Grasping Evil

Chapter 265(2) - A Nasty Evil Thief!

Chapter 265(2) A Nasty Evil Thief!

As such, it did not waste any of my effort of purposely asking her out.

Unknowingly, his lips curved upwards, forming into a faint smile. When the demon concubine caught sight of it, her face immediately became colder.

How dare he…! This Lu Bei is too audacious!

How dare he still smile while his eyes are plainly staring at my ** with his hand holding his chin downwards?!

Ever since she joined the Spirit King Palace and moved up the hierarchy step by step to become an imperial concubine from just a maidservant, she had never been stared like that by any man.

She felt that Ning Fan’s gaze seemed to be like a substantial hand that slid across her body. To her, it was utterly shameless…

“Lu Bei! Is your purpose of asking me out just to violate me with your eyes?”

Perhaps, the demon concubine had totally misunderstood Ning Fan.

But the demon concubine looked stunned at the next moment.

She only saw Ning Fan pull himself together and then greet her with cupped fists.

“Excuse me, I still have something to do. I will make a move first… Thank you for lowering yourself to meet me!”

After he finished his words, a satisfied smile emerged on his face, as if he had gotten what he wanted. Casually, he went down the ninth level and swaggered off.

“Er…he just left like that? What an unaccountable man!”

The demon concubine smiled out of anger.

This man invited me to come out and just asked me a few silly questions? Of course, it was impossible for me to answer him.

Could it be that he just wanted to appreciate my body?

Especially that satisfied look on his face when he was leaving. Was it possible that he felt satisfied by violating me with his eyes?

However, even though he disrespected me for the sake of his own pleasure, I didn’t notice any malice from his expression. He’s different from the perverted people who visit the Misty Rain House.

The demon concubine’s anger slowly receded. She stood between the shelves that were full of dust and randomly flipped open a scripture without the mood to read.

Gradually, a sense of loss filled her heart.

As a demon concubine of the Spirit King Palace, she must be extra cautious when meeting another man. Speaking of which, her “date” with Ning Fan was the first time she met a man in private not under the demand of her mission.

Freedom… Because of the restrictions of my current identity, having the freedom to act will just be wishful thinking on my part for the rest of my life…

She sighed gently and stood in the ninth level without knowing how much time had passed.

However, her blank eyes slowly became focused and her expression turned annoyed. She should not be sighing and feeling sad at this place and time. Wasn’t her reason in coming to the Scripture Tower just to stop Ning Fan from imprinting the demon scriptures?!

“It’s bad! I had been standing here for a long time without knowing whether he has finished imprinting the demon scriptures! I must stop him!”

The demon concubine lifted her skirt and hurriedly walked down the jade stairs. Just as she reached the second level, she heard the conversation between Ning Fan and the demon soldier who guarded the tower from far away.

“General Bei! 7154 ancient demon characters scrolls, seven hundred demon scriptures including the ‘The Secrets of the Land of Demons’, ‘Awakened Dreams Record’, ‘History of the Spirit King’, ‘The Pictures of Ten Thousand Demon Races’ and ‘The Scheme of Mountain and Sea’ and the entire ‘Demon Codex’ are all engraved in these jade slips. General Bei, please check and accept it! I truly admire General Bei who still diligently studies the ‘Demon Codex’ despite your position as a high-ranking military officer. ”

The demon soldier who guarded the tower was usually respectful towards Ning Fan. He had never seen any Demon Generals who would imprint so many scriptures which did not have any relations with each other.

General Bei is indeed an extraordinary and studious person who is also eager to learn. He is really the role model of our Luo Yun Tribe.

“Mm… Very well. No scripture is missing. As such, I shall make a move first. You must guard here with extra caution. Don’t allow anyone to steal the scriptures of the tower. The secret of our race must never be leaked to any foreign races.”

“Yes!” The demon soldier was becoming more and more reverent towards Ning Fan.

The demon concubine angrily smiled once again.

Other than Ning Fan who was a human race that slipped into the Scripture Tower of the Luo Yun Province, who else would have the capabilities to steal the scriptures?!

You are the only thief that should be paid attention to in the whole Luo Yun Province, okay?!

It’s too late! It’s too late… I’m just one step later and this little thief has finished imprinting the whole series of ‘Demon Codex’…

“Nasty evil thief, I will make you return the whole ‘Demon Codex’ the next time I see you…”

The demon concubine cursed lightly. Carelessly, she missed her step and fell from the jade stairs.

However, a billow of purple black smoke blew towards her, blocking in front of the demon concubine. He gently held her wrist, helping her regain her balance while wearing an innocent smile on his face.

“Please be careful, Empress! With your current cultivation level, you might not be injured by falling down, but it will still bring shame to the Spirit King Palace…”

When his voice fell, Ning Fan’s eyes flashed with a hint of playfulness and turned away, disappearing in a cloud of smoke.

Each of the demons at the first level of the tower caught sight of Ning Fan holding the demon concubine.

All of them clicked their tongues and sighed in admiration.

He truly deserves to be “General Bei of the Lu Clan”, “the best man of the Luo Yun Tribe”. He even dares to touch the wrist of the demon concubine. He’s so brave!

“How dare you?!”

The demon concubine felt that her wrist which was touched by Ning Fan became weak and numb. Besides, a trace of the Yin Plucking Finger’s power which was purposely imbued by Ning Fan made the demon concubine’s heart pound in nervousness.

Her frigid, cold face was blushing for the first time…Embarrassing… It’s such an embarrassing day. Why would I lose self-control of myself in a place like this?

How could I be profaned three times by a mere human?! It’s too irritating…

In the Treasure Refining Pavilion of the Luo Yun Province.

Within the pavillion, Lu Wan’er felt a little at ease and started forging the spiritual equipment – Phoenix’s Wings, after Lu Wan’er knew that Ning Fan would not have any conflicts with her master.

Outside the pavillion, Lu Daochen stood while leaning on his dragon stick. His eyes were narrowed, but his expression was filled with contentment.

“Wan’er’s spirit augmentation technique is nearly reaching perfection. In the past, she might be skilled but the spiritual equipment she forged lacked sincerity… After she met Lu Bei, she began to understand love. When she performed spirit augmentation and forged spiritual equipment for the person she loved, earnestness began to surge within her heart. Sincerity is the crucial element for advancing her spirit augmentation technique into the Profound Heaven Grade… If Wan’er breaks through to the Divine Transformation Realm, she probably can start trying to create and refine spiritual equipment at the Profound Heaven Grade…”

Lu Daochen murmured to himself. Suddenly, his expression faded and remained emotionless. Behind him, there was a man who wore white robes pressing towards him step by step.

“Today is the third day. I accept your request but the opportunities in the Third World is unpredictable and the danger within the Star Palace is unknown. Unless I break through to the Divine Transformation Realm, I will never enter the Third World!” The seriousness in Ning Fan’s eyes was unprecedented.

In the past, he was daring to enter the Third World because he thought that there was only Demon Marshal Lu Wu slumbering within. Since the Demon Marshal had not awakened, there was nothing to be worried about.

Now, however, after knowing so many secrets about the Star of the Celestial Emperor and the Emperor’s medicine, he indeed looked forward to the opportunities lying within the Third World but he was also well aware that if he isn’t equipped with enough power, he would certainly end up dead by recklessly entering the Third World.

Lu Daochen felt a bit relaxed. Because the debt of gratitude which he owed Lu Wu would be repaid through Ning Fan’s hands!

“If you want to break through to the Divine Transformation Realm, this old man will surely do my best to help you! To enhance your demon power to the Divine Transformation Realm, the Dragon Pool is the best place! You can definitely reach the Divine Transformation Realm within a hundred years!”

“A hundred years is too long… I want to achieve the Divine Transformation Realm within ten years!”

His eyes glinted with seriousness.

I could not afford to let Xu Qiuling wait for too long. After all, she only has 30 years or less to live…

Entering the Dragon Pool and attaining the Divine Transformation Realm in just 10 years!

Ordinary beings might not be able to do it, but with the help of the Demon Marshal’s golden blood, it might not be impossible for Ning Fan to achieve it!

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