Grasping Evil

Chapter 254(2) - Kill and Behead!

Chapter 254(2) Kill and Behead!

Using his demon blood as an offering to worship the Demon Ancestor and sacrificing his own cultivation level to exchange for the life protection bestowed upon him by the Demon Ancestor!

At this very moment, Feng Ziqi felt completely hopeless. If he didn’t resort to that self-harming method, it would be absolutely impossible for him to block that attack with his current body which was nearly like that of a handicapped person after losing all his demon power.

His body was basked in a ray of golden light. After seeing each and every one of the sword threads being engulfed by the golden light, only then was he able to feel slightly relieved. The golden light could at least last for a few hours. It was quite an invincible defense layer as even Profound Heaven Spiritual Treasures would not be able to break it. In other words, for the next couple of hours, he was able to stay protected.

Run. I must run before the golden light fades!

After fleeing back to my territory, I will recover my cultivation level and seek revenge on Lu Bei once more!

Feng Ziqi’s eyes were filled with unprecedented hatred. Borrowing the power of the golden light, he tried to perform Instant Shift.

But just before he could even move, a cloud of smoke dashed towards him and appeared behind his back in a flash. Pressing on the ray of golden light with one of his palms, his tremendous force caused Feng Ziqi to be unable to move a single step. Without giving him a moment to breathe, he landed a punch directly at the golden protective layer.


An ear-piercing blast reverberated through the sky. The golden layer was on the verge of breaking as multiple cracks formed on its surface. Such scene made Feng Ziqi’s eyes open so widely that his eyeballs almost popped out from their sockets due to extreme shock.

No way, it can’t be wrong! Having the strength of nearly shattering the golden light of the Ancestor Worship Token in just one punch…This Lu Bei must have attained the Jade Life Body Refining Realm!

This person isn’t a weakling like any other common Nascent Soul Realm ants! He is clearly a Jade Life Body Refining Realm cultivator who is on equal footing with us!

“Let me go! I vow with my Heart’s Devil that I will never find trouble with Brother Lu again in the future! This is a protective barrier from the Ancestor Worship Token. Therefore, even if you are a Jade Life Body Refining Realm cultivator, there is no way you can break it. Besides, do you really want to fight with me until either one of us is dead?! Feng Ziqi forcibly calmed himself down and said in a tone where he was trying to beg for mercy while intimidating Ning Fan.

“Shut up!”

After witnessing that a single punch was unable to crush the golden barrier, Ning Fan naturally knew how solid the turtle shell summoned from the Ancestor Token was.

However, it might not necessarily be true that he could not break the golden turtle shell!

He placed one of his fingers on his glabella and with a wave of his hand, the Separation Slayer Sword appeared in his hand. The extreme sharpness of the tip of the sword caused the hollow air where the sword light passed through to split into half.

With a slash, the golden protective layer was cut in half. The incision was as smooth as a mirror. As for Feng Ziqi who was within the protective layer, his face was filled with utter disbelief while his body was cleaved into half from the middle of his body!

After his body parts were separated cleanly, his demon soul was also chopped into two!

Behind his demon soul, there was a thousand zhang* long rupture in the hollow sky which exposed the black Void Realm. A light breeze from the dark rift blew towards Ning Fan, making his long hair dance like that of a devil.

Kill one first!

Opening his mouth wide, he shoved Feng Ziqi’s demon soul down his mouth as well as the deceased’s body, leaving only the latter’s chopped-off head. Instantly, the Baleful Qi in his body became denser.

Lifting his head, his gaze landed on Bai Yuan and Xu Ri. The two Demon General had just managed to neutralize the power of his Second Finger. Their faces looked rather flustered.

Before Bai Yuan could even gasp for breath, he had already heard the howl of pain from Feng Ziqi.

His gaze shifted towards the place where Feng Ziqi was cut in half and stared at the rift of hollow space. As his eyes met Ning Fan’s, fear flowed through his veins and his hair bristled in chills.

Feng Ziqi is…dead?! He is dead?!

Although his demon power was drained, he still had the general armor as well as the three layers of spiritual equipment as protection. He was also granted by the Honorable Demon General an Ancestor Worship Token.

Before this, Feng Ziqi had clearly activated the token to protect himself by sacrificing his cultivation level in exchange for a few hours of invincibility.

The golden light barrier is indestructible from the attacks of Profound Heaven Spiritual Treasures. Even Mid Spirit Severing Realm beings would find it difficult to deal with it…

However, such a strong and solid protective layer was cut through by Lu Bei with just one slash?!

The sword light was extremely sharp. To Bai Yuan, it was truly his first time witnessing a sword with such sharpness!

Moreover, he had yet to hear that anyone in the Land of Slumber would possess a sword which was so sharp that it could slash through the demon soul of a Demon General together with the physical body, leaving no chance for the demon soul to escape and seize another demon to recover himself!

What is that sword?!

Currently, the sword revolved around Ning Fan’s body like a trace of starlight. There was no way one could clearly see its shape at all!

Bai Yuan exchanged glances with Xu Ri. Both of their faces were filled with the intention to retreat on the spot.

From the moment when Feng Ziqi’s demon power was drained and grievously injured without any reason to the moment when his life-saving protective layer was slashed through together with his demon soul… The eccentricity of everything that had happened was enough to cause the other two Demon Generals to feel dreadful towards Ning Fan.

Moreover, Bai Yuan’s instincts finally sensed an absurd but life-threatening feeling.

Even if the two of us jointly attack him, we might not be able to bring down this Demon Soldier.

So this is the true color of Lu Bei! A person like this can even put up a fight against a Mid Spirit Severing Realm Demon General!


They nodded at each other and disappeared into two different directions. One of them went to the west, whereas the other one went to the east.

Furthermore, at the moment when they separated from each other, Bai Yuan also transform into the manifestation of his demon bloodline. Two wings grew out from his back and a single horn appeared on his forehead. It had four legs and a tail. Its body was entirely covered in white fur. It was a beast of the incomplete Immemorial Demon Bloodline – the Bai Ze1.

Under the protection of their manifestations, the two of them went on different routes. From their perspective, this method would at least be able to keep one of them safe. Aside from that, in their true demon forms, it should not be very difficult for them to outrun Ning Fan.

“Want to flee?! Don’t you think it’s a little too late?! Seal!”

Ning Fan directed his finger at them and displayed the Heaven Sealing Technique!

Countless crimson-red threads grew out from their own bodies and entangled their limbs. The two of them who were dignified Demon Generals were both paralyzed at the same time by Ning Fan’s finger!

“Today, with the current power of my finger, this technique is able to seal an Early Spirit Severing Realm being for a period of three breaths!

He made a step forward and went towards the thousand zhang* tall Bai Ze beast. Reaching out his hand, he immediately grabbed hold of the Separation Slayer Sword which was floating around him and raised the sword above his head.

This time, Bai Yuan finally could see through why the sword was so unimaginably sharp!

It’s innumerable! I can’t even properly count the number of the “Sharpness” Spirit Seal on this starlight sword!

7000 traces. There must at least be 7000 traces!

This sword is even more sharper than a true Spiritual Treasure!

There’s no way I can block it!

“Bai Ze’s Roar!”

At a critical juncture, Bai Yuan crushed his own laryngeal bone as the cost to emit blood-red sound waves.

There was nothing he could do other than making sounds. However, this demonic technique was Bai Ze’s innate talent. One had to burn the thin trace of incomplete Immemorial Bloodline of Bai Ze within themselves in order to exchange it for power. It was a technique that must not be used unless to save their own life in a critical moment. Once the possessor of the bloodline uses it, their bloodline would become thinner and thinner and finally regress to become an ordinary demon bloodline.

The sound waves were strong enough to inflict damage on common Demon Generals! Even a demon cultivator whose body refining realm was at the Fourth Level of Silver Bone Realm would also be grievously injured by the sound waves if he was caught off guard.

Bai Yuan only intended to strive for a period of three breaths. After that, he wanted to run. He wanted to run for his life!

However, as soon as the sound waves spread towards Ning Fan, they were deflected by a Jade Green Shield.

The sound waves which were able to damage a cultivator with Fourth Level of Silver Bone Body Refining Realm had no effect on Ning Fan!

“Jade Green Shield?! Your body refining realm is at the Jade Life Realm?! Ah!”

Bai Yuan let out a shriek. His thousand zhang* tall manifestation, together with his demon soul was cut into half by Ning Fan.

Even until his death, Bai Yuan did not get to understand why Lu Bei who was rumored to be just an Early Nascent Soul Realm demon was actually a fierce cultivator possessing a Jade Life Body Refining Realm and 7000 units of demon power. Neither did he know why a person like him would own a Profound Heaven Defective Treasure which was engraved with at least 7000 Spirit Seals with its sharpness rivaling that of a Spiritual Treasure!

Hatred was what filled his heart when he died.

In the place where he was killed, there was also a rift created in the hollow sky.


Ning Fan pointed at the corpse of the massive beast and turned only its body into a blood mist, leaving just its head! He opened his mouth and sucked all of the blood into his belly.

He made another step forward and emerged in front of the Fire Phoenix. Without any hesitation, he wielded his sword and slashed the beast from its head.

The demonic eyes of the Fire Phoenix were filled with astonishment. It only took a period of a single breath from the moment it was paralyzed to the death of Bai Yuan.

This Lu Bei is truly heaven-defying. It is still acceptable when he killed Feng Ziqi who had lost all of his demon power. Now, even Bai Yuan who was in his true form was also exterminated by him. Apart from that, he could also withstand the roar of Bai Ze with just his physical body…

He is a cultivator with Jade Life Body Refining Realm! He has 7000 units of demon power and also a flying sword that is much sharper than a Spiritual Treasure!

I must break free from this seal no matter what!

If I can’t break free by using the self-harming technique, what if I just kill myself?!

The Fire Phoenix’s eyes suddenly flashed with ferocity. A word was uttered from its mouth.


As that word fell, the body of the Fire Phoenix exploded, turning into a wave of flames constituting of its demon power which travelled towards Ning Fan.

However, when the wave of flames came in front of Ning Fan’s body, he opened his mouth and swallowed all of it, turning it into nourishment for the Yin Yang Locket.

The remnants of the flames condensed together and congealed another one thousand zhang* tall Fire Phoenix. Its aura became weaker than before but it had broken free from the seal.

That scene made Ning Fan’s eyes flash with surprise.

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