Grasping Evil

Chapter 265 (1) - A Nasty Evil Thief!

Chapter 265 (1) A Nasty Evil Thief!

There were nine levels in the Scripture Tower and Ning Fan could enter any one of them arbitrarily. So far, there was only Lu Daochen who finished reading hundreds of thousands of ancient books in the tower. That was why he was also known as Master Lu.

There were 1079 demon characters where most of them are the easiest characters in the first level of the tower.

Starting from the second level of the tower, the number of characters recorded in each level decreased whereas the difficulty for learning each of the characters increased accordingly.

After arriving at the eighth level, Ning Fan had almost thumbed through 7000 demon characters that were recorded in the Demon Codex.

On the ninth level, there were even some special demon characters such as the specific characters of the Dragon Words, the Phoenix Language and the Sparrow Notes… These were the demon characters of the True Spirit Races. Ning Fan noticed that not only did they have complicated formation marks but also the person who wished to learn it probably needs to possess the particular bloodline of the corresponding True Spirit Race.

As such, he could at most study approximately 7000 common demon characters.

There was no one to stop him all the way from the first level to the ninth level. Everything was fine until a whiff of fragrance blew against his face, turning into an amorous female who wore a green-feathered robe. She petulantly blocked in front of him, not allowing him to read more scriptures or scrolls related to the demon characters.

“Have you seen enough? General Lu Bei!”

She was the demon imperial concubine – Wu Yan!

“Oh? Isn’t the demon imperial concubine declining to meet any visitors while staying behind closed doors in the Misty Rain House? Why have you come to the Scripture Tower?” Ning Fan withdrew his hand and secretly activated the Yin Yang Locket.

At the same time this demon concubine was feeling annoyed and perturbed, what she was thinking in her mind was the matter regarding the Imperial Concubine Zi of the Spirit King Palace who was on her way to this land.

With that technique, Ning Fan needed nearly no effort to snoop a big secret from her mind.

Spirit King Palace?! Imperial Concubine Zi?! From prying into the matters of the heart of this demon imperial concubine, Wu Yan, there are probably more than ten demon imperial concubines coming here for the Star of the Celestial Emperor this time. Only female demons who have attained the Divine Transformation Realm will be qualified to become the demon concubines of the Spirit King Palace. In other words, there are at least ten Divine Transformation Realm female demons coming this time. They are indeed perfect cauldrons…

Unfortunately, as soon as the idea emerged within his head, it was immediately extinguished like a tiny spark of fire by himself.

It was because he had also found out how scary the Spirit King Palace was from the demon concubine’s mind. If he snatches the female demons of the palace and enrages the Spirit Emperor, he could wipe out the entire Rain World…

However, the Spirit King seemed to have been injured. In the memories of the demon concubine, the Spirit King had been staying in the palace without setting his foot out once for millions of years. Nobody knew how severe his injuries were. Only some of the concubines who were close to him could enter the secluded hall of the Spirit King. For example, Imperial Concubine Zi. But in spite of that, they also had not seen his true appearance personally before.

Ning Fan was silent. Unless he has some mysterious methods that would not be spotted by gods or ghosts to abduct Imperial Concubine Zi and others secretly, he must not act recklessly.

The two words “not daring” had never existed in his mind before. If he was able to grasp even a bit of possibility of success, he would even dare to kidnap the Spirit King’s demon concubines and do something that the True Spirit Races were afraid to do.

Ning Fan was deep in thought, holding his chin using one of his hands while gazing slightly downwards from her face. Unintentionally, his gaze fell on the well-endowed pair of breasts on the demon concubine in front of him.

Her pretty face looked slightly miffed, thinking that this Lu Bei who dressed like a gentleman was actually a frivolous man.

How dare he stare at my bosom like that? What an impolite man.

“What’s the matter that made you to come find me?” The demon concubine’s tone became colder.

“I want to ask Empress how much do you know about Lu Daochen, the Demon Marshal Lu Wu and also the Star of the Celestial Emperor?”

The demon concubine angrily smiled.

Is this Lu Bei a fool?

What makes him think that I will tell him about my understanding towards Lu Daochen and Demon Marshal Lu Wu?

Besides, how is it possible that I will share the information about the Star of the Celestial Emperor which I gathered myself with another stranger?!

“Why do I need to tell you?!”


Ning Fan did not respond to her. Instead, he held his chin with his hand again, pretending to be lost in his thoughts. Through his Mind Reading Technique, he could immediately know her thoughts as soon as he managed to cause her to think.

The demon concubine might be able to choose not to talk using her mouth but she would give her answers instinctively in her heart when she was being questioned.

Lu Daochen is wholeheartedly dedicated to save Lu Wu. In the past, he even had three chances to change his bloodline and attain the Void Refinement Realm but they were all rejected by him. The Spirit King Palace was even willing to bear the exorbitant price for that process in order to assist Lu Daochen in changing his bloodline with a Peak Void Refining Realm complete demon blood and use a secret technique to help him break through to the Void Refining Realm in one attempt!

If the process succeeded, Lu Daochen could have easily ascended to the Land of Demons with the spot granted to him for ascension.

However, he rejected the offer three times. Obviously, his loyalty towards Lu Wu was unshakable. After all, even if Lu Daochen obtains the Star of the Celestial Emperor to improve his cultivation level, he could break through at most the Late Divine Transformation Realm…

Through the the demon concubine’s thoughts, Ning Fan could determine that Lu Daochen just wanted to return a favor to the Demon General and did not harbor any malicious thoughts of harming him.

About Lu Wu, Ning Fan understood that this Demon Marshal was assigned by the Celestial Emperor of the Ancient Heavenly Court to guard the medicine garden in ancient times. However, one day the Heavenly Court collapsed and nearly all the gods died. No one knew why. The ones who did not die would have their memories be erased like Lu Wu. But his memories were not completely wiped out and he even brought away the Celestial Emperor’s medicine garden and gouged out a Celestial Emperor Demon Star from the Celestial Emperor’s left eye during a cataclysm. Since then, he disappeared without a trace.

Time flies and the world was divided again. The True Spirit Races and the Spirit King Palace from the Land of Demons kept demanding for the demon star of the Celestial Emperor and Emperor’s medicine from Lu Wu. However, he rejected all of them.

Thus, Lu Wu was completely exiled. He hid in the Land of Slumber and divided it into nine world passages.

Under the effects of the Emperor Star which enabled it to be hidden even from Heaven’s Fate, nobody knew where Lu Wu was hiding.

It was until the Giant Devil Sect’s old ancestor accidentally broke open the Secret Realm of the Broken World.

It was until an unknown force of the Internal Endless Sea managed to contact the True Spirit Races from the Immortal Demon World about it, causing such shocking news to spread: “The land where Lu Wu is slumbering is in the Secret Realm of the Broken World that is located at the Endless Sea of the Rain World.”

Therefore, the demon concubine, Wu Yan, Wang Xiao and the others were sent here one after one another.

Ning Fan’s expression turned solemn. From her mind, he found out that the force from the Internal Endless Sea that contacted the Immortal Demon World privately was the Demon Sealing Sect!

The Demon Sealing Sect. The meaning of “Demon Sealing” mentioned in the name probably was not as simple as it seemed. From the matter where the Pure Flame Tribe bribed Lu Bei to meet with Cu He from the Demon Sealing Sect, Ning Fan boldly deduced that the Demon Sealing Sect was actually a force that was brought up by the Pure Flame Tribe in the Endless Sea. They must have used some secret techniques to sneak out from the Secret Realm!

From the demon concubine’s mind, Ning Fan indeed pried into some shocking facts.

What made Ning Fan care about the most was his question regarding the Star of the Celestial Emperor.

This Emperor Star contained one-ninth of the Celestial Emperor’s cultivation level. If Ning Fan swallows the star at that time, he would even have the possibility of becoming an immortal. However, as time went by, the power of the Emperor Star had already long been weakened. It would be rare to even let Ning Fan break through to the Mid Divine Transformation Realm from the early stages of that realm.

The demon concubine might not know about the Star Palace, but she knew a certain usage of the Star of Celestial Emperor.

Before Lu Wu’s death, he was responsible for guarding the Celestial Emperor’s medicine. The Emperor’s medicine was claimed to be able to grant a mortal being immortality while the immortals an indestructible body. If the injured consumes it, they would immediately recover while the deceased could be brought back to life!

That kind of Emperor’s medicine may still exist in the Third World.

The Spirit King Palace’s desire for the Star of Celestial Emperor was actually just a tactic to cast a mist before everyone’s eyes. The Emperor’s medicine was their true aim!

They required the Emperor’s medicine to recover the Spirit King’s injuries. The rumors about the recovery effect of the Star of the Celestial Emperor was also just a lie!

If Ning Fan obtains the Emperor’s medicine, he would have hopes of bringing Mu Weiliang and Ning Honghong back to life!

Ning Fan took a deep breath.

It’s really beyond my expectations to find out so much information within her mind.

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