This was the reason he didn’t allow Zhihe to go to Sinister Sparrow Sect. Although Zhihe was already at the eighth level of Vein Opening, she had a nave mind. Even if the assailant was a level one Vein Opening cultivator, he could paralyze her with any Yin related spell.

He didn’t want Zhihe to meet this kind of fate. And, he didn’t hope to see her stained with blood after murdering people for the rest of her life. It didn’t matter even if she hadn’t killed before.

“My killings alone is sufficient. Hump! Purple Yin Kidd of Extreme Yin Gate, I will remember this score. By the way, thank you for you great gift of seventeen cauldrons.”

This desolate mountainous terrain wasn’t a suitable place for plucking*. All the seventeen of them had been paralyzed by his Yin Plucking Finger and were thrown into the red-fogged in the spatial zone inside his Ring Cauldron. Thus, he didn’t have to rush to begin the process of plucking them. He could do that after he reached Sinister Sparrow Sect.

Ning Fan made his calculations and found that the ambush was still there ten miles away. He used his Spirit Sense to try to locate and find out how many of them were there but he didn’t try to go too near to the ambush. He could sense that there was an pre-prepared large formation just a few miles away. And, there were approximately a hundred powerful Qi hidden somewhere in that area.

He withdrew his Spirit Sense and knitted his eyebrows. The number of people who was waiting for him in the ambush was overwhelming. Adding the fact that there is a formation, he wouldn’t take such a risk that might cost him his life.

He knew his own limits. The reason that he could get rid of the seventeen female cultivators was due to the power of Yin Plucking Finger. He was cultivating ‘Yin Yang Transformation.’ Thus, he would always gain the upper hand when confronting a female opponent. He didn’t fear any ladies. Once he breakthroughs to the Void Fragmentation, all the female experts of the Nine Immortal Worlds would need to run as long as they saw him.

Majority of the people in the ambush were male experts. There were also quite a few Gold Core old monsters. The chance of winning was very slim. He probably could face only one Gold Core expert in such circumstances. Furthermore, the ambusher had made necessary preparations to capture him.

“Evasive shift.”

Ning Fan’s face was emotionless. He used the Three Veins Immortal Clouds instead of the icy rainbow art to travel using another route to slip past them undetected.

This incident had taught him a lesson. Despite the rapid speed of the ice rainbow art, it was too noticeable as it shone brilliantly. It wasn’t appropriate if he wanted to stay unnoticeable or performing a stealth attack. If he was to use the immortal cloud to travel, he wouldn’t be tracked by anyone.

After tonight’s matter, Extreme Yin Gate and Purple Yin Kidd had been added to Ning Fan’s ‘must-kill list.’

One should reciprocate how one was treated by another. He was determined to exterminate Extreme Yin Gate once his cultivation grade had reached a powerful extent.

He wouldn’t lose to an old devil like Purple Yin in playing dirty. Currently, he had a hundred thousand immortal jades in his storage pouch. He just needed to set up a grand formation around Extreme Yin Gate’s headquarters. After that, they would meet the same fate as Heaven Separation Sect.

Ten miles away in a valley, about a hundred experts of Extreme Yin Gate was hiding themselves. There were seventy level ten Vein Opening experts, twenty Harmonious Spirit experts and five Gold Core experts. The leader was an intermediate Gold Core old monster named Ji Mo.

“Strange. Why hasn’t Ning Fan appeared? Those two women, Bing Ling and Yue Ling, why haven’t they appeared either? Could it be that there are some changes in his trail? Not possible. According to the information, that Ning Fan doesn’t have sharp eyesight or senses. He can only determine the value of magical treasure. He is merely an intermediate Harmonious Spirit warrior, he can’t escape from two Gold Core experts. However, I somehow feel a sense of worry.”

Ji Mo and the other experts had waited in the valley for a night. The night passed but Ning Fan was nowhere to be seen. Apparently, something had changed. He immediately used his Messenger Jade Talisman to communicate with Bing Ling and Yue Ling. But no matter how he tried, he couldn’t contact them.

All of a sudden, his expression changed. He knew that those two women must have fallen into their target’s trap instead.

“Humph! It is truly a mistake to send those two for this task. I have no idea what kind of trouble they have gotten themselves into that not even the Messenger Jade Talisman was able contact them. Forget it, the sky is turning bright. I think the little brat Ning Fan has already gone pretty far away and is about to reach Sinister Sparrow Sect. There is no way we can capture him now. Some of you go and search for the whereabouts of those women. Those two are Gold Core cauldrons after all. The old devil has spent inestimable fortune and time on them. He will be extremely angry if he loses the two of them and certainly won’t forgive me.”

Old monster Ji Mo’s face darkened. The instructed his underlings then begin his search for the two of them. The thought of those two Gold Core females being captured by Ning Fan had never crossed his mind. It was absurd to think that all seventeen of them would be captured by a mere intermediate Harmonious Spirit expert.

Pitifully, old monster Ji Mo couldn’t find the two women at the end of the day. He could now imagine how angry and pained Old Devil Purple Yin would be after knowing that he had lost seventeen virgin concubines.

More importantly, Extreme Yin Gate had offended a hundred-percent unoffendable man!

Ning Fan was a person that would never forget his vengeance!


*In this novel ‘plucking’ means the process of making oneself stronger by absorbing other’s energy or something else through having s.e.x.

All name of skills will not be capitalized as they are considered common nouns, but they will be italicized. Some terms are subject to change when better suggestions are selected.

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