Grasping Evil

Chapter 40

Ning Fan asked himself whether he had seen something as unusual as this.

The skin of the female corpse was snowy white, no, it shouldnt be described as snowy white.

To be precise, it should be dreadfully pale. She had been contained in this ancient coffin after her death, no one could tell how many years it had been since it was exposed to light. One couldnt judge the age of a person by ones cultivation, but Ning Fan could conclude that this girl was at least a noblewoman that was a billion years old.

Her skin was lustrous and bones were sleek, her graceful posture made her a real sleeping beauty by just looking at her.

She had a pair of lovely eyelashes and gentle hair, but her body seemed thin and her lip was light and pale. He was afraid that this woman probably had a few sickness in her body or she was a sick beauty previously.

In Ning Fans mind, an image of a weak woman who was self-pitying and viewed her life as the life of a flower. In the lonely wind, she was like a Crimson Bead Immortal Grass that relied upon nothing.

He shook his head away from the strange thought. Ning Fan smiled bitterly, doubting himself why he had been touched by the female corpse.

Perhaps, he could feel the loneliness that the girl experienced in her past life.

He looked at the corpses face and felt guilty.

He couldnt do anything but feel guilty when he thought of Zhihe, he had no other alternatives.

Im sorryI dont have a choice

Suppressing the sufferings of the Jade Royal Dan was the crucial matter. Ning Fan heaved a sigh and pressed his body against her .

The dead body was chilling and hardened but it had some kind of warmth in it, which made Ning Fan looked dazed.

With the power of Yin Yang Evil Vein, his thick-skinned palm casted Yin, traces of cold Yin power was released out of his fingers and connected to the female corpse.

The power penetrated into the skin and muscles, and the stiff body became soft.

Despite the woman being dead, her body could still detect excitement and drooled this gave him a cold and unpleasant feeling.

Was this lady dead or still alive?

Could a dead person drool?

Nin Fang used his finger tips to probe the tiny cherry-like mouth of the woman and vaguely touched something sharp and got stung by it.

Sharp teeth! There were sharp teeth in her mouth!

Ning Fang had consumed a Jade Royal Dan, his body could receive the attack of a middle grade magical treasure and wouldnt be hurt, but that sharp teeth had pierced through his skin, with a trace of poison that spread quickly to his entire body.

Corpse poison!

Ning Fan used both of his hands to pry open the cheery-like mouth apart. Two tusk-like tooth were found. In a flashback, Ning Fan remembered something from the memory of an Immortal Emperor, a scary name.

Evil Corpse!

In the ancient times, there were races of demons, gods and devils. In the devil race , theres one race that was called the Evil Corpse.

After the Immortals were dead, their bodies would change into another spiritual form, it couldnt retain the original powers of the body but it could retain its powerful physique, sometimes even some memory. In reality, the Evil Corpse greatly differed from its original body, they were different beings.

The rate of transformation of the Evil Corpse was extremely low in ancient times. In the death of a thousand Immortals, it was difficult to even have one dead body became an Evil Corpse. He had never thought that he would coincidentally met this female corpse, which had turned into an Evil Corpse.

Would she awaken? Or jump like the Jiang Shi (Chinese Zombies)? Or would she place her tusk-like tooth on his neck when he penetrated inside her?

These thoughts were drifting in his mind. He wiped all of them out and thought that this was the right way to use the female corpse as he had to hurry before the pain of the Jade Royal Dan would struck him in tidal like waves!


Ning Fan slightly sighed. Half year ago, he was an educated and civilized youth. After encountering a few calamities, he had gotten himself an Evil Dao which made him an evil monster that didnt even give the pitiful corpse a chance.

In this cultivation world, only the powerful could rule. Any manners and courtesy were pointless if you dont have the sufficient strength, because that could not protect your priceless life.

For Ning Fan however, he had to persevere, Zhihe, master, Seven Apricot, Ning Gu and many more. These warmth and sunlight had prevented him from losing his conscience to the Evil Dao.

This was an Evil Corpsebut Ning Fan had no other choice but to stay alive

He had lost the track of time, then the eyebrows of female corpse suddenly twitched, as if she could feel pain from her bodybut she didnt make any sound. A feeling of heat prompted her into some kind of changes.

Above her arm, there was a string of cinnabar beads that was hundreds of million years old that gradually dissipated

Guard Palace Cinnabar, she had kept her body as pure as jade for whom? I dont remember, dont remember it at all

Who was plucking her? Who had opened the green coffin?

Was itthat butterfly?

There was a quiver in her dry eyes and all of a sudden, her pupil turned cruel and blood red.

The corpse began to change! There wouldnt be any sanity in her anymore!


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