Grasping Evil

Chapter 35

The Natal Demonic Flame that was refined for a thousand years, once taken away, it was not as simple as a drop in cultivation. In all likelihood, he would suffer heavy injuries from the backlash!

According to Moksha Emperors character, he would typically retrieve the Whitebone Flame after the whitebone finger was destroyed as a precaution. But he underestimated Ning Fan too much. In Moksha Emperors memory, even a Nascent Soul or Spirit Severing expert could not possibly snatch his flame.

If it wasnt for Moksha Emperors contempt, if it wasnt for the Yin Yang Lockets heaven-defying ability to swallow demonic flames, if it wasnt for Separation Slayer swords Void level effect of soul burning, Ning Fan had no chance in hell to snatch the Whitebone Flame!

Moksha Emperors projection manifestation the black-armored giants wrath sounded like angry thunders. One fist barreled down, the mountains and earth cracked and crumbled. Half of the Seven Apricot Citys ice palace collapsed due to the piercing wind that accompanied the fist strike. This punch carried Moksha Emperors full force, the heaviest blow of his entire life!

If this punch landed, not to mention the Seven Apricot City, the entire Yue County, and the several neighboring countries, stretching hundreds of millions of li would be annihilated, every spec of life turned to ashes!

Wrath of Gods and Demons, pierces through Heavens, seized the lives on earth, Yin and Yang disintegrates!

Indomitable! In Ning Fans eyes, because death seemed assured, there was no anxiety present; his mind was a blank sheet of nothingness, close to losing consciousness, there was only that single thought that stuck to his mind.

Snatch Moksha Emperors Natal Demonic Flame!

Inside his dantian, the Yin Yang Locket was absorbing the Whitebone Flames like a sperm whale sucking in water. An endless sea of fire disappeared like a rare cactus that bloomed at night. The flame potency in Ning Fans body was grander than his magical powers.

Thus, there was no way Ning Fan could use this flame.however, in the end, this flame no longer belonged to Moksha Emperor!


With the Whitebone Flame snatched away, the black-armored giants dynamic punch was interrupted forcefully, spurting out black blood that was more like a raging river. Black blood splattered over the frozen land on the north side of Yue Country, turning a snow-white world into a pitch-black area thick with the smell of blood.

A touch of regret flitted across Moksha Emperors eyes. He was careless. He was too careless this time. If he knew an ant like Ning Fan had some strange method to seize his demonic flame, he should have left coolly after crushing Old Monsters meridians.

Why did he do something so superfluous? Using the Whitebone Flame in its original form!

Hate, he was consumed with a heaven piercing hate!

The black-armored giants eyes turned entirely black, the color of midnight ink just like the black on the Ring of Heavens Dao!

Bastard, I want to kill you! Kill you! Ancient Demon Saber, turning broken bones into soldiers! [1]

The black-armored giant decisively bit off one of his fingers, strangely, not a drop of blood flowed out.

One little finger of his was like a small hill, and the black-armored giant chewed the finger into pieces. Crushed bones turned into black rays, sprinkled in the horizon, and changed into an army of one hundred thousand demon soldiers!

One hundred thousand demon soldiers, wielding blades and spears, lifeless like puppets, like mud golems, vicious and fierce, every single one of them had the strength of a Gold Core expert!

One crushed finger turned into a one hundred thousand Gold Core level demon army, Moksha wanted to execute a massacre! The massacre area was a one hundred li radius distance with Yue Country as the axis!

Ning Fan had no way to stop this, at the moment, he was akin to a broken kite, falling from the clouds to the Seven Apricot City.

And Ning Fan need not care, for two Void Fragmentation, seven Void Refinement, and twelve Spirit Severing old monsters were rushing thereby sundering the void reinforcements.

Every one of these old monsters had a condescending air about them and took no notice of the tragedy that is Seven Apricot City. They serve the Godly King of Rain Immortal Worlds royal family, they only cared about the righteous factions. An evil cultivators city is of no interest to them, and no loss.

However, they could not sit idly and watch Moksha Emperor release one hundred thousand demon soldiers or countless cultivators burned to the ground. Many righteous sects would suffer invasion from these demon soldiers.

Shhh! What stimulation did this Moksha Emperor receive, why did he come to destroy a small city like this out of nowhere? His hatred is sky piercing high, even willing to lose a finger to launch the Ancient Demon Sabers magic attack turning broken bones into soldiers .. Losing the bone of a finger, without a hundred years of effort, he will lose that pinky forever.

Between two Void Fragmentation old monsters, one of them was a red-haired old man, wearing a purplish-red python robe that spoke with a stern expression. Though he was talking, his hands werent idle, raising a Void Treasure Phoenix Song Ruler. The blood jade little ruler easily slashed the demon soldiers, reducing them into blood mists in the air.

However, even though the demon soldiers formed from Moksha Emperors bone burst into blood mists, it would coagulate and be reborn as another demon soldier. They simply could not be killed.

Seeing this, the red-haired old fellow frowned; he was only a first layer Void Fragmentation expert, compared to Moksha Emperors strength, he was truly sub-par.

The other Void Fragmentation old monster next to him was actually a beggar-like young man. Chaotic messy hair similar to fleabane weeds and ragged clothes; although his appearance was a little dirty, he had a handsome face. His face contained an ungroomed and rough looking beard but it added an aura of manliness to him.

The Rain World Godly Kings third son, Yun Bushu, a second layer Void Fragmentation expert!

Oh, the magical ability of the Ancient Demon Veins, turning broken bones into soldiers? I wonder when compared to my Ancient God Veins Ice Veins of the Gods, which is stronger and which is weaker..

The beggar young mans indifferent eyes suddenly lit up and a monstrous battle intent exuded from his body. He grinned and unsheathed a rusty blade that hung from his waist. Gripped it with his left hand and cut down.

Using three of my fingers against Moksha Emperors one pinky.Hehe, I really dont know what could have happened that caused him to be injured. Otherwise, even if I cut all ten of my fingers, I still wouldnt be his rival. Ancient God Art, Demon Emperor Rain!

Cutting off three of his own fingers, the beggar young man blasted a palm out, bursting the three fingers into clouds of blood mists. An icicle hurricane came spinning from the horizon, ice qi from a thousand li radius were all gathered into the beggar young mans palm. Ice and blood blended together, turning into a rain of blood swords, also amounting to one hundred thousand in number, fell to the ground.

One hundred thousand demon soldiers, one hundred thousand drops of blood rain; the demon soldiers melted and were no longer able to resurrect.

Outside the gigantic white bone door, Moksha Emperor suffered another backlash from his demon soldiers spell being broken. With his abilities, if Ning Fan did not snatch the Whitebone Flame and caused him to be injured and magical powers turned chaotic, how could the turning broken bones into soldiers be destroyed by two mere Void Fragmentation experts!

He was actually humiliated by a trivial two garbage Void Fragmentation weaklings; all these things were Ning Fans fault!

But Moksha Emperor understood, he was heavily injured again and again, no matter how much he hated Ning Fan, this wasnt the time to insist on killing him. Furthermore, the longer he delayed here, and if the Rain World Godly King came, with one of his Ice as Sword or Cloud Sky Tactic. He probably would really die here in the Rain World.

As the dignified Demon World Godly King, dying from a plot created by a Harmonious Spirit ant and having died in the Rain World, wont his death be in vain and full of regret?

Originally, Moksha Emperor decided to kill Ning Fan a hundred years later. When the Ancient Heaven Land opens, he would enter the Rain World to kill Ning Fan. But now, there was no patience for waiting one hundred years. In fact, if he received any more injuries, he wouldnt even fully heal in a hundred years and would miss the massive inheritance opportunity left by ancestors in the Ancient Heaven Land!

Humph, Ning Fan is a measly Harmonious Spirit ant, Harmonious Spirit!!!!!!


Moksha Emperor gritted his teeth and used his powers once again, letting out a sky splitting roar. A threatening demonic force flooded out, sending the Rain World experts retreating back in panic.

Using this opportunity, he stepped through the white bone door, traveling through the void to return to the Demon World.

He came to kill Old Monster but his plan was destroyed by a junior.

In his heart, the list of people he must kill increased by one Ning Fan!

Little junior, one hundred years later, when I return from the Ancient Heaven Land, I will dismember you into a million pieces!

The giant door closed, Moksha Emperor fled!

Although he was said to flee, none of the Rain World experts dared to chase. Forty years ago, Moksha Emperor also came to Rain World secretly, no one knew what he did here, but he was pursued by three Void Fragmentation experts, seven Void Refinement, and nine Spirit Severing experts. Angered, Moksha Emperor lashed out at the nineteen people trailing him, killing sixteen of them, and three Void Fragmentation experts were gravely injured.

Only the three Void Fragmentation experts escaped and survived. Although Moksha Emperor was heavily injured at that moment, there wasnt an expert there that could block him if he decided to fight back in desperation..

Humph, he escaped the red-haired old man snorted coldly, sounding like an experienced old-timer. Despite that, relief was evident in his eyes. Obviously, he didnt really want to fight with Moksha Emperor.

The beggar young man Yun Bushu, thought of Mokha Emperors parting words and revealed an interested look.

Moksha Emperors warning was intended for whom? . Could Moksha Emperors injury be related to this person? What sort of individual could wound the majestic Godly King of the Demon World!

Yun Bushu gazed over Seven Apricot City, then shook his head.

Within Seven Apricot City, the highest cultivation level was a mere Harmonious Spirit. It appears as though the expert who injured Moksha Emperor has left.

When Yun Bushus divine sense swept across Ning Fan, he was slightly surprised and stopped two seconds longer on Ning Fans body. There was a feeling of closeness with Ning Fan.

Illusion.? Shaking his head to clear his thoughts, Yun Bushu formed hand seals and initiated a healing technique with a large area of effect Void level skill Rain Sky Art, covering a hundred li radius of Seven Apricot City, healing the injuries of the unconscious evil cultivators below.

Third Prince, why should you waste your magical power for a bunch of evil cultivators! The red-haired old man was dissatisfied. The Rain World Godly King was the leader of the righteous faction, however, this Third Prince never adhered to his position and status, swimming between the righteous and evil factions, causing untold headaches for the Godly King.

Evil factions are also my Rain Worlds subjects.haha, lets go.

The group of experts split the void and left.

In Seven Apricot City, the evil cultivators started to awaken after being healed by Yun Bushus Rain Sky Art and were shocked by the ruins around the city, sudden feelings luck kicked in for being able to survive the ordeal.

To survive after Seven Apricot City was attacked by such a horrible expert was indeed lucky.

Ning Fan laid next to Old Monster, no energy even to move his pinky. Next to him, there was heartache as well as comfort in the Old Monsters eyes.

Who is that person.? Ning Fan finally asked the question.

Han Nietian, this fathers adopted, it looks like hes the Demon Worlds Moksha Emperor. Little brat Ning, you snatched back this old mans life. This father really did well taking you as a disciple.

In the end, I did not block that persons attack. Hes too strong and crushed your entire bodys meridians and veins, I was unable to stop it.

You are only at the Harmonious Spirit realm, what do you expect? Fight with Moksha Emperor? Who do you think you are? It is already enough that you could save my life from his hands.This father is tired, sleep for a while. A few days later, go to the Sinister Sparrow Sect, bring the three Black Demon Spiritual Guards with you. Ill leave the Seven Apricot City in your hands This fathers cultivation is destroyed; Ill stay here and accompany Xiaomei

Old Monsters veins and meridians were crushed, how could Ning Fan not tell? Absolute Yin poison although a poison, in fact, is quite mild. It was easy to remove it, just the dan recipe was a little rare and the Yin Yang dan refining method had long been lost..

Thus, a four revolution dan to treat the Absolute Yin poison was more than enough.

But now, Old Monsters veins and meridians were shattered by Moksha Emperor rebuilding them was not hard, the difficult thing is removing the demonic qi inside Old Monsters body. With Ning Fans Harmonious Spirit strength, it was impossible. This was a fact, unless he reached the Void Fragmentation level or possessed the techniques and abilities of a Void Fragmentation expert. If not, he simply could not do anything.

Or refining a six revolution dan could get rid of the demonic qi ..but this method was far beyond Ning Fans ability.

Master, if my cultivation advances, I will help you restore your meridians.

. Old Monster did not answer, lacking the breath to do so.

A hundred years later, when Moksha Emperor comes again, I will make him repentant! At that time, I wont be in the Harmonious Spirit realm anymore. He and I, who is the ant is still undecided!

. Old Monster still did not answer, and did not breathe; keeping his eyes closed as if he was..dead.

Ning Fans heart tightened as sorrow crept up. Could the arrogant Old Monster that swaggered everywhere in this world have died just like this?!

As Ning Fan grew increasingly anxious, Old Monster suddenly opened his eyes with a shuaaa and looked at Ning Fan like he wanted to swallow Ning Fan whole.

Right, when you seized the Whitebone Flame, you used the Soul Burning effect! You took this fathers Soul Burning iron! This father suffered a loss! Little Ning Brat, you cannot be such a shameless human!

Old Monster recovered some of his spirit, pressed his lips together and no longer spoke. So, he was actually struggling about this matter. (editor: haha gotta love the greedy old man)

This light-hearted Old Monster. Experienced true love and death, was betrayed by his adopted son, had his meridians and veins shattered. But he could still laugh, maintaining some innocence.

This is a realm ah! The realm of positivity that was enough to make Ning Fan speechless!


[1] Adapted from the famous line for immortal cultivators sprinkling beans turning into soldiers.

Authors Note:

One must live like Old Monster. Life is not always eight or nine points out of ten, dare to love and dare to hate, only then will one live freely. Even if there is deep blood feud, one must not be blinded by hatred. Otherwise, there is only more to lose.

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