Grasping Evil

Chapter 312.1 - Destined To Meet But Not Fated To Be Together

Chapter 312.1 Destined To Meet But Not Fated To Be Together

Because of that outrageous night, Ning Fan had no choice but to stay in the Li Kun Palace for a few more days.

While giving Xi Ran and Yuan Yao some time to recover, he took advantage of the time to use the demon souls he gathered from 300 Wild Beasts to improve the grades of his group of spiritual puppets.

The Evil Cold Worm had already been neutralized by countless amount of demon blood, allowing the power of Ning Fan’s spirit sense to break through to the Peak Divine Transformation Realm.

As for the other four venomous worms, they were still yet to be assimilated. Other than that, the demon blood within his body was stored up as he did not have enough time to refine it.

Once he refines it, he would certainly need to enter into seclusion for a rather long period of time. Currently, he was in a rush to return to the star island. As such, he would of course not refine it for the time being.

Puppet Raising Secret Technique. He had already inquired about it from Stone Warrior’s mouth.

This time, however, the secret technique which was given by Yuan Yao was the most complete inheritance of the puppet technique in the Lost World Palace. Without a doubt, it was beyond comparison when comparing it to the information given by Stone Warrior.

Just like what Yuan Yao had said, this Puppet Raising Technique was powerful. As long as Ning Fan could practice it for one thousand years diligently and keep refining spiritual puppets using spiritual ingredients while travelling around the Nine Worlds, he could be unmatched among experts below the Void Fragmentation Realm with a great army of puppets.

“Unfortunately, one thousand years is just too long… Fine. I’ll just upgrade the puppets for the time being.”

Stone Warrior and the Yuan Yao Jade. Ning Fan would of course not display these problematic items in order to avoid more troubles.

There were 10 spiritual puppets which were needed to be upgraded with 5 of them being at the Early Divine Transformation Realm, 4 of them being at the Mid Divine Transformation Realm and one being at the Late Divine Transformation Realm. Among them, four of the Early Divine Transformation Realm puppets were damaged.

However, there was one benefit in using spiritual puppets: as long as you have enough ingredients, no matter how seriously a spiritual puppet was damaged, it could still be repaired with ease.

Within just half a day, Ning Fan had managed to repair all four of them.

Among the 300 demon souls, 207 of them were at the Early Divine Transformation Realm, 55 of them were at the Mid Divine Transformation Realm, 41 of them were at the Late Divine Transformation Realm, 15 of them were at the Peak Divine Transformation Realm while the remaining 9 were at the Half-Step Void Refinement Realm.

The Early Divine Transformation Realm demon souls were not of great use as only demon souls at the Mid Divine Transformation Realm could be used to upgrade the Early Divine Transformation Realm puppets.

After using 50 of the Mid Divine Transformation Realm demon souls, 5 of the Early Divine Transformation Realm puppets were all upgraded to the middle stage.

After exhausting 40 Late Divine Transformation Realm demon souls, the four Mid Divine Transformation Realm puppets advanced into the late stage.

The 10 Peak Divine Transformation Realm demon souls made the only the Late Divine Transformation Realm puppet attain the peak stage.

As for the nine demon souls of the Half-Step Void Refinement Realm, they were unable to allow the aforementioned black corpse to attain a further improvement.

Gritting his teeth, Ning Fan poured in all the remaining demon souls into the Peak Divine Transformation Realm black puppet.

In the end, he managed to forcefully raised that particular black puppet’s cultivation level to the Half-Step Void Refinement Realm. Moreover, in terms of aura, it was slightly stronger than that of the black dragon, making it on par with Dong Xu.

Five Mid Divine Transformation Realm puppets, four Late Divine Transformation Realm puppets and one Half-Step Void Refinement Realm puppet!

Now, speaking of fighters at the Half-Step Void Refinement Realm, there were two, including the black dragon and the black corpse!

The series of killings and massacres surely did not go in vain.

In the Puppet Raising Technique given by Yuan Yao, it also had records of some kind of joint attack technique performed by puppets: Blessings of Ghostly Soldiers!

This technique could be performed through offering a spiritual puppet as a sacrifice in order to raise the power of another puppet. As for the puppet which was sacrificed in the process, it would suffer permanent damage, making it impossible to be repaired.

If Ning Fan were to sacrifice all the other nine spiritual puppets, he had the confidence of increasing the black puppet’s power to the early stage of Void Refinement Realm in a short period of time using that secret technique!

That was a trump card which was sufficient to allow him to dominate the Star Sea!

Even when he returns to the Endless Sea in the future and become enemies with the Venerated Seven of the Internal Endless Sea, he could also protect himself and remain undefeated using that technique!

Of course, on the surface, there might only be seven Half-Step Void Refinement Realm beings in the Internal Endless Sea. However, Ning Fan had no idea if there were any more Void Refinement Realm being that existed without revealing themselves.

The Endless Sea was an independent domain which was not bound by the restrictions of the Rain Palace’s World Law. If the domain is said to have no force that is strong enough to make the Rain Palace afraid, then Ning Fan would certainly not believe it.

Well at least in his opinion, the seven venerated beings who were at the Half-Step Void Refinement Realm were not powerful enough to cause the Rain Palace to fear them.

“One must never belittle his enemies. Even if I am strong enough to wipe out the Internal Endless Sea, I must always remain vigilant and cautious…”

Keeping all his spiritual puppets, Ning Fan began to stabilize the new improvements he achieved from neutralizing the Evil Cold Worm.

As for his current spirit sense, it had already reached the peak stage of the Divine Transformation Realm!

To ordinary people, the improvement of spirit sense might be sharpening their senses and enhancing their pill refinement and equipment refinement techniques. To Ning Fan, however, it meant a direct boost in his power!

In other words, when he displays the Sense Soul Incarnation Chant and virtualizes his true body, he could go head-to-head against a Peak Divine Transformation Realm expert with his incarnation!

Furthermore, while he was stabilizing the level of his spirit sense, he suddenly found out another good thing.

Within his body, there was an additional trace of Fu Li ancestor blood!

At first, he only possessed four drops of ancestor blood. Today, however, after he condensed the four drops of ancestor blood, there was an additional streak of blood besides the fourth drop sparkling in purple black!

“This is…”

He inhaled lightly, feeling it slightly incomprehensible.

In Dragon Burial City, he had seized one and a half drop of ancestor blood. He did not devour them but he directly ignited them instead, killing anyone that opposed him everywhere. His actions might seem to have been insane but it was in fact a method to avoid further conflicts which was made after proper consideration.

The Black Dragon’s ancestor blood was indeed precious. However, since he already had the Fu Li ancestor blood, it was useless for him to consume it.

Theoretically speaking, after consuming the Black Dragon’s ancestor blood, it could greatly enhance one’s demon power and strengthen one’s bloodline. Nevertheless, the enhancement did not include increasing the quantity of one’s ancestor blood. At the very most, it could only increase the quality of one’s bloodline.

Since he did not have any female cultivators of the Dragon Race by his side, the ancestor blood of the Black Dragon was impractical to him.

If he were to keep the ancestor blood, perhaps he might have been besieged by the two star lords. In contrast, after igniting the blood, it ended every possible trouble he might face.

This item is just too rare. Because of that, keeping it would be equivalent to seeking troubles, just like that saying goes, one’s only crime is to carry a jade.

But after igniting the ancestor blood, the quantity of my Fu Li blood actually increased.

“Is there a theory that I can’t understand contained within this process? Or does that mean that the blood of Fu Li is originally the residual bloodline of the other True Spirits after their bloodlines are ignited…”

Without having any conclusions, Ning Fan cast that matter aside. To him, the appearance of that trace of ancestor blood could be said to have a significant meaning.

As long as he cultivated that blood streak with care, when it grows stronger in the future, it would be the time for Ning Fan to condense the fifth ancestor blood.

Besides, Ning Fan might have chances of obtaining the ancestor blood of the other True Spirit Races. If he really gets one, he would be very pleased to ignite the blood again to try whether it would give him another trace of blood streak.

All in all, Ning Fan truly had a great harvest this time.

Ten days passed by in a flash.

Gui Chen and the other Divine Transformation Realm generals had to remain in the Star Sea forever and worship Ning Fan’s statue to provide him a continuous flow of incense flame.

As for Feng Han and his group, they stayed in the Li Kun Palace temporarily to treat their wounds. Besides, they decided not to enter the Heaven Hall. Moreover, as soon as they receive the orders from the Wind General, they would then retreat to the Second World.

The sea breeze was a little bleak and chilly. Despite that, Ning Fan still had to break out of the sea and departed for their destination.

Xi Ran, Yuan Yao and him got on the Golden Flame Chariot and vanished in a ray of golden light. The black dragon which was responsible of pulling the chariot was transformed into an ordinary size by Ning Fan so that it would not shock any common beings anymore.

Although the size of the black dragon changed, it would be fine as long as the speed of the Golden Flame Chariot remained the same.

Two months had passed since the very day they left the Star Island. Wei Xuan might have said that he would help Ning Fan delay the group of outstanding beings from the Heavens for six months. However, since even Yuan Yao could reach the Star Island from the Northern Heaven, Ning Fan could not guarantee whether the other experts would reach earlier than the time expected.

After awakening my medicine soul, I will then use the Star Tempering Purple Zoysia to reconstruct the Sea of Consciousness of Weiliang.

Then, I will enter the Heaven Hall, handle Imperial Concubine Zi, rescue Lu Wu and eventually acquire the Star of the Celestial Emperor.

Afterwards, I’ll leave this place…

The consecutive killings and nervous atmosphere throughout the two months did not make Ning Fan reveal the slightest bit of weariness.

However, there was a faint hint of worry within his eyes from the beginning until the end.

“You actually have the Golden Flame Chariot. It’s the war chariot of the Ancient Heavenly Court. Why would you possess it?” After a few days of rest, Yuan Yao’s mood began to lighten up. Facing the gentle sea breeze, she would adjust the phoenix hairpin on her hair from time to time.

“I just get it by luck. Oh yes, I have something to ask you. On the day I saved you, there was only one Realm Beast’s corpse which fell down along with you into the Star Palace.” Ning Fan indifferently said.

“There was only one?! Impossible! Before I became unconscious, I had activated the divine technique of Purple Lust with all my might. It should have been enough to kill the two Realm Beasts. Why would there be only one corpse?”

All of a sudden, Yuan Yao’s phoenix eyes turned cold.

The coldness in her eyes was not directed against Ning Fan. Instead, it was because some terrible thoughts hit her.

“Could it be that the other Realm Beast has not died yet?! Where could it be right now?!” Yuan Yao thought of one of the possibilities.

“Would it be possible that it ran away after it was hurt?” Xi Ran thoughtlessly replied while fiddling with something on an exquisitely-designed jade slip. She seemed to have imprinted something on it but she did not tell Ning Fan anything about it, let alone allow him to look at it. Apparently, it was some kind of secret.

“No. This beast should not have left yet… I’m seventy-percent certain that this Realm Beast has already intruded the Star Palace and is waiting for a chance to assault you! As for the remaining thirty-percent, I’m not thinking that the beast has already left. Instead, I guess that beast might have already died under the magical technique. It was just that even the skeleton of the beast was also destroyed. It would be better if the latter scenario is the true one…”

Ning Fan’s tone was determined whereas his eyes glinted with concern.

He was worried that the Realm Beast which survived Yuan Yao’s divine technique was right inside the Star Palace, waiting to assault her!

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