Grasping Evil

Chapter 311.2 - I’m Bei Yao!

Chapter 311.2 I’m Bei Yao!

“You were being hunted down by a Realm Beast and… I saved you!”

“The first sentence!”

The anger within Yuan Yao’s phoenix eyes receded. She of course remembered that she had spent the strength of nine bulls and two tigers to break free from the strange maze and desperately killed a Realm Beast. Then, suffering grievous injuries, she fell into the windstorm of the Void Realm. After that, it was true that she had been saved by someone else.

So it’s this man who saved me… I’m grateful to him for saving my life. But it shouldn’t be the only reason for him to take advantage of the opportunity and violate me!

“You were afflicted with the Decaying Immortal’s Poison and I helped you cure it.”

“The second sentence!”

The coldness on Yuan Yao’s face slightly diminished. Decaying Immortal’s Poison… It’s true! Ning Fan was not lying!

When Yuan Yao activated her magic power, she immediately felt that there was still a miniscule trace of the poison which was eventually going to disperse completely. It was indeed the Decaying Immortal’s Poison.

This kind of poison should not belong to a Realm Beast!

Speaking of which, it’s already peculiar that I would still be assaulted by Realm Beasts when I had already concealed my tracks while descending to the mortal world secretly… On the other hand, why would a Realm Beast possess the Decaying Immortal’s Poison? Could it be that this Realm Beast was manipulated by someone to ambush me?!

Yuan Yao’s heart had softened a little.

When I fell into the windstorm of the Void Realm, it was him who saved me. When I was afflicted with the Decaying Immortal’s Poison, it was also him who saved me.

In total, he had rescued me twice. Even if he robbed me of my purity, what he had done would at most offset the resentment I had towards him…

“As for my last sentence… It was you who displayed the purple mist to enchant me, luring me to make out with you.”

Ning Fan had just spoken an undeniable truth.

The truth, however, made Yuan Yao harbor the thought of killing herself right away.

“You! Don’t talk nonsense!”

“Brother Lu Bei didn’t lie! It was you! It was all your fault! If it wasn’t you who used the purple mist that had also charmed me, I would never do such a thing with Brother Lu Bei!”

Without hesitation, she pulled the thin blanket to cover her chest and got up beside the bed to stand by Ning Fan’s side with determination.

“If everything is real, I will only consider that as a dream…”

Yuan Yao’s killing intent was all extinguished as she miserably shut her eyes.

I’ve been so cautious and vigilant throughout my life. However, it’s really beyond my expectations that I would commit such an immoral act after giving birth to four daughters.

That was not a dream. It wasn’t…

An erotic dream would never leave a mark nor a scratch. However, when it becomes reality, it was too hard to accept…

Oh yes. It was me who used the purple mist to enchant this pair of young ones. It was not only me who had lost my chastity, and I also caused the little girl to lose hers as well…

With regards to how powerful her Spirit Physique of Purple Lust was, she knew it clearer than anybody else. She could not blame Ning Fan at all for losing his self-restraint and made out with her after he was charmed by her bewitching technique. After all, he was just exercising his kindness to save her…

At the end of the day, I’m the sinner… What reason do I have to blame it on him?

Yuan Yao’s tears began to glide down her cheeks. The look of anguish on her face made Xi Ran’s heart softened.

“Alright, alright. I don’t blame you…”

“But I blame myself! I’m just too absurd!”

Yuan Yao really deserved to be regarded as a heroine among women. Despite the immense agony within her heart, she could calm herself down very quickly.

Looking at Ning Fan, she spoke. Her voice was extremely pleasant to hear. Aside from that, it had the quality of maturity and nobility.

“I’m satisfied with your explanations… Don’t worry. As long as you can take good care of your mouth by not leaking whatever happened between us last night to anyone, I won’t harm you… Your name is Lu Bei, right. Since you’ve saved me twice, I’m going to give you some benefits to repay you…”

When she stopped speaking, only then did Yuan Yao notice that the clothes on her body was tattered and torn. Moreover, her storage pouch was already missing. Apparently, it was blasted away by the Realm Beast and still remained in the Void Realm…

Instantly, she revealed an embarrassed look, feeling too ashamed to show her face. A person of her identity was actually unable to repay a mere Divine Transformation Realm junior. If such a matter is spread outside, she, Yuan Yao would not be able to maintain her foothold in the Northern Heaven.

“I’m sorry. My storage pouch has been lost… Let me pass you a secret technique. As long as you cultivate it diligently for one thousand years, it can make you invincible among the cultivators below the Void Fragmentation Realm…”

Yuan Yao’s eyes flashed with dogged tenacity. With a wave of her hand, she drew in a white empty jade slip on the table somewhere far away. After imprinting something on it using her spirit sense, she then tossed it to Ning Fan.

Her actions and behavior last night were just too embarrassing. Today, she must never lose her etiquette and make a fool of herself again while repaying Ning Fan for saving her life!

Upon receiving the jade slip, Ning Fan scanned it with his spirit sense and realized that it actually contained the complete version of Puppet Raising Technique.

It did not just introduce the secret technique of raising the spiritual puppets’ levels. Besides, it also included all kinds of ideas about refining a spiritual puppet as well as the formation for the spiritual puppets to launch a joint attack.

“Now, the both of us no longer owe each other anything anymore…”

Yuan Yao covered her ample bosom with one of her hands. The purple ‘grapes’ were faintly visible. With great effort, she forced herself out of bed. The tearing pain from her ‘rear’ which immediately had traces of blood trickle out as soon as she moved caused her to lose her balance and fall forward.

Her face was plastered with great shock. At this moment, only then did she realize her current magic power was sealed by the Realm Beast to the level of Mid Nascent Soul Realm…

As her emotions became conflicted, her injuries which had just stabilized showed signs of relapse.

“Forgive me for my impoliteness…”

Ning Fan’s eyes glinted with a hint of admiration. With a slap on his storage pouch, he took out one of his own clothes and draped it over her shoulders while holding her.

This woman is a person with decent conduct. She clearly distinguished between love and hate when dealing with others. Even though she had lost her chastity to a junior, she did not act like any of the ordinary women who would shout and yell to get revenge without even giving any thought to it.

Furthermore, she did not also commit murder to seal off anyone who knew about this matter…

Though, the current her might not be capable enough to kill Ning Fan.

As her wrist was held by Ning Fan, Yuan Yao’s body trembled, as if her limbs were completely numb.

With her identity, she never expected that she would fall down like that.

With her identity, she never expected that she could fall into an unknown young man’s arms.

“Thank you…” Her face did not appear to be as miserable as just now. Instead, she wore an inexplicable expression which reflected a hint of sadness.

As for Ning Fan, he attempted to activate his Yin Yang Locket to spy upon the woman’s mind using his Mind Reading Technique. Unfortunately, his action failed to bear any fruits in the end, leaving him with only one choice: to give up.

This woman’s true cultivation level is too high…

“I don’t know who you are. Neither do I know what your identity is. Whatever happened last night was just an accident. I won’t tell anyone. You can be rest assured of that. Besides, you don’t need to feel embarrassed about it. Any woman would have done the same thing if they were to be in the same situation as yours. Therefore, it didn’t necessarily show that your moral character has problems… I don’t know why you would come to the Star Palace. However, with your current cultivation level and the injuries you suffered, once you step out of the Li Kun Palace, you will be assaulted by sea beasts at once… If you don’t mind, you can join me in my journey for the time being, at least before you regain the power to protect yourself.


Yuan Yao felt a little speechless. Gently, she withdrew her wrist, breaking it free from Ning Fan’s grasp and stood on her own.

Looking at Ning Fan’s gaze which were full of sincerity, she felt even more complicated.

She knew that what Ning Fan said was rational. Her current cultivation level was weak while her injuries had yet to fully recover. If she isn’t protected by Ning Fan, she would probably really die under the claws of a mere Wild Beast.

It’s really beyond my expectations that I, a dignified True Immortal of the Shedding Void Realm, a revered being above millions of people would have to rely on a young man to protect me…

“Thank you. Before my injuries are fully recovered and before I break the seals, I shall brazenly stay by your side. You can call me Bei Yao…”

“Bei Yao?” Ning Fan lightly nodded her head.

As expected, this woman’s surname is Bei. Apparently, she is truly one of Bei Xiaoman’s sisters.

“Just call me Lu Bei.”

“Lu Bei…” Her expression remained complicated.

As a matter of fact, she had asked for Ning Fan’s name once just now during her so-called erotic dream.

How sinful I am…

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