Grasping Evil

Chapter 254(3) - Kill and Behead!

Chapter 254(3) Kill and Behead!

“According to the Demon Scripture, the Immemorial Fire Phoenix regenerates when bathed in flames while the Immemorial Thunder Dragon is immune to the thunder element… This person’s bloodline might be thin but he is still able to regenerate using flames… Besides, judging by the current situation, an ordinary magical treasure isn’t able to harm him…”

Ning Fan threw a punch at him, causing heaven and earth to vibrate violently. However, the punch which was supposed to land on the Fire Phoenix hit empty air.

Xu Ri let out a cacophony of laughter.

“Hmmph! I am different from Bai Yuan and Feng Ziqi. Although I have only awakened a half-drop of the Fire Phoenix’s bloodline, I managed to comprehend the regeneration technique. Common magical treasures and magic techniques are completely useless in inflicting damage on my illusory manifestation…Although you have a royal bloodline and exceptional techniques, you will never be able to kill me even if I am not your match! Because you will never find my true body! Ignite!”

The Fire Phoenix uttered a single word and the vicinity within ten thousand li turned into a sea of flames.

The Phoenix Race controlled the fire element. However, Xu Ri did not intend to scorch Ning Fan to death. On the contrary, he just wished to create massive destruction to heaven and earth which would in turn disrupt the order of the Primordial Energy of the area, causing the Heaven Sealing Technique to lose its effectiveness.

His body turned into a ray of fiery light, trying to escape from Ning Fan. But at the same time, he felt a sharp pain from one of his wings.

The phoenix wing which was supposed to be unbreakable was literally cut off by a ray of sharp sword light with a slash. Moreover, it could not regenerate this time!

“Impossible! My manifestation of the Fire Phoenix is a manifestation of an Immemorial Demon. It can’t be eliminated! One must have an Immemorial Divine Weapon or a lost divine ability, or else…”

“Or else you can’t be hurt, huh?”

Ning Fan sneered as he trod the sea of flames and approached Xu Ri with the starlight sword in his grip.

The flames on both sides of the path he walked past seemed to be afraid of him as they immediately moved further away from him in his presence.

On the tip of the sword, a drop of demon blood slid down along the edge.

It was this sword that cut down his wing!

“Your wings are truly great. It’s quite suitable to forge into a spiritual equipment for Wan’er!”

Vanishing into a cloud of smoke, a flash of sword light flashed past. Instantly, the Fire Phoenix let out a painful wail and his other wing was also cut off.

His demonic eyes were struck with surprise and that surprise turned into bewilderment!

“Immemorial…Immemorial Divine Weapon! You really possess such a weapon! If that’s the case, my Fire Phoenix manifestation will surely never be able to withstand this sword! Since fleeing is already impossible, I want you to perish together with me! Immemorial Phoenix Technique, Blood Ignition!”

The Fire Phoenix let out an ear-piercing shrill. His blood burst into flames.

His demon soul was also covered in flames. He had gone all-out just to take Ning Fan’s life by performing a suicidal technique, using his own life as the price.

Ning Fan’s eyes turned solemn.

This Xu Ri can be considered the strongest one among the three Demon Generals!

Since they were already in a very close distance, the Blood Ignition technique made Ning Fan’s bloodlines boil with extreme heat.

If Ning Fan were a common person who had yet to advance into the Mid Spirit Severing Realm, he would really be killed by this technique!

After all, it was a suicide attack of a Spirit Severing Realm Demon General!

Ning Fan could not put out the flames that was burning his bloodlines. Since the flames were seemingly impossible to extinguish for now, he summoned a cloud of black qi which encircled his entire body and eventually, he burst into multiple black shadows and dispersed.

A while later, the sea of flames diminished.

The situation looked as if Xu Ri had perished together with Ning Fan.

But shortly after, in a far away place, the black shadows gradually condensed and congealed into the shadow of Ning Fan.

It was the Black Tempest Rupture Art!

Ning Fan’s Fu Li bloodline did not possess a unique ability like that of the Fire Phoenix which granted demons the power to regenerate using flames. However, this dark shadow was comparable to the regenerative ability. No ordinary techniques were able to destroy it!

His hand grabbed Xu Ri’s head and with a wave of his hand, the other two chopped-off heads, a pair of wings and the storage pouches of the three deceased generals were drawn to him.

After keeping the items, Ning Fan did not immediately return to the Golden Flame Chariot. Instead, his gaze landed on the hollow space beside him and sneered.

“What a cunning demon…”

He wielded his sword and with a slash, the space was split into half. The Void Realm was exposed and a panic-stricken Fire Phoenix demon soul could be seen strenuously resisting the corrosion of the power of the Void Realm.

On the surface, it might look like the heroic Xu Ri had perished together with his enemy. In reality, he faked his death to hurt his enemy and fled into the Void Realm to hide.

An ordinary Demon General would certainly be dead after entering the Void Realm. However, the regenerative ability of the Fire Phoenix enabled Xu Ri to continue dying and reviving in the Void Realm in order to resist the power of the Void Realm.

As the Void Realm was split open, Ning Fan entered and made his way forward to Xu Ri. The latter was stunned and stupefied the moment he saw Ning Fan.

He was sure that his plan was extremely concealed and secretive. He was unable to understand how Ning Fan could find out.

A method like that can’t even escape from his observations?!

He did not figure out exactly how Ning Fan warded off the Blood Ignition Technique! One has to know that even though Xu Ri might not have really sacrificed his life for his enemy’s, the technique he displayed had at least consumed three quarters of his Fire Phoenix demon bloodline. The cost was considerably large.

That technique which is enough to kill Bai Yuan did not even manage to kill him…

What was even more hard to comprehend was why Ning Fan was unaffected even when he was walking in the Void Realm.

“This is impossible…”

Well, it was indeed impossible. A dignified Spirit Severing Realm expert like him who also possessed Immemorial Fire Phoenix’s bloodline had to spare no effort so that he could barely survive within the Void Realm for a while.

But Ning Fan viewed the Void Realm like a playground…

As Xu Ri’s demon soul was pinched by Ning Fan like how one would pinch a tiny chick, his expression revealed a hint of despair while his limbs were struggling, trying to break free.

“If Brother Lu can spare my life, I will surely…”

He begged. He pleaded. But Ning Fan never listened to a single word he said.

Decisively, he opened his mouth and swallowed the demon soul!

Then, he stepped out from the Void Realm!

In a flash, he appeared on the Golden Flame Chariot. Currently, the immense Baleful Qi that he gained after killing three Spirit Severing Realm demons made Yao Yuan and the rest of the guards to tremble in awe. No one could maintain their calm in his presence.

None of them expected that he would survive in the battle against three Demon Generals!

None of them had expected that Lu Bei who was rumored to be just an Early Nascent Soul Realm cultivator would possess the combat power to fight solo against three Spirit Severing Realm demons!

Old Yu, the pill master whose heart had already surrendered before the war earlier, knelt down on the floor with his head hanging down, not daring to even look Ning Fan in the eye.

Internally, the pill master was unable to understand!

Those are Demon Generals, Spirit Severing Realm Demon Generals!

The Luo Yun Tribe only has seven Demon Generals and one Honorable Demon General!

The Lie Tu Tribe only has six of them and one Honorable Demon General!

Among the six, three of them had died in his hands…

If this matter were to be spread in the Second World, Ning Fan’s reputation might even be put on par with the Mid Spirit Severing Realm Demon Generals!

“General Bei is mighty!”

The 41 Demon Soldiers which included Yao Yuan suppressed their shock to the bottom of their hearts and saluted to Ning Fan in unison.

The respect they showed to him was nearly comparable to that which they display to the Honorable Demon General.

If he doesn’t choose to display his true capabilities, that’s it for him and he would be regarded as a useless man.

If he chooses to display his true capabilities, he can even kill Spirit Severing Realm beings!

This time, as soon as Lu Bei arrived at the province, his story of killing three Spirit Severing Realm demons would surely spread from mouth to mouth. Till then, the entire Land of Slumber will be shaken by that unbelievable news!

“Keep these heads. If any ignorant being tries to block my chariot in the middle of our journey, show them!”

“Yes, General!”

After receiving the three chopped-off heads which were still dripping with blood, Yao Yuan’s heart was overwhelmed with emotion.

Not long ago, these three heads belonged to the Demon Generals who were so arrogant as if no one in the world could beat them.

But now, they were already the severed heads of dead corpses.

Holding the heads with his two hands, he could not hold back his feelings.

His eyes turned towards Ning Fan’s back and they were filled with excitement.

“This is the complete personification of a strong person! I, Yao Yuan, will be like General Bei one day in the future. Kill the enemy’s generals and behead them for the Luo Yun Tribe!”

After everyone was done treating their wounds, the Golden Flame Chariot blazed with flames once again and dashed towards the province.

In the Golden Flame Palace, Ning Fan sat beside the bed. With a faint smile, his eyes lingered on Lu Wan’er who was in deep slumber.

“The “flies” are all dead… After I eliminated the Fallen Peak Guards, General Earth placed a bounty worth of 30 million immortal jade on my head. After I awakened the royal bloodline, the bounty on my head had risen to 100 million. I wonder if General Earth will still dare to place a bounty on my head after figuring out that I’ve killed three of his Demon Generals! I wonder if he still has the guts!”

In the province of the Lie Tu Tribe, a silver-armored demon was holding two silver balls in his hands with his eyes closed. He was General Earth, Bai Wuzun.

He was waiting for the news of victory from the three Demon Generals who he sent to bring Ning Fan down.

“Bai Yuan, Feng Ziqi and Xu Ri have already set out for more than a year. I guess it’s almost time for them to come back… A True Spirit Royalty? Hmmph. It’s just a mere Nascent Soul Realm junior after all. A person like him actually obtained the royal bloodline? Don’t tell me that he doesn’t know about the idea of a man’s wealth is his own ruin by causing others to covet them with greed? Hehe. I wonder if I am able to break through to the Late Spirit Severing Realm after I consume his blood…”

Bai Wuzun’s lips curved into a malicious smile. But at the next moment, his eyes opened wide. With a slap on his storage pouch, he took out three broken life plates. Disbelief filled his eyes.

They are broken?!

Bai Yuan, Feng Ziqi and Xu Ri’s life plates were broken themselves at the same time!

“Impossible! Three of them acted secretly and stealthily. Unless Lu Daochen personally came to help, who else can kill them? But according to intel, Lu Daochen is currently still in seclusion within the Luo Yun Province… If he wasn’t the one who killed them, then who could it be…”

“Could it be Lu Bei himself?!”

As he thought of this possibility, Bai Wuzun suddenly rose up from his chair. The astonishment within his eyes failed to calm down.

“If this person really has the power to eliminate three Demon Generals on his own, perhaps I might even be slightly weaker than him without using the ‘Power of Bestowal’…Should I continue to pursue this man and increase the bounty to 300 million or should I use 300 million immortal jade to make an apology to him and reconcile our feud…”

Bai Wuzun’s heart was now overwhelmed with hatred.

If he knew that Ning Fan was really that powerful, he would never send three of his generals to pursue the latter… Three Demon Generals were equivalent to half of the total force of his tribe. In other words, today, half of the total force of his tribe was gone… Losing the three of them had made the influence of the Lie Tu Tribe to be even weaker than that of the weakest tribe among them all…

Bai Wuzun was unable to accept such an outcome!

Continuing to pursue him seems to be inappropriate…Furthermore, pursuing such a powerful expert is unwise…

Should I withdraw the order of pursuing him? In that case, doesn’t it show that I, a reputable Honorable Demon General of the Lie Tu Tribe, yielded to a young kid like him? Moreover, who is going to pay for the lives of my three Demon Generals?!

But if I continue to offend this person…

“How should I face him in the future?”

Bai Wuzun could not make up his mind. At the same time, the anger and dissatisfaction within him was unable to be repressed.

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