Grasping Evil

Chapter 33

Ning Fan walked out from the ice prison with a clean and pure girl dressed in white tagging behind him.

Seeing that the Young Lord brought out a beautiful lassie from the prison, the guards were amazed. However, since it was Ning Fan, they would not and dared not ask questions. Each one of the guards were confused, was there such a holy woman imprisoned inside the ice prison?

On the way back, every evil cultivator along the streets would turn and stare at Si Wuxie while swallowing their saliva loudly but none of them dared to covet this desirable young woman.

This woman was walking behind the Citys Young Lord, obviously shows that she is the Young Lords woman. Provoke Ning Fan? Doesnt that mean they dont want to live anymore?

Ning Fan headed towards the Southern market area to purchase the rest of the ingredients that he needed for the Jade Royal Dan.

And every time they passed by women accessories shop, Si Wuxies eyes would moistened pitifully as she looked at Ning Fan, tugging the corner of his clothes in a pleading manner.

Sisi wants this hairpin

Sisi wants this bracelet

Sisi wants.

No. No matter how much Si Wuxie acted pity and pleaded, Ning Fan only had one cold word as reply.

This woman has a blood feud with him, as a cauldron, she will not get a shred of Ning Fans favor.

Ning Fan did, however, bought some pretty accessories. Unfortunately for Sisi, all of it was bought for Zhihe.

Zhihe, the girl who saved him when he was on the verge of dying..

Owner doesnt love Sisi, Sisi is not happy Si Wuxie pouted her mouth, and when the passersby saw this, they looked at Ning Fan with weird expressions.

Such a pretty wife but he doesnt know how to spoil and pamper; Ning Fan truly is someone heartless.

If these passersby knew that this spoiled acting girl was Yue Countrys number one evil old monster that had her memory erased the evil Sect Master of Heaven Separation, what would their reaction be?

Unfortunately, none of them would ever find out Si Wuxies true identity. Because no one knew Si Wuxie was originally a woman.

Heavy Bending Grass, Vainlife Flower, Red Fern.En, i bought all the ingredients for the Jade Royal Dan

Ning Fan came out from the last shop and was preparing to return to Si Fan Palace when he abruptly looked in the direction of Si Fan Palace with an incredible expression.

Above the Si Fan Palace, seven ice clouds suddenly emerged, followed by even fire clouds.

The ice clouds fused with the fire clouds, turning into seven ember-red clouds, spinning, forming a grand spiritual energy vortex.

Not only Ning Fan, many of the evil cultivators in the city was tilting their heads in the direction of Si Fan Palace to watch this phenomenon, greatly astonished.

Red cloud manifest in the horizon, a grand vortex of spiritual energy… These are signs of a Four Revolution Dan about to condense!

In the Si Fan Palace, only that Old Monster was refining dans recently. Without a doubt, it must be the Old Monster that was on the verge of successfully refining a Four Revolution Dan.

At this moment, all the evil cultivators exposed a delighted expression. Old Monster was their master, and Old Monster refining a Four Revolution Dan meant that their masters Dan refinement skill had entered the Fourth Revolution Dan Refinement Master!

A Fourth Revolution Dan Refinement Master! There were only so many of them in the Yue Country! Even a Nascent Soul expert would have to treat them as honored guests, an existence that no one dares to provoke!

Once the Old Monster became a Fourth Revolution Dan Refinement Master, Seven Apricot Citys status be elevated. Other countries great sects wont easily dared to make trouble here!

Congratulations City Lord on breaking into the level of Fourth Revolution Dan Refinement Master!

Thunderous cheers came in unison from the evil cultivators all over the Seven Apricot City directed at Si Fan Palace. Old Monsters popularity was actually so high!

The three guard commanders hovered in the air Nangong, Situ, Yuchi, as well as the four clans Patriarch Wu Lan, Ye Huan, Fang Nuo, and Mo Rushui stepped into the void, rushing towards Si Fan Palace with animated expressions on their faces.

A Third Revolution Dan Refinement Master identity was enough for the Old Monster to rampage in the Yue Country whereas a Fourth Revolution Dan Refinement Master.the renaissance of Seven Apricot Citys glory days has arrived!

Seeing the manifestation in the sky, Ning Fan flew up bringing Su Wuxie, and the two hurried in the direction of Si Fan Palace.

The Seven Ying Yang Mystery Dan, Master actually succeeded in refining it! Only with the Grand Emperors memory could I refine a Fourth Revolution Dan whereas Master relied on his own talent, and advanced from a Third Revolution Dan Refinement Master to the Fourth Revolution Dan Refinement Master. Master is truly a genius amongst the talented, Im incomparable..

A faint smile flashed across Ning Fans face, Old Monster could rely on himself to find his own way to refine a four revolution dan was more ideal than anything else.

With this Seven Yin Yang Mystery Dan, Old Monster could cure the Absolute Yin poison in his body and restore his cultivation!

Dont know till what level of strength can Master recover!

Ning Fan speculated that the Old Monster was a big shot in the Nine Worlds. Today, many secrets will be unveiled after the Old Monster has restored his strength.

A trail of an icy rainbow and a flash of azure light, Ning Fan and Si Wuxie appeared in the sky, cupping their hands towards the seven Harmonious Spirit masters.

The four Patriarchs had no clue of Si Wuxies identity, following behind Ning Fan, so they treated her as a normal Harmonious Spirit realm master. Even so, they were secretly shocked.

When did the Young Lord took a Harmonious Spirit master as his mistress? What good fortune~.

Situ and Yuchi had already guessed that Si Wuxie was extraordinary but could not guess the womans identity.

Apart from Nangong who received reports from the ice prison guards and knew that Ning Fan brought a woman out from the ice prison. He could roughly estimate the womans identity, still, he was flabbergasted.

Young Lord, this is. Nangong pointed at Si Wuxie with shock in his eyes. The young woman in front had a few points of similarity to Si Wuxie. Not to mention that this young womans cultivation was unfathomable, at least a Gold Core. Nangong as an intermediate Harmonious Spirit could not see through this woman, could she be the Heaven Separation Sects Sect Master that Ning Fan had caught?

It was difficult for Nangong to envisage what method Ning Fan had used to subdue this great devil? Whats more, this Si Wuxie seemed to be a woman?

Well talk about this later, its more crucial that we protect Master. When a Fourth Revolution Dan is condensing, there will be sky manifestation, and lightning tribulation.

All of you stay and help Master resist the tribulation lightning, Ill come back soon. Sisi, you stay here and help them.

Yes, Owner, Si Wuxie nodded obediently.

The strength of a Fourth Revolution Dan lightning tribulation was no joke and it was difficult for cultivators below the Nascent Soul realm to defend against it. If they failed, the entire Si Fan Palace would be blasted into ashes.

In an icy stripe of rainbow, Ning Fan went to his room and found Little Zhihe was changing clothes at this time. Ning Fans sudden appearance made Little Zhihe jumped and screamed out in fright, a pink blush of shyness crept up on her cheeks.

Without uttering a word, Ning Fan gently helped her with her clothes and after finishing, they walked out the room together, flying up to the sky.

He took out the hairpin that he just bought and inserted it into her hair.

Brother Fan, what are you doing Zhihe has yet to finish her question when numerous streaks of lightning cracked in the sky, and struck down. Deafening sounds of rumbling thunder frightened Zhihe that she covered her ears with her hands.

The lightning tribulation is here! In an instant, the entire Seven Apricot City trembled, the evil cultivators below exclaimed in fear!

Four colors of lightning flashed in the clouds, a single streak of the four-colored lightning was powerful enough to zap a Gold Core cultivator into ashes. Before this coercive aura, Nangong and the rest of the Harmonious Spirit realm have no chance to resist even an iota.

And at this point, the Old Monster was concentrating in condensing the dan and could not be distract in the slightest.

Sisi, you go and crush the lightning thunder. Ning Fan ordered.

Yes, Owner. Si Wuxies figure flashed; with lotus steps she went after a lightning.

This scene baffled the four main clans Patriarchs. In their opinions, Ning Fan wasnt a ruthless person, so then why did he instruct a woman to go die in vain? This was a heaven lightning tribulation, even if it was the Old Monster himself, he might not necessarily remain unharmed ah..

But, in the next moment, the four Patriarchs were shocked. They saw Su Wuxies dainty hands formed different seals and a colorful mist turned into a sheet of rainbow that danced with the wind like an ethereal fairy.

Long sleeves fluttered as the beauty glides, and the tribulation lightning were dispelled just like that.

All the while, Si Wuxie maintained a calm and elegant demeanor akin to the bright holy dawn.

Like an alluring dancer moving to a song from the Heavenly Temple.

Not only were the four Patriarchs shocked, even the three guard commanders that were aware of Si Wuxies identity were stunned agape. This magical dance of the sleeves could probably even fight against a Nascent Soul master!

Just like that, the tribulation lightning that made all the evil cultivators shivered in fright were stopped by Si Wuxies sleeve dance!

When the lightning dissipated, a ray of spiritual energy fluctuated out from the Old Monsters refinement chamber.

Subsequently, a burst of dan fragrance permeated the air as the spiritual energy turned into a hurricane that drilled into the refinement chamber. Then, a frenzied laughter came from inside the refinement chamber, resounding more than a hundred li from the Seven Apricot City.

Success! Haha! This father refined a Four Revolution Dan, I, Han Yuanji, is back!

A blackish-red rainbow shot out from the chamber towards the sky. It was exactly the Old Monster.

In the middle of his palm was a seven-colored dan, still exuding an herb fragrance the Seven Yin Yang Mystery Dan.

Little Brat Ning, thanks.Without you, theres no today for me. After my strength recovered, amongst the Nine Worlds, no one will dare to harm you!

The Old Monster looked solemnly at Ning Fan, and then it swallowed the seven-colored dan to his belly.

A combination of Yin Yang energy broke out from the Old Monster In an instant, the Absolute Yin poison disintegrated.

His magical powers rose at incredible speed. His aura, shook the heavens!

Peak of Harmonious Spirit, Gold Core realm!

Early Gold Core, intermediate Gold Core, late, peak, and Nascent Soul realm!

Early Nascent Soul, intermediate, late, peak, Spirit Severing!

Even till Spirit Severing realm, Old Monster had no indication of slowing down, his breath continued to rise as he roared with laughter towards the sky.

Early, intermediate, late, peak of Spirit Severing, and Void Refinement!

Early Void Refinement, intermediate, late, peak and he returned to Void Fragmentation realm!

A horrifying momentum gushed out from the Old Monsters body. When his cultivation rose to intermediate Void Fragmentation, a black and white virtual round ring stretched more than a hundred li appeared in the sky.

The First Ring of Heavens Dao! In the seven boundaries of cultivation, only those who practiced to the extreme of ones Dao that a heavens ring would appear. Once the cultivator successfully shatters this Ring of Heavens Dao, in one swoop he would enter the Fourth Boundary of cultivation!

Old Monsters smile vanished even though his momentum continued to shoot up. There were nine layers in Void Fragmentation realm and in each layer, the difference in strength was worlds apart.

Void Fragmentation first layer, second layer ninth layer, peak!

As long as the Old Monster struck out and shatter the Ring of Heavens Dao above him, stride across the seven boundaries of cultivation, he will returned to being an Immortal.

No interference was allowed in this critical juncture, the slightest mistake and all is in vain.

Ning Fans face tightened whereas Nangong and the rest have no knowledge about Void Fragmentation, thus none of them had any inclination of the Old Monsters strength.

The admiration in their eyes were no different than those of the mortals as they looked at the Old Monster whereas Ning Fan looked at the clearly distinguishable black and white ring with awe.

So, this is Heavens Dao after shattering Heavens Dao, one becomes Immortal!

Ning Fan was suddenly stunned coming to the realization that his Master was originally an Immortal! No wonder even Rain Palace Emperor had to salute respectfully seeing the Old Monster.

Old Monster could restore his cultivation, to Ning Fan, it was a good thing, a happy event. Ning Fan did not expect to get any benefits from the Old Monster, he simply wished that Old Monster could heal from his injury.

He breathed out deeply, relieved. Looking skyward, the smile vanished from his face.

Now, it has come to the final step, shatter the Heavens Dao ring, become an Immortal!

But it was at this moment, that an unexpected variable happened!

The sky within a hundred li was covered with demonic qi.

From afar, a thousand feet ice mountain suddenly exploded into dust-sized particles. Out of nowhere, a thousand feet tall door of built of white bones surfaced from the earth!

There were no signs of any variables prior to the gigantic doors appearance. The gates of bones opened and as white as ghost, ten thousand feet lofty bone claw stretched out from the other side of the huge door. The bone-white claw pierced through the First Ring of Heavens Dao, shattering it into dust.

And the Old Monster who had been preparing to break the black and white ring himself suddenly had a reversed flow of cultivation, and he spurted out a mouthful of fresh blood. Like a broken kite, he fell sharply from the sky, and his cultivation declined with the same trajectory!

Void Refinement, Spirit Severing, Nascent Soul, Gold Core, Harmonious Spirit. it actually fell to Vein Opening.

One bony white finger pointed at the Old Monster through the void and his meridians were crushed inch by inch.

Void Fragmentation! That bony hands master was actually a Void Fragmentation expert!

And that person had suddenly launched an attack at the most crucial moment when the Old Monster needed to recover his strength, smashing the Old Monsters hope into smithereens. Who is this person that bore this deep blood-hatred with Old Monster!

Old Monster smashed into the ground, the ground sunk, creating a hundred zhang crater. Looking at the gigantic white bones door, Old Monster was coughing blood nonstop as he revealed an expression of absolute grief and indignant.

Why Why did, you betray this Master.

Why? Hmph, you dont need to know. Han Yuanji, if you had live quietly, I dont mind sparing your dog life, but if you want to restore your strength, today, this Emperor, will not be merciful. Die!

The huge bone claw pointed at the Old Monster, carrying an aura that oppresses all living being. If it points at the Old Monster, hes absolutely dead!

Experiencing joy and misery, the tens of thousands of evil cultivator in Seven Apricot City had become stupefied like a wooden puppet.

No one knew how ruthless Old Monster. No one knew, that the Old Monster had an enemy that was even more ruthless than him, plotting his moves!

In that instant, Ning Fans eyes turned scarlet, gripping Separation Slayer tightly in his palm he rushed out to block.

Half a year of getting along with the Old Monster, the memories of this period flashed in his heart. He cannot stand still and watch the Old Monster die, never!

So what if youre a Void Fragmentation old devil, does that mean you can hurt my Master!

You deserve to die! Ning Fans killing intent pierced the sky, and actually grabbed the long forgotten sword scabbard from his storage bag.

The moment the gigantic white bone door appeared, and the bone claw shattered Old Monsters cultivation, a certain secluded space in the Rain World where a Holy Temple stood, the Godly Rain Emperor suddenly jumped up with a disbelief face.

Demon Worlds Godly Emperor, Moksha Emperor. Why did this person violate the Nine Worlds Covenant and appear in Rain World! Does he want to start a war with us, the Rain World!

Thinking of Moksha Emperors heinous name, even as the Rain Worlds Godly King he felt trepidation.

A major event is going to happen in the Rain World. Why must it be at this moment when Yun Tianjue is not around. Rain Worlds Godly Emperors white brows locked together.


Moksha In Hinduism (origin of Buddhism) release from the cycle of rebirth impelled by the law of karma.

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