Grasping Evil

Chapter 220(2) - My Yuan Yao World!

Chapter 220(2)My Yuan Yao World!

After obtaining enough water for his Yuan Yao World, they began to fly to the northeastern direction. He seized any floating island that came into his sight along his journey without giving any explanation to the people on the island!

Every time he arrived at an island, he would cast Yu Long aside and cut off half of the island and kept it into his Yuan Yao World!

His actions angered countless forces from the External Endless Sea. There were even numerous Nascent Soul Realm and Gold Core Realm cultivators who pursued him to hunt him down! However, on the eleventh island he stopped at, he eliminated eleven of the Nascent Soul Realm experts and three hundred Gold Core Realm cultivators. It was only then did the people started to realize that the person whom they were pursuing was Zhou Ming, who was also known as Revered Ming!

They all retracted their orders to pursue him!

As for the parties who sent people after Ning Fan, they began to fear that he would seek revenge on them!

Luckily, Ning Fan was preoccupied. He was busy in improving his Yuan Yao World while travelling. Currently, he was not in the mood to “take care” of those weaklings.

After that, all the sects which were based on the floating islands ahead of Ning Fan’s journey began to move. They emptied half of the island for Ning Fan to cut.

This actually saved him a lot of time as he did not need to deal with those flies after he split the island into half.

Hundreds of floating islands along his way could not escape from him. Each and every one of them were cut into half and kept into his Yuan Yao World. Now, one-third of the west side of the world began to have mountains and rivers.

The mountains and rivers have now formed! This desolate land has become more lively!

On the land which had mountains and rivers, Ning Fan set up 4999 formation eyes with each of them containing 4999 immortal jade.

He spent nearly 25 million immortal jade just to establish a Peak Spirit Severing Realm formation!

The formation is actually graded in this manner.

Formations with 10 formation eyes or below are considered as Spirit Realm Formations.

Formations which have 10 to 100 formation eyes are considered as Core Realm Formations.

Formations with 100 to 1000 formation eyes are considered as Nascent Soul Realm Formations.

Formations with 1000 to 5000 formation eyes are considered as Spirit Severing Realm Formations.

Formations with 5000 to 100000 formation eyes are considered as Mortal Void Realm Formations.

Lastly, formations with 10000 to 999999 are considered as Immortal Void Realm Formations!

For formations at the Spirit Severing Realm and above, the formation eyes must be filled with immortal jade. The minimum requirement is that every formation eye must be filled with the immortal jade equivalent to the total number of the formation eyes.

For Mortal Void Realm Formation, it would cost him at least ten times more of the immortal jade he spent for the current formation.

As for the Immortal Void Realm Formation, it would be as simple as the grades of formations that could be activated by just immortal jade.

This Peak Spirit Severing Realm Formation was called the Mountain Sea Formation.. It was why it needed 4999 formation eyes and every formation eye needed 4999 immortal jade, costing him almost 25 million of his entire wealth.

If he sets up the Mortal Void Formation – Mountain and River Reverse Motion, it would need 7000 formation eyes. He would need at least 500 million immortal jade to fill each and every one of the formation eyes.

In the past, the formation he used to annihilate the Heaven Separation Sect only showed a bit of its true potential. He did not have sufficient immortal jade to fully activate it. Even so, the formation was able to wipe out the sect along with all the members within, shedding blood like a river.

Any Spirit Severing Realm expert who becomes trapped within the world would likely not be able to escape unscathed under the formation he set up in the Yuan Yao World, even if they have magical treasures or weapons to destroy the formation.

Other than the formation he established, Ning Fan filled the night sky of the Yuan Yao World with different kinds of magical treasures.

He plundered Supreme Grade Magical Treasures from every island he went to fill the night sky.

Each of the treasures emitted starlight in the night sky. After plundering hundreds of islands, the night sky was now dotted with several hundreds of starlight, making it look like a sky full of stars.

All of them would attack the intruder of the world together when Ning Fan activates them with his magic power!

If Ning Fan really did that, it would be equivalent to hundreds of attacks at the level of the Nascent Soul Realm. Even a Spirit Severing Realm expert would not be able to withstand them.

The internal world of the ring finally got its heaven and earth, air and wind.

The internal world of the ring was now restructured into a world to kill his enemies by himself!

With this treasure, he no longer feared an enemy at the Early Spirit Severing Realm. He even had a thirty percent assurance of killing them if they become trapped within the world!

In other words, if the female corpse became mad again or if Stone Warrior betrays him, he would be able to suppress them!

The Pleasure Devil Sea was not far away now!

Black snow began to fall from the sky.

“Reporting in to Master. The sea at a million li* ahead is the Pleasure Devil Sea… Master must not simply spread your spirit sense at this area. If Master has to do so, Master must not spread your spirit sense too far. Otherwise, Master will be hurt by the Primordial Magnetic Force.”

“Primordial Magnetic Force? Alright. I understand…”

The Primordial Magnetic Force was a unique divine ability created by the fusion between the primordial power of heaven and earth and the spiritual minerals.

A cultivator could cultivate the Divine Light of Primordial Magnetism with the Primordial Magnetic Force.

If the ability is cultivated to the maximum level, it would become the rumored True Immortal Divine Ability – The Divine Light of Five Colors.

The Spirit Severing Realm old ancestor of the Pleasure Devil Sect, Xu Rushan!

This person was a cultivator of the Divine Light of Primordial Magnetism!

Among the thirteen Spirit Severing Realm experts in the External Endless Sea, his technique was ranked at the top of the list.

“Xu Rushan…”

Ning Fan muttered to himself. All of a sudden, his eyes became sharp and clear.

A whiff of intense smell of blood went into his nostrils in the violent black snow storm.

“Hmm? That woman is rather familiar… Yes. It’s her.”

Amidst the black snow, a group of female cultivators wearing green robes heavily gasped for air. Every one of them suffered significant injuries.

There were more than 30 of cultivators in this group. Each and every one of them had beautiful faces and elegant bodies. Their cultivation realms were not weak as the weakest among them was at the Early Gold Core Realm. Moreover, there were three Nascent Soul Realm women in the group!

The woman who led the group wore an emerald green palace skirt and she was an Early Nascent Soul Realm cultivator. She appeared to be grievously injured as her face was pale while her lips were a shade of blackish purple.

The two women at her side were rather elderly. They were Mid Nascent Soul Realm cultivators and they were the Feudal Ranking Elders of the sect.

In the External Endless Sea, this group of female cultivators could be considered quite strong. However, they were now surrounded by five bald men who were hideously grinning at them.

Among the five of them, four were Mid Nascent Soul Realm cultivators and their leader was a Late Nascent Soul Realm bald-headed monk!

The temples of their skulls protrude outwards and each of them wore a black frock. Some of them were fat while some of them were scrawny. Each of them held a black statue of Buddha and floated in the air by stepping on a black cloud. Their presence emanated an intense evil aura, especially the old monk.

His body was so plump that he looked like a mountain made of meat from afar.

His eyes flashed with malice as they swept across the group of women and ultimately fixed on the woman in the middle. He lustfully licked his lips.

“The master of Bi Yao Sect, Su Yao! Hehe. Why didn’t you quietly stayed at your sect instead of coming to the Pleasure Devil Sea to play. *Clicks tongue* This is not a place where you, female cultivators should have come… Don’t tell me you are unaware that the women of this place are all considered as human cauldrons?!”

“Hmmph! Who are you all?! Knowing that I am the sect master of one of the top ten sects, how dare you poison us…” A strange redness began to fill Su Yao’s pale face and her limbs became feeble.

The two Mid Nascent Soul Realm elders were deeply shocked as they recognized the poison in Su Yao’s body!

“‘Chastity Falling Powder’! Even Nascent Soul Realm female cultivators would experience a loss of strength after smelling it and become a toy to her enemies! This…This… This item is only possessed by the Black Buddha Sect from the Internal Endless Sea. You all are members of the Black Buddha Sect!”

“Precisely! I am the Ninth Elder of the sect, Milian! Today, it seems that you and these virgins are going to fall into my hands. Hehe. None of you can escape! Besides, the so-called top ten sects of the External Endless Sea are nothing to our Black Buddha Sect! Originally, I came to buy a Spirit Severing Realm human cauldron. Unexpectedly, hehe, before I arrived at the Pleasure Devil Sect, I’ve caught a group of cauldrons!”

The old monk took out a dark golden bell and gently shook it. Immediately, it filled the surrounding atmosphere with black sand. Every woman who inhaled the black sand would feel an intense surge of lustful desires within their bodies.

This black sand was no ordinary sand. It was created using the seminal pouches of Nascent Soul Realm sea demons. The sand was the end product of grinding those pouches. Although it was not as effective the Chastity Falling Powder, no female cultivators below the Nascent Soul Realm would be able to resist it.

Just as the black sand emerged, all female cultivators of the group, except for the two Mid Nascent Soul Realm elders, were affected by the aphrodisiac poison and lost their combat power.

This Black Buddha Sect cultivated the “Happy Zen”. They had countless secret arts to subdue and capture women!

As for the two elders, they were unaffected by the poison but their escape route was hindered by the wind carrying the sand, making it impossible for them to flee.

In the eyes of the old monk, it was like a cat and mouse game. He enjoyed watching women give in to their desires and present themselves to him while consciously knowing that he was their enemy.

Su Yao’s face was filled with hopelessness. She gradually felt that the lower part of her body was drenched with a sticky fluid.

The main reason she came to the Pleasure Devil Sect was to obtain a Nascent Soul Realm Dao Fruit for her sister, Yin Suqiu, to aid her in her Nascent Formation.

She clearly knew that the Pleasure Devil Sect was a place ruled by devil cultivators. However, all the External Endless Sea cultivators would not dare to touch them as they would give face to the reputation of their sect.

But the cultivators from the Internal Endless Sea were different.

The famous ten sects and three islands were regarded as ordinary forces in the eyes of the cultivators from the Internal Endless Sea!

Su Yao did not expect that there would be a Spirit Severing Realm human cauldron for sale in this auction. Because of this cauldron, countless devil cultivators from the Internal Endless Sea were attracted to the Pleasure Devil Sect.

They behaved recklessly without fear. They were not afraid of the name of the Bi Yao Immortal Island at all!

“Detestable. I would rather…die than being humiliated by this filthy monk!”

Misery filled her eyes. The difference between a Late Nascent Soul Realm expert and a Mid Nascent Soul Realm cultivator was worlds apart. The group of female cultivators would not stand a chance against the five devil cultivators even if they did not have the secret arts to restrain women!

As she took out a dagger and prepared to slice her own throat, an immense aura that could even shock the Heavens shook the black sand away from the atmosphere!

The five devil monks were like ants before the aura!

Under the impact of the aura, Milian felt a sharp pain in his chest like he had just received a heavy blow and retreated tens of steps to stabilize himself.

The other four monks also experienced the same situation and each of them spurted out a mouthful of black blood!

Milian forcefully calmed himself down. However, he was already stricken with fear even though he had yet to meet the powerful expert who emanated such a terrifying aura.

This aura is strong!

What made Milian even more fearful was the concentrated red Violent Qi in the aura!

How many Nascent Soul Realm experts has he killed to accumulate such dense Violent Qi?!

“Who are you?! How dare you hinder us, the members of the Black Buddha Sect from the Internal Endless Sea from doing ‘good things’?! Are you courting death?! Don’t tell me you don’t know my sect master is a Mid Spirit Severing Realm expert?!” Milian gritted his teeth in anger.

“Zhou Ming…”

A young man who wore a white robe draped with a black cloak slowly showed up. Behind him were the female corpse and Yu Long.

Su Yao who felt despair and hopelessness just now widened her eyes in disbelief as she saw the appearance of the young man.

She had met this person before!

She had heard of this name a long time ago!

“It’s…How come… It’s you, it’s really you!”

This young man was the person who escorted Yin Suqiu to Bi Yao Immortal Island.

However, Su Yao could not understand…

The first time she met him, she thought he was a Mid Nascent Soul Realm expert. In the end, Yin Suqiu told her that he was just a Harmonious Spirit Realm cultivator.

A Harmonious Spirit Realm cultivator?

But the aura of the young man was even more terrifying than that of a Peak Nascent Soul Realm expert!

If Yin Suqiu did not lie, it simply means that this person cultivated to Peak Nascent Soul Realm from Harmonious Spirit Realm in just ten years!

Furthermore, if the rumors about him are not fake, he is not just able to defeat Peak Nascent Soul Realm experts but also is unrivalled among all experts below the Spirit Severing Realm!

“You…you…” Su Yao was too stunned to speak.

“Su Yao Xianzi, it has been ten years since we last met. Your demeanor is still the same in the past… By the way, how is Suqiu…”

The young man who was as cold as ice let out a heartwarming smile when he spoke of Suqiu. Even the coldness in his eyes diminished a little.

However, Su Yao who was affected by the aphrodisiac poison felt that his smile was the most handsome among all men under the heavens.

It made her heart thump heavily as if she fell for him…

Her urge became even more unbearable…

Note :

Measurements :

a. li(里) = 500 m

b. zhang(丈) = 3.13 m

c. chi(尺) = 30.7 cm

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