Grasping Evil

Chapter 47

Is this an Ambush or a Big Gift?

Here’s the Second release!

All the experts had left after leaving their presents.

‘Black Devil Ning’ had determined that he would take at least ten years’ worth of time to produce the Nascent Soul dan for the weakest of all sects. The order of time to obtain the Nascent Soul dan was on a first come first serve basis. In order to compete for the first place, many had initiated fights against one another, but this was all unrelated to Ning Fan.

Ning Fan was quietly sitting on a green rock in the maple woodland under the moonlight that seemed to ease people’s worries. However, he looked desolate and in sorrow. ‘To destroy Moksha a hundred years later? This is very difficult’

‘To get to the Gold Core realm in ten years? How can this be possible? Some people couldn’t even reach the Gold Core realm after a hundred years.’ According to some people, one would face a dangerous and evil calamity, and consume plenty of time to reach the Gold Core realm.

‘Is it possible to achieve Nascent Soul realm in twenty years?’ There were many old devils who had been forgotten. They had been cultivating for a thousand years but they hadn’t reached that realm yet. It was obvious that getting to the Nascent Soul realm was extremely difficult.

There were higher realms – God Transformer, Void Refinery, Void Fragmentation and etc. There was no old monster of Void Fragmentation realm in Rain Immortal World that didn’t take ten thousands of years to cultivation.

“It is time, I need more time”

Ning Fan clenched his fists. His bonds and allies were increasing. Emperor Moksha would return to Rain Immortal World a hundred years later, and he would annihilate all beings including his friends and bonds. He was one of the ten supreme experts of the nine worlds. Not even Rain Palace Emperor dared to face him head on.

The storage pouch hanging on his waist was full of different kinds of herbs. Contained within were the gifts from different large sects. He was also wearing a black bracelet on his left wrist. Though it looked simple and mediocre, it was actually the Cauldron Ring that contained a coffin and a female corpse.

Cauldron Ring was a very profound item that contained a spatial zone inside. When completed, it would contain thousands of independent spatial zones. Every spatial zone would be as large as Si Fan Palace and they were permeated with red fog, specifically for placing female cauldrons.

The females would fall into deep sleep when they are put in the space filled with red fog. In addition, the fog would gradually enhance the cultivation level of the female cauldrons albeit slow.

The Cauldron Ring wasn’t an impressive item but its profundity was so great that there wouldn’t be much items that could be compared with it.

“I have to make it to the Void Fragmentation realm a hundred years later no matter what!”

As he spoke, a female voice was heard from his dantian in the Yin Yang Locket.

“Hehe, my man wanted to breakthrough to the Void Fragmentation realm in a hundred years. I don’t think it would be possible. Haizz, it was only for a short time since your sister slept but you have already created such a big trouble.”

Without a doubt, that was the mysterious lady that was trapped in the Yin Yang Locket.

“You are already awake?” Ning Fan’s tone was gentle. He didn’t have any hostility against her since she had helped him many times.

“Hmm You will need at least tens of thousands of years to hit the Void Fragmentation realm. This is an irrefutable fact, even in the Four Heavens Immortal World. However, in the Four Heavens Immortal World, there is a method that can slow down time”

“Huh? Does this method really exist? I haven’t seen such method in Ancient Chaos’ memory.” Ning Fan raised one of his eyebrows. If such method really existed, he wondered whether it could turn ten thousand years into a hundred years. He couldn’t remember seeing such heaven a defying ability in the Ancient Chaos’ memory.

However, there was only one sentence related to time.

‘Time is meaningless to a true immortal’

This was merely a statement from the immortals and perhaps time was really useless to them but it was very useful to him, since he had insufficient time.

“Sister had some unresolved feud with an ancient power of the Four Heavens. Its name was ‘Lost World Palace’. It was like a God Void Pavilion that could be found in every corner of the nine worlds. It has quite a number of branches in Rain Immortal World too. There is a ‘Lost World Tower’ in every branch, and it should be called ‘Silver Tower’ in Rain Immortal World. The tower had seven floors. In the first floor, the speed of the time would be halved. In the second floor, it would be a quarter of the actual time. In the third floor, it would be one-eighth of the actual time. In the fourth floor, it would be one-sixteenth of the actual time…Lastly, in the seventh floor, it would be one-one hundred and twenty eighth of the actual time.”

The mysterious girl’s voice stopped abruptly as she reached the last floor. Ning Fan’s face was filled with surprise. He hadn’t thought that there would be such a mysterious thing that could affect the flow of time in this world.

If he could enter the seventh floor of the ‘Lost World Tower’ to cultivate, a year inside would be equal to one hundred and twenty eight years worth of effort and one hundred years there would be approximately equal to ten thousand years outside.

“How am I going to enter the Lost World Tower? I assume that I would have to pay a high price for entering such a profound tower.”

Ning Fan lowered his jaw and said in a heavy tone.

“Hehe, my husband is really smart. The Lost World Palace inherited the ancient ‘World’ dao that specializes in bending time. Naturally, the reason they established the Lost World Tower was to make money. The price is very expensive. It isn’t a price that can be afforded by anyone below the Nascent Soul realm. However, there is a Dan Master called Qing Lai in the tower. I think your skill and level in alchemy would obtain a positive evaluation from her. You may get a huge discount in the entrance fee to enter the tower.”

After she finished, she lazily yawned to show her sleepiness.

“Sister has helped you again this time. You have to remember it. Remember to save sister one day. Sister is going to sleep for a while now.”

“You are sleeping again!” Ning Fan shook his head helplessly.

“There is no choice. There is only desolation in the Dark Yin World. If sister doesn’t sleep, sister will be forlorn. Sister had already been trapped here for a few thousand years? Or is it a few hundred thousand years? I don’t quite remember because it has been too long. Sister will sleep now.”

Moments later, deep sleeping sound could be heard from the mysterious lady.

Ning Fan let out a breath of foul Qi as he looked at the moonlight above that had become slightly plain.

He stood up, and his feet then turned into an icy rainbow. He then travelled like a shooting star penetrating through the moonlight towards Ning City and back to Zhihe’s house.

Zhihe and Si Wuxie had their feet bare in the house. They were holding the bolsters in their arms while sleeping on the bed but they had forgotten to use the blanket.

It seemed like the both of them had had a very pleasant and happy chat before this.

Ning Fan sighed slightly. He was going to the Sinister Sparrow Sect tomorrow but he would neither bring Zhihe nor Si Wuxie.

The circumstance of Ning City looked wonderful for now. However, as a matter of fact, there were many dangers that lay beneath it. They had been watched by countless of old devils. Ning Fan couldn’t put away his concern if Si Wuxie wasn’t guarding the city. As for Zhihe, he didn’t want to bring her there either. Sinister Sparrow Sect was an evil sect after all. It consisted a mix of good and bad people. He was sure that there were quite a lot of evil disciples. The moment he arrived there, he would only focus on cultivation. He feared that Zhihe would be targeted by someone and if that happened he would regret it for the rest of his life…

Zhihe would certainly feel bored if she’s alone. However, due to Si Wuxie already having her memories wiped, she could be as nave as Zhihe and would be her very first friend.

Although Zhihe had the inborn obsequiousness, her heart wasn’t suited to cultivate the evil dao and be smeared with blood.

“I will let you have peace, joy and naivety in your life.”

He smiled and pulled the blanket, covering her body. After a brief hesitation, he did the same to Si Wuxie. He then turned and left in the middle of the night after a last sentimental look on Zhihe.

As soon as he left, Zhihe and Si Wuxie opened their eyes at the same time.

Zhihe eyes were full of shyness now, her face blushing. She had heard Ning Fan’s unintentional confession towards her. As for Si Wuxie, she also heard Ning Fan’s words as she also pretended to be asleep. She felt the opposite. Her eyes were full of discontent and anger was seen on her face.

“Young Sister Zhihe, why is master so nice to you and so cold towards me? This is not fair at all!”

“I have no idea. Could it be you haven’t slept together with brother?” Zhihe put her delicate hands on her cheeks and said with curiosity.

“Sleeping together? What does that supposed to mean?” Si Wuxie couldn’t understand.

“That’s rightOh, I can’t tell you that!”

“Why are you so stingy? Sisi also want to sleep together with master but sisi still doesn’t understand what that means. Sisi somehow feel some rejection from term”

Ning Fan, on his icy rainbow, travelled the night sky alone.

In the boundless moonlight, there was this cold young man. No one knew that he was the most talked about figure ‘Black Devil Ning’ in Yue Country. Nobody also knew that he was the arch-criminal that was involved in the destruction of the first evil sect. No one knew that he was the one who confronted and injured the Moksha Emperor heavily.

It would be in his favor if no one knew, because this was one of the principle of the devil – deceit.

While travelling in the night for roughly a few hundred miles, his eyes turned cold when he sensed hidden danger somewhere.

As he travelled, he clutched one finger to cast the ‘divination spell’. The emperor of the Ancient Chaos had read extensively and thus, had a deep and profound knowledge in spells related to foreseeing the future. The divination spell could allow one to have a rough calculation of what might happen in the future or the near future. Ning Fan could cast it because the minimum requirement for casting such a spell would be in the Harmonious Spirit realm.

Ning Fan saw the calculation in the spell and understood why he had such a feeling.

An image appeared in front of him. In the image, he was standing in the void, there were over ten Gold Core and Harmonious Spirit realm warriors blocking his path, wanting to capture him!

“It’s the Extreme Yin Gate! They want to catch me! It seems like that ‘Purple Yin Kidd’ hasn’t giving up yet.”

Ning Fan casted his spirit sense and felt that there was an almost indistinct sound of roughly a dozen people following him from behind.

Sure enough, the Extreme Yin Gate wanted to capture him by surprise.

An instant later, Ning Fan understood the reason behind such movement, after running a series of scenarios in his head. ‘Black Devil Ning’s power had terrified the Extreme Yin Gate, so they shifted their target to the weaker one – him.

They wanted to capture him to threaten ‘Black Devil Ning.’ ‘Humph! Purple Yin Kidd, you really have an evil plot.’

Purple Yin Kidd didn’t come. As a dignified Gold Core expert who had reached the peak, he probably thought that capturing a lowly Harmonious Spirit warrior was a waste of his time.

Ning Fan smiled coldly. As long as the old guy didn’t come, he wouldn’t have to worry about the people of the Extreme Yin Gate here. Judging from the Qi behind, there were two strong ones and fifteen weaker ones. The two were obviously early Gold Core experts and the other fifteen were Harmonious Spirit warriors.

It was really a grand plot, sending so many people to capture him alone. Unfortunately, these people would become his people today.

There was an isolated mountain ten miles away. It was an ideal place to set an ambush or trap someone. It was likely that the people from the Extreme Yin Gate would set their ambush there.

Ning Fan’s eyes were cold. Since that was the case, he would also struck them in surprise.

In the night sky, Ning Fan came to a halt. His abrupt action had caused some confusions towards his invisible followers.

“Sister, why did he stopped? There is an ambush set by Brother Ji Mo ten miles from here. Could it be that he had discovered our movements?” An early Gold Core female expert said to her comrade via spirit sense.

“Not possible. How can a mere Harmonious Spirit warrior sense our invisible art?” Another Gold Core female expert replied in a cold tone.

As soon as her voice faded, Ning Fan suddenly turned and smiled coldly.

They could feel the murderous intent of an immortal emperor behind those fierce eyes under the moonlight. It caused the seventeen of them to appear with shocked expression.

The seventeen of them were all female cultivators.

“Extreme Yin Gate has really brought a great gift to me. The Cauldron Ring won’t be empty anymore.”

Ning Fan stepped onto his icy rainbow while illuminating the light of a Gold Core expert. At the same time, a green light flashed past without leaving a shadow. The two Gold Core female experts’ face changed instantly.

“Gold-ranked spirit equipment? Not possible. How can a mere Harmonious Spirit warrior have such a treasure?!”


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