Grasping Evil

Chapter 34

Ruler of the Demon World, Moksha Emperor. This person wanted to kill Old Monster, who in the Yue Country could block him?

Old Monster restoring his cultivation was originally a happy event, and the emergence of this person reversed such a happy occasion to one of extreme grief.

From the giant white bone door, demonic energy seeped out and oppressed the area, flooding out thickly, causing the tens of thousands of Seven Apricot Citys evil cultivators to quiver in prostration on the ground. Some even fell unconscious.

The three commanders and four Clan Patriarchs trembled all the way down to the core of their very soul under the heavy demonic coercion and fell from the sky, laying unconscious on the ground.

Zhihe fainted, Si Wuxie fainted; in the entire Seven Apricot City, only two people could withstand the pressure coming from the Demon World.

One was the heavily injured Old Monster, and the other was Ning Fan.

Ning Fans eyes were brewing with the killing intent of an ancient emperor, such that even a peak Void Fragmentation masters oppressive intimidation could not subdue him.

He stared at the enormous white bone finger. Before his brain could process any thoughts his body had already shot out.

The goal was to block the Old Monster, then sprint towards the white bone finger in the air. If he didnt save Old Monster, Old Monster would undoubtedly meet his end. He acted not out of kindness or repaying a favor, but simply because did not want Old Monster to die, that was all there was to it.

So, this is a Void Fragmentation master.

Ning Fans heart and soul shook, he couldnt take the attack he had no way to block it. This single finger shrouded over a hundred li. As long as Moksha Emperor desired it, he could destroy the entire Yue Country with one finger!

This was an invincible Void Fragmentation master Showing such powerful magical power, Ning Fan was as insignificant as an ant. Every struggle was akin to a praying mantis trying to block a car.

Not to mention Ning Fan, in fact, but the millions of cultivators in the entire Rain Immortal World only had a scarce number of people that could block this attack.

Many thoughts flashed through his mind in that split second, and the one thing that stood out was the old scabbard. Whatever means he had now, none of them were useful against a Void Fragmentation master; only the old scabbard held a slim possibility.

Gripping the scabbard in his hands, a sharp edge gleamed in Ning Fans eyes.

He got this scabbard from the Dao Fruit Auction, containing a unique sword qi intent that belonged to a woman.

What level of sword intent? Ning Fan wasnt sure. He decisively crushed the scabbard, using his body as the catalyst to guide the sword intent with the hope that it could block the white bone fingers attack!

He could not say for sure it would work, but it was worth a try.

However, there was no fear in his heart. Dying while fighting was better than bowing down and accepting fate without attempting any resistance.

Oh? A measly Harmonious Spirit cultivator dares to block my Void Shattering Finger. Ignorant From within the giant door came a disdainful sneer and the voice rumbled like thunder.

However, Ning Fan did not hear these sarcastic words, his entire being was already immersed within the scabbard.

Mind and body blended with the scabbard. Channeling his magical power, Ning Fan crushed the scabbard and a soft melancholy sword intent, just like a young womans sigh, attached itself onto Ning Fans body.

In that instant, as if injured, Ning Fans rib bones snapped, and the breaking traveled to his arm bones. Spitting blood, Ning Fan nearly lost consciousness and fell from the sky. The sword intent spread throughout his body, and Ning Fans flesh became a crimson mess as he stood in midair like a man drenched in blood.

His veins were on the verge of breaking and the excruciating pain pierced deep into his soul. But in his eyes, there was a Void Fragmentation level sword intent!

At this point, the Godly King of the Demon World on the other side of the giant door was startled. Never did he imagine Ning Fan could initiate Void Fragmentation level sword intent with his Harmonious Spirit cultivation.

Despite that, Moksha Emperor immediately returned to his cold and aloof expression. With his eyesight, he could see the sword intent did not belong to Ning Fan himself, and instead came from the shattered scabbard, using his own body as the catalyst to forcefully activate it it only contained a one-time attack.

Relying on your Harmonious Spirit physical body to bear the power of Void Fragmentation sword intent really surprises this Emperor..Unfortunately, even if borrowing external power, in this Emperors eyes you are still no different than an ant.. You cant save Han Yuanji! After all, this Emperors white bone finger evolved from the Whitebone Flame..

Whitebone Flame, one of the twelve terrifying Earth Vein Demonic Flame. It burns a milky white color, in the shape of a white skull.

Moksha Emperor has always been proud of this fact; he believed even a true Void Fragmentation old monster couldnt take one move from this white bone finger unscathed.

Ning Fan was unaware of all of this, his heart and soul were currently absorbed in the sword intent from the scabbard.

From the moment Ning Fan crushed the scabbard, a womans voice sounded between heaven and earth, faint and intermittent as if it came from eons past, left behind during an intense battle.

Gods and Demons in this Heaven and Earth, all are ants; there is none like my sword in this Heaven and Earth..

Within that short sentence, the scene of a woman slaughtering Gods and Demons burst into Ning Fans mind! The scabbard shattered into dust the moment this voice sounded; the entire world seemed to turn into one mighty sword intent. The thick demonic qi collapsed when the sword intent slashed down, shattered into smithereens!

At this time, the Godly King of the Demon World could not keep his cool any longer.

What sword intent is this.most of its power had disappeared after infinite years being buried, yet it still contains such horrible might. If the owner of this sword intent were still alive, this Emperor wouldnt be able to block this attack.. a measly Harmonious Spirit ant actually possessed such a terrifying sword intent, this truly shocks this Emperor. However, this is the end of the road for you.

One sword slashed across the world, colliding with the white bone finger. Upon impact, the white bone finger turned to dust. The white bone finger was originally condensed out from flames. As Ning Fans sword intent destroyed it, the white bone finger reverted back to a sea of surreal white flames. After one attack, the mysterious womans sword intent vanished without a trace, whereas Ning Fan stumbled more than a hundred steps back in the air before he steadied himself, half kneeling on a cloud.

That scabbard was given to Ning Fan by the Godly Void Pavilion, and it has a great origin.

The sword intent residue inside could jar the world, powerful enough to defend against a Void Fragmentation level attack one time. Unfortunately, there was no second scabbard, and Ning Fan could not borrow the sword intent a second time.

Borrowing that power while utilizing a Harmonious Spirit stage cultivation base already injured him severely. Although Ning Fan successfully blocked that attack with the sword intent from the scabbard, he wasnt happy at all.

How would he deal with the next attack?

And at that moment, he saw a ten thousand zhang giant of a black-cloaked man stepped out through the door. With one point of that persons finger, the sea of Whitebone Flame whirled into a fierce gale of fire, spinning towards Ning Fan.

This gigantic man was none other than the Demon Worlds Godly King Moksha Emperor!

He had a lofty and domineering physique; skin a metallic gold color like that of the ancient three-legged Golden Crow, the moon and the sun reflected in his eyes and clouds rumbled with his nasty sneer. The moment he appeared through the door, space cracked and manifested in the air like thousands of spiderweb lines, causing the earth to tremble; the entire Seven Apricot City shook unsteadily.

The swirl of white flame engulfed Ning Fan.

In the last moment, before he was swallowed by the sea of white flame, Ning Fan caught a glimpse of the gigantic man and shock ran down his spine.

Giant! Just this one giant was as big as an entire city! This person is Old Monsters enemy!

Void Fragmentation old monster .. a day would come when he had the power to destroy a Void Fragmentation realm cultivator, but not today. The current him wasnt qualified to stand up in front of Moksha Emperor!

Wrapped in the Whitebone Flames, Ning Fan communicated with the Yin Yang Locket, he wanted to try and see if it was capable of swallowing the fire. Unfortunately, the Whitebone Flame was controlled by Moksha Emperors magic power, how could it be swallowed so easily?

Moreover, the flame was imprinted with hundreds upon thousands of soul marks, without erasing these soul imprints he was unable to snatch the fire!

Whitebone Flame and Black Demon Flame both belonged to the twelve kinds of Earth Vein Demonic Flame. Ning Fan had once swallowed the Black Demon Flame using the Yin Yang Locket was due to Old Monsters cultivation diminishing. Manipulated by a Void Fragmentation old monster, it was exceedingly difficult to swallow the Whitebone Flame. At most, Ning Fan could use the Yin Yang Locket for self-protection, guaranteeing his life in the sea of fire.

Ning Fan gripped the Separation Slayer sword in hand and activated the Soul Burning spirit power as the look in his eyes turned colder by the second. Trapped inside the sea of flames yet still alive, Ning Fan didnt know that this feat had already shocked Moksha Emperor once again.

Theres something strange with this kid. With the Whitebone Flame manipulated by this Emperor, those below the Void Fragmentation level have absolutely no power to resist, not more than a fleeting moment anyway

His attacks being deflected by a Harmonious Spirit junior like Ning Fan twice was a huge insult and humiliation for the great Moksha Emperor.

Today, he cast Crossing Worlds Portal to descend into the Rain World, the main purpose being to kill that Old Monster. Hed never expected he would be delayed again and again by a Harmonious Spirit punk.

The black-armored giant looked towards the horizon, sensing several powerful fluctuations rushing in their direction, shattering through the void. It seemed as though the Rain Worlds Void Fragmentation masters came to deal with him.

After all, he is the Godly King of the Demon World, regarded as the Rain Worlds greatest enemy. There were likely many people that dreamed of lopping off his head.

Humph! Forget it, Han Yuanjis meridians are already wasted, to kill him or not is irrelevant now. Me having done things to this extreme, that person should be satisfied.. the Four Heavens White Demon Sect, if it wasnt for that vow, how could I kill my own teacher..

Speaking of that person, even one such as Moksha Emperor gave the impression of fear. All this while, the Rain Worlds masters grew closer and closer, he knew that he could not delay any longer.

Kid, in a hundred years the Ancient Heaven land will open. I will visit Rain World again, and that will be your death.

Returning to the other side with one step, the black-armored giant snickered and called back the Whitebone Flame. However, it was as if the Whitebone Flame was out of his control, he couldnt take it back!

You hurt Master, dont dream of leaving just like that!

From the middle of the sea of fire came Ning Fans cold voice. Old Monster was gravely injured, it was unknown whether he was alive or dead. Ning Fan might not be the opponent of the Demon Worlds Godly King, but at the very least, he could snatch his demonic flame. Simply said, he was not allowed to leave so easily!

Separation Slayer slashed out. Under the Burning Soul effect, Moksha Emperors tens of thousands of soul imprints in the Whitebone Flame were incinerated, ruthlessly erased!

The giant figure was shocked into a stupor because he felt the Whitebone Flame that he had refined for a thousand years and marked with thousands of soul imprints over the years turned to ashes!

Punk, you dared to snatch this Emperors Natal Demon Flame! The giant let out a thunderous roar of wrath.

I seized your demonic flame, so what!

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