Grasping Evil

Chapter 221(1) - The Affected Su Yao!

Chapter 221(1) The Affected Su Yao!

Zhou Ming?

I have heard of this name before but it’s rather unfamiliar to me… Surname Zhou? A member of the Zhou Clan of the Internal Endless Sea?

No. The members of the Zhou Clan have an emblem of the Lightning Beasts on their robes… This person is not one of them and he should not be a cultivator from the Internal Endless Sea… I suppose he is just a Peak Nascent Soul Realm from the External Endless Sea…

Countless thoughts were running through Milian’s mind. When he concluded that the formidable man before him was just an expert from the External Endless Sea, he felt relieved. Ninety percent of the fear he originally had faded away.

When he settled down, he started to observe Ning Fan with extra caution. With his current cultivation realm, he discovered that the young man only possesses nearly 460 units of magic power, which was much lower than his. He had 550 units of magic power!

So this man is just a Late Nascent Soul Realm cultivator?

Don’t tell me that his terrifying aura and immense Violent Qi were just a pretense to intimidate us?

This old man was scared by a brat who has a lower magic power than myself?!

Hmmph! A Late Nascent Soul Realm cultivator from the External Endless Sea dares to intervene and ruin our work! He’s definitely courting death!

The eyes on his chubby face turned gloomy.

“Young man! I am Milian, the Ninth Elder of the Black Buddha Sect, which is one of the famous seventy-two sects in the Internal Endless Sea! You better stay out of this. You should know, the worst and most foolish thing in the Endless Sea is to help others out of justice. If you offend me, I have the means to pinch you to death, even if you are a Late Nascent Soul Realm cultivator…”


Ning Fan let out a faint smile but deep inside, he felt a little strange.

This Milian was not enough to rouse fear within him.

However, Milian’s body emanated a trace of vicious qi which was nearly similar to the aura of a Peak Nascent Soul Realm expert.

No matter what, he still isn’t someone worth mentioning. What I should say is that the techniques of the Black Buddha Sect is rather unique.

Upon seeing the smile that appeared on Ning Fan’s face, Milian was filled with rage.

A mere Late Nascent Soul Realm is trying to act tough in front of me?!

“Get into formation and kill him!”


As Milian barked out the order, the other four black monks wiped off the blood on their mouths and held a black formation disk each, standing at the four directions with Ning Fan inside, surrounding him. They activated their magic power and immediately, a thousand zhang wide black formation pattern encircled him and stretched into the sky.

Ning Fan’s eyes narrowed but he did not move away from his position.

This formation pattern was ancient and complicated. Suddenly, wails of evil spirits echoed within the formation and gusts of black wind blew against him. Each of the gusts of wind then transformed into a black python which was as thick as the mouth of a bowl. Within seconds, thousands of black pythons which flicked their tongues with black drool leaking from their mouths charged towards Ning Fan.

This formation was established using four High Grade Nascent Soul Realm Formation Disks. Combining all the power of the four disks, the formation established was not any weaker than a Peak Nascent Soul Realm Formation.

As for the black pythons, they were not snakes and they were not venomous. Each of them were the evil intent of the deceased.

Although this formation was not of excellent grade, not even a Peak Nascent Soul Realm expert would want to be caught in the formation. Once he is attacked by the evil intent, his body might not suffer any injuries but his Heart of Dao would be stained, creating a Heart’s Devil within him. The evil intent might even cause him to instantly become insane or crush his Heart of Dao!

If the Heart of Dao is crushed, the cultivator might have a chance to survive but he would suffer grievous injuries!

Milian kept sneering when the formation was completed. If Ning Fan could not escape from the formation in time, he would no longer have any possibility of breaking loose from this formation, unless he was a Spirit Severing Realm expert!

Seeing Zhou Ming who came to “save” them fall into the formation, the two Mid Nascent Soul Realm elders of Bi Yao Sect turned pale.

“No…It’s bad!” This is the ‘Phantoms of InsanityFormation’ of the Black Buddha Sect. It uses the evil intent of the dead people and evil ghosts to attack the cultivator within the formation. Not even a Peak Nascent Soul Realm expert could resist it, let alone this young man. It did not matter whether he was the true notorious devil lord Zhou Ming or not. If he is trapped inside the formation, unless he possesses a Spiritual Treasure to protect himself, it would be impossible for him to withstand the evil intent!”

Even Bi Yao who got afflicted with the aphrodisiac poison knitted her brows. She was vexed at herself for not being able to aid Ning Fan. Her heroic attitude was quite similar to that of Yin Suqiu.

“Young man! You can die in peace within this Phantoms of Insanity Formation!”

Milian let out a cacophony of laughter as his belly fat jiggled. But what happened next made his laughter cease and his smile to cramp.

Ning Fan did not even try to evade when facing thousands of black pythons. Instead, he grinned.

The Earth Controlling Devil Star on his right eye emitted a black light. All of a sudden, the power of the star created a vortex with incredible suction force and absorbed all the black pythons into his right eye.

The star which was light yellow at first gradually became dark yellow, radiating the faint light of evil intent.

“En. They can become excellent nutrients in cultivating the Third Corpse Pupil Technique. However, there is not enough of them… Never mind. This Phantoms of Insanity Formation is a formation that could accumulate evil intent. It’s useful to me … I want it!”

In the next split second, Ning Fan’s eyes shone with cold light. He made a stomp and a silver light flashed. Although he just stomped in the air, the power of his stomp made the whole heaven and earth tremble!

With just a stomp, the thousand zhang formation light with lots of black formation patterns crumbled.

The four Mid Nascent Soul Realm monks who set up the formation immediately coughed up blood and retreated. Their formation disks were all broken. None of them could maintain their composure!

As for Milian, he was utterly shocked!

The Phantoms of Insanity Formation is broken by a person from inside!

Those are evil intent ah! They can weaken the mind of a cultivator and even stimulate the creation of a Heart’s Devil within the cultivator! One python is enough to turn an ordinary Early Nascent Soul Realm cultivator insane. No Mid Nascent Soul Realm cultivators could withstand 10 of them. When hundreds of black pythons enter into the body of a Late Nascent Soul Realm cultivator, his Heart of Dao would definitely crack. Even a Peak Nascent Soul Realm expert would lose his sanity when attacked by thousands of black pythons!

But… But those horrifying evil intent was devoured by the young man!

Besides, this formation which is equivalent to that of a Peak Nascent Soul Realm formation was pulverized by him in just a stomp!

Yes. It’s not a mistake. The strength of his stomp is not any lower than the Fourth Level of the Silver Bone Realm… Maybe his body refining realm is even at the Peak Silver Bone Realm!

Is there such powerful body refining cultivator in the External Endless Sea?! Don’t tell me that this outstanding expert is a descendant of the Giant Devil Sect that was assigned to guard the Pleasure Devil Sect?!

In a flash, an imminent feeling of danger surged within his heart, making the hairs on his arms stood!

Ning Fan faintly closed his eyes after crushing the formation into pieces. At the time he opened them again, they became indifferent and merciless. His aura drastically changed!

The current Ning Fan was like an ancient sword that existed eternally, hanging from the sky!

As he made another step forward, the force of heaven and earth gathered to him and transformed into a sword, thrusting towards the five of them!

All of them were caught unprepared. Even Milian also spurted a mouthful of blood, grievously injured!

Milian narrowed his eyes in fear!

What kind of sword technique was that?!

Forming a sword from the force of heaven and earth in just a stomp!

This kind of sword technique can only be possessed by the Spirit Severing Realm experts from the Sword Island in the Internal Endless Sea.

Don’t tell me he’s not the descendant of the Giant Devil Sect but a member of the Sword Island!

As he thought of “Sword Island”, he felt a chill down his spine. But before he could continue to contemplate, Ning Fan had already made the second stomp.

He then continuously made the third, fourth and fifth step! His action was so fast as only his afterimage could be seen.

Milian’s expression greatly changed. Without hesitation, he opened his mouth and spurted out a black relic. It was an item that was congealed using the secret arts of the Black Buddha Sect to protect himself.

However, in the face of the sword qi of the fifth step, the relic which was able to block a Late Nascent Soul Realm strike was turned into ashes. The residual power worsened Milian’s injuries, causing him to spurt out even more blood.

The four Mid Nascent Soul Realm black monks who surrounded him were instantly turned into blood mist under the power of his sword qi, leaving only four pale Nascent Souls. Each of their expressions were filled with fear.

The young man before him did not use even a single bit of his magic power. What he did was borrowing the force of heaven and earth to form a sword. But it was already that powerful.

Is he…a Spirit Severing Realm expert?!

Other than those at the Spirit Severing Realm, who else could possess such techniques?!


Milian was foolish. Despite that, he knew that Ning Fan was not a person to be trifled with. The reason he would be so daring earlier was because he was unaware of Zhou Ming’s reputation. If he had known it, he would have fled.

But Ning Fan acted even faster than they could flee!

The sixth step, Wind Move!

The seventh step, Snow Melt!

The eighth step, Sea Whirl!

The ninth step, Sword Crack!

Nine Steps, Sky Treader, forming a sword with nine steps! As the sword qi of the technique was unleashed, the black snow within the range of a thousand li disappeared! This was the sword of heaven and earth!!

The might of this technique killed four Nascent Souls and nearly crushed Milian’s rotund body together with his Nascent Soul.

Just as his body collapsed, a black shadow flew into the sky in panic. It was a black Nascent Soul.

The face of the Nascent Soul was exactly the same as Milian. However, Ning Fan clearly crushed his Nascent Soul earlier.

“A second Nascent Soul? Interesting. The members of the Black Buddha Sect must excel in this kind of secret arts. But in this world, having more Nascent Souls does not mean stronger magic techniques… Seal!”

One finger, Body Seal!

With a flick of his sleeve, a huge gust of wind blew the panic-stricken Nascent Soul into Ning Fan’s hands.

The miniature face of the Nascent Soul was plastered with terror.

Milian was a Late Nascent Soul Realm cultivator but his second Nascent Soul was at the Peak Nascent Soul Realm. Even Peak Nascent Soul Realm experts would find it hard to catch up with him when he teleports. However, he did not expect that his movements would be sealed by Ning Fan with just a finger.

He had never even heard of this technique!

“You… You must not kill me… If you do, the Spirit Severing Realm expert of my sect will definitely…”

“Shut up! Soul Memory Searching Technique!”

Ning Fan did not have the thought of talking nonsense with him at all.

The reason why the battle dragged longer was because he was interested in the Phantoms of Insanity Formation and also the second Nascent Soul.

This person’s memories were not like those of the Eagle Crane Elder because they were not sealed by a powerful expert.

Evidently, the background of the Black Buddha Sect is not as strong as the Demon Sealing Sect.

After reading all his memories, Ning Fan opened his mouth wide and swallowed the black Nascent Soul. With a twist of his wrist, the five storage pouches of the five monks flew to his hands.

Their pills, magical treasures, immortal jade, the guide of establishing the Phantoms of Insanity Formation and even the secret art to cultivate the second Nascent Soul were all in Ning Fan’s hands now.

To Ning Fan, the battle just now could be considered a waste of his time. On the contrary, it was swift and shocking enough for Su Yao and the rest of the women.

Silence filled the atmosphere once more. The black snow incessantly fell from the sky.

The young man who stood in the snow crushed the formation and killed five Nascent Soul Realm experts in just a few breaths!

Four of them were Mid Nascent Soul Realm cultivators while the other one was a Late Nascent Soul Realm expert who possessed a second Nascent Soul at the Peak Nascent Soul Realm. However, before he had the chance to display his techniques, he was eliminated by this young man.

“This…this is the notorious Zhou Ming that is talked about by the cultivators of the External Endless Sea…” The two female elders of the Bi Yao Sect, Han Mu and Xu Fei, were trembling in fear.

When Ning Fan’s gaze swept across them, the fear in their hearts intensified.

It would not be too difficult for him to kill us two!

He truly deserves the reputation of being the strongest below the Spirit Severing Realm!

As they thought of his notoriety and all the misdeeds he had done, they could feel fear flowing through their veins.

Note :

Measurements :

a. li(里) = 500 m

b. zhang(丈) = 3.13 m

c. chi(尺) = 30.7 cm

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