Grasping Evil

Chapter 260(1) - He is Zhou Ming!

Chapter 260(1) He is Zhou Ming!

Lu Zhan made a step forward as a column of dark demonic smoke rose from all directions, encircling his body.

Within the smoke, his body grew twice as big than normal for every step he made.

From just a body with a height of two zhang*, he became 512 zhang* tall after making nine steps.

At the moment he took the tenth step, his body was more than a thousand zhang* tall, transforming into a dark giant ape while letting out a deafening, enraged roar.

When the smoke dissipated, a dark giant ape wearing black armor entered into everyone’s sight. His eyes were blazing with black flames and his roar was thunderous. Lifting his thousand zhang massive halberd, he slammed it against the ground.

Under that tremendous impact, the thousand li* fire platform was nearly destroyed by his single strike.

Jing Yan’s eyes turned solemn. Similarly, he took ten steps forward and transformed into a giant white ape. The dark ape swung his halberd at him but the giant white ape’s hand suddenly glowed with silver light and smacked on the incoming gigantic halberd. Immediately, due to the large repulsive force resulting from the collision between two immense forces, Jing Yun, the white ape retreated for hundreds of zhang before he could steady himself.

However, Lu Zhan, the dark ape was sent flying away for nearly a thousand zhang* by the repulsive force.

Ning Fan’s eyes flashed with surprise.

These two giant apes are no doubt the two Demon Generals’ demon avatars.

The two of them actually have the bloodline of the same beast but judging from their power, Lu Zhan is obviously weaker than Jing Yun.

The giant white ape stared coldly at the black ape and roared in rage.

“Among the Mountain Ape Bloodline, the bronze-backed dark ape is only second-rate, while the silver-backed white ape is in the middle and lastly, the golden-backed ape is the strongest! Your bloodline is just the bloodline of the bronze-backed dark ape. You are not and will never be my match. If you don’t retreat now, don’t blame me for not showing any mercy to you!”

“Arrogant bastard! Do you really think I’m going to die?! Go to hell! Demonic technique, Black Meteor!”

The black ape bellowed in anger and threw his black halberd aside. He knew that he could not gain the upper hand from just comparing his strength with the white ape, so he decided to use his demonic techniques as the means of his attacks.

In his dark ape demon manifestation, he performed hand seals in rapid speed. A split second later, a few black meteorites appeared in the sky. Each and every one of them fell down in the forms of light rays, bombarding the white ape directly.

This technique greatly resembled that ultimate technique of the Flower Demoness – Demon Starfall, which was a Mid-Grade Nascent Soul Realm demonic technique.

It was just that the destructive power of the technique displayed by him was at the Low Grade Spirit Severing Realm!

Each of the meteorites were formed using his demon power and each of them were nearly a hundred zhang* in size. When they were in the middle of falling, eerie black flames would leave behind trails due to the friction against the air. A trace of those flames were capable of killing a Nascent Soul Realm demon with ease.

However, despite the formidable look of his demonic technique, it was not even worth mentioning in Jing Yun’s eyes.

Wearing a mocking smile on his face, the white ape performed the same hand seals as the black ape.

“What a thick-headed creature…If that’s your choice, then die! Demonic technique, White Meteor!”

It was also a technique of meteorites. However, when it was displayed by the white ape, the destructive power of the technique was 30% stronger than that of the black ape’s technique.

Pieces of silver-white meteorites collided against the black meteorites, emitting loud rumbling sounds. The sea of black flames clashed against the sea of white flames. However, the intensity of the white flames gradually grew, overpowering the black flames. As the first wave of the black flames was destroyed, the remaining black flames were instantly engulfed.

In just three breaths, the white flames had completely devoured the black flames, surrounding the black ape who was standing amidst the black flames. The next second, an agonizing shriek was heard from him.

A great deal of black blood could be seen pouring down while gleaming under the sunlight. The manifestation of the black ape was totally incinerated. Lu Zhan, whose face was stained with blood dashed out from the sea of flames in a fluster, retreating beyond the boundaries of the fire platform. His breathing was irregular and feeble, his body being already critically injured.

However, before he could escape far away, Jing Yun withdrew his manifestation and returned to his original human form. Transforming into a column of silver cloud, he emerged before Lu Zhan in a flash. He raised his index finger which glowed in silver light and pressed towards Lu Zhan’s glabella, intending to incapacitate the latter’s Sea of Consciousness.

Lu Zhan hurriedly tilted his head to one side. His forehead might be safe from that attack but it was not that lucky for his right eye. Gruesomely, Jing Yun jabbed into his right eye socket, literally blinding it.

With his teeth clenched, Lu Zhan harshly thumped on his chest. Under that self-harming technique, he mustered all his strength and turned into a cloud of black smoke to escape further away from Jing Yun. He glared angrily at Jing Yun with one eye while covering the other eye with his hand. Just as he wanted to spit some curses at him, he choked and continuously coughed out a few mouthfuls of black blood.

“You…bastard…Since when have you cultivated the manifestation of the silver ape…Damn you… How dare you blind my eye!”

Lu Zhan lost in the first match!

Jing Yun’s eyes shined with a cold light. He did not expect that Lu Zhan would escape so swiftly or else he would not have just poked one of his eyes to blindness. Instead, he would have completely finished him off!

In fact, he had hidden a silver demon charm in his sleeve. He planned to activate the charm which was able to seal off the vicinity of the battle arena after he destroys Lu Zhan’s physical body, leaving no place for Lu Zhan’s demon soul to run and planned on killing him for good.

“It’s such a pity that only one of his eyes had been blinded. With his current cultivation level, he only needs a hundred years of cultivation to recover from the injuries he suffered…”

Jing Yun sneered and returned to the fire platform. His gaze locked unto Lu Qing, displaying his eagerness to continue battling.

In a battle like this, as long as one was not defeated, he or she could choose to continue and fight.

Lu Qing was infuriated. Lu Zhan and him were as intimate as brothers. After witnessing what Jing Yun had done to Lu Zhan’s eye, he keenly wished that he could tear him to pieces.

Taking one step forward, a vague shadow of an emerald green dragon appeared from his body. His eyes flashed with green lightning.

“Jing Yun, come and accept your death!”

Jing Yun’s expression immediately turned solemn, feeling astonished inwardly.

I didn’t expect this Lu Qing’s Green Dragon Bloodline have actually gotten stronger than in the past. Judging by the looks of it, gaining victory against him might not be as simple.

He moved a step backwards and cupped his fists towards the golden-armored Demon General.

“Demon General Jin Qun, please display your skills!”

“Very well! A mere demon with the incomplete Green Dragon Bloodline…How is it possible for a being like him to compare with my true Golden Mastiff Bloodline?!”

Ordinary bloodline, hybrid bloodline, incomplete immemorial bloodline, true immemorial bloodline and the royal bloodline!

Lu Zhan and Jing Yun both possessed the Mountain Ape Bloodline. Despite there being just a slight difference in the types of their bloodline, the difference in power was massive. As for Jin Qun and Lu Qing, the former was a holder of the true Golden Mastiff Bloodline while the latter was only a holder of the incomplete Green Dragon bloodline. That is to say, the difference in power between the two of them was far greater!

Lu Qing’s eyes flashed with a shred of fear but in the next second, he eliminated that feeling within his mind. Knowing that his demon manifestation was not as powerful as his opponent’s, he did not go through transformation and began to perform hand seals instead. Using his five fingers to claw at the hollow sky, thousands of traces of green demon power spread out, turning into thousands of green tornadoes. Each and every one of them were as sharp as a blade and their strength was enough to simply tear a Nascent Soul Realm demon apart.

“Demonic technique – Wild Wood Violent Mist! Change!”

Subsequent to the changes of his hand seals, each of the tornadoes split into two and then into four, creating countless green tornadoes which began shredding the thousand li* fire platform.

Standing in the middle of the green tornadoes which was lethal to Peak Nascent Soul Realm experts, Jin Qun’s eyes flashed with contempt.

A ray of faint golden light radiated from his body and turned into a head of a golden mastiff. It opened its mouth widely, sucking in every blade-like tornadoes.

“Demonic technique, Wood Crushing Golden Hound!”

With just a demonic technique, he had already neutralized the technique displayed by Lu Qing. The disdain within his eyes did not recede. He made a step forward and raised his hand into the sky and grabbed the sunlight which seemed to be behaving at his will. It was caught in his hand and turned into a dazzling spear emitting golden light. The longer it basked in the sunlight, the longer and brighter the spear became. Jin Qun patted his newly conjured weapon using one hand and immediately, it pierced straight at Lu Qing’s dantian with the speed of lightning. His objective was to destroy Lu Qing’s demon soul with just one strike!

It’s quick. Too quick!

Lu Qing’s eyes widened with surprise. Such demonic technique surely was a Mid-Grade Spirit Severing Realm technique which logically could only be displayed by Mid Spirit Severing Realm beings. Unexpectedly, Jin Qun who was just at the Early Spirit Severing Realm was already capable of using it!

So this is an expert who awakened the true immemorial bloodline… If he didn’t awaken the true bloodline, how could he display a demonic technique which has a higher level than his own cultivation level!?

“I can’t take it! But I can’t retreat either!”

Lu Qing’s eyes flashed with resolution. Green dragon scales slowly covered his entire body while two dragon horns grew on his head.

He struck using his dragon claw. With the help of his bloodline, the strength of his claw was already beyond the ordinary Jade Life Body Refining Realm.

But to his surprise, his hand began to burn without any reason as soon as he came into contact with the spear!

The temperature of this golden spear is terribly high. It’s just as hot as the true sun!

With just a touch, one of his arms was burnt to ashes!

“I can’t take this!”

His expression changed greatly. At this moment, it was no longer about whether he wanted to retreat or not. On the contrary, it was about how he could retreat!

If I don’t move, I will surely die. If I move, I will still have 30% chances of surviving!

“Burning blood!”

Lu Qing gritted his teeth as he ignited the thin trace of Green Dragon Bloodline within his immortal veins.

As he unleashed the power, a gust of strong wind whistled like thousands of green blades slashing on the golden spear. However, it merely managed to stop the golden spear for half a breath and afterwards, the strong wind dissipated.

During that period of half a breath, Lu Qing vanished in green smoke and kept moving backwards to run away from the attack. But a beam of golden light flashed past him. Jin Qun was already standing behind him. He single-handedly held one of Lu Qing’s arms and violently ripped it apart while his other hand slapped on Lu Qing’s dantian.


Lu Qing spurted out a mouthful of blood and fell from the sky. His demon soul was on the verge of collapsing.

If it wasn’t because of the High Profound Earth Grade armor which was gifted by the Honorable Demon General for his demon soul, he would have already died.

However, even though he managed to escape death for now, his condition was worse than Lu Zhan’s. He needed to enter secluded meditation for at least 200 years in order to regenerate his broken arm, recover the injuries of his demon soul as well as the loss of his demon blood.


A group of black-armored demon soldiers came to Lu Qing’s aid and held him up. All of them were stricken with fear.

At the same time, the same feeling surged within the hearts of tens of thousands of demons in the Luo Yun Province.

Lu Wan’er’s eyes gleamed with worries. She pulled Yao Fei’s sleeve who was standing beside her with a pleading look. As for the Flower Demoness and the Wind Demoness, they both turned to Yao Fei with the same look as Lu Wan’er.

“So this is the power of the Pure Flame Tribe? They truly deserve to be regarded as the first tribe among the Lu Clan. Be it the Demon General of the tribe or the Demon Generals from the Upper World, their means are incomparable at all for the generals from the other lower ranking tribes… Lu Bei will be in a dangerous spot… Although he might have killed 3 Spirit Severing Realm experts on his own, but they were all the Demon Generals of the Eighth Tribe. In other words, they were not someone who could rival the generals from the First Tribe… Sister Yao Fei, you are a Late Spirit Severing Realm expert. Please save Lu Bei. Don’t let him get hurt. Please, I beg you…”

“Silly girl… You must not underestimate your beloved brother. He conceals a lot about himself. Haven’t I told you before? I really can’t see through him…At that moment, you might think it’s a joke and teased that I was just Late Nascent Soul Realm cultivator…But don’t you get it now? I am at the Late Spirit Severing Realm and yet I can’t see through him… Moreover, this battle was meticulously planned by Lu Daochen. It’s considered fortunate for Lu Qing and Lu Zhan as they were able to remain alive. In Lu Daochen’s heart, they just serve as a contrast in this battle. What he truly looks highly on is Lu Bei’s capabilities… Therefore, Lu Daochen did not call in the First General of the Luo Yun Tribe… From his perspective, even the First General might not be able to win against the Pure Flame Tribe and obtain the map from Lu Jiefen. The only person who he thinks could achieve victory is Lu Bei! But…”

As Yao Fei spoke until here, her brows knitted tightly together.

There was one fact about Lu Bei which made her feel that his existence was truly a pity. However, she did not plan to tell Lu Wan’er about it as she was afraid that she would break the latter’s heart.

Lu Bei isn’t a demon at all. In stark contrast, he is a human disguising as a demon…

If it was not because of this, Yao Fei would definitely have recruited him to join the Spirit King Palace based on his capabilities…

Since he does not belong to our race, his heart and intentions must be different from ours…

Therefore, no matter how outstanding he might be, Yao Fei would never rope him in.

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