Grasping Evil

Chapter 253 - A Mere Spirit Severing Realm!

Chapter 253: A Mere Spirit Severing Realm!

Yao Yuan’s expression became cold.

The Golden Flame Chariot had travelled hundreds of millions of li. It had long entered the central region of the Luo Yun Tribe and yet they were ambushed by enemies!

The pursuers must be strong for being able to catch up with the Golden Flame Chariot silently!

Yao Yuan couldn’t identify the three pursuers’ qi that was chasing them!

But those strong demonic qi caused Yao Yuan to mentally tremble.

There’s no mistaking it. The three pursuers behind us are Spirit Severing Realm Demon Generals!

Only when the three pursuers got closer could Yao Yuan identify one of them was the Demon General of the Lie Tu Tribe, Bai Yuan!

The other two pursuers were also from the Lie Tu Tribe!

“The Lie Tu Tribe is really audacious! Sending out three Demon Generals to assassinate General Bei!”

Yao Yuan felt extremely angry. The group of three had silently and patiently followed the chariot for a whole year. In other words, it just showed how determined they were in bringing Lu Bei down!

The incoming party constituted of three Spirit Severing Realm beings, however, on Yao Yuan’s side, there was none.

Moreover, the place they were in was the internal region of Luo Yun Tribe that was far away from the borders where the seven generals of the Luo Yun Tribe were stationed at.

The area within hundreds of thousands of li* surrounding them was deserted. There was not even a single demon city to request for backup.

A place like this was the best place to intercept and assassinate a target…

“Old Yu! Pick up the speed! Whatever happens, do not stop the chariot! We will be killed if we’re overtaken!”

“En!” The driver was a pill master surnamed Yu, who was complaining inwardly.

He would definitely have not joined in this journey if he knew that it was such a perilous journey where they would be ambushed by three Demon Generals!

But there wasn’t any room for regret now. There was only one thing for him to do and that was to run away, run away with all his might!

He didn’t believe that Ning Fan could go against three Demon Generals simultaneously, let alone the strength to withstand one of the them.

Even if Ning Fan possessed a royal bloodline… he was rumored to only be an Early Nascent Soul Realm demon…

As a matter of fact, Yao Yuan and the others had the same thought.

Not only that, the three demon generals that were pursuing the chariot had the same thought too.

The silver-armoured Demon General Bai Yuan snickered while he pursued at a moderate pace.

“Lu Bei? Hmph! The one who has wiped out my Fallen Peak Guards, causing me to lose the battle. I was wondering what kind of person would be so arrogant to even carve his own name at the site of murder. So this is the Lu Bei, the slayer from the Luo Yun Tribe! A ‘hero’ who is now running away just like a stray cur! Laughable! It’s funny that such a person like you could awaken a royal True Spirit Bloodline. It’s even more ridiculous that the Honorable Demon General placed a one hundred million bounty on your head…”

“General Bai, what you said is incorrect. How could you, as a Demon General, question the judgement of our Lord General?! Since he thought that this kid’s life is worth 100 million immortal jade, then it’s not wrong!”

It was the voice of a black-armoured Demon General among the three. His name was Feng Ziqi.

Feng Ziqi was of a different faction from Bai Yuan and he used the Honorable Demon General’s name to rebut Bai Yuan.

Bai Yuan’s gaze became gloomy and he let out a cold snort, not arguing any further.

Then, he shifted his gaze towards the gold-armoured Demon General with a semi-respectful expression said, “We’ve silently followed them for such a long period of time so that we could arrive at this optimal assassination spot. Rumor has it that General Xu Ri possesses half a drop of the Immemorial Fire Phoenix’s Bloodline after the Third Blood Awakening. It has a strong restraint towards fire. General, would you please extinguish the flame of the chariot and stop it at its track!”


The golden-armoured Demon General was named Xu Ri. Apparently, he was a taciturn person. As his left eye flashed, a fiery-red half star emerged.

He pointed his finger from a million li away, aiming directly at the Golden Flame Chariot. The next moment, the chariot shook and its flames dispersed, absorbed by a fire vortex that had appeared out of nowhere, completely extinguishing the flames surrounding the chariot!

The Golden Flame Chariot without the flame was nothing more than a crystal chariot. Its speed began to slow down without its propulsion.

Bai Yuan sneered and slapped on his storage pouch, taking out 6 silver nails which were three cun* long. Tossing them into the air, they transformed into 6 rays of silver threads that tied down the chariot.

The chariot rocked violently once more and was forcefully brought to a halt.

The people on top of the chariot staggered due to the rocking.

In just a single breath, three columns of demonic smoke surrounded the chariot, blocking three directions for them to escape!

Yao Yuan’s expression drastically changed. After the chariot was stopped, there would be no chance for them to get away alive from the pursuit of the three Demon Generals with their strength which would not even stand a chance against one of them.

Yao Yuan knew that he was going to die. So he took a step forward and unsheathed his sword, pointing it at Bai Yuan with a hostile gaze.

“General Bai! You’re a Demon General of the Lie Tu Tribe and yet you dared to trespass the territory of Luo Yun?! Have you forgotten about the agreement that had been signed by all nine tribes that no Demon Generals shall trespass the enemy’s hinterland!”

“Hmph! What qualifications does a mere Mid-Nascent Soul Realm Demon Soldier have to question me?!”

The silver-armoured Bai Yuan took one step forward. As soon as that single step touched the ground, it compressed his aura force, making it as if it was Yao Yuan’s heart which he was stomping upon.

Yao Yuan immediately coughed up blood and retreated backwards. Only by plunging his sword into the ground could he regain his balance. He lifted his head and stared at Bai Yuan in disbelief. A move was all it took for him to be injured critically!

This is the prestige of a Spirit Severing Realm Demon General?!

The might of a single step of a Demon General… A Demon Soldier like me who has experienced hundreds of battles is still unable to withstand even a single of his steps!

“I, Yao Yuan, can die. But General Bei cannot! My comrades, attack!”

Under his word of command, the other 40 demon soldiers leaped up into the skies without considering their own lives.

Even if they were afraid of the enemy, a military order must be obeyed!

“Hmph! Pebbles of the Luo Yun Tribe are always so arrogant. Even if there are 40 soldiers, they are all mere Nascent Soul Realm demons. What is there to be afraid of?!”

Feng Ziqi’s expression became ugly when he saw Bai Yuan injuring a mid-Nascent Soul Realm with just a single step.

Although Feng Ziqi was a Spirit Severing Realm Demon General too, he couldn’t injure a mid-Nascent Soul Realm demon with just a single step from far away!

Actually, Bai Yuan might seem to be punishing the ants of the enemies but he was secretly trying to show off his power to Feng Ziqi.

But Feng Ziqi refused to accept it!

He indeed did not have the strength to injure others with a single step, but his newly acquired Profound Heaven Defective Treasure was extremely powerful. He would have a higher chance of victory if he were to have a life and death battle with Bai Yuan!

Bai Yuan! There’s nothing to be proud of!

“Crouching Tiger Seal! Smash them!”

Feng Ziqi summoned a glossy black iron seal that had cracks all over its surface. But shortly after it had soared to the skies, the heavens trembled. Subsequently, a deafening tiger roar reverberated throughout the skies, nearly shattering the heavens and exposing the void!

The surface of the iron block was carved with 1096 Spirit Seals which caused the treasure to have such terrifying might!

“A Profound Heaven Defective Treasure with 1096 Spirit Seals?! Don’t tell me that the Spirit Seals were engraved by the best spirit augmentation master of our tribe?!”

Bai Yuan couldn’t help but be surprised. He knew for sure that he could not stop and withstand that weapon even with the Profound Heaven Defective Treasures he currently possessed if it were to crash upon him.

Only a spirit augmentation master who has attained 1096 units of demonic power can possibly carve 1096 spirit seals.

Everyone knew that spirit augmentation techniques were extremely hard to learn. For one to be proficient with spirit augmentation, they need to possess magical power at least at the level of Spirit Severing Realm. In the Second World, only one person had managed to achieve such a feat and that person was none other than the Cloud General, Lu Daochen!

The best spirit augmentation master of the Lie Tu Tribe was just a Late Nascent Soul Realm demon. It was rumoured that this person had stopped every spirit augmentation activity and chose to focus solely on cultivation, trying wholeheartedly to break through to the Peak Nascent Soul Realm. It was hard to imagine that he would restart his spirit augmentation activity for Feng Ziqi and to go as far as to carve 1096 Spirit Seals for him…

It would be impossible for an average joe to carve such an amount of Spirit Seals without a few years of effort.

“That spirit augmentation master actually spent several years of effort to carve a treasure for Feng Ziqi while he was in seclusion to improve his cultivation level…. This doesn’t make any sense! It looks like Feng Ziqi might have used some underhanded tactics to force the spirit augmentation master to do this…

All in all, I have never thought that this Feng Ziqi would obtain such a treasure…In that case, I may not be able to win against Feng Ziqi if I were to go all out… ”

A hint of gloominess spread throughout Bai Yuan’s face. However, Feng Ziqi enjoyed that look on his face.

He let out a hearty laughter and straightened up his tiger-like body and pointed his finger at the iron block in the sky.

The black iron seal began to spin as traces of Heaven Spiritual Energy were extracted from heaven and earth and went into it. A brief moment later, a black shadow of a tiger emerged.


With just a mighty roar, the forty Demon Soldiers simultaneously fell from the sky while spurting out blood from their mouths!

As the shadow of the black tiger materialized, the black seal immediately grew larger.

One hundred zhang, one thousand zhang, ten thousand zhang!

It was like an indestructible black mountain peak had come crashing down the earth from the sky. The hollow sky that it passed through could not bear its momentum and started to crack!

Ruthlessly, the seal smashed directly on the Golden Flame Chariot!

The expression of Old Yu, the driver of the chariot became deathly pale due to absolute terror. As for Yao Yuan, he clenched his teeth while pressing against his chest with his hands.

Damn it! Damn it!

I, myself can die, but I was given the order to escort Lu Bei. If Lu Bei were to be hurt in the journey, it will mean that I failed to fulfill my duty. It will be the greatest disgrace of my life!

I must protect the chariot with everything I have, even if… I have to detonate my own Nascent Soul and sacrifice my remaining life!

Yao Yuan’s gaze were filled with ferocity as he forcibly performed a demonic hand seal. His gaze locked onto the giant mountain on top of him decisively.

But at the next moment, something appeared in front of him! It was a scene that he would never forget in his entire life.

The falling mountain had blocked their view of the sky and the sun. There were only stones rolling down from the gigantic mountain.

Beneath it, a purplish-black shadow flashed past. A white-robed youngster appeared.

The corner of the young man’s lips curved into a sneer.

Holding the blood-coloured long whip in his hand, he lashed on the mountain!


The strength of the first strike did not turn the mountain into pieces!

However, the demon soul residing within the dantian of the owner of the treasure, Feng Ziqi, was instantly blasted by countless blood lightning!


He hugged his lower abdomen and staggered backwards while choking on his own blood. Disbelief was all over his face!

This man who had suddenly come out of nowhere and blocked the Crouching Tiger Seal was their target – Lu Bei!

But what he couldn’t understand was why the Early Nascent Soul Realm Lu Bei was able to withstand the Crouching Tiger Seal. It was a weapon that not even General Bai Yuan was able to take on head-on!

But what he couldn’t understand the most was what the blood-red lightning whip was. With just a whip, it managed to block the Crouching Tiger Seal as well as mysteriously injuring his demon soul residing in his dantian.

Striking the treasure, crushing one’s Nascent Soul!

This place was not the Endless Sea. There was no Zhou Clan here. It was Feng Ziqi’s first time encountering the secret technique of crushing one’s nascent soul by whipping the treasure!

Moreover, Feng Ziqi felt that a massive amount of his demon power was lost after the attack!

After all, the Crouching Tiger Seal was a weapon with a higher grade than the Spirit Crushing Whip. Therefore, there was no way for it to block the suppression of the Crouching Tiger Seal at all.

But this was what Ning Fan wanted!

If a single strike isn’t enough then I’ll try ten strikes!

If ten strikes aren’t enough then I’ll lash you for one hundred times!

Wielding the blood-coloured lightning whip in his hand, he looked like he was whipping an animal.

Each of those strikes which was accompanied by the roar of thunder landing upon the iron block. Tens of times later, the illusory black tiger dispersed with a loud wail!

After the tiger spirit disappeared, the Crouching Tiger Seal reverted to its normal form and landed on Ning Fan’s palm. On the surface, it was just a black small seal.

As for Feng Ziqi, his demon soul was in a grievously wounded state. Blood gushed out from his mouth unceasingly and all his demon power was drained dry by the whip!

“As expected, a hundred times of whipping are not enough to kill a Demon General. The demon soul of a Demon General is actually a Primordial Spirit of the Spirit Severing Realm experts. It is not as fragile as a Nascent Soul… But still, this weapon managed to inflict critical damage on that demon in just a flash. Plus, since that demon’s demon power is emptied, it will be hard for him to recuperate… In that case, if he doesn’t possess any body refining technique, he is just a disabled person!”

The purple star flashed in Ning Fan’s left eye as his gaze swept across the three opponents.

Everything happened too fast from the moment of his appearance to delivering a hundred strikes on Feng Ziqi’s weapon. In fact, Bai Yuan and Xu Ri were only able to recognize Ning Fan’s face now clearly.

Under that pressuring gaze, Feng Ziqi who was trying to suppress his injuries coughed out even more blood, losing all his steadiness. Bai Yuan was only able to mitigate that mysterious pressure after he took a few steps back. In spite of that, his heart was filled with apprehension and he even had the feeling to submit to Ning Fan.

“This is… the prestige of the royal True Spirit Bloodline! Even I find it hard to retain my composure!”

The golden-armoured Demon General invoked the half-star in his left eye while Ning Fan activated his purple star in his left eye at the same time.

He tried to use his Fire Phoenix power to resist the might of Fu Li!

But, the Fire Phoenix blood of his was just half a drop. It was even much inferior than that of Li Ban’s.

In the face of Ning Fan’s demon royal bloodline, those who dared to go against him were truly foolish!


He coughed out a mouthful of fresh blood and was forced to retreat for a few steps. His heart palpitated uncontrollably!

His Incomplete Immemorial Bloodline could not even stand a chance against Ning Fan’s bloodline.

Bai Yuan was stunned.

In an instant, two out of the three Demon Generals coughed blood while Feng Ziqi inexplicably suffered the heaviest injury .

Bai Yuan couldn’t see through why and how Feng Ziqi got hurt!

So this is Lu Bei?!

The Early Nascent Soul Realm ant?!

What in the world had happened just now?

“Mere Early Spirit Severing Realm demons dare to block my path?!”

At this moment, Ning Fan lifted his finger which became a sword!

All the mountains within a vicinity of ten thousand li* crumbled!

First Finger! Mountain Crush!

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