Grasping Evil

Chapter 259(1) - Lu Bei, Fall Out!

Chapter 259(1) Lu Bei, Fall Out!

In just a brief moment, the situation of the banquet was all set for a showdown.

Nascent Soul Crushing Bows. Each arrow was lethal enough to kill an Early Nascent Soul Realm demon. All of them had been personally made by Lu Daochen himself.

If tens of these bows were fired simultaneously, even Demon General Jing Yun1a would have to face the danger of being wounded.

However, facing the group of demon archers, Jing Yun could not stop laughing maliciously. It was because he was sure that Lu Daochen1b would not be so daring to let them fire the arrows since there were two Demon Generals from the Upper World. One of them was Jin Qun1c, a demon who had awakened a full drop of Golden Mastiff bloodline. He was already a member of the Golden Mastiff Race!

The other one was Li Ban1d who awakened one and a half drop of Thunder Dragon bloodline. Also, he was a member of the Immemorial Thunder Dragon Race!

If either one of them dies, they would end up infuriating a massive True Spirit Race in the Immortal Demon World.

That is to say, if Lu Daochen acts and injures the two of them, the chances for him to ascend to the Immortal Demon World would disappear for his entire life…

Jing Yun sent a look at Ning Fan and let out a cold harrumph within his heart. His gaze continued to move and eventually landed on Yao Fei1e.

Immediately, the eyes of the haughty and arrogant Jing Yun were filled with a hint of respect. He cupped his fists and saluted, “Greetings to Empress Yao Fei!”

“Mm.” Yao Fei coldly nodded her head. Not everyone was able to make her smile at them.

Originally, Jing Yun did not know who Yao Fei was. It was the Honorable Demon General of his tribe who told him about her identity.

This lady was not a popular courtesan of the Misty Rain House like what the other demons thought.

In fact, she was the concubine of the Spirit King who resided in the Spirit King Palace of the Immortal Demon World!

The Misty Rain House might just be a common brothel to the ancient demons, but the Spirit King Palace was an extremely significant force which no demons would be unaware of.

According to what he was told, she remained in the Luo Yun Province for two purposes.

Firstly, she had taken a fancy on Lu Daochen’s talents, especially his spirit augmentation techniques. She wants to give him the opportunity to ascend to the Immortal Demon World on behalf of the Spirit King Palace.

Secondly, she had set her eyes upon the Star of the Celestial Emperor. She wants to assemble all the maps and activate the World Passage to the Third World in order to retrieve that star. If she succeeds in obtaining it, it would be a huge contribution to the Spirit King Palace.

However, for now, let’s not discuss about her second purpose.

With her first intention, as long as Lu Daochen becomes a member of the Spirit King Palace, it would almost be certain for him to attain the Void Fragmentation Realm and ascend to the Immortal Demon World.

Therefore, according to Lu Daochen’s shrewdness, it would be impossible for him to harm the Demon Generals from the Upper World as harming them would only offend some great enemies up there.

It was why Jing Yun was fully confident that Lu Daochen would not dare to act!

As he expected, when Lu Zhan1f who was already brimming with killing intent eagerly looked forward to put the three generals of the Pure Flame Tribe down, Lu Daochen let out a dry cough and waved his hand to dismiss all the archers.

“Stand down! Don’t be rude towards the Demon Generals of the Upper World!”

“Yes, General!” Each and every one of the black-armored archers backed-off one by one.

Lu Zhan’s face was filled with discontentment.

What the hell is going on? Why should we restrain ourselves and allow them to act like that in our own territory?!

He glared at Lu Daochen with his large, angry eyes, showing his discontentment towards Lu Daochen’s decision to show the white feather at them.

“Lu Zhan, sit down!”

“Fine!” Lu Zhan clenched his teeth and sat down, bottling up his anger.

Most of the important beings of the Luo Yun Province at the scene felt relieved inwardly.

Luckily they didn’t come to blows and harmed the Demon Generals from the Upper World and turn this matter into a big deal. In this way, the Luo Yun Tribe won’t get involved in a terrible disaster.

Lu Daochen gradually rose from his seat. The hand which he used to lean on his crutch reached into the pocket on his waist and took out a crimson-red map that was made of the skin of demon beasts.

When it was publicly displayed, the eyes of Jing Yun, Jin Qun and Li Ban were blazing with enthusiasm.

Even Ning Fan’s eyes brightened up with interest.

Although this incomplete map was just at the size of a palm, it emanated an extremely ferocious demon beast qi which caused everyone at the scene, except for Ning Fan and Yao Fei, to shudder in fear at the same instant.

“The map! Lu Daochen, hand it over to me now!” Jing Yun made a step forward, trying to seize it from Lu Daochen’s hand.

However, Lu Daochen’s eyes flashed with the color of white clouds and within his left eye, two snow-white demon stars emerged in succession!

Upon seeing the stars, Jing Yun’s expression drastically changed and hurriedly retreated. His forehead was beaded with cold sweat!

“The Bestowal Star!”

The second demon star was granted by the Demon Marshal. It carried a great ability that was enough to kill an Early Spirit Severing Realm being!

“What are you?! How dare you directly call out this old man’s full name?! The map is now in my hand, but there’s no way you can get it from me by yourself!”

Lu Daochen slammed on his crutch firmly. A tremendous aura force rushed at Jing Yun, causing him to retreat backwards for three steps. He coughed out a mouthful of blood for every step he took. The slabstone which his foot landed on cracked into pieces. The original confidence in his eyes was replaced by terror!

So this is the Honorable Demon General of the Luo Yun Tribe who is famously known for his benevolent and kind countenance…

It had been a long time since he demonstrated his power and might. As such, countless people began to look down upon him. However, his combat power probably was sufficient enough to put up a fight against a Late Spirit Severing Realm expert who did not possess the Bestowal Star!

Under the power of the star, even the two Demon Generals of the Upper World, Jin Qun and Li Ban, who were used to seeing a second demon star, were filled with astonishment. Neither of them could remain calm.

Jing Yun gulped down his saliva.

If I didn’t have the two Demon Generals from the Upper World as my backers, the Cloud General, Lu Daochen, would have beheaded me just now!

“I am sorry for being disrespectful to the Cloud General. Please forgive me for my impoliteness!” Jing Yun gritted his teeth and cupped his fists to offer an apology.

“Forgive you?! Hmmph… Go back and tell Lu Jiefen to cut out his unrealistic dream of breaking through to the level of the Demon Marshal! There is no way I will give him the map, not even the Star of Celestial Emperor!”

Lu Daochen withdrew his aura and kept the map back into his pocket. After that, he gave Ning Fan a deep look and returned to his seat like a clumsy old man.

That look was actually a compliment.

He was complimenting Ning Fan for being able to remain as calm as a mountain after witnessing his Bestowal Star.

This kid is truly exceptional. As a human, he does not fear the demon race at all. He is even bold enough to aspire to kill the Demon Marshal from the Upper World. There is nothing that can cause him to waver in his decision. This kind of man is indeed the best person for me to cooperate with…He thought to himself.

Ning Fan did not utter a word.

The map isn’t hidden anywhere in the province as it is just on Lu Daochen’s body. As such, it’s impossible for me to obtain it by way of stealing. Unless I am capable of defeating him, I may not be able to obtain it.

Lu Daochen’s power was really strong. Ning Fan thought that even if he displays all his ultimate techniques, he might not necessarily win against Lu Daochen.

What Ning Fan felt the most uncertain was how the different tribes treated the maps and the Demon Marshal…

Supposedly, the Demon Generals of the Second World should be of one mind and defend against the Demon Marshal together.

However, among the nine tribes of the Lu Clan, each and every one of them seemed to be independent from each other. Moreover, there were fights and killing among each other. The way they treated the Demon Marshal, Lu Wu,1g was utterly disrespectful too. For instance, Demon General Jing Yun was daring enough to address the Demon Marshal with his full name – Lu Wu and even go so far as to dub him as the Sinful Marshal!

Sinful Marshal… A being that is forever banished by the Immortal Demon World…The Star of Celestial Emperor…

Apparently, activating the World Passage to the Third World is not as simple as I thought. The situations and the secrets within this Land of Slumber can’t be compared by other places…

What does Lu Daochen want to cooperate with me with? What is his attitude towards the Demon Marshal… He knows that I want to obtain the map. I suppose he should have already figured out that I’m not Lu Bei, and even the fact that I’m not a demon. But he is still willing to cooperate with me. Could he be planning to join forces with me to obtain the maps and kill the Demon Marshal?

If it truly is such a simple matter, there is no harm for me to work with him. However, my instincts are telling me that it is not as simple as what I’ve guessed…”

*Sigh* I can’t figure it out…

When Ning Fan was muttering to himself, Lu Wan’er exclaimed in surprise because after Lu Daochen sat down, the green-dressed lady, Yao Fei stood up.

The lower hem of her green yarn skirt brushed through Ning Fan’s face, leaving a strange, enchanting fragrance.

“Sister Yao Fei, what are you doing?”

Lu Wan’er rose from her seat, trying to stop her.

In the current moment where the Pure Flame Tribe is having a heated confrontation with the Luo Yun Tribe like this, what is Sister Yao Fei planning to do? Meddle in it? She would be in great danger…

But before Lu Wan’er could make a step forward, Ning Fan held her wrist, smiling at her.

“Silly girl. Your Sister Yao Fei isn’t any ordinary being… In the Second World, no one dares to touch her… I’m afraid that she isn’t just the master of the Misty Rain House… She is actually a Late Spirit Severing Realm demon!”

“Late Spirit Severing Realm demon?!” Lu Wan’er was completely stunned.

The courtesan woman whom I treated as my sister all this while is a top figure of the Second World?

When Ning Fan’s words fell, Yao Fei turned around and smiled apologetically at Lu Wan’er. At the same time, she began to release an aura which was far greater than that of Lu Daochen.

“I’m sorry for not telling you my true identity all this while. I had to keep it a secret. I am actually an outer imperial concubine of the Spirit King Palace in the Land of the Awakened, the Immortal Demon World…. I don’t have a surname. My last name is Wu Yan1h. From today onwards, you can call me Sister Yan or you can also continue calling me as Yao Fei…”

“Sister Yao Fei…” Currently, Lu Wan’er had too many questions to ask. However, her lips were gently pressed by Ning Fan.

“There will be a chance for the two of you to talk in the future. Now, let’s look at what your Sister Yao Fei is trying to do…”

Ning Fan’s eyes shone. One of the doubts within his heart was resolved.

Misty Rain House. As expected, it is indeed a fake organization… This woman is actually the concubine of the Spirit King of the Immortal Demon World!

Spirit King…The demon emperor which all the True Spirit Races worship and enshrined! The ruler of the Land of the Awakened in the Immortal Demon World!

Naturally, no one would dare to touch his women!

Moreover, under her aegis, even if Lu Wan’er arrives at the Immortal Demon World, she would be extremely safe…

As the green-dressed lady revealed her true identity, many of the Late and Peak Nascent Soul Realm beings among the guests were shocked to the guts.

“The master of the Misty Rain House is the imperial concubine of the Spirit King?! We…we once tried to molest her in the Misty Rain House… Even though we did not succeed, it’s still considered a grave felony!”

“I’m doomed! I have even said that I am willing to pay a million immortal jade for her to sleep with me for a night… It’s capital punishment, A CAPITAL PUNISHMENT!”

Yao Fei did not say anything after hearing their words. She only let out a faint sigh and treated them with utter disregard, as if all of them were like insignificant grass. To her, all of them were only mediocre beings.

She put one of her hand into her sleeve of the other hand and took out a token which glowed with blue, fiery light. As soon as it was shown openly, the groups of demons were all petrified.

The Spirit King’s Token

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