Grasping Evil

Chapter 259(2) - Lu Bei, Heed My Call

Chapter 259(2) Lu Bei, Heed My Call!

“All of you are Demon Generals of the Lu Clan. Although Lu Wu is considered as a rebel, you all still have to obey any command upon seeing this token… Jing Yun! I now command you to leave immediately and never cause any troubles in the Luo Yun Province anymore!”

As that token was shown, it was clear that the demon imperial concubine, Wu Yan, was siding with Lu Daochen.

Jing Yun might have the Demon Generals from the Upper World as his backers, but Lu Daochen had the imperial concubine of the Spirit King as his supporter.

With a resentful expression, he cupped his fists towards her, “Empress! Isn’t it because of the Star of the Celestial Emperor that you came to this land?! Before I came, the Flame General had stated clearly that if the World Passage is activated, he only wants the demon blood and corpse of the Demon Marshal, Lu Wu. The Star of the Celestial Emperor will belong to you. You will then be deemed to have made a huge contribution to the Spirit King Palace by giving it to the Spirit King. When the time comes, your status in the Spirit King Palace will surely be elevated…”


The faces of Li Ban and Jin Qun were filled with rage.

The Flame General, Lu Jiefen is really bold. How dare he still promise to give the Star of the Celestial Emperor to a member of the Spirit King Palace despite knowing perfectly well that we, the Demon Generals from the Immortal Demon World, are after the same thing…

Truth be told, in the Land of Demons above the Immortal Demon World, the Spirit King Palace might be a dominating force respected by thousands of demon races, but it did not mean that the other True Spirit Races would not have their own thoughts…

Li Ban and his gang represented some of the True Spirit Races like the Immemorial Thunder Dragon Race.

Wu Yan the demon imperial concubine was acting on behalf of the Spirit King Palace.

However, all of them shared a common objective – obtaining the Star of the Celestial Emperor!

Sure enough, when she heard Jing Yun’s words, she became silent, as if she was slightly tempted by him.

After all, the World Passage has to be opened. Lu Wu could not be slumbering forever…

“Demon Imperial Concubine does not have to worry about it. No matter what, the World Passage will be opened in the end…”

Lu Daochen heaved a deep sigh and rose from his seat again, casting his gaze onto Jing Yun.

“I, Lu Daochen, as one of the nine generals of the Demon Marshal Lu, will stay loyal and faithful to him forever, regardless of why he chose to betray the demon clan in the past. Nothing can change my mind… Eventually, the World Passage will be activated. However, it shouldn’t be the Pure Flame Tribe who unlocks it but we, the Luo Yun Tribe instead!”

“Jing Yun, according to the teachings of the Demon Ancestor, ‘Anything that doesn’t have the agreement of everyone will be decided with strength!’ I don’t mind if you can utter flowery words that could make one feel that flowers are cascading down from the sky. If you want my map, show me your strength! I will dispatch three generals versus the three of you. If your team wins, the map will naturally be yours. But if my team is victorious, I want the map in your Pure Flame Tribe. Are you daring enough to gamble with me? Are you able to make such a decision?! Besides, this fight will need to be written down. No one is to be held accountable for those who end up dead in this fight. In other words, even if the Demon Generals from the Upper World might die in this fight… Are you qualified enough to give me an answer for this battle?! If you aren’t, get lost from my territory!”

As Lu Daochen was done talking, Jing Yun, Jin Qun and Li Ban exchanged glances with each other in silence.

Jing Yun did not dare to respond to him rashly because he was not at the level to decide anything about such an important matter with regards to the map of the World Passage.

On the other hand, Jin Qun and Li Ban were also not bold enough to give Lu Daochen an affirmation. It was because one had to sign a life-and-death contract in order to participate in the battle. With that contract, even if they die in battle, no one would have to take responsibility for their deaths.

Furthermore, their team were all Early Spirit Severing Realm experts whereas the opposing team consisted of Lu Qing and Lu Zhan, who were both Early Spirit Severing Realm beings and Lu Daochen who was nearly at the level of a common Late Spirit Severing Realm expert.

The winning side and the losing side were already in plain sight as the nose on one’s face!

Their expressions turned gloomy, knowing that no matter what they try to do today, be it seizing it by force or threatening them, they would not be able to get the map.

Jing Yun’s gaze shifted towards Ning Fan and inwardly thought to himself.

Now, we can only rely on our biggest spy, Lu Bei, to steal the map, though no one knows if he is still loyal to the Pure Flame Tribe and accomplish his duty…

Just as the three of them were going to leave the hall, a large red cloud shrouded the sun outside the Encompassing Heaven Hall.

Amidst the massive red cloud, a blood-red dragon shadow flashed past, transforming into a middle-aged man in red armor. He was standing high up in the sky, overlooking the hall.

“Lu Daochen, regarding your so-called gamble, Jing Yun might not have the right to make the decision, but what if I am the one who decides for him?! Very well! I will take your challenge. We will bet our maps for this battle! However, I think we don’t have to involve the juniors. Let’s just settle it between ourselves, once and for all…”

As the voice reverberated in the sky, a grand and powerful Late Spirit Severing Realm aura surrounded the province, striking fear into everyone’s heart.

The people within the hall walked out one after another. When they caught sight of the man who spoke above the sky, surprise began to fill their expressions.

The person who came was the Honorable Demon General of the Pure Flame Tribe – the Flame General, Lu Jiefen!

Facing Lu Jiefen’s provocation, Lu Daochen shook his head in disapproval and indifferently replied, “I have yet to attain the Late Spirit Severing Realm, not to mention be your match… I have said it just now, this battle is following the ancient teachings of the Demon Ancestor. It will be a 3-versus-3 battle. You send out three of your Demon Generals and they must be at the Early Spirit Severing Realm or below. I will also dispatch three of my Luo Yun Tribe’s generals, namely the Fourth General, Lu Qing; the Sixth General, Lu Zhan and the Eighth General, Lu Bei. No one shall be at a level higher than the Early Spirit Severing Realm… It will only be fair in this manner. So, Lu Jiefen, do you still dare to gamble with me?!”

With just a few words, Lu Daochen seemed to have turned their solo confrontation for the maps into a 3-on-3 match.

Moreover, everything that happened seemed to be within his expectations as he just urgently called in two demon generals and Ning Fan for this banquet.

“Lu Qing, Lu Zhan, Lu Bei…” Lu Jiefen’s eyes shone and hundreds of thoughts flew across his mind.

The first two participants are not much of a concern. But the third person…

Lu Jiefen had already known about the matter about him killing three Spirit Severing Realm beings before attaining the Spirit Severing Realm.

Currently, other than me, I only have three demon generals here. Jing Yun, Jin Qun and Li Ban… Jing Yun might not be a match for Lu Bei. If Jin Qun fights Lu Bei, it will be difficult to determine which one of them will lose or win. As for Li Ban… This person is not someone whom Lu Bei can possibly win against!

With a decision in mind, Lu Jiefen burst into laughter above the sky.

“Alright! I will accept your challenge or gamble or whatever it is. Nothing can ever be better than this since it can avoid a war between our tribes while giving me a chance to obtain your map with ease… Li Ban, Jin Qun, Jing Yun, prepare for battle! The three of you shall get on the fire platform to fight against the three generals of the Luo Yun Tribe!”

Lu Jiefen clawed at the sky and immediately, the vicinity of ten thousand li was turned into a sea of flames. However, the flames quickly condensed and congealed into a giant platform which was a thousand li* large in circumference. It was completely made of flames.

“Hmmph!” Jin Qun and Li Ban’s face darkened even more.

How dare he command us, the Demon Generals from the Upper World, like his own underlings?!

But as they thought of the map which they would get if they win the battle, they repressed their anger. Without uttering a word, they vanished in rays of light and emerged on the fire platform which was floating in the sky.

Respectfully, Jing Yun saluted and flew to the fire platform, not daring to disobey the command of the Honorable Demon General of his tribe.

In the blink of an eye, the three generals were all set for battle.

The reason why they did not dare to accept the challenge just now was because they were afraid that Lu Daochen might involve himself in the battle. Since they now knew that they only had to deal with two Demon Generals and one Nascent Soul Realm demon without any interference from Lu Daochen, there was nothing else that worried them. To them, they actually thought that their chances of winning were at least 90% and above.

The strongest among the three generals of the Luo Yun Tribe was no doubt the person who eliminated three Spirit Severing Realm experts by himself – Lu Bei.

However, despite knowing that Lu Bei would be one of their opponents, they were not afraid at all. In fact, Jin Qun and Li Ban were confident that they would be able to finish him off.

Well, that was the pride they had from being the Demon Generals of the Upper World.

At this moment, a sensation was caused in the Luo Yun Province!

Countless guests forgot about the banquet and left their seats to watch such a grand event.

A 3-on-3 battle based on the teachings of Demon Ancestor. This method would occasionally be adopted by the young masters within the province to compare against each other. However, up until now, the strongest contestant of that battle had just been a Nascent Soul Realm being. There was never a battle between Spirit Severing Realm experts before!

The life-and-death contract states that the fighters’ life and death would be determined by the Heavens… Perhaps some of the Spirit Severing Realm experts might end up dying on the fire platform today… This is truly a big event!

Lu Daochen’s eyes flashed with battle intent. Leaning on his crutch, he said with a clear and commanding voice, “My generals, don’t ever show weakness! Lu Qing, Lu Zhang, heed my call! Lu Bei, heed my call!”

“Yes, Honorable General!” Lu Qing and Lu Zhan had already been holding grudges against the members of the Pure Flame Tribe. To them, it was the perfect chance for them to fight them fair and square.

Ning Fan, however, let out a sneer and said something shocking.

“I’m not fighting!”

Laughable! Lu Daochen wants me to be his fighter without giving me any benefits? Why should I do that?

“If we win the battle, the map of the Pure Flame tribe will then be yours!”

Lu Daochen’s words were even more shocking.

Everyone thought that the reason why Lu Daochen came up with such battle was to defeat the Pure Flame Tribe and take possession of their map.

However, he publicly gave his word to Ning Fan that if he wins, their opponents’ map would be given to him.

As such, from everything Lu Daochen had done, what was he actually up to?

Ning Fan’s eyes shone. Still, he could not identify Lu Daochen’s true intention.

Ning Fan could see that Lu Jiefen had the same objective as himself – obtaining the Demon Marshal’s blood.

Ning Fan could tell that the demon imperial concubine and Li Ban’s gang wanted to get the Star of the Celestial Emperor.

But Lu Daochen…

What is his true objective?

I really can’t see through him. But since he is offering me a chance to obtain the map, even if it is only one out of the nine parts, I might as well accept it.

Aside from that, Ning Fan hypothesized that after obtaining the map from the Pure Flame Tribe, Lu Daochen would then reveal the true matter to him what they both would be cooperating in. When the time comes, he would probably tell him his true objective.

In this battle, other than having the chance to obtain the map, of course, he also had the chance to kill someone…

“Li Ban!”

Ning Fan’s killing intent surged. Without furthering the conversation, he followed Lu Qing and Lu Zhan to the fire platform.

His gaze fearlessly scanned through Jing Yun, Jin Qun and Li Ban.

“This old man will go first! Jing Yun, you little rascal, come out and fight me!”

Lu Zhan whose face was as dark as charcoal raised his massive halberd as he moved out from the ranks for the first match. His eyes were brimming with battle intent.

Obviously, he had long been feeling annoyed with Jing Yun.

“Lu Zhan. You aren’t my match. Back off!” Jing Yun stood with his hands clasped behind his back. At the same time, his aura was increasing continuously.

“You bastard!” Lu Zhan’s face got even darker due to his unquenchable rage.

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