Grasping Evil

Chapter 42

Ning Fans face was veiled with Broad Wintry Cloth. He stepped out of an icy rainbow and stood in midair. After killing Old Man Chen, he casually kept something into his storage pouch and his gaze swept the three of them.

Under his intense gaze, Nanyang Zi, Lu Nanzi and Old Man Zhu shivered, causing cold sweat to keep on forming on their foreheads.

This man could kill Old Man Chen with just a sword strike. Killing any one of them wouldnt be that difficult. What did this man want?

My surname is Ning, also known as Black Devil. The three of you are to become my servants. Let me plant a Restrictive Spell in each and every one of you so that I could let you live.

Ning Fans voice was clear, but his tone was cold and mature. Combined with the murderous intent of an Immortal Emperor, Nanyang Zi and the other two changed their facial expressions.

Could it be that this young man in front of them was also an old devil? Could he be the lord of Ning City? Furthermore, all of these made sense. Being the lord of Ning City, he was an old devil and was able to build up this city secretly. All of these facts were logical. Thus, the three of them had accepted his identity, without a doubt.

Ning Fan built Ning City. It was a city resided by the three groups of Black Demon Guards. However their real identities were not revealed. Only mystery could surprise people. This was also one of the old monsters teaching.

Ning Fan wanted the three of them to become his servants the moment he spoke. Such a demand was really tyrannical.

Nanyang Zi, Lu Nanzi and Old Man Zhu had established their names as the upper rank seniors of Yue Country. They all had despotic power which allowed them to live for over a few hundred years. Hence, how could they be willing to become someones servant?

Furthermore, Ning Fan wanted to plant the Restrain Spell on them? As soon as they heard the name Restrain Spell, the trio sucked in cold air.

What was Restrain Spell? It was restraining a person using Divine Sense. It could only be planted into someones mind if hes willing to. Once this spell was planted, the victims life and death would easily be controlled by the master of the spell. Thus, his life and death only depended on one thought!

Only some sects, which had the Immemorial inheritance, knew how to use the Restrain Spell. These sects normally utilized such a spell to gather big amount of army and forces.

Nanyang Zi and the other two were predicting and deducing. What was the origin of this Black Devil Ning? How could he know about such a spell? Was he a descendant of an Immemorial sect?

However, none of them would give in to become Black Devil Ning servants, even if he was a leader who had huge army forces.

Take Nanyang Zi for example. He was an elder and a foreign minister of the Great Void Sect. One should know that Great Void Sect also had the inheritance of an Immemorial Sect. He didnt believe that Black Devil Ning dared to kill him or keep him as a servant.

As for Lu Nanzi and old devil Zhu, their facial expression turned bitter. The two of them didnt have such a great background as Nanyang Zi. Lu Nanzi was the master of Lu Family. Although it was considered quite a large force in Yue Country, it was nothing but an insect in the Rain Immortal World.

As for Old Man Zhu, he was much more pathetic. Old Man Chen and he were merely rogue cultivators. They belonged to no sect and had no strong background or status. Once they were captured, no one would be able to save them.

What now? Were these three dignified seniors going to fall into the enemys hands and then have a Restrain Spell planted on them, eventually becoming a servant?

This is not going to happen! This old man will never serve anyone. Black Devil Ning, dont impose your demands on others. This old man had always been a rogue cultivator because this old man wanted a carefree lifestyle. You want me to be your servant? Id rather die than become one ! Humph!

Old Man Zhu revealed a mad facial expression. Hatred filled his eyes. Suddenly, he struck his own chest with a palm, breaking twelve immortal veins with his magical power.

The strike had broken many veins. He was heavily injured now. His face was deathly pale, but his energy was soaring, breaking through the peak Harmonious Spirit realm and entering the early Gold Core realm. His magical power was even slightly stronger than Nanyang Zi now.

Without a doubt, Old Man Zhu had used the Self-harm Mystique. He was going all out to attack.

Escape wasnt an option anymore. He might as well spare no efforts to defeat Black Devil Ning. He was merely an intermediate Harmonious Spirit cultivator. Using a sneak attack and adding on his Self-harm Mystique, he might even be able to take him down.

Once he defeat such a man, no one would be able to stop him from leaving the city, even if there were countless of experts in Ning City. As the saying goes, one must first capture the head of the organization before capturing the entire organization.

Old Man Zhu reached before Ning Fan within a flash of light. He patted his storage pouch, causing the one hundred and eight golden sword lights to appear. It launched the attack on Ning Fan like meteor showers.

Old man Zhus abrupt attack had gone beyond Nanyang Zi and Lu Nanzis expectation. It even surprised Nangong and the two brothers. When Si Wuxie saw that Ning Fan was in danger, her brows twitched and moved lightly, akin to stepping on lotuses to rescue him, but stopped suddenly.

They saw no sign of fear on Ning Fans face while facing the hundred and eight flying swords. Instead, his eyes were remained full of coldness.

A vein crushing mystique. It will crush the twelve immortal veins. In a short period of time, one can activate the power of the Gold Core.

Ning Fan didnt attempt to dodge the sword attack. His body was glimmering with a silvery light.

When Nanyang Zi and Lu Nanzi saw that Ning Fan did not intend to defend himself, delight was evident on their faces. They have never thought that Old Man Zhu was willing to destroy his own cultivation to attack Ning Fan. They were more surprised to see that Ning Fan had actually become so petrified that he had forgotten how to dodge and defend.

This was it! Once Old Man Zhu had taken down Ning Fan, he wouldve taken down the lord of Ning City. Who would dare to block his escaping route at that time?

However, as Nanyang Zi and Lu Nanzis smiles became visible, it returned to shock, because they saw a brilliant silvery light appearing on Ning Fans body.

This is . Silver Bone realm!

The Silver Bone realm was a very high realm in physique cultivation art. A person who had such a physique could depend on its physical strength to fight an early Nascent Soul cultivator. Nanyang Zi and Lu Nanzi had never seen a true silver bone before. So, they didnt know what physique cultivation art Ning Fan had. Furthermore their physiques were very far away from the Silver Bone realm.

On the contrary for Old Man Zhu, the silver bone sent chills down his spine, the instant he saw the silvery light from Ning Fans body. It automatically signified his death.

Not good, this man is a cultivator with silver bone! My one hundred and eight flying swords were merely middle grade. How can this hurt him? Run!

He regretted his actions, lamented that he was acting smart earlier, and wanted to get rid of the king before escaping. If he willingly agreed to be Ning Fans servant and be planted with the Restrain Spell, he would lose his freedom, at least he could keep his life.

Regretful! Truly regretful! However in real life, there wasnt a second chance to change your decision.

Ning Fans eyes turned cold. His fist was glimmering with a silvery light. One hundred and eight flying swords came at him like a heavy rain. It was a middle grade skill, but it dissipated into powder under the silvery punch.

A brown light illuminated from the Ancient Beast Protecting Wristband on Ning Fans right arm. With the thirty percent increment on his physical strength, his punch landed on his chest.

Such a punch was powerful enough to destroy high grade magical treasure. After the thirty percent enhancement of physical strength, it had crushed the high grade armor of Old Man Zhu. As soon as the punch landed, hundreds of shadowy punches struck his chest, making him defenseless. The hundred punches were continuously hitting his chest but his eyes had already turned white, he had died a few seconds ago. All of the veins in his body were completely destroyed. As for his body, in just a few seconds , it turned into an inflating balloon and then burst into a blood mist, filling the cloudless sky with a bloody stench.

Shocking! Using the deadly punches mystique at the intermediate Harmonious Spirit realm to kill an early Gold Core Old Man!

Nanyang Zis chest was cold. He tried to imagine that if he was in Old Man Zhus position, his result wouldnt be any better than the old man.

Lu Nanzi was so shocked that his eyeball nearly popped out. He was a physique-enhancer cultivator. Nonetheless, he had treated his physique enhancement as a defensive skill. He only realized that a physique could be this powerful when it came to offense, and he was a Dou cultivator.

From his knowledge and experience, Dou cultivator had always been competing and battling using their magic and magical treasure. When had a Dou cultivator used his punches and kicks?

Lu Nanzhi didnt have an answer for that. During ancient times when the three religions still existed, martial art was very crucial to Immortal gods. The demon gods at that time had indestructible physique which made them invulnerable to any kinds of magical treasure. When fighting using their magical powers, they would first use their physique to fight, but when the fight was a draw , they would start to wield their Immemorial Divine Weapons.

It wasnt because the descendants of the cultivation world didnt pay much attention to physique cultivation art, it was because the Immemorial Divine Vein, Evil Veins physique cultivation art had disappointed them too much!

In Nangongs eyes, a trace of fire shown. Old Monsters cultivation grade had been completely crippled. The Seven Apricots that supposedly motivated by him, had all became dispirited. However, they didnt imagine that young master Ning Fans methods and talent werent weaker than the Old Monster. He used merely half a year to create so many killing methods. He was already capable of killing Harmonious Spirit and Gold Core cultivators!

One should know that Ning Fans strength could be ranked in the first hundred cultivators when he is compared to the over one million cultivators in Yue Country.

After killing Old Man Zhu, he waved and took his storage pouch before shifting his gaze towards Lu Nanzi and Nanyang Zi.

He initial plan was to kill two and keep two. Old Man Chen and Zhu had inferior magical treasures and their armors were old, indicating that they were rogue cultivators with just one look and was suitable to be killed straightaway. As for Lu Nanzi and Nanyang Zi, they seemed to have an extraordinary origin.

The two of them should be kept beside him instead of being killed. Ning City had just been built, it required a lot of manpower to expand their influences. These two men could only blame their luck for offending Ning Fan. They had no choice but to become his servants.

Both of you will become my servant after I cast the Restrain Spell on you, thatll keep you alive

Ning Fans tone was cold and faint, however the two of them didnt dare to ignore his gaze.

Both of them exchanged glances and felt powerless. What choice do they have?

The two of usare willing to serve master

On the second day after Ning City was built, a strange news was spread. Lu Family had succumb to Ning City.

This news was akin to a thunder strike in the blue sky. Great Void Sect was a strong force that had once made peace with Lu Family due to their strengths being equal. They knew that Lu Family would never surrender to any force.

However, the Lu Family on the west had surrendered to Ning City, a newly-developed force.This news was simply too shocking.

Another news about the lord of Ning City was spread. This lord was called Black Devil Ning. It was said that this man had eliminated two peak Harmonious Spirit experts, Chen and Zhu. Even if the latter had activated his mystical technique and reached the Gold Core realm, he still died eventually.

On the same day that the news was spread, a battle result was listed with the name Black Devil Ning of Heavenly Devil Rank of Yue Country.

Black Devil Nings age and origin were unknown. According to rumors, he had three armies and a late Gold Core expert. In addition, he himself was a Fourth Revolution Dan Master.

Three armies and a late Gold Core expert. These two things made the righteous old men frown. Ning City was a force of the Evil Dao after all. The stronger the forces of Evil Dao in Yue Country, the weaker the forces of Righteous Dao would become.

Also, many Evil Dao Sects intended to eliminate new forces before it grew into a bigger force, keeping those valuable resources in Ning City for their own use.

However, when the name Fourth Revolution Dan Master was heard, countless faces of old men and devils who wanted to make Ning City an enemy turned into a smile as sweet as chrysanthemum.

Now, they have no intention to attack Ning City.

Meanwhile, the Righteous and Evil Dao of Yue Country had given the orders that no one is allowed to attack Ning City.

This was because it wasnt easy for a Fourth Revolution Dan Master to appear in Yue Country. This was the master whom many people had been waiting for.

Whether it was the leader of the Righteous Dao or the lord of Evil Dao, they needed dans during cultivation. Many of those peak Gold Core old devils couldnt break through to the Nascent Soul because they lacked a fourth revolution dan.

As long as they could obtain a fourth revolution dan, they could break through to the Nascent Soul realm. Thus, if Ning City was destroyed, who would refine the dans for them?

Elder Tian Ming, you bring people to Ning City to request for a Nascent Soul Transformation dan. Any conditions that the lord of Ning City demand are negotiable! In the Great Void Sect, a Grand Elder who had lived up to a thousand years was so excited, he rushed out from his isolation after hearing the news of a fourth revolution dan master.

Nascent Soul Transformation Dan. This old man wants it! Quickly bring gifts to Ning City, beg for the dan on my behalf!

In an ancestral grave of the Corpse Seizing Sect, an old man with a fully decayed body climbed out from it.

Extreme Yin Gate, Everlasting Sect and even the Sinister Sparrow Sect. Countless old devils who had been forgotten by everyone had emerged. All of them ordered their subordinates to build a rapport with Ning City by any means necessary.

There was one similarity among these old devils. They were all famous figure that had lived for a thousand years. All of their cultivation levels were stuck at the peak of the Gold Core realm, unable to break through any further.

It couldnt be helped, because breaking through to Nascent Soul was too difficult. There is only one Harmonious Spirit cultivator among a thousand Vein Opening cultivators. In a hundred Harmonious Spirit cultivators, only one Gold Core cultivator would emerged. Furthermore, in a group of hundred Gold Core cultivators, there is only a slim chance that one Nascent Soul cultivator would rise.

Of over a million people in Yue Country, there wasnt a single Nascent Soul cultivator. The person who was nearest to the Nascent Soul was the master of the Heaven Separation Sect, but he was captured and his whereabouts were unknown

Whoever could make a break through to the Nascent Soul realm, could rule the entire Yue Country! Thus, whoever dared to eliminate Ning City was equal to someone destroying the hope of the old devils in reaching Nascent Soul, akin to seeking death and also making the millions of people their enemies!

Of course, there were also some old devils who had sent someone to investigate the lord of Ning Citys Black Devil Nings background. If he didnt have a strong background, most of them desired to capture this Fourth Revolution Dan Master for them to use secretly.

But, who is Black Devil Ning?

This question has troubled a lot of them.

On the second day that Ning City was built, Ning Fan was leisurely lying on the deck chair, absorbing the sunlight. The news that Yu Chi brought back made him frown.

Seems like my identity as a Fourth Revolution Dan Master is exposed. This has attracted many problems. My real identity should absolutely not be exposed in this short period of time. If they knew that a Fourth Revolution Dan Master is merely an Intermediate Harmonious Spirit, Im afraid they wont request for the refinement of dans but to capture me instead. Master had said that only mystery could make people feel dreadful, because the thing that people were most afraid of is the unknown. Only then would they not dare to play dirty tricks behind my back. It is still acceptable that I refine dans for them. This way, we can gather huge amounts of herbs to refine all the dans that I would need and break through the high realms rapidly. At the same time, keeping my real identity secret as well as my cultivation level. The real identity of Black Devil Ning will forever be a mystery to them.

From today onwards, my alias would be Black Devil and my real face would be Nings Face

Ning Fan shifted his glance to Yu Chi.

Yu Chi, give the orders and lead the three armies to swear an oath to never reveal my identity or else they are to be beheaded!

Yes sir!

Tomorrow is the last day. After tomorrow, I will temporarily go to Sinister Sparrow Sect. I will arrange the schedule of training for the three armies and will also change the formation of the three armies as wellYa, let Lu Nanzi and Nanyang Zi come together along with Lu Nanzis guards. Dont waste resources, let them train together so we will have four armies now.


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