Grasping Evil

Chapter 41

The absorption of the second Jade Royal dan was finished. Ning Fan let out a breath of turbid qi, seeing these two ladies who were as fair as a flower and as beautiful as the moon, he then smiled bitterly.

Putting Zhihe asidethis female corpsehad regained her consciousness. Ning Fan was definitely interested about her background, but at the same time, he also felt dreadful of the corpses identity.

Little Zhihe was so tired that she fell asleep. The female corpse was cold and red and was also in deep sleep

A wave of evil and gloomy Qi was rising inside the dead body due to Ning Fans provocation. The corner of his eyes then shrunk. If this female corpse awoke and turned into an evil corpse, could he defend himself against it?

The corpse was a dead person without power. The act he just did made Ning Fan comfortable because it suppressed the pain, but it didnt enhance his power.

Saying that he had gotten nothing was untrue because he actually acquired the corpses poison.

After a while, he put a thin blanket on Zhihes body, and then changed to his robe. He waved one palm and a stream of jade-colored light circled his palm.

It was a beautiful light, but unfortunately, it could only be seen from afar and not to be dally with. This glimmering light was the poison from the corpse.

If any ordinary Harmonious Spirit old devil was slightly infected with this poison, he could easily be poisoned to death due to the poisons lethality. It showed that Ning Fans body could resist hundreds of different kinds of poison and wouldnt get infected.

As for the effect of the second Jade Royal dan, it would improve his physiques endurance, elevating him to another level that even a high grade magical treasure might not be able to harm him.

The silver color in his bone became deeper. It had completely turned into pure silver, entering into the cultivation realm that Gold Core cultivators longed for the Silvery Bone realm.

According to rumors, once a person made a breakthrough in the Silvery Bone realm, his body would acquire a new technique that would allow the person to transform into a thirty meter tall giant. His physique would then be powerful enough to fight an early Nascent Soul cultivator!

Besides the corpse poison and silver bone, Ning Fan also obtained a great reward. Ninety-nine blood lines in the Yin Yang Locket had been condensed, which meant that the first level had been completed!

After the completion of the first cultivation level of the Yin Yang Locket, Ning Fan had finally gained preliminary control and could do it whenever he like.

If the locket didnt illuminate a red light, it was the dual mode. Ning Fan could use it to enhance his and Zhihes cultivation level.

If he could initiate the first level of cultivation forcefully stealing the cultivation of a human cauldron through plucking!

Cauldron, cauldronit was time to refine the cauldron ring, or else there wouldnt be a place to store this female corpse

Ning Fang wiped the female corpse clean, put on a blouse on her body and placed her back into the green jade coffin. The disposition inside the coffin was unknown. Ning Fans Immortal Emperors eyes could only detect extraordinary things but not hidden dispositions.

Somehow, the jade coffin had some kind of restrictive force towards the corpse transformation. When she was placed back into the coffin, there was an evil Qi that suppressed it from the inside.

After closing the lid of the coffin, he looked again at the green coffin with mixed feelings.

He had sworn to love only one girl in his life and he certainly wouldnt break it. The women he hated the most would be kept as cauldrons, but he would never fall in love with his cauldrons.

For girls that he neither hated nor loved, no relationship attachment would be placed on them.

Nonetheless, for the female in front of him, what type was she? Is he in love with her? Not really. Hate her? He had just met her for the first time, where should he get the hatred? But this dead body, which had died for over a hundred million years, was ruined when she met him.

He was in self-conflicthow to deal with this female corpse? He couldnt bring the corpse by his side like Si Wuxie, because once she turned into an evil corpse, it would be a peerless brutal devil. He was the first who ruined the girls dignity, thus, he would be the first one to be targeted by the devil.

Seal the coffin? Anyhow, I had already established a relationship with her, should I seal it?

Or revived her before she turned into an evil corpse?

Damn it, Ill complete the cultivation of the cauldron ring before I do anything about this woman!

Ning Fan motioned his storage pouch and keep the green coffin in it. Afterwards, he lowered his head and kissed Zhihes forehead. He then turned and pushed the door to walk out of there with a stern and cold in his eyes.

It was time for him to deal with the four intruders in Ning City. Although the city was still incomplete, the four old monsters had invaded it openly and unreasonably. Hence, he wouldnt let them go away with ease.

Corpse poison, sword intent, silvery bone bodyNing Fan now possessed a true combat strength that could put a lot of pressure on peak Harmonious Spirit cultivators. Even if it was a sneak attack, not even an early Gold Core old monster could hurt him!

Kill two as deterrent, capture two for future use!

Ning Fan decided the fate of the four old monsters very quickly!

The cyan silky ribbon that tied his hair glimmered with green light the moment he used the power of stealth. He reached the sky in one jump, with every step he made an icy light would came out. He then disappeared instantly in the air.

Above Ning City, Lu Nanzi and the other two had been fighting with Nangong and his two brothers for a long time; they had already expended a lot of their power.

Lu Nanzi, Chen and Zhu were all peak Harmonious Spirit. They were deemed to be high grade senior expert, but they couldnt gain the upper hand while facing Nangong, Situ, and Yuchi.

Fortunately, the three old monsters had encountered a lot of battles and acquired many kinds of techniques which allowed them to defend themselves against the attack of Nangong and his comrades without any problem. The thing that bothered them the most was that they couldnt break free from their grasp, and thus they were unable to leave Ning City.

On the other hand, the Gold Core Nanyang Zi wasnt in an easy situation as well.

Si Wuxie had received the order not to let anyone out of the city. She would fulfil her duty with all of her might. She waved her sleeve to cast the dancing sleeve spell, locking all of his escape routes.

In fact, she could easily kill Nanyang Zi but she hadnt because she didnt receive a new order from Ning Fan to do so.

Her function was just to prevent Nanyang Zi from running away and that was enough.

Nanyang Zi fished for his magical treasure but it was destroyed and broken by her immediately. He tried the immortal clouds to escape in the sky but the item was also instantly destroyed. After a while, he would rather not escape or move. Therefore, Su Wuxie also did the same, she just stood rooted and freely in the air, she had kept her sleeve and attack.

His face winced seeing this holy but scary girl, and thought what was she thinking?

Nonetheless, it was the contrary of what he desired. He didnt dare to offend Si Wuxie, because he could feel Si Wuxie wouldnt require a lot of effort to end his life.

As long as I dont run, she wont kill me. Then Im not running anymore. In Ning City, there is a four revolution dan master, which would also mean that there must be a late Gold Core expert. How divine is this Young Noble Ning actually?

Or could it be that the Young Noble Ning doesnt dare to kill me? Anyhow, I am a foreign minister of the Great Void Sect, a dignified elderPerhaps, this young noble Ning doesnt want to offend the Great Void Sect

Nanyang Zi contemplated. At this instant, a ray of starlight sword shadow illuminated the sky. The sword was charging at Old Man Chen. Then, a white clothed youth with a black cloak appeared in mid air behind the old man.

The young man covered his face with a broad wintry cloth, making Nanyang Zi unable to see his face clearly. Moreover, the cloth also veiled his spirit sense. Despite this young man being only an intermediate Harmonious Spirit, Nanyang Zi still felt a sense of crisis.

The young man approached Old Man Chens back using a stealth technique, and then stabbed him with the sword. The sword attack was carrying the Harmonious Spirits sword intent. The surprise attack made the hair on Old Man Chens back stood up and his face changed instantly. He then bellowed.

Who is this lowly being that dared to make a sneak attack on me?

Without hesitation, Old Man Chen took out a golden steel talisman, and then put it in front of his chest. Instantly, a layer of golden shield was created that attempted to stop the sneak attack of the young man. At the same time, he retreated quickly and summoned the immortal cloud.

However, the young man made a bright icy step that turned into an icy rainbow. His sword was pointing towards the old man while chasing behind him. Such incredible speed! It was even faster than the old man, faster than an early Gold Core old man!

The golden steel talisman that could withstand the full force attack of an intermediate Harmonious Spirit was broken straightaway by a sword attack of the young man, it was the fire transformation sword strike. His sword attack didnt slow down. In a flash of starlight, Old Man Chen face was filled with fear. With a slash to the old mans waist, his body was cut into half. He died unwillingly!

This young man was supposed to be only at the intermediate Harmonious Spirit, but his sword was so fierce and swift!

Using a stealth technique to sneak attack was really unpredictable that it would usually make a person defenseless. What kind of stealth technique was that? body concealing art? No! Old Man Chen couldnt even defend himself by using his spirit sense when the intermediate Harmonious Spirit young man attacked.

Greetings, young master.

As they saw the young man slashed the Harmonious Spirit old man, Nangong, Yu Chi and Situ stopped their attacks and respectfully showed their courtesy to the young master with burning hot eyes.

Their young masters strength had improved another notch. A sword strike from him could now kill a peak Harmonious Spirit cultivator. Even if this was done through a surprise attack, it was still their pride!

Lu Nanzi, Old Man Zhu and Nanyang Zis face changed dramatically when they heard every one of them called the young man as young master.

Could the young man be the master of Ning City? Young Noble Ning! The youth was just an intermediate Harmonious Spirit cultivator but his sword attack could kill a peak Harmonious Spirit with one strike. He had three guards and soldiers with him, a fourth revolution dan master and even a peak Gold Core lady.

This man was obviously not a nameless figure in Yue Country, who was he?! When did a devil named Ning emerged?

Particularly Nanyang Zi, he had the greatest discerning power among the three of them. He could immediately tell the young mans extraordinary power with just one look.

Starlight sword, it didnt seem ordinary. What sword was that?

That veil cloth was a top grade magical treasure. This Young Noble Ning indeed had a great fortune. There were only a few Gold Core old devils who could afford such a high-end magical treasure.

Judging by his rainbow void shift of Gold Core grade, sword intent of late Harmonious Spirit grade, and that veiled cloth, he believed that it was some kind of gold-ranked Spirit stealth Equipment!

Gold-ranked Spirit EquipmentNot all Gold Core old devils could have such an excellent item!

Nanyang Zi gasped for air due to surprise. Suddenly, he met Ning Fans gaze. There was a murderous intent of an immortal emperor within it. At this moment, he felt as if he had fallen into an icy cold cave, he was in great horror.

This kidhow many people had he killed?


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