Grasping Evil

Chapter 36

A hundred years later, Moksha Emperor will descend again to Rain Immortal World, and at that that time, will I be his opponent?!

One hundred li outside of Seven Apricot City, a grand and luxurious voyage ship was moving at rapid speed through the airspace. Ning Fan stood on the deck of the ship, strong wind was blowing yet his hair remained still.

Three days ago, Old Monster took away the Seven Apricot Records and gave Ning Fan a storage bag.

Then, three days later, Old Monster kicked Ning Fan out of Seven Apricot City, giving him his marching orders to travel to Sinister Sparrow Sect and pass the so-called sect assessment test.

He hadnt had the time to refine a Royal Jade Dan and he was already booted; this time, leaving Seven Apricot City, Ning Fan was not sure how many years later it would be before hed return.

When you reach the Sinister Sparrow Sect, send this fathers regards to Sinister Sparrow. Pay attention to his daughter. Whether you marry or not, depends on you

After you enter the sect, plant your feet firmly on the ground! Talk less, kill more, only do practical things; that is the virtues of a great evil cultivator!

Go out outside more and bask in the sun, this way there will be less chance for you to succumb to heart devils!

Inside the storage bag, this father put in some good stuff for you, open it after you board the Seven Apricot Voyage Ship.

Old Monster continued to nag about several things, and most of it was words of concern. After spending half a year with the Old Monster, Ning Fan never thought they would bid farewell in this manner.

The Seven Apricot Voyage Ship, a top grade Magical Treasure that could accommodate thousands of people on it, speeding across the sky! In the past, when Old Monster went out to trample on other sects, he loved to use this ship, descending down on them from the sky above with the inspiring Black Demon Army, crashing right into those righteous sects door.

Apparently, once upon a time in the Rain World, the founder of blitzkrieg warfare was none other than the Old Monster.

This voyage ship had amazing momentum, not only was the speed amazing, it was also equipped with a total of twenty Spirit Fire Cannon that used immortal jade to power them. With one burst from these cannons, even a Gold Core old monster would need to flee due to injury.

The only setback it was too costly. One shot from the cannon needs two thousand immortal jades; unless it was a crucial moment, Ning Fan couldnt bear to use them. His own storage bag had dwindled down to nothing because of the Mountain and River Reverse Motion grand formation array he laid out to destroy the Heaven Separation Sect. All that remained in his storage bag right now was no more than fifty thousand immortal jades.

Fifty thousand immortal jade was enough to build several of Seven Apricots City. Ning Fan definitely didnt fall into the category of being a poor cultivator, but compared to his previous wealth, it was a single hair on a cows back.

Three guard platoons of the Black Demon Army Ice Guards, Sword Guards, and the Apricot Guards were all taken away by Ning Fan. The weapons inside the treasury, half gone, distributed to the three guards army to upgrade their equipment. Ning Fan also cleared out half the elixirs kept in the Apricot Mansion.

Ning Fan was determined not to bring the Four Clans because he wanted the to remain and protect Old Monster, along with the city.

Old Monster had lost all his cultivation, although not many people knew about this, Ning Fan was not assured without someone by Old Monsters side.

With four hundred Apricot Guards, five hundred Sword Guards, and five hundred Ice guards on the voyage ship, it was a grand sight. As they flew through the sky above, some small sects and families were alarmed and acted warily, as if they were facing their greatest enemy.

If Ning Fan wanted, he could easily leave a trail of destruction, but he was injured at the moment and not in the mood to provoke trouble.

He took out a black-colored storage bag, another top grade magical treasure, and the space inside it was a hundred times bigger than all the storage bags Ning Fan owned.

It was exactly the storage bag Old Monster gave him before he left, it looked a little old as if Old Monster used it in his days. Just counting the storage bag alone, it could already be considered a treasure, with it, Ning Fan wouldnt need to worry about running out of space for his things.

There were quite a number of storage bags hanging on Ning Fans waist, all were trophies he acquired from different places; a body decorated with numerous small bags, if no one knew better, they absolutely would take him as someone from the beggar sect Eight Bags Elder from the Beggar Sect.

Not a lot of things were placed inside the little black storage bag, but when Ning Fan opened it, what he saw made his heart sour.

In the huge spatial dimension within the storage bag, there were only three items.

A red copper token carved with a diagram of ten suns. A handwritten letter with bold brash writing, one look and Ning Fan knew it was written by the Old Monster. Lastly, a small cauldron.

The small cauldron had six corners, eight edges, and three legsa hexagonal-shaped cauldron that was exceedingly familiar. Another top grade magical treasure, the Dan Shattering Cauldron. The Old Monsters renowned magical treasure.

Ning Fan didnt believe Old monster would give him the magical treasure cauldron he used. Ning Fans divine sense swept over the cauldron and found sealed within were eight swirling black flame dragons.

Black Demon Flame, the Old Monster even gave the Black Demon Flame to Ning Fan after losing his cultivation

Ning Fan sighed heavily in his heart; initially, Old Monster could recover his cultivation to the peak. He should be regaining his glory once again and wreaking havoc throughout the four corners of the world, but life is full of ups and downs; joy and sadness, they come and go so quickly that no one can be fully prepared. Old Monster was still able to laugh and calmly gave all his precious belongings to him. This proved Old Monster was very sanguine, he could forego glory and let disgrace go, allowing bygones be bygones, but Ning Fan could not. Every time he recalled the scene of Old Monsters cultivation being crushed by Moksha Emperor, his heart turned icy cold.

Moksha Emperor. One hundred years later, I will make you sorely regret it!

Ning Fan put everything away, waiting for his injuries to heal before he swallows the Black Demon Flame and begins cultivating the Black Flame Art.

He took the red copper token out from the storage bag, observing both sides. The item looked ordinary, a dime a dozen, however, with Ning Fans Ancient Emperor’s judgment, he detected a void shattering power hidden within the small token.

A token that has a void shattering power was usually some secret lands key, what place does this key open?

Ning Fan believed Old Monster gave him this token for a reason.

Finally, Ning Fan took out the handwritten letter Old Monsters letter.

Little Brat Ning, you and I are considered as Master and disciple. Youre going away and this father has nothing good to give you. So, Ill give you the Shattering Dan Cauldron, when you go trampling on sects, you must smash down hard for this father. The Black Demon Flame also belongs to you When your Black Demon Art reaches the Third Stage, fuse all nine flame dragons into one and extract the fire marrow from it. Refine it into your body, only then is it considered as having one Earth Vein Demonic Flame inside your body. One hundred years later, perhaps you may have a chance against Han Nietian. However, one hundred years is too short. No matter how heaven-defying your talent is you wont be able to advance to Void Fragmentation, but if you can collect Heaven Frigid Frost Qi and other Earth Vein Demonic Flames. Even if it is Han Nietian, he wouldnt dare to provoke you. That includes the Nine Worlds, even the Nine Godly Kings would also not be your opponent. As for Earth Vein Demonic Flame, you already have the Whitebone Flame and Black Demon Flame, all you need to do is swallow them. Regarding the Heaven Frigid Frost Qi, coincidentally, there is one type in the Sinister Sparrows secret underground, called Black Yin Qi. Think of a way yourself how to steal it, this father is too lazy to bother with your miscellaneous thingsAnd that token is called Void Sky Token. It is the key to enter the Ancient Heaven Land, if you get a chance when the Ancient Heaven Land opens, then sneak inside and gain some benefits amongst the chaos..

Folding the letter, Ning Fans expression showed he was pondering something seriously.

Behind him, Little Zhihe looked on quietly like a well-behaved child with a lovely face; no one knew what she was thinking – Brother Fans thinking expression is really nice, just like a champion scholar.

At the same time, in Seven Apricot City, Old Monster was wearing ink black robes, all of his long hair turned white as his power dissipated. He rapidly aged and the lines on his face displayed his many hardships.

He walked slowly down towards a secret underground palace.

The Seven Apricot City was not originally an icy cold city. One person, Old Monster, turned the northern part of Yu Country into a frozen ice field. The reason.

Underneath ten thousand feet of deathly silence, below the dense Seven Apricot City, there was a huge room that was dug out stretching over a hundred li wide. In the middle of the secret underground was a raging sea of flames, and in the center of the flames was placed a coffin made out of flames itself. In fact, the infinite sea of raging fire came from the coffin.

That coffin was an item higher than a Void Treasure, extremely rare and extraordinary.

Definitely not something that came from the Nine Immortal World. The scorching stream of heat coming from the coffin was powerful enough to burn a Gold Core old monster into ashes; vaguely, a mysterious power exuded from the coffin that could shatter Heavens Dao.

Sleeping serenely in the flame coffin was a pure and holy woman, as delicate as plum blossoms; this woman had a few points of likeness to Dugu. However, compared to Dugus solitary coldness, the sleeping woman gave the impression of gentleness and warmth. This woman was none other than Dugus elder sister.

Her heart had stopped beating, and there was no breath coming from her. In fact, her flesh could easily collapse at any moment from severe injuries.

If it werent for the flame coffin that disperses an atmosphere that could deceive the Heavens, this womans flesh would instantly turn to ashes, never to reincarnate.

If any Immortals from the Four Heavens were here and saw the flame coffin, each of them would he shocked, because this coffin was a great pure Yang treasure Heaven Evading Coffin!

That year, in order to get this coffin, Old Monster rushed into the Pure Yang Sect of the Four Heavens alone.

Old Monster slowly got closer to the sea of fire. He looked dazedly at the sleeping womans face a thousand meters away. Waves of flames blew in Old Monsters direction, roasting his white hair, but Old Monster did not feel it.

Xiaomei my cultivation has finally been destroyed by someone else it was that sinful disciple again. That time, I did not listen to your advice, and I made the same mistakes again and again.

I drove Little Brat Ning away; he is a talent, maybehe could avenge mebut he nearly died this time. This diminished my vengeful heart. Thinking of it now, as long as you can live again, revenge or whatever, forget it.

Wait till Little Brat Nings cultivation is enough, I will ask him to save you that day wont be long, it wont.

Seven Apricot Citys land of freezing ice was nothing more than Old Monsters intention to allow the sleeping woman to feel a little cooler.

Standing at the edge of the sea of flames, Old Monsters sharp killing aura seemed to have washed away.

Without Ning Fan, and without Old Monster, the Si Fan Palace seemed lonely and quiet, or perhaps it was because the Black Demon Army had left that made it look deserted. Under the plum blossom tree, a wisp of soul floated out from the grave. The snow wind blew fiercer as that girl silently looked at Seven Apricot Voyage Ship fly away, receding into the size of an ant, vanishing in the horizon.

He left. Dugu sighed; then she suddenly turned back, her sight falling on the blue stone next to the grave. A crimson color flushed from her neck to her cheeks, portraying a little shyness and a hint of anger.

Only one sword mark was left on the blue stone. The first and second sword mark had disappeared.

There was a message left behind by Ning Fan on the blue stone.

Beauty has Gold Core sword intent but no one can appreciate it if left idle on this blue stone, isnt that a great pity? Ning Fan came with the snow and left with the moon, taking the sword intent. The year I step into Nascent Soul, I will surely return to remove the third sword intent. By Young Noble Ning that left with the moon

Little Demon Ning, you shameless rogue, big liar, you promised not to steal my sword intent! Go die, go die, return my sword intent to me! In the Si Fan Palace, little Dugu stomped her feet in anger, clenching her fists tightly.

Humph, the next time Little Demon Ning comes back, Ill show him but, when will he come back, will it be very long..

At around half a day of travel on the voyage ship, Ning Fan opened a map on the jade slip, at his side were Nangong, Yuchi, and Situ. Of course, there was also the well-behaved Zhihe and the restless Si Wuxie.

Suddenly sneezing, Ning Fan rubbed his nose and returned a scabbard into his storage bag. Contained in that scabbard was the sword intent he took from Dugus blue stone. He couldnt comprehend it at the moment, so he was saving it for the future.

Dont tell me, it was Little Dugu cursing me? Ning Fan grinned and then shook his head. There shouldnt be such a coincidence.

Owner, in another ten thousand li we will reach Sinister Sparrow Sect Sisi wants to go and play Sisi made a request with a soft spoiled voice, interrupting Ning Fans grinning.

No. the cold look returned to Ning Fans eyes, and his attention went back to the map.

This disregard made Si Wuxie puff up her cheeks in anger, causing odd expressions to form on the faces of the three commanders.

Can this cute little girl that is lacking in love really be the earth-shaking Sect Master of Heaven Separation Si Wuxie?

Facing such a lovely little girl, the Young Lord can be so cold and indifferent.

Ten thousand li more to Sinister Sparrow Sect? Nangong, once we reach Sinister Sparrow Sect, you arrange for the three guards to camp here in this mountain. If necessary, you can build a city After a long time, Ning Fan finally spoke.

This subordinate shall follow your order!

This mountain is not too far from the sect, only a few hundred li. When I have the time, I will come back and train all of you. The return to glory for the Three Deity Army is not far! Not sure about three deity army (instead of Black Demon Army)

A sharp light glinted in Ning Fans eyes. Train the Three Deity Army, steal the Black Yin Qi, expand his forces and enhance his cultivation; he had set the first goal on his path of evil cultivation!

Everything was for the promise one hundred years later, he would pull the high and mighty Moksha Emperor down, crush him under his foot, and let this wolf pay the price!

They were very near Sinister Sparrow Sect, and due to the sect assessment the grounds were filled with cultivators bringing the juniors of their families, hoping to be selected by the sect.

When those cultivators raised their heads, they saw the luxurious voyage ship in the sky, gaping in amazement.

Mama, who is this person descending down on the Sinister Sparrow Sect could it be a Gold Core expert?

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