Grasping Evil

Chapter 49

The Power of Nascent Soul, The oracle of Rain palace

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On the west of Yue Country, in Dark Sparrow Valley was a stretch of ‘The Great Rift’ that was covered by fog across the entire year. Within it was an indistinct jade palace and beside it was a place like utopia.

Unfortunately, this place wasn’t like any of the good places. It was a renowned evil sect – Sinister Sparrow Sect.

The cultivators who came and go in the sect were either in the form of light or mounting an extraordinary beast. Every time they entered or left the palace, they would feel a chilling sense of the fog covering it.

It was supposed to be spring now but due to the fog in the Dark Sparrow Valley, chills always ran through down people’s spine.

A youth in white clothes and black cloak entered the fog following the stream of returnees. No one noticed him as he had concealed his cultivation grade.

However, the moment he entered the layer of fog, his eyes flash with a smile. “I can feel the coldness of this Qi. It isn’t the coldness of ice but spirit. This is interesting. I assume this is the profundity of ‘Dark Yin Qi’. It is ranked number seven among the Heavenly Frosty Yin Qi. It can be used to freeze spirit. No, in a more precise way of saying, once a person devour the ‘Dark Yin Qi’, that person will have his spiritual endurance modified unknowingly. This is certainly a precious treasure. But I have no idea where it is stored. Even if I know, it would be very hard to steal it as not even the old devil attempted to steal it over the forty years given his greedy behavior.”

As a matter of fact, the thing that interested him the most wasn’t the Dark Yin Qi. After passing through the layer of fog, he could somehow feel it from the Yin Yang Locket in his dantian that there was something that might interest him.

This young man was obviously Ning Fan. While he did not cover his face with a cloth, his murderous intent and cultivation grade were hidden. His body looked thin and his smile was as bright as an ordinary young master of some sect.

The path became narrower after walking for ten miles. After a while, he saw the guards of Sinister Sparrow Sect patrolling outside. The Harmonious Spirit experts who were flying in the void landed, otherwise they would be attacked by the guards as intruder.

There were a few ships that were travelling on the sky and continued to move forward past the guards without landing down. None of the guards dared to stop them.

They were Gold Core experts of different sects! They came here to join Sinister Sparrow Sect’s discipleship ceremony. This ceremony was a grand occasion as it only happened once every ten years. Besides, many had targeted Sinister Sparrow Sect as they were the first evil sect of Yue Country after the extermination of Heaven Separation Sect.

Those old experts wanted to know how many quality disciples Sinister Sparrow Sect could receive.

Although their sect were as strong as Sinister Sparrow Sect, they wouldn’t dare to cause any trouble.

Ning Fan halted and looked upwards, thinking that if he too came here with the Seven Apricot Voyage Ship, he would probably also get past the guards without stopping. But he then shook his head to shake away the absurd thought.

The Seven Apricot Voyage Ship would attract plenty of attention. His main purpose in coming to Sinister Sparrow Sect was stealing the Dark Yin Qi, so it was better to keep a low profile. Although he had the status of that old devil’s disciple and fiance of Lan Mei, it would be too risky to expose himself.

As he shook his head, a tough-looking man in sackcloth walked over to him with a face that showed he also had similar interest with Ning Fan. “Ah, my dear friend, I suppose you also look down on whatever immortals they might be called. Me too. What is it so mighty about them? What makes them more superior than us? However, I will have to work harder on my immortal cultivation, or else I will forever a grade lower than them and I don’t like this damn feeling!”

The youth was named Yun Lie. He looked distinctive. He had an upturned nose and a dark-charcoaled face like the bottom of a cooking wok. He had a curly hair and reddish beard and his height was eight feet tall. Overall, he looked very stalwart but his expression told that he was a cynical one.

If such a cynical expression was put on Ning Fan’s face, it would probably look casual or elegant. But if it was put on this ugly looking stalwart man’s face, he would look like a little funny looking man.

However, it didn’t mean that Ning Fan looked down on him. His expression didn’t change. One couldn’t judge a book by its cover. Ning Fan wouldn’t judge a person by his or her look. What drew his attention was how this stalwart man despise the people who was viewed as ‘immortals’ or the real immortals, because he was like this man half year ago.

There wasn’t fairness in this world. Only those who mastered the Truth Cultivation could survive. This had been every cultivator’s misery.

A few Vein Opening cultivators snickered as they heard the ugly man’s statement. But they stopped after they were darted a glance by the ugly man.

They felt frightened thinking what was this man? How could his Qi be so frightening?

“What is your view towards immortals, my friend? And how do you view the normal people?” The ugly man named Yun Lie ignored those Vein Opening cultivators. He pointed up at the Gold Core voyage ship and watched in disdain.

Naturally, he was asking Ning Fan for his opinion. Ning Fan wasn’t able to discern his cultivation grade but he could discern Yun Lie’s. Ning Fan narrowed his eyes. He had a feeling that this ugly man’s cultivation was way stronger than Sinister Sparrow as he couldn’t detect his unfathomable grade.

‘Could he be a Nascent Soul expert? But there wasn’t a Nascent Soul expert in Yue Country. He must be from some other countries.’

Ning Fan looked at the voyage ship with an expression that was neither humble nor arrogant, which had attracted the ugly man’s attention. And Ning Fan didn’t have a single disdain on his face when he looked at the face of the ugly man. Yun Lie admired his pleasant attitude, which told why he would ask Ning Fan for his viewpoint.

“Cultivation grade is like an unreachable mountain. Immortals are the beings that stands on the peak of the mountain. Cultivation grade is a prison that contains people. And normal people are the people who was being contained by the prison. If one can break free from the prison, one can become an immortal. But if one is overwhelmed by complacency when one is an immortal, one will fall back into being a human. In my opinion, Gold Core realm is far from being an immortal, especially when they are before a peerless figure.”

A projection of memories that belonged to Ancient Chaos Emperor surfaced in front of him. He saw the being could crush a star with a finger and reverse the law of movement of the Milky Way in a breath. Only that kind of *cking power could be allowed to be called a true immortal. Not even Emperor Moksha had such ability was fitted in such description.

In Ning Fan’s every cell, there was an unyielding spirit.

After he finished speaking, he cupped his hands to pay obeisance towards Yun Lie and turned and left with the signal that he didn’t want to continue the conversation. Yun Lie on the other hand didn’t do anything, he didn’t ask for Ning Fan’s name. He only looked at Ning Fan’s back with a sense of praise.

‘I never expect that such low grade country consisted such talent. I’m afraid such talent only can be seen once every hundred years in my Rain Divine Palace. Unfortunately, his foundation has been rooted with evil cultivation. It will become extremely difficult to turn it into righteous cultivation. The old experts in the palace won’t allow any evil cultivator to join them. This is too bad for such talent to slip away’

After Ning Fan left, a humph was heard from the glittering gold voyage ship. Clearly, he had heard Ning Fan’s presumptuous statement regarding them.

“Normal people can become immortal and immortals can fall back into normal people? Experts of Gold Core aren’t qualified to be immortals? The young generations now do have a big mouth. This is the reason why they need our guidance and education. Hehe, I, Huang Feng Zi have come to fulfil this duty and I will teach this boy a lesson.”

A spirit sense shot out from the voyage from the early Gold Core old man, directly at Ning Fan.

What an overbearing Gold Core old man. He wanted to kill someone who simply gave a comment. This was absolutely absurd. But this was how it worked in this world, an offensive word was enough to bring death upon oneself.

Furthermore, the mighty Gold Core cultivators couldn’t bear negative criticism.

The attack was visible and powerful. It had locked onto Ning Fan’s direction. It engulfed anything in the radius of thirty meters around himself. People who were just walking at the side were frightened. They knew that a Gold Core old expert wanted to teach Ning Fan a lesson.

Ning Fan’s expression hardened, this old expert was trying to bully someone with his power. The Separation Slayer Sword was kept in his sleeve. He would use the sword’s strength to pulverize the old expert’s spirit sense.

This was one of his ability to pulverize the spirit. He wouldn’t fear the Gold Core old expert’s spirit sense as he was able to crush even Emperor Moksha’s spirit sense.

However, before Ning Fan could strike the ugly man, Yun Lie who wasn’t very far away acted. His eyes became cold. He let out a cold humph and his palm clawed violently at the sky. Everyone could feel the soul power of heaven and earth turning chaotic in this moment.


Under the force of the claw, the three thousand meter long intermediate ranked magical treasure voyage ship which Huang Feng Zi was standing on was crushed into powder.

A peak Nascent Soul expert!

The voyage ship was pulverized. Countless of footmen exploded and turned into a fog of blood. As for the early Gold Core old expert, Huang Feng Zi, had suffered serious injury and landed from the sky with a terrified face.

“Nascent Soul senior! Junior was being reckless. Junior’s eyes failed to recognize a great person! I beg senior for forgiveness!”

The mighty Gold Core old expert who had lived for a few hundred years was begging in front of the ugly man defenselessly.

“Humph! I don’t want to waste my effort in killing you.” The ugly man shifted his gaze towards Ning Fan.

He found out that if he didn’t attack, Ning Fan would attack because he would have ways of killing the Gold Core expert.

“This Harmonious Spirit junior isn’t as simple as I think. I’m afraid that he will dominate the entire Yue Country in ten years.”

At the present moment, many Gold Core old experts who were still in the air were shocked by the claw that pulverized their voyage ship. They had given up their arrogance. Even Sinister Sparrow who was in a middle of the meeting with his elders stood up with an astounded expression.

“This is Nascent Soul’s magical skill – pulverizing palm. This is the oracle of Rain Divine Palace but they normally go to righteous sect. What is he doing, wandering around in my evil sect?”

“Let’s go and see!”

The Gold Core elders rushed out of the hall with hardened faces.

“Many thanks!” Ning Fan paid his respect to the ugly man again but slightly shook his head. He then quickly rushed out of the crowd because he didn’t want to be the center of attention. He had been in low profile all the time. It could be explained from the fact that he didn’t use his Seven Apricot Voyage Ship. If he continued to stick around with the ugly man, he would be noticed and recognized by everyone.

“Don’t mention it.” Yun Lie nodded at Ning Fan. With a flash of light, he disappeared from the scene.

It was teleportation! There were only minority of Nascent Soul old experts who could master such ability!

The commotion turned into silence when Sinister Sparrow and the others reached the scene. By that time, Ning Fan and Yun Lie were nowhere to be found.

“I have never seen a Nascent Soul expert!” A Gold Core elder of Sinister Sparrow Sect sighed and felt disappointed.

As for Sinister Sparrow, he knitted his eyebrow and muttered. “It seems like the rumors are true. The dignified Divine Palace has sent their men to eight hundred countries of True Cultivation in the Rain Immortal World to find someoneI wonder who are they looking for”


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