Grasping Evil

Chapter 218(1) - The Devilish Girl Bows Her Head

Chapter 218(1) The Devilish Girl Bows Her Head

The process only took an hour. However, she felt like it took forever.

Bei Xiaoman was drenched in sweat. Her flat chest continuously rose and fell. It was partly due to the pain in her lower abdomen and also because of Ning Fan’s touch.

However, this devilish girl gritted her teeth, resisting the urge to moan, though her little face flushed red like a tomato.

The pain was excruciating… It might just be a normal thing for mortal women, but in Bei Xiaoman’s case, the pain was greatly amplified by her Gui Veins making it unbearable.

Her body gradually turned numb but her feelings did not… As Ning Fan’s skin touched hers, she even had the intention to die right there and then in order to free herself from the humiliation.

“Zhou…Ming…I…HATE…YOU…” She sorrowfully uttered those words with tears flowing down the corners of her eyes.

Deep inside, she had to admit that Ning Fan really excelled at medical knowledge. Not every pill master could be considered as a physician. A physician not only needed to know about pill refinement but also other methods such as researching medicines, acupuncture, moxibustion and massage…

In other words, Emperor Ancient Chaos was without any doubt, a profound physician.

By fusing the power of his Yin Yang Transformation into massaging, he now had countless effective techniques to make women feel like they were in seventh heaven.

Ning Fan intentionally did not relieve Bei Xiaoman’s pain. He would only be responsible for stopping the bleeding.

But when he saw the way Bei Xiaoman gritted her teeth in reluctance to yield even when she was put under such humiliation, he felt that not even men like Yu Long and Xiao Wanluo could match her.

Although her attitude is indeed too rebellious, she has quite a strong backbone…

At least, when her face turned pale because of the intense pain, she did not beg for mercy.

As Bei Xiaoman’s consciousness slipped away, Ning Fan no longer wanted to punish this devilish girl. Based on his judgement, this girl was just a spoiled princess. She just behaved like a small girl who continuously cause trouble and disturbance without any obvious reasons other than pleasing herself.

“Beg me. I will then help you ease your pain…” Ning Fan filled multiple needles with his magic power and inserted them into her skin without piercing through it in order to align the flow of her qi in her meridians.

“No…” Tears were visible on her eyelashes. Even so, she did not yield.

“Very well… I love girls who don’t like to beg others.”

“Pah! Who wants…your…love…Argh!”

Bei Xiaoman still wanted to argue with him but he activated his Yin Plucking Finger on her body.

Electric currents spread throughout her body, making her petite, undeveloped body tremble lightly. Afterwards, the muscles of her body which contracted due to the acute pain she felt became numbed and softened.

The feeling of pain gradually subsided…

All of a sudden, Bei Xiaoman felt so comfortable and relaxed like she was floating gently on a piece of soft cloud.

The abnormal redness on her cheeks disappeared, replaced by a faint blush that would only appear on a girl’s face when her heart was stirred by love.

Her chest rose and fell more rapidly than before. The two dark red cherries on her chest stood erect. She gasped and heaved just like an aroused woman.

“Zhou Ming… I’ll never forgive you…” The stubbornness in her eyes were gone, leaving only a set of emotional puppy eyes.

She stared at Ning Fan in bewilderment. She felt wronged and resented him.

“Bewitching techniques are effective in relieving pain.”

Ning Fan did not explain any further. Instead, his eyes began to scrutinize Bei Xiaoman’s body.

Having the person whom she hated the most boldly looking at her naked body ignited the shame and fear in her heart. However, her legs which were tightly closed together started to act out of her will, rubbing against each other.

Under the effect of the bewitching technique, she slowly became unconscious.

“Grandfather Stone Warrior, you’re gone…”

“Mum… I don’t want to cultivate Gui Vein anymore… Xiaoman is afraid of blood… Xiaoman is scared to kill…”

“Zhou Ming…Zhou Ming… He’s really an uncommon person. I can’t see through his thoughts… I had a weird feeling about him ever since he arrived at the southern tower for the first time… That time, he was just a Harmonious Spirit Realm cultivator. But I wonder why he had such intense killing qi and his entire body was full of injuries… I wonder what kind of hardship he had gone through in order to reach the Grave of Cultivators… I wonder why he had Fifth Revolution Pill Refining Skills…Why was he not shocked when I tried to seduce him? Why would my heartbeat race while his remained still and calm… However, he was willing to bow down and help me to put on my shoes… He’s an interesting man…”

“But he bullied me. He purposely allowed me to witness what he did to his concubines. He became my Heart’s Devil and every night I would have nightmares of him humiliating me…”

“Mum. I hate Zhou Ming…”

The unconscious Bei Xiaoman grasped tightly on the corner of the bedsheet with one of her hands, enduring the stimulation caused by the bewitching technique, restraining the lust that burned within her heart.

However, the other hand was holding Ning Fan’s, looking at him with a pair of desolate eyes.

“Mum… Xiaoman feels lonely…”

Ning Fan remained silent.

She actually thinks that I’m his mother…

I think this is the only time when this devilish little girl will behave so gently.

Her pitiful round eyes were exactly like those of a newly born kitten.

“Mum… Hug Xiaoman…”

“En. Go to sleep now, Mistress Cauldron…”

After a few hours, Bei Xiaoman woke up with a dizzy head in Ning Fan’s arms.

Her back faced against Ning Fan. His hand hugged her from the back, pressing against her slightly protruding chest. Her tender backside was actually rubbing against that ‘part’ of Ning Fan. Anyone who witnessed their current situation would find that the relationship between the two of them was rather ambiguous.

He is still wearing his clothes. Evidently, he did not take advantage of me and plucked me…

After confirming that thing in her private part was intact, she let out a sigh of relief. However, her face reddened a split second later.

Even though she did not lose her virginity, the lower part of her body was in a mess. Moreover, she only realized that she was sticking one of her fingers inside her forbidden cave, displaying a teasing posture…

While I was unconscious just now, I masturbated!

In front of Zhou Ming!

A creamy transparent liquid which emitted a whiff of fragrance soaked the pants of Ning Fan.

Other than the bloodstains on the bed sheet, there were even dots of those liquid that have dried on the surface…

How come… How could I, the notable Fourth Mistress from the Northern Heaven, behave so inappropriately?!

Moreover, I did that in front of the detestable Zhou Ming!

He not only got to touch my entire body but also witnessed the most unbecoming scene of me!

“Zhou Ming! Get your dirty hands off me! You despicable ant… maggot… cockroach… grasshopper… smelly rascal!”

“Hmm? Oh, I see that you are awake. But which one of my hands is dirty? Is it this hand or the other?”

Ning Fan did not let go of Bei Xiaoman. Instead, he placed his left on her flat chest and his right on the part between her thighs.

As he moved his hands and tickled, Bei Xiaoman could not resist the urge to let out a moan. After the discharge of the liquid, her body became especially sensitive to touch. Immediately, her blushing face was filled with rage…

“Zhou Ming! You shouldn’t go too far!”

“Am I being too excessive? You are my cauldron. I did not pluck you just now because I was afraid that it might hurt your Gui Vein…”

Ning Fan withdrew his hands and slapped on his storage pouch to take out a jade slip.

Upon seeing the jade slip, Bei Xiaoman who just started to behave ferociously softened her tone.

“This… Don’t tell me this is…”

“This is the jade slip that contains the record of your shocking actions earlier. I have created two copies. I will keep one of it. The other one is a gift for you…”

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