Grasping Evil

Chapter 312.2 - Destined To Meet But Not Fated To Be Together

Chapter 312.2 Destined To Meet But Not Fated To Be Together

“Oh? Why are you so certain that the other Realm Beast would remain in the Star Palace rather than run away? Do you have any proof for making that assumption?” Yuan Yao suddenly became interested in Ning Fan. The latter was clearly just a young man with a bone age not exceeding four hundred years. His style and demeanor, however, were like those of an elderly man.

“Are you testing me?” Ning Fan darted a strange glance at Yuan Yao.

“Sort of.”

“Proof, huh… Normally, Realm Beasts would only attack immortal cultivators. However, even after you had suppressed your cultivation level to the Void Fragmentation Realm, they still assaulted you. It just doesn’t make sense. Besides, it is impossible that a Realm Beast would carry the Decaying Immortal’s Poison. There must be someone plotting against you, someone who specially reared those Realm Beasts. If the Realm Beasts were under someone’s control, then they would never leave before they had accomplished their purpose.”

“The Third World of the Star Palace could at most allow a being of the Void Refinement Realm. If that Realm Beast still remains in the Star Palace, it would at most be at the Void Refinement Realm. Otherwise, the Third World would have already crumbled because of it. Therefore, I guessed that this beast is either dead or it is hiding itself in the Star Palace with grievous injuries while looking for you to kill you!”

Ning Fan’s words made Xi Ran so confused that her mind seemed to be wandering amongst the clouds.

Yuan Yao, however, nodded her head, deeply agreeing with Ning Fan’s point.

“That’s what I think too. You’re quite smart and shrewd. Your power is not bad too. However, your cultivation method is a little weak…”

Yuan Yao lightly let out a sigh while staring at Ning Fan, feeling bad for the latter.

“Yin Yang Devil Cultivation Method: plucking yin to replenish yang. Unfortunately, it isn’t a cultivation method of the righteous path. Moreover, it’s difficult to cultivate it to the peak of the Immortal’s Path. In the past, I also have a friend like you. Well, let’s just consider her as a friend for the moment. She was eager for that kind of cultivation method. Besides, not only did she secretly learnt this cultivation method, but she also searched everywhere for the emperor’s treasure left by the Immortal Emperor Ancient Chaos, the Yin Yang Locket…”

Yuan Yao faintly sighed. Within the Yin Yang Locket, Luo You’s shoulders seemed to have just lightly trembled for a while.

The past had gone by. However, even though it was the resentment of the past, it was also memorable to one.

“Yin Yang Devil Cultivation Method?” Xi Ran tilted her head to the side, feeling unable to understand.

Isn’t Lu Bei, a member of the Fu Li Demon Race? Since when has he become a cultivator of a devil cultivation method?

There was no explanation that could satisfy her curiosity. Yuan Yao continued to persuade Ning Fan with a sympathetic tone.

“This cultivation method does not suit you. Plucking women hurts the heaven’s harmony too much. Besides, it’s all about sexual relations between women and men. With that, you won’t be able to cultivate to the realm of Venerated Indifference. In the end, you won’t be able to reach the pinnacle of the Immortal’s Path… If you are willing, after I break free the seals, I can help you abandon this cultivation method and help you choose another more powerful cultivation method of a fiendgod. Besides, I have a friend who is an immortal of the Lost World Palace at the Northern Immortal Domain. That person could grant you a spot for ascension. In the future, it would assist you to ascend to the Northern Heaven directly, avoiding the Heavenly Tribulation…”

What Yuan Yao had in mind was a piece of kindness. She just did not want to see Ning Fan who was like a fine piece of jade to be ruined by a lowly cultivation method.

However, if Yuan Yao knew that the Yin Yang Transformation was actually not a trashy cultivation method at all but a terrifying divine cultivation method which enables one to cultivate the power of three races instead, she would definitely not speak such unnecessary words.

“A spot for ascension?” Ning Fan replied with his eyes affixed to Yuan Yao’s. Apparently, this was his third time being regarded as an exceptional being by the members of the Lost World Palace.

Bei Xiaoman had set his eyes upon Ning Fan’s capabilities. However, because she was in a fit of annoyance, she deliberately chose not to recruit him.

Bei Li intended to recruit Ning Fan but unfortunately, she did not have the opportunity.

As for Yuan Yao, she straightforwardly promised Ning Fan a hopeful future. However, among the offers she gave, not all of them were necessarily sympathizing for Ning Fan’s potential and talents. Perhaps some of her decisions were affected by her complicated feelings.

“I’m not going to give up on this cultivation method!” Ning Fan spoke determinedly.

“What?! Do you have any idea how powerful the cultivation method that I am about to recommend to you? With your potential, if you cultivate this type of divine veins, you will be able to attain the Void Fragmentation Realm within one thousand years! Within ten thousand years, you could then break through to the Life Immortal Realm! In the next thirty thousand years, you can break through the three realms of True Immortal! One hundred thousand years later, you might even have the chance to become an Immortal Emperor! Are you really willing to abandon such a powerful cultivation method for merely a Yin Yang Transformation?!”

Yuan Yao gently bit her lips. She had never been so compromising towards any man she had met.

Today, however, Ning Fan rejected her offer even though she had already promised to give such a powerful cultivation method to Ning Fan…

This young man… Is he a fool?!

However, Yuan Yao did not know why she would feel angry when Ning Fan rejected her cultivation method.

Perhaps, without her knowing consciously, she hoped Ning Fan would have a great and ambitious future so that the gap between them would diminish… Perhaps deep inside her heart, she was also yearning for something which was too difficult to be realized. After all, the gap which existed between their identities was just unimaginably huge, making her dare not to even think about it.

“Do you think the cultivation method I am offering is not good enough?!”


Ning Fan took a deep breath and the look on his face softened. Within his mind, the past memories began to surface and flashed past. Each of the scenes was connected together because of the Yin Yang Transformation.

“This cultivation method was once my hope to seek revenge. Today, however, it has an important meaning to me. I promised a woman that I will give her freedom by cultivating this cultivation method! I promised my master to help heal his mistress by cultivating this cultivation method! The most important part is that… this cultivation method was given to me by Zhihe… Within this cultivation method, it contains my Dao! I will never abandon it, just like how I am not going to abandon the Seven Apricot City, my master, Zhihe and all the women whom I loved and missed… I have no idea what ‘Venerated Indifference’ is but even if I reach that realm one day, I will never choose to forget my emotions!”

Ning Fan’s words were neither haughty nor humble and his voice loudly reverberated in the air!

His body might look scrawny and weak but the view of his back was as majestic as a gigantic mountain!

His face was calm and composed but his eyes looked firm and sharp like a monolith!

His cultivation level was at the Divine Transformation Realm. At this moment, however, within his body, his Dao was born!

“I have my own Dao!”

Ning Fan’s words echoed at Yuan Yao’s ears for a while, filling her beautiful eyes with admiration.

With her status and cultivation level, it was impossible for her to notice any good points on Ning Fan.

At this moment, however, the firmness of Ning Fan’s Heart of Dao made her, a True Immortal of the Shedding Void Realm, feel ashamed of her inferiority.

“If only you had been born millions of years earlier…” Yuan Yao shifted her gaze to the end of the horizon and laughed, as if she was mocking herself.

“Sister Bei Yao, what’re you talking about?” The busybody self within Xi Ran suddenly woke up.

“It’s nothing… Based on your deduction, if that Realm Beast is not dead, then it would hide itself within the Star Palace to ambush me. In my current situation, I don’t have the slightest power to resist him and I will only get you into trouble… Therefore, before entering the Heaven Hall, I will part with you…”

“You’re just looking down on me… I might be a little selfish, but towards the women whom I have slept with before, I have never once cast them aside and leave them alone.” Ning Fan teased.

“Y-You! What have you just said?! I dare you to say that again!” Yuan Yao’s gentle expression suddenly became cold and indifferent. Regardless of anything, she did not like Ning Fan bringing up the past.

“Fine. I won’t mention it anymore. However, you don’t have to worry. Before you have the power to protect yourself, I won’t leave your side.”

Ning Fan shook his head, inwardly thinking that this Bei Yao was really a serious person. Each of her actions was straight and narrow. Aside from being thoughtful and meticulous, she was also concerned about her reputation. Well, after all, it was difficult to blame her. If Bei Yao is really Bei Xiaoman’s sister, it should be regarded as a serious crime to tarnish her own reputation since she was also one of the mistresses of the Lost World Palace.

He might be able to tell such a joke to other women but not to Yuan Yao.

Fine. This Bei Yao is a True Immortal of the Shedding Void Realm, a significant being of a high and lofty status while I am just a cultivator who have not even clearly understood how many levels there are for a True Immortal. I suppose the casual romance we had last night was the first and will also be the last. There wouldn’t be a second time for us to share the pillow together… With her identity, she would have been pursued by many suitors. How would she set her eyes upon me? I’ll just protect her from any danger in her journey here at the Star Palace. When she regains her cultivation level later, she would definitely have her means to protect herself. After that, she naturally would not regard me as someone important anymore. As for me, I just wish to be free from any complication.

Ning Fan was not a fool. He knew that between him and Yuan Yao, the disparity of their cultivation levels was just too vast.

There was always an unyielding spirit engraved deeply within his bones. If the other person does not like him, he would never sacrifice anything to keep them.

Ning Fan remained silent. However, he did not show any signs of leaving Yuan Yao alone.

After seeing Ning Fan no longer crack a single joke ever so suddenly, Yuan Yao was at a loss of what to do next.

Within her heart, she felt touched by his action. Meanwhile, she also felt a hint of disappointment.

The reason she felt touched was because she had never needed anyone’s protection with the identity she possessed. Today, while facing a formidable Realm Beast which might still be alive, Ning Fan promised without any hesitation to protect her. It was her first time tasting the feeling of being protected.

What she was disappointed about was her own words which seemed to have delivered a blow to Ning Fan’s pride.

“I’m not looking down on you. It’s just that…”

“It’s just what?”

“It’s just that we… Forget it. You will understand it in the future. The reality is cruel. Most of the time, people don’t have the right to choose their destiny at all.”

Gazing into the distant sky, Yuan Yao’s mind seemed to be flooded with her past.

For how many years haven’t I gazed into the sky like a child?

Do you still remember how many stars there are in the sky when we were counting stars together in the past?

Yuan Yao was thinking whether Ning Fan would understand that in this world, there was a type of affection called ‘destined to meet but not fated to be together’.

In the Seven Kills Sea Domain, far beneath a deep pool, an enormous beast whose body was completely decayed was stabilizing its injuries after devouring countless sea beasts.

With a shake of his body, he transformed into a burly man draped with a cape. His appearance remained covered and he only exposed a pair of eerie green eyes like those of an evil spirit.

“The lowly maid has taken a serious damage and her cultivation level has been sealed by me to the Nascent Soul Realm. If she falls into the Star Sea, she would definitely be eaten by the ferocious beasts residing within the sea… However, I will still need her corpse in order to report to my lord. If she doesn’t die… Hmmph!”

The big cloaked man made a step forward and the sea domain within the vicinity of one hundred thousand li* (500m per li) was turned into powder. The aura of an Early Void Refinement Realm expert spread throughout the place!

“If she isn’t dead yet, then I will make her feel that living is no better than dying! The palace lord of the Lost World Palace, Yuan Yao!”

The burly man maliciously sneered.

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