Grasping Evil

Chapter 260(2) - He is Zhou Ming!

Chapter 260(2) He is Zhou Ming!

“So Elder Sister is saying that Lu Bei will be able to defeat the three Spirit Severing Realm generals?!” Lu Wan’er asked eagerly, hoping to hear a clear answer. In her eyes, since Sister Yao Fei was a Late Spirit Severing Realm being, if she said that Lu Bei would win, then her judgement would surely be right!

“Perhaps. But it might not be a good thing… Lu Daochen, why are you painstakingly recruiting a member of a different race? What is your objective?” Yao Fei’s eyes became even more confused.

In just a period of time for half an incense stick to burn, the Fourth General and the Sixth General of the Luo Yun Tribe had already been grievously wounded. The demons of the Luo Yun Province were greatly devastated by it.

On the fire platform, the opposing team still had three generals whereas there was only Lu Bei left in the team of the Luo Yun Tribe.

The rumor in regards to Lu Bei killing three generals on his own was widely spread but none of them personally witnessed it other than the heads he brought back. Naturally, quite a lot of demons were doubtful about the validity of the rumor.

“Even if Lu Bei really killed three generals, the three generals on the fire platform aren’t like those of the Lie Tu Tribe…”

“Lu Bei… Perhaps he might be able to win against Jing Yun but if he faces Jin Qun and Li Ban, I suppose he will probably be defeated… After all, he has yet to attain the Spirit Severing Realm. He isn’t a true Demon General. I am actually wondering what Master Lu is thinking… He should have summoned the First and Second General for a big matter like this…”

“I guess maybe even they would not stand a chance against Jing Yun. The White Meteor technique which he displayed earlier was really scary…”

“For me, I have a feeling that Lu Bei will flee away later… Fleeing isn’t humiliating at all, you know. On the contrary, gambling with your life despite knowing perfectly well that you can’t possibly win is just foolish…”

All of a sudden, a voice that defied the assumptions made by the rest of the crowd was heard.

“Nonsense! This Lu Bei will lose to Jing Yun? Shut the hell up! This young master can assure you all that he will easily beat the crap out of the three of them. Not only that, he might even kill all of them…”

A low-toned voice that was loud enough to be heard by the crowd echoed towards those present .

As soon as they caught sight of the owner of the voice, countless people hurriedly stayed away from him as if they had just seen a ghost.

Lu Tianming?! He’s the man who was put in a grievous state by Lu Bei on the first day he arrived at the province.

Under the treatment of Lu Daochen’s Fifth Revolution Pill, this young master could already walk a bit after just three days.

However, he never dared to appear in front of Ning Fan again. It was why he did not even attend the banquet in the hall.

Aside from that, he did not believe that Ning Fan would lose to Jing Yun at all.

Well, Lu Tianming might have a rather bad personality, his power was definitely not a joke. His foresight was even keener and sharper than common cultivators.

Among the seven generals of the Luo Yun Tribe, except for the First General, he was bold enough to offend the other six. He was so brazen that he even dared to harass the only sister of the Second General.

He was not afraid of anyone, including the First General whom could only make him feel a tiny shred of dread. It was because if he successfully attains the Spirit Severing Realm hundreds of years later, his power would definitely be far greater than the First General’s.

But this man who treated almost everyone else with contempt ever since he was born was utterly terrified like a dead dog by Ning Fan who had just entered the province three days ago.

Without moving a single muscle on his hand, Ning Fan had caused him to be seriously injured. Before Ning Fan even lifted his eyes and looked at him, he had nearly become a dead man…

It was Lu Tianming’s first time meeting a ferocious person like him.

Not only was his cultivation level scary, but also his personality. Once he is offended, he would definitely leave no chance for that person to have revenge, as the saying goes: cut the weeds and dig up the roots!

What made Lu Tianming feel like he was the luckiest man in the world was that he still managed to stay alive even after offending Ning Fan. It was completely beyond his expectations. But unfortunately, that silly boy did not know that his life had barely been preserved because his old ancestor personally lent him a hand…

“I, Lu Tianming, am going to set up a betting pool here. The bet is whether Lu Bei can defeat the three generals all by himself!”

Hehe. What a good opportunity to get some money…

Well obviously, a person like Lu Tianming would never let a chance like this to slip away.

In the province, the discussions among the crowd continued on. However, the atmosphere became dead silent when Ning Fan took the first step forward unto the platform.

“Which one of you wants to come first…”

His gaze indifferently scanned through the three generals as if they were worthless. Especially when his gaze landed on Li Ban, his eyelids were partially closed while tilting his face to another side, showing even more contempt.

Upon witnessing the look on his face, Li Ban’s heart boiled with anger. That pent-up anger nearly pushed him to step forward and beat the hell out of Ning Fan.

But Jing Yun acted faster than him as he had already moved forward, standing in front of Li Ban.

“General Li, let me fight this battle! In the past, this man was extremely disrespectful towards me. But considering that he might still be useful to me in accomplishing the mission, I’ll bear with him… Since the map will fall into our hands after the battle today, he is already a useless person to me and there is no need for me to give him the thirty tufts of Blue Flame Grass that I have prepared… As such, I can now directly kill him to quench my hatred towards him!”

“Fine! You go!”

The three of them treated Ning Fan like poultry in a slaughterhouse that was about to die as they thought a Nascent Soul Realm demon like him was not even worth mentioning.

Especially Jing Yun, when he thought of Ning Fan’s disrespect and disdainful demeanor, his eyes burned with rage.

“Lu Bei! Let me show you my new magical treasure. It’s more than enough to send you directly to hell! Cloud Thunder Seal, suppress!”

In a flash, Jing Yun was holding a silver-white thunder seal. It was a truly formidable treasure. Even though it was just a Profound Heaven Defective Treasure, as soon as it was hurled into the sky, it immediately summoned thunder and wind.

But before this treasure was about to transform into its full form in mid-air, Ning Fan vanished in a cloud of smoke and appeared above the treasure, stomping heavily on it!

“Go back down!”

It might look like just a simple move but it had caused some cracks on the vast sky. Under his tremendous force, the upward motion of the Cloud Thunder Seal had completely come to a halt.

“Jade Life Realm! Hmph. He’s just at the first level of that body refining realm. It’s not sufficient to break this seal. Cloud Seal, Thunder Transformation!”

Jing Yun sneered coldly. With a change of hand seals, the silver-white seal turned into an elusive silver lightning, striking directly at Ning Fan’s forehead.

Other than the Spirit Severing Realm beings who cultivated the lightning element, no one would dare to take the lightning strike head-on.

Ning Fan’s eyes became cold. A blood-red lightning star gradually emerged on his glabella. He reached out his hands, directly catching the lightning strike and brutally squeezing it within his hands until it completely dispersed!

After the destruction of its lightning form, the magical treasure returned to its original form of a seal. The spirit of the weapon which had yet to mature was showing signs of fear towards Ning Fan as it was trying to get away from him. When he activated his lightning star, he became the master of lightning and thunder. The treasure was indeed fearful towards Ning Fan!

“How come it would end up like this?! Why would this Cloud Thunder Seal be afraid of a Nascent Soul Realm junior?!” Jing Yun’s eyes flashed with astonishment. But what surprised him even more was when Ning Fan pressed against his glabella, taking out a blood-red lightning whip.

He whipped on the Cloud Thunder Seal once. Although it was literally hit on the magical treasure, there were rays of blood-red lightning suddenly rushing towards Jing Yun’s dantian.


Demon General Jing Yun continuously retreated for a few steps. His eyes widened with shock.

Striking one’s treasure but attacking one’s Nascent Soul? What kind of technique is this?!

On the other hand, when the whip was shown to everyone and before Jin Qun had even made a comment about it, Li Ban was both surprised and enraged!

“Dragon Tendon! My Dragon Tendon!! It is you, after all!”

At this very moment, he finally confirmed that the person before him was none other than the insignificant ant who defied his might back in Great Jin – Zhou Ming!

Despite that, Li Ban found it difficult to believe that the ant who could barely withstand a single blow from him in the past was now on the same fire platform, standing on an equal footing with him after just tens of years!

However, his surprise did not end right then and there. Something even more unbelievable for him was going to unfold!

One whip, ten whips, a hundred whips!

It seemed like he completed a hundred strikes in just a single breath without stopping. A hundred shadows of the blood-red whip landed on the Cloud Thunder Seal.

The blood lightning mercilessly wreaked havoc within Jing Yun’s dantian. His breathing weakened instantly. After retreating for a hundred steps, he finally stopped and powerlessly half-kneeling on the ground. The amount of damage that was inflicted on him had caused his cultivation level to nearly regress to below the Spirit Severing Realm…

“Strike…. Striking one’s treasure and killing one’s Nascent Soul…I remember now… It’s the secret art of the Zhou Clan…mentioned by the Honorable Demon General…In my current condition, even if my opponent is just a Peak Nascent Soul Realm demon, it will still be dangerous for me… I must run!”

With hatred within his eyes, he vanished in a beam of silver light, intending to get out from the fire platform.

He actually knew about the Zhou Clan from the Endless Sea. Apparently, there might be some mysteries behind this matter.

But Ning Fan was not interested in getting himself involved in a matter like that.

As he saw Jing Yun was trying to escape, he mockingly snorted.

The purple star in his left eye flashed and a pair of massive purple crystal wings grew on his back. Fluttering his wings, he dashed directly to Jing Yun’s back. Wielding his whip forward, it landed on the latter’s body.

The power of lightning was warded off by his armor. But the force of the lash was like thousands of mountains crashing down upon him. Moreover, Jing Yun had never anticipated that Ning Fan’s speed would nearly rival a Mid Spirit Severing Realm being’s. It was completely impossible for him to outrun him with his current speed.

Under that strike, his armor cracked and broke apart. He coughed up a mouthful of blood and fell back into the fire platform.

But when he was halfway from falling down in the sky, a column of dark purple smoke flashed past him. Ning Fan emerged right in front of him. Pointing out his index finger and middle finger, Ning Fan plunged them straight into Jing Yun’s eyes.


Jing Yun let out a painful wail. His eyes had been blinded.

Without hesitation, Ning Fan smacked him on his head. The massive force of his palm caused Jing Yun’s body to disintegrate into a cloud of blood mist, knocking his demon soul unconscious.

Ning Fan opened his mouth wide and sucked in the blood mist while grasping the demon soul with his hand!

His eyes shined without a hint of pity and swallowed down Jing Yun’s demon soul!

At that moment, an immense Baleful Qi which was comparable to that of a True Wild Beast spread throughout the province!

Countless people felt chills running down their spines. As for the Flame General, Lu Jiefen who was standing outside the fire platform, he raved with absolute ager.

“You killed my Demon General! You are courting death!”

“Stop right there! There shall be no external interference for this battle!” Lu Daochen appeared in front of Lu Jiefen in a column of green smoke, blocking him. Deep inside, he was deeply flabbergasted by Ning Fan.

This man is really decisive in killing!

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