Grasping Evil

Chapter 43

Raise the Spirit and Refine Cauldron Ring!

Under the moonlight, inside the refinery room, Ning Fan adjusted his breathing until his magical energy became smoother and his Qi became balanced before letting out a foul Qi. He was at an impervious state which nothing should disturb him.

This day he had killed Harmonious Spirit and Gold Core cultivators. From there, his knowledge of battle techniques had widened, and wanted to digest them.

Ordinary people needed over hundreds of years to reach the Gold Core realm in their cultivation road, but Ning Fan could kill a Gold Core cultivator after merely half a year…His cultivation speed was truly terrifying. However, there wasn’t a sense of complacency. He understood that there were numerous legendary immortals and devils in this world. They were the beings of the Four Heavens. Their cultivation speed wouldn’t be slower than him.

Gold Core realm was probably considered an expert in Rain Immortal World, but such realm was not any higher than those ordinary people in the Four Heavens.

There was neither arrogance nor impetuosity and neither humility nor haughtiness. These were the mindset Ning Fan had in his cultivation.

A hundred years later, he must battle Moksha Emperor. When that time comes Moksha Emperor wouldn’t be careless anymore. His attack wouldn’t be flawed as last time. However, Ning Fan must also never lose to him.

Moksha Emperor of Demon World. Among the nine immortal worlds, he was ranked among the top ten experts. However, a hundred years later, Ning Fan was afraid that the demon emperor would die under his hands.

For Ning Fan, there were three ways to rapidly advance his current realm. First was dual cultivation, second was consuming dans and third was to seek for the Heavenly Frosty Earth Fire.

The Heavenly Frosty Earth Fire could only be obtained by chance, any deliberate attempt wouldn’t help. He had yet to complete refining the Black Demon Flame and Whitebone Flame. There were a total of twelve Earth Vein Demonic Flames. The power of each flame was overbearing. However, in order to refine these flames, there were plenty of conditions to follow.

First of all, one’s fire-related cultivation must reach higher level, a top notch cultivation. Due to Ning Fan not getting a chance to cultivate before this, his cultivation level wasn’t qualified to do that.

Next, one had to choose an extremely cold place in order to devour the Earth Vein Demonic Flame. For instance, the root of Black Demon Flame was the nine Black Flame Dragon. Ning Fan only needed one black flame to handle a Harmonious Spirit realm cultivator. If nine of the flame dragons was to be combined, even if his opponent was a Gold Core warrior, he would be able to bear it. Such powerful flames required a frosty place when he wished to devour it.

Lastly, in case some accidents happened, he would need to refine some dans that can protect his veins. This was to prevent his veins from being destroyed and devoured by the flames during the process.

In Rain Immortal World, there was one Nascent Soul expert who wanted to devour an Earth Vein Demonic Flame – ‘Green Phoenix Flame.’ But because his preparations were insufficient, he was, in turn, devoured by it.

While devouring and refining the Black Demon Flame and Whitebone Flame, preparations were essential. Ning Fan couldn’t devour the flames because of that for the time being. According to some people, there was a Heavenly Frosty Qi named ‘Black Yin Qi’ in the Sinister Sparrow Sect. Devouring Black Yin Qi also required the three essential steps of devouring demonic flames.

In short, there were three requirements: a greater cultivation realm, extremely cold environment and vein-protecting dans.

It wasn’t a very difficult task to gather all of the Heavenly Frosty Qi and Earth Vein Demonic Flames in a hundred years of time. Once he had the possession of these elements, he could even battle a matchless Void Fragmentation expert.

Besides seeking for Yin Qi and demonic flames to enhance one’s strength, there were also the dual cultivation and consuming dans. Putting dual cultivation aside, Ning Fan was in the refinery chamber, mainly because he had to succeed in cultivating the Cauldron Ring.

Currently, he had already cultivated the first level and unlocked the ability of it. In order to cultivate the second level, he was required to dual-cultivate with a Nascent Soul girl. There wasn’t a Nascent Soul female cultivator in Yue Country. Hence, it was virtually impossible to unlock the second level ability in this period of time. Due to Ning Fan’s rapid advancement in his cultivation, the effect of dual-cultivating with Zhihe was close to zero now. He had to dual-cultivate with a cauldron of a higher cultivation realm. She had to be a Gold Core cultivator at least!

Regarding Si Wuxie, he couldn’t do it. This woman’s dependence on him was increasing and she was becoming more and more obedient as time went by, to the point that she would be very pleased if he wanted to pluck her. This made Ning Fan unable to express his hatred towards her. Nonetheless, it wasn’t difficult for him to capture an early-Gold Core female cultivator, given his current cultivation realm. Any Gold Core females should avoid offending him. Otherwise, they would regret it for the rest of their lives.

To Ning Fan, consuming dans was the quickest way to boost up his cultivation realm. Also, his speed of absorbing the power within the pill was heaven-defying due to his Ying Yang Evil Vein. Moreover, he was a Fourth Revolution Dan Master now. As long as the materials were sufficient, he wouldn’t need to worry about the supply of dans before reaching the Nascent Soul realm.

Any dan after the Nascent Soul realm would require him to be a Fifth Revolution Dan Master to concoct it. As for the materials required, it was still unknown whether he could continue with his refinery at that time.


After knowing that ‘Black Devil Ning’ was a Fourth Revolution Dan Master, countless powers brought their raw materials along and requested for him to concoct mystical dans.

People were travelling from all directions just for one youth!

Self-prepared raw materials for the concocting of dans was the rule. If the Dan Master failed in the process, no blame should be put on him either. This was another rule. The occupation of Dan Master was beyond the righteous and evil sects. Similarly, high rank Spirit Augmentation Master, Formation Master, Refinement Master and etc., would all receive the same kind of demand from other experts.

The one important thing behind this was that the master couldn’t reveal his true cultivation level in the process of socializing with other forces. One could only expose his cultivation level when he or she was sufficiently powerful.

Thus, Ning Fan had to play two roles now. One was Ning Fan and the other was Black Devil Ning. It didn’t concern him much as the heaven and earth were boundless, every cultivator akin to an ant. Who would know that a person named Black Devil Ning did not exist?

It was already midnight after he finished his contemplation. Ning Fan’s mind was as still as calm water. He waved and took out three bottles of Rising Spirit dan that he got from Yan Zhuiyun.

In the early stage of the Harmonious Spirit realm, one had to harmonize with the spirit. In the middle stage, one had to raise the spirit, and the last stage required one to fortify the spirit. Thus, once Ning Fan had raised the spirit of a hundred Yin Yang Evil Vein, he would reach the late-Harmonious Spirit realm.

Commonly, people would need a hundred years’ time to make a breakthrough to late-Harmonious Spirit realm, but to Ning Fan, it was…

He smiled mildly. He removed the bottle stopper with his finger and swallowed one Rising Spirit dan and started to absorb it.

A Rising Spirit dan was sufficient to raise the spirit of one Immortal Vein, but because Ning Fan was cultivating both fire and ice,and thus only the Yin Yang Evil Vein’s spirit could be raised with two Rising Spirit dans.

In a period of two hours, sixty Rising Spirit dan had been consumed and absorbed by his body. Thirty Yin Yang Evil Vein’s spirit had been raised. In addition, the veins broadened, extending thirty more Immortal Veins. Ning Fan’s magical power had been enhanced by one time!

The gap between two cultivation levels becomes wider as the level increases. However, for Nangong, Situ and Yu Chi who were considered geniuses, they could kill any opponent that was one level below their cultivation level with ease.

The herbs and materials needed for concocting the Rising Spirit dan were very scarce in Yue Country. Ning Fan also had no ways of making such dan. He had no idea how Yan Zhuiyun acquired such dan.

While shaking away his mixed thoughts, he turned his palm and retrieved a shiny black Immortal metal.

It was Joyous Union iron! It was the divine material needed to make Cauldron Ring!

Cauldron Ring is one of the secret treasure of the Ancient Demons. In it, there was a spatial zone that could accommodate living people. It was used by the Devil King to carry cauldrons. People were usually afraid of making such a cauldron due to the fear of failure but not Ning Fan as he has luck with him.

In the moment of silence, the Joyous Union Iron was thrown into the Metal Casting Cauldron. He used his spirit sense to adjust the fire and started forging it.

During the night, there was countless of them who couldn’t sleep. This was because they were too excited, particularly those old monsters who found hope in breaking through to the Nascent Soul realm. Some were even tossing and turning restlessly in their beds. These people included Nanyang Zi, Lu Nanzi, Lu Ming and Nan Lou guards.

“This is regretful. If I knew how deep Nan City’s water was, I wouldn’t have helped that old man Lu Nanzi.” Nanyang Zi sat crossed-legged on the couch while healing the injuries on his body.

His face turned as bitter as bitter gourd when he sensed a powerful restraint spell that he couldn’t deny in his head. Why did he foolishly joined the group to eliminate Ning City? Now that he had been degraded to being a slave, he deserved all of these.

Lu Nanzi was unable to sleep as well. During the night, he and Lu Ming were sitting in a small wooden house, sighing at each other.

Lu Family didn’t have a huge empire but it was considered a powerful force in Yue Country. The Nan Lou guards were all rigorously trained by Lu Nanzi.

Today, he faced the unfortunate and had become Ning Fan’s slave. Of all the Nan Lou guards that were personally trained by him, had three hundred of its members dead, only two hundred were left alive. Furthermore, these remaining two hundred guards had became someone else’s guards.

Lu Nanzi wanted to cough out blood when thinking about it.

He had received orders from Ning Fan that he was required to lead his Nan Lou guards to the training ground because Ning Fan wanted to coach his guards as well as coach the three divine armies.

“Right, I can’t refuse that. I am the meat on the chopping block, what else I can do besides it?”

Lu Nanzi had to follow the orders despite him having a strong disapproval against Ning Fan. Furthermore, his sense of pride was greater than Nanyang Zi. He believed that if he didn’t spend all of his time and effort on the Nan Lou guards, he would have been able to break through to the Gold Core realm. He knew that his aptitude wasn’t weaker than Nanyang Zi.

Lu Nanzi’s biggest strength was coaching guards. The reason that the Great Void Sect was willing make peace with him was his ability to lead his army.

He thought highly of himself in this aspect. ‘Humph! Tomorrow I must show my battle formation in front of that Black Devil Ning to surprise him, also to gain back some faces for the Nan Lou guards.’

‘What’s the use of surprising Black Devil Ning? What will I gain from it? I don’t care, I have a lot of suppressed grievance now. I’m feeling very annoyed.’

“Ai…I think that I have met the eighth generation misfortune.”

Lu Nanzi made a long sigh. His facial expression was full of sorrow. He was afraid that his life had met the finishing line.

In that night, Nanyang Zi and Lu Nanzi weren’t able to sleep properly but after tomorrow, these two old freaks would feel that it wasn’t so bad to follow Ning Fan after all.

Probably many years later, Nanyang Zi and Lu Nanzi would become the Void Fragmentation old freaks. Perhaps at that time they would feel that the most fortunate thing in the world was being captured by a young man called ‘Black Devil Ning’.

This was what they called blessing in disguise...


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