Grasping Evil

Chapter 220(1) - My Yuan Yao World!

Chapter 220(1) My Yuan Yao World!

He spent an entire month to stabilize his newly improved cultivation realm.

Consuming all the Heavenly Primordial Pills took him another month.

The 460 units of magic power were as tranquil as the sea in his dantian. It was nearly close to the total amount of magic power of a hundred Gold Core Realm cultivators. No matter what, his magic power was still not comparable to that of a Peak Nascent Soul Realm expert, let alone a Spirit Severing Realm expert.

After sitting on the cattail hassock for a long time, he finally opened his eyes which were as calm as a cold pond.

“Magic power is one of the troubles faced by cultivators in attaining the Peak Nascent Soul Realm. The state of mind is another challenge… The improvement of my cultivation realm was too fast that my state of mind failed to catch up and was still stuck at the Mid Nascent Soul Realm. It will continue to remain at that realm unless I obtain some insights from training outside… Perhaps, it’s time for me to leave Peng Lai.”

While he was muttering to himself, he took out a piece of jade slip and pressed it.

Immediately, the jade slip brightly flashed and projected a virtual map of the sea in the room.

This map included almost every part of the External Endless Sea, including the borderline of the Internal Endless Sea.

Tens of millions of li away in the northeast direction of the Xuan Wu Island was where the Pleasure Devil Sect was located. Black snow fell from the sky in the sea over there all year round. Besides, the area was rich in spiritual minerals. The magnetic force emitted by the minerals was so strong that it could cause a disturbance to every cultivator’s spirit sense. Anyone who was unfamiliar with the place would also end up lost in the seas of that area, unless they attain the Spirit Severing Realm.

Although the travelling distance to the area was rather long, Ning Fan did not regard it as a problem. When he was still at the Harmonious Spirit Realm, he might need a few years to travel such distance in a rush. However, it was different now. If he flies with all his strength, his speed would nearly be equivalent to that of a Spirit Severing Realm expert. Besides, he had a lot of magic power which enabled him to teleport. He could now teleport for three thousand li* at a time! To him, it was not difficult to teleport millions of li* in a day!

He might be unfamiliar with the sea route, but it was not an issue as Yu Long whom he planted Mental Seal on was the solution to this problem.

As for the danger he might face in that place, it was not even considered as a problem. In the External Endless Sea, only he, Ning Fan, could bring danger to others and no one could threaten him.

However, his journey was not just to attend the auction of Peak Nascent Soul Realm human cauldrons but also for exploring the Secret Realm of the Broken World.

Although the fake Wild Beasts can be killed, they must never be underestimated…

“Spirit Severing Realm power is still too powerful… While the Profound Heaven Soul Slashing Sword might just be a Profound Heaven Defective Treasure, the power of a single strike from it is still more powerful than all of my techniques!”

His spirit sense was already at the Half-Step Spirit Severing Realm. It was hard to achieve another improvement, unless something happened just like in the past which will allow him to enter into seclusion right now and raise the level of his spirit sense to the Spirit Severing Realm… Otherwise, the only way to achieve a breakthrough was to wait.

But even if he displays the Black Tempest Rupture Art with his current spirit sense, its power was not comparable to that of the Profound Heaven Soul Slashing Sword.

“Supreme Grade Magical Treasures, I can disregard them. On the other hand, Spiritual Treasures… I need to enhance my magical treasures. The Lightning Whip can kill a cultivator’s Nascent Soul by striking on their magical treasure. When facing an enemy, this weapon will be extremely useful as they would not be able to predict its ability. However, once I attain the Spirit Severing Realm, I will no longer be able to refine this weapon with the help of the Tribulation of Blood Lightning. It will be difficult to enhance it… Besides, I have figured out a name for this weapon. I will just call it ‘Spirit Crushing Whip’! The spirit that it will crush is the Primordial Spirit! The function of this weapon is to kill the enemy’s Nascent Soul by striking their magical treasures. If this weapon is enhanced and achieves the Spiritual Grade, it will then be able to smash the Primordial Spirits of the Spirit Severing Realm experts!”

His eyes flashed when he was looking at his second Immemorial Divine Weapon. This weapon was already a High Supreme Grade Magical Treasure. If only he could find more lightning to refine it, it would definitely possess a boundless power! Besides, it might even surpass the original it was based on which was the Immortal Treasure – Spirit Striking Whip!

As for the first Immemorial Divine Weapon…

Ning Fan placed his finger on his forehead and took out a tiny sparkling object which eventually transformed into the Separation Slayer Sword.

This sword possessed a divine ability at the Mortal Void Realm – Soul Ignition. However, the stronger the enemies he faced, the weaker the effect of this ability was on his enemies. Moreover, it was just a High Grade Magical Treasure. It could not even be used to fight against a Nascent Soul Realm cultivator, let alone a Spirit Severing Realm expert…

It seems that I have to devour a few more spiritual veins to refine this sword.

If he could discover spiritual veins of a Spirit Severing Realm sect and devour it, he would not just be able to refine his sword but also master the second finger of the Sword Finger.

The first finger of the Sword Finger could hurt Nascent Soul Realm cultivators.

The second finger of the technique was capable of injuring Spirit Severing Realm experts!

The First Finger was Mountain Crush!

The Second Finger would be… Heaven Breaker!

Ning Fan’s eyes did not blink.

He clearly understood that the grade of Separation Slayer Sword needed to be enhanced. For his Spirit Crushing Whip, he needed to find one unique spiritual iron to upgrade it.

To him, he would only want spiritual iron at the Mortal Void Realm as other grades of spiritual iron would be a waste to attach to his Immemorial Divine Weapon which had unlimited potential.

Perhaps he might even get to buy some suitable spiritual iron that he needed when he arrives at the Pleasure Devil Sea. After all, it was known to be a place rich in spiritual minerals.

Among all weapons and magical treasures, Ning Fan only had enough patience to refine and upgrade Immemorial Divine Weapons. For the other magical treasures, they were just temporary items to him. Furthermore, after he achieves a higher cultivation realm, he could simply rob others of their magical treasures.

He kept his Separation Slayer Sword. He sat in silence as his eyes fixed on the blood-red thumb ring, thoroughly studying it.

Treasure of the Cosmos, Yuan Yao Jade!

The Treasures of Cosmos also had their own grades. The thumb ring he was wearing contained a Yuan Yao World within and it was just a chiliocosm.

Its function was completely different from his Cauldron Ring!

It could be used to keep someone inside. However, since he already had a Cauldron Ring, he did not need to use this treasure for that very purpose.

Another function of the Treasure of the Cosmos was that it could imprison the owner’s enemies!

However, it was not the most important ability of the treasure. Instead, it allowed the owner of the treasure to establish formations within the world of the treasure to attack their enemies!

Of course, there were still other ways to increase the severity of the attack within the world.

Other than setting up formations, the owner could fill the world with multiple magical treasures and utilized their abilities…

The female corpse was still lying down at the side of the bed. Her beautiful, sparkling eyes stared at Ning Fan without blinking.

Ning Fan stood up and walked near the window. He stroked the female corpse’s face which was relatively cold and muttered, “Weiliang, wait for me to return. I want to go somewhere…”

“Al..right…” She answered obediently.

The next moment, the thumb ring flashed and the power from the internal realm of the ring swept across him, making him disappear!

She anxiously got out from her thin quilt and got up from the bed. However, she was at a loss of what to do next.


A faint light began to flash within her eyes. The sudden disappearance of Ning Fan caused her to be on the verge of being overtaken by her ferocity.

Fortunately, Ning Fan reappeared at his original place with a flash of the treasure’s power.

Upon seeing the female corpse nearly losing her calm, he promptly held her in his arms and stroked her hair like pacifying a crying child.

“I knew it… I have to bring you with me into the world of the ring. Otherwise, if you go mad, the entire Xuan Wu City is going to face the threat of being annihilated…”

“Light…Light…” As she saw Ning Fan again, the faint light in her eyes faded and she became peaceful again.

“Let’s go. The Profound Yin World can only be unlocked once my Yin Yang Transformation reaches the third realm. Let me show you my first world, the Yuan Yao World!”

The power of the ring flashed again and this time, the two of them vanished together.

When they opened their eyes again, they appeared in a void realm.

However, it was not the true Void Realm. It was just a black space without the force of the Void. However, even if this world had it, Ning Fan would not be scared as he had the Eastern Ocean Bell.

In this world, it was exactly like the nighttime of the real world.

Below their feet was a desolate vast land with a bumpy surface, just like the surface of a star.

This land was at least tens of millions of li* large, making it seem boundless!

Despite that, there was no sun, rain, dew, flowers, birds, insects, fish… There was nothing on this piece of land.

Previously, Bei Xiaoman intended to imprison Ning Fan in this place.

“Light…I…am…scared…” Her hands tightly clutched on the corner of his sleeve and her eyes were filled with fear.

“Don’t be scared… Sooner or later, this place will have sunlight and rain. There will also be trees and rivers… Bei Xiaoman was too lazy. She did not reform this place when she was still the owner of this world. I think the responsibility is on me again… You see. If mountains and rivers are planted on this great land, formations can be established. If I fill the night sky with magical treasures, it would be dotted with starlight… If this world is properly designed and remodeled, even an Early Spirit Severing Realm expert would die here once he is trapped inside!”

“Light…is…the…best…” She actually did not have a single clue of what Ning Fan was talking about. However, her eyes twinkled in admiration.

That was a kind of dependence. Neither did she have any memories nor spiritual intelligence. As such, relying on Ning Fan became one of her natural tendencies.

Ning Fan laughed at her reaction and gently stroked her hair again.

Within his Cauldron Ring, there was a Cold Moon Spring. It was an item he obtained from the Hu Clan of Yue Country. However, it was meant for the women in the Cauldron Ring to bathe. To make the Yuan Yao World become full of mountains and rivers, Ning Fan had no other choice but to build them from scratch.

As such, Ning Fan had another mission along the journey to the Pleasure Devil Sea.

The next day, Ning Fan and the female corpse left Xuan Wu City and also Peng Lai Immortal Island. There was one more person who joined them in their journey. He was the pitiful Old Ancestor Yu Long who was planted a Mental Seal by Ning Fan.

Lu Qing gifted Ning Fan a great sea boat. Obviously, Ning Fan was not going to reject it. He received it but he did not use it.

As for Bei Xiaoman, she deliberately hid herself from Ning Fan. She did not come to see him off. She only appeared at the windowsill of the top floor of the southern tower when Ning Fan’s shadow almost faded away at the edge of the sky. She was fiddling with a pot of rose plant beside the window and heaved a sigh.

It was like a sigh of disappointment but it also seemed like a sigh of relief.

“Zhou Ming. This blight is finally gone…Without the protection of Stone Warrior, it’s better that I don’t move around alone as I am about to attain the Spirit Severing Realm. Otherwise, it’ll be fun if I follow Zhou Ming to the Pleasure Devil Sea to play… Wait! What am I talking about?! Pah! Why do I want follow a maggot?! I am not that lonely after all… I still have fifty years left before the completion of my training in the Mortal World. How many more times can I meet this Zhou Ming again? Perhaps the next time I meet him, he might have attained the Spirit Severing Realm too… I also want to prepare for secluded meditation. Hmmph! I must not lose to him! The next time, I will make sure he can’t block my kick that easily again! And… and… my Yuan Yao Jade. I will defeat him fair and square and get it back! Hmmph! I don’t want to marry him!”

However, when she thought of the jade slip which contained a recording of her masturbation, her face immediately turned red and she angrily spat out a curse on him.

This Zhou Ming is indeed shameless.

However, don’t tell me he will actually watch the record of the jade slip quietly and secretly by himself… Is he going to masturbate while watching the clip…

“Zhou Ming! If you dare to use my clip to masturbate, I will kill you!”

A feeling of disgust filled Bei Xiaoman’s heart.

A strong sea breeze blew across the surface of the sea. In the path of cultivation, the years were easily forgotten.

It had already been more than ten years since he had left Yue Country.

One of his hands held the female corpse’s hand while the other grasped Yu Long’s neck, holding him like a chicken. They stepped on the surface of the sea to move.

The reason why he did not choose to fly up high in the sky was because he wanted to keep some of the sea water into the Yuan Yao World.

As the saying goes, a world cannot be formed without water. Water is the source of all life.

At the east side of the Yuan Yao World, thirty million li* long of land was hollowed out by Ning Fan to pour in the sea water in order to form a sea within the world.

To increase the spirituality of the sea, he dived into the bottom of the ocean and collected countless corals, sea reefs, sand and plants…

As a result, two-thirds of the surface of Yuan Yao World became a sea.

Note :

Measurements :

a. li(里) = 500 m

b. zhang(丈) = 3.13 m

c. chi(尺) = 30.7 cm

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