Grasping Evil

Chapter 264 (2) - A Date with Yao Fei

Chapter 264 (2) A Date with Yao Fei

The paths within the Star Palace were intricate and filled with danger that was unpredictable. There was only a red spot specifically marked by Lu Daochen on an approximate location.

Ning Fan faintly felt that the red dot within the Star Palace was exactly Lu Daochen’s goal!

“What’s the meaning of this map…” Ning Fan heaved a deep sigh. The situation within the Third World was completely different from that of the ordinary Land of Slumber.

Especially the Star Palace, it gave Ning Fan an extreme feeling of threat. If he is lost within the place, it would probably be very difficult for him to extricate himself from it.

“Save the remnant soul in the red spot and free it into the cycle of rebirth. After that, I will grant you whatever you want, even if you demand to get this old man’s position as the Honorable Demon General in the Luo Yun Tribe!”

Lu Daochen’s eyes were solemn.

The reason why Ning Fan was unable to see through his intention in the past was because he was gauging him with a utilitarian heart.

In actuality, what Lu Daochen was trying to do was merely to free the Demon Marshal. Therefore, it became difficult for Ning Fan to judge his motive.

“He was regarded as a sinful Demon Marshal who was sent into exile by the Immortal Demon World. In the past, we, the Honorable Demon Generals of the nine divisions were just the chariot spirits of Demon Marshal Lu’s Golden Flame Chariot. After the Heavenly Court collapsed, our memories were erased by someone and were forced to fall into slumber. None of us could remember anything about what happened in the past, let alone what Demon Marshal Lu did which provoked the Immortal Demon World to banish him. However, although it’s just my hypothesis, I suppose the Star of the Celestial Emperor must have something to do with it. Regarding the details of the matter, I’ve completely forgotten about them. The only thing that remains in my memories is Demon Marshal Lu’s kindness. Without Demon Marshal Lu, how could I become a Demon General, how could I have great and profound knowledge, how could I be chosen by the people from the Spirit King Palace and given the chance to ascend to the Immortal World… It was my biggest regret in my entire life for not being able to repay Demon Marshal’s kindness as I’ve sensed his death after I awakened! It I can’t remove this regret, I don’t have the mood to continue my cultivation, let alone ascending to the Immortal World… Lu Bei, it’s up to you now to enter the Third World and save Demon Marshal Wu’s remnant soul. Although there isn’t the demon blood of the Demon Marshal, this old man’s rewards will definitely satisfy you…So are you willing to lend this old man a hand?!”

“Demon Marshal Lu might be dead, but part of his soul is still trapped inside the Star Palace, unable to break free… The location which was marked with the red dot is the centre of the palace. Demons are unable to access it or else they would succumb to the power of the star. You are a human. Therefore, there’s a chance you will be able to get in. Besides, you’ve awakened a royal bloodline which could be used to wash away the ‘Sinful Mark’ on Demon Marshal Lu’s soul and help it to enter samsara…”

“If you are willing to help, all the rewards that I mentioned earlier will all be yours. With my help, the next time you leave the Land of Slumber, you will at least be at the Mid Divine Transformation Realm! Without my help, even if you gather all the maps of the passage connecting to the Third World, you will still come out in vain from the Third World… The Star of the Celestial Emperor is the most precious treasure. Only I was granted by the Demon Marshal the Key of the Star Palace and only this key can subdue the star… Normally, it would take at least hundreds of years for a common Early Divine Transformation Realm being to break through to the Mid Divine Transformation Realm. But if you possess this star, attaining the Mid Divine Transformation Realm will just be around the corner!”

Lu Daochen’s face revealed a pleading expression for the first time.

He used to uphold Lu Wu’s teachings: don’t beg the heavens nor the earth because what isn’t yours will never come no matter how hard you beg for it.

Today, however, he had to plead Ning Fan no matter what. Without him, Demon Marshal Lu’s soul would almost be impossible to rescue!

Lu Wan’er’s eyes turned serious. It was her first time witnessing her unyielding master pleading someone.

Ning Fan seemed to be touched by what Lu Daochen said. Among the rewards, what truly moved him were the Star of the Celestial Emperor as well as the promise of advancing into the Mid Divine Transformation Realm. After all, his purpose of coming to the Land of Slumber was to obtain the Demon Marshal’s blood to improve his cultivation level. Although what he wanted can’t be found in the Third World now, there is still the Star of the Celestial Emperor, which isn’t any less significant compared to the Demon Marshal’s blood. Therefore, he would of course be willing to accept the request.

But anyhow, he was no longer a hot-blooded young man anymore. Regarding Lu Daochen’s words, he only had 70% of confidence in them. The remaining 30% was reserved.

Even if Lu Daochen was telling the truth, it was his principle of conducting himself: never blindly and fully believe in a stranger.

“I’ll need three days to think about it.”

Lu Daochen gently sighed.

This kid is really vigilant in doing things. Taking three days to think about it… He’s probably going to find out more about my background from other sources.

I suppose he will likely start with Yao Fei…

“Alright. I’ll wait for your reply after three days. Of course, even if you refuse to help me, as the Eighth General of the tribe, you will still enjoy the right to enter the Scripture Tower, cultivate in the Dragon Pond, awaken your bloodline in the Cloud Platform and so on. However, the Key of the Star Palace granted by the Demon Marshal and the map of the World Passage will only be handed over to you after you’ve promised to help me and take an oath of Heart’s Devil…”

“Of course!”

An important matter like this must of course be dealt with care and caution. Ning Fan would need to take the vow of Heart’s Devil and so does Lu Daochen.

Since he had three days to contemplate about it, he did not have to rush. Besides, having the Mind Reading Technique was enough for him to obtain some information about the Third World.

In the province of the Pure Flame Tribe, Wang Xiao was looking at the two life plates which disintegrated with a grim expression.

Jin Qun and Li Ban are dead?! What the hell had happened?!

He had been waiting within the hall for Lu Jiefen’s report for more than 10 days. Unfortunately, the distance between the Luo Yun Tribe and the Pure Flame Tribe was not short. Therefore, within a short period of time, there was no way he would be able to see Lu Jiefen, let alone get him to clarify what was going on.

However, although Lu Jiefen had yet to return, a ray of sword light flew into the hall, carrying a message. It was a technique that was specially used by the beings at the Divine Transformation Realm, Flying Sword Message Transmission!

“General Wang Xiao, the evil general of the Luo Yun Tribe, Lu Bei was bold and reckless. He killed General Li Ban, Jin Qun and even a general of my Pure Flame Tribe, General Jin Yun. Their deaths must be avenged. But I’ve just received intel that the situation of the Third World seemed to have some changes… The Luo Yun Tribe is backed by a demon imperial concubine from the Spirit King Palace. It will be hard to overturn them. In order to acquire the Star of the Celestial Emperor without fail, I recommend General Wang Xiao to set up a demon altar and open the World Passages to invite some experts from the Upper World or some strong reinforcements from the Demon World. All in all, we must give everything to open up the World Passage to the Third World!”

As the voice fell, Wang Xiao’s expression was filled with rage and he crushed the message-transmitting sword light with his hand.

Instead of feeling enraged by Lu Bei who killed three of their Demon Generals, the focus of his anger shifted towards Yao Fei from the Spirit King Palace.

“The Spirit King Palace wants to fight against us, the great True Spirit Races for the Star of the Celestial Emperor?! Hmmph! If that’s the case, I’ll really need to request for some backup, just like what Lu Jiefen said. I won’t be able to open up the World Passage connecting to the Upper World on my own. As for the World Passage to the Demon World, if there are blood offerings from hundreds of thousands of living creatures, it will still be forcibly opened… This time, I guess I should request help from the Prince of the Demon Sovereign! The bloodline he possesses is so powerful that even the Spirit King Palace will have to be dreadful of…”

In the Misty Rain House of the Luo Yun Province.

Behind a curtain, Yao Fei was veiling her face with a silky-white cloth while playing the qin1. The melody was sweet and pleasant.

However, after accidentally hearing the whispers among the maidservants, the tip of her fingers trembled, causing a string of the musical instrument to break.

“What?! The Spirit King wants to send Imperial Concubine Zi to the Land of Slumber?! Nonsense! This woman always relies on the special kindness of the king and behaves in a bossy and arrogant manner. If she meets with an accident or mishap here, how should we report to the Spirit King?!”

Yao Fei’s brows tightly knitted together.

If Imperial Concubine Zi comes and offends someone whom she shouldn’t have with her rude remarks, how should it be handled…

It’s going to be a mess… The situation in this Land of Slumber is going to be in turmoil. For the nine parts of the World Passage map, there would probably be a great bloodshed…

Is it truly good to activate the World Passage?

The Star of the Celestial Emperor is one of the demon stars which belonged to the Celestial Emperor of the Ancient Heavenly Court. This star contains one-ninth of the Celestial Emperor’s cultivation level. But countless years have passed and the power of the star is nearly depleted. Its greatest use is related to the Ancient Heavenly Court…

Yao Fei’s mind was troubled.

At this moment, there was another maidservant who came to report with a strange look.

“What’s the matter?!”

“Reporting to Demon Imperial Concubine, outside the Misty Rain House, the Eighth General who was newly promoted, Lu Bei requests to meet you and he hopes to have a private conversation with you, Demon Imperial Concubine.”

“Lu Bei? He wants to converse alone with me? What is his purpose of meeting me?”

As Yao Fei intended to permit him to enter, she noticed that each of the maidservants looked at her in a weird manner. Instantly, her expression slightly changed.

As an imperial concubine of the Spirit King, although I haven’t been patronized by the Spirit King nor summoned to meet him, I am still being regarded as a high-ranking maid in the imperial palace. With that identity, it seemed inappropriate for me to have a private meeting with another man…

“Decline him. I’m not meeting him…” Yao Fei let out a dejected sigh inwardly.

One’s reputation and integrity are indeed too restrictive.

On the first day, Ning Fan was declined.

On the second day, the maidservant reported again that Ning Fan came to meet Yao Fei, making the latter be curious of the reason why Ning Fan came to seek for her. However, due to her identity, she declined again.

On the third day, Ning Fan came too but this time, he did not request to meet anyone. He only told them that he is going to the Scripture Tower to read some scriptures.

Yao Fei felt that his action was a little laughable.

He must have known that he would be rejected. That’s why he didn’t even request to meet me and directly go to the Scripture Tower.

“Why is he going to the Scripture Tower? Don’t tell me that a boorish fellow like him still wants to study the ancient demon characters and model Lu Daochen to be a Demon General with great wisdom?”

“Wait. It isn’t right! He is a human. How can a human read the characters of our race? It’s a serious matter… It might be fine for him to do so in the borderline city which does not have the complete series of books, but the tower in the province is a place which keeps the Demon Codex. If he imprints it and spread it to the human race, it will cause harm to our demon race! How could Lu Daochen allow him to do so after knowing his true identity?!”

Her beautiful eyes sparkled. As such, there was no way for her to avoid meeting Ning Fan anymore.

This man is really crafty. After knowing that he can’t meet me by requesting directly, he applies some tricks, forcing me to take the initiative to seek for him.

Knowing that I would protect the demon race and repel the human race, he uses the matter of the Scripture Tower to compel me to see him in order to stop him from reading the demon scriptures.

“Fine. Since there’s always a crowd in the Scripture Tower, I don’t have to be afraid of being suspected of having a scandal with him… Moreover, what’s his purpose of meeting me? Conveniently, I should let him know about the arrival of Imperial Concubine Zi. I will need him to tolerate the Imperial Concubine Zi in case she treats him badly because of his identity as a human and displeases him. After all, she isn’t a being like Jin Qun and Li Ban. If she is killed, the Spirit King will probably destroy the entire Rain World…”

In the Scripture Tower, Ning Fan sneezed right after he landed on the ground.

Is someone talking about me?

Suddenly, his heart had an extremely good feeling, as if a group of Divine Transformation Realm human cauldrons are walking right into his trap…

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