Grasping Evil

Chapter 254(1) - Kill and Behead!

Chapter 254(1) Kill and Behead!

Nothing could prevent the mountains within ten thousand li* from crumbling down. Dust spread all over the place’s atmosphere!

Other than the rumble of the crumbling mountains echoing in the air, something swept across the deserted land within the vicinity like a gust of wind, destroying all grass and trees.

It was not too much of a big deal for Bai Yuan as he was able to steady himself after just retreating for a few steps. As for Xu Ri, he was pushed backward for ten zhang* whereas Feng Ziqi who had his demon power completely drained was literally sent flying away!

In panic, Feng Ziqi gnashed his teeth and activated the spiritual equipment within his body. Three layers of Low Profound Earth Grade armors emerged in front of his chest, allowing him to withstand the pressure from Ning Fan’s First Finger.

Even so, Feng Ziqi felt shocked to the core!

The technique displayed by Ning Fan definitely carried power comparable to that of an ordinary Early Spirit Severing Realm cultivator’s full-strike!

At the moment when he saw Ning Fan’s finger gleam in a bright sword light, he felt chills running down his back. It gave him an extreme feeling of imminent danger.

Suddenly, the sword light in Ning Fan’s finger shot out and split into three rays of light, spreading towards the three Demon Generals.

The speed of the sword light was beyond their imaginations. Besides, as the sword light got closer to them, they divided into thousands upon thousands of thread-like sword, covering every corner of their body, leaving them with no opening to escape.

The expressions of Bai Yuan and Xu Ri who still had combat power turned gloomy while Feng Ziqi had already felt his scalp go numb!

Turning a sword into threads! This technique is clearly the Threads Transformation Sword that can only be mastered by few among the Spirit Severing Realm sword cultivators!

After transforming into innumerable threads, the might of the sword had at least multiplied by a few times!

“This is bad!”

Feng Ziqi now wore three layers of spiritual armors with another black general armor. As such, he had a total of four layers of protection. However, at the moment when they touched the sword threads, they were all crushed one after another!

The first layer armor. Crushed!

The second layer armor. Crushed!

The third layer armor. Crushed!

Fortunately for him, the fourth layer armor – the black general armor did not break. However, it was densely covered with cracks. Furthermore, the impact of the attacks delivered an intense blow to his chest, causing him to spat out another mouthful of black-colored blood. His injuries were getting worse and worse and even his cultivation level began to regress!

Feeling resentful and fearful, Feng Ziqi glared at Ning Fan. He felt resentful because he was unable to accept that a dignified Demon General like him would be defeated and put in such a pitiful condition by a mere Nascent Soul Realm ant. He felt fearful because if Ning Fan were to display the Mountain Crush again, he would never be able to withstand it with the remaining cracked general armor!

“Retreat! Retreat now! General Bai, let’s hurry up and fall back now and request our Honorable Demon General for assistance!” Feng Ziqi gritted his teeth.

Although Bai Yuan and Xu Ri were astonished by the might of Ning Fan’s finger, their demon power was still intact, enabling them to block the attack.

However, after witnessing the abilities of Ning Fan’s Spirit Crushing Whip, the two of them did not dare to take out their own Profound Heaven Defective Treasures to defend themselves even if they owned one themselves. They only dared to dispersed the sword threads using demonic techniques.

“Demonic Technique – White Night!”

“Demonic Technique – Sun Parting Flame!”

The two of them really deserved to be regarded as Spirit Severing Realm Demon Generals. Among them, Bai Yuan’s hand seals were extremely complicated. His demonic technique actually summoned the white sun in the night sky, eliminating the darkness of the sky. Then, extracting a ray of light of day, turning it into thread-form like that of those sword threads and neutralizing the attack.

As for Xu Ri, the half-star glittered in his left eye. All of a sudden, a large blazing dark brown sun emerged in the sky. Shortly after the emergence of the sun, half of Xu Ri’s body blazed with flames as he reached out his hand to grasp the sword threads.

The virtually burning body immediately reformed itself together after being pierced through by the sword threads. Within a few seconds, Xu Ri’s claw flew up and down, eliminating most of the sword threads.

Other than consuming quite a considerable amount of demon power, the two Demon Generals did not suffer a single scratch from the First Finger, Mountain Crush.

Therefore, towards Feng Ziqi’s idea of retreating, without considering much about it, Bai Yuan instantly rejected and spoke to him with a disdainful tone, “It’s really laughable that you, a Demon General, will choose to show the white feather in front of a Nascent Soul Realm junior! To catch that Nascent Soul Realm junior, the three of us had a thorough plan and even acted carefully all this while. If we three Demon Generals fail, would you still have the face to return to see the Honorable Demon General?!”

Bai Yuan did not think Feng Ziqi’s thought was appropriate.

Ning Fan’s attack might have truly startled him but it was not so powerful to the point where he felt he could never defeat him.

From Bai Yuan’s point of view, the Spirit Severing Realm attack that Ning Fan displayed earlier in his current Nascent Soul Realm body was probably his best trump card. He would be defying the heavens if he has a few of those attacks…

Sympathetically, Bai Yuan had already underestimated Ning Fan’s power.

Ning Fan’s Jade Life Body Refining Realm alone was enough to allow him to put up a fight against a Spirit Severing Realm being!

After comprehending the Second Finger of Sword Finger, he even possessed the power to eliminate a Spirit Severing Realm being with just that technique!

Moreover, with the 7455 units of demon power which he obtained after awakening the royal clan bloodline, he was capable of fighting a Spirit Severing Realm being!

As a matter of fact, Bai Yuan should really have fled while he was able to. However, he chose to miss the opportunity…

Just as Bai Yuan’s words fell, Ning Fan lifted another finger and performed the Second Finger.

“I didn’t expect that you could actually display the technique for a second time…”

Bai Yuan sneered. But suddenly, his eyes widened in horror.

Xu Ri had even coughed out mouthfuls of fresh blood. Lifting his head, he stared unbelievably at the russet sun that he conjured using his demonic technique!

When Ning Fan displayed the Second Finger, the sun which was blazing in flames turned purple-black and went out of Xu Ri’s control.

As Ning Fan moved his second finger lightly, the purple sun began to burn with black flames!

“Second Finger, Heaven Breaker!”

The purple sun disintegrated!

At the sky where the sun disappeared, the sky cracked into a massive hole which exposed the Void Realm. Inch by inch, heaven began to crack starting from the sides of the hole!

Meanwhile, a purple black light shot out from the tip of Ning Fan’s finger and transformed into millions of purple-black sword threads which dashed towards the three Demon Generals.

At that very moment, Ning Fan stood at the summit of an illusory evil mountain, revealing an irresistible aura!

A drastic change appeared on Bai Yuan’s face. The might of this finger was far too great. It might even be able to kill himself in just seconds!

Fortunately for him, the power of the technique was split up into attacking three people. In that case, there was still a possibility for him to take it head-on.

No longer trying to hide his treasure, Bai Yuan took out a silver-white streamer. By waving it, the streamer glowed and emitted light that transformed into tens of thousands of white lotuses which gathered and formed a virtual wall in front of the incoming sword threads. A white lotus would disintegrate for every single sword thread. At the same time, for every white lotus that disappeared, Bai Yuan’s demon power would be expended by a single unit.

After consuming half of his demon power, Bai Yuan only managed to resist one-third of the attack. His heart was already filled with terror because he noticed that the silver-white streamer started to break under the impact of the sword threads.

A reputable Profound Heaven Defective Treasure was nearly shattered by one-third of his power!

If I was caught off guard and had been directly hit by the attack, I would have been dead for sure!

The scalp of Bai Yuan went numb while Xu Ri was nowhere near better than him.

He performed a hand seal with both its body, the injured parts would recover itself using flames.of his hands and bit the tip of his tongue. The next second, his entire body transformed into the manifestation of a thousand zhang* tall Fire Phoenix!

Under this manifestation, no matter how many sword threads that pierced through

The sword threads were not able to hurt Xu Ri at all. This manifestation gave him regeneration while bathing himself in flames. However, it required a large amount of demon power. To withstand the sword threads, he had almost used up one-third of his total demon power!

What made Xu Ri more unable to believe was that each of the sword threads were imbued with an overpowering Devil Intent. After the sword threads pierced through his body, the Devil Intent immediately turned into a devil sense that disturbed his state of mind and stimulated his Heart’s Devil!

“Devil Intent? It’s not Demon Intent?! This Lu Bei is really strange. As a demon, how did he congeal a Devil Intent? Aside from that, how did he comprehend it while he is at the Nascent Soul Realm?”

There was not a hint of tranquility within Xu Ri’s eyes!

The Second Finger, Heaven Breaker, made Xu Ri and Bai Yuan withstand it with great effort. But it caused Feng Ziqi to be crushed into powder!

During battle, Feng Ziqi tend to rely too much on his magical treasures. Now, since his magical treasure had been seized, his demon power was completely drained and his three layers of spiritual equipment were all destroyed, there was no way for him to defend himself against the might of the Second Finger!

In despair, he took out a gold jade token and broke it with his teeth clenched.

At the moment when he broke the jade token, his cultivation level started to regress to Peak Nascent Soul Realm. However, in the meantime, a golden barrier formed around his body, acting like a defensive layer which blocked every single sword thread that flew at him.

The Ancestor Worship Token!

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