Grasping Evil

Chapter 218(2) - The Devilish Girl Bows Her Head

Chapter 218(2) The Devilish Girl Bows Her Head

When Bei Xiaoman regained a bit of her strength, she pulled the entire bed sheet off the mattress and wrapped it over her body like a robe. Only then did she receive the jade slip from Ning Fan and then promptly studied it with her spirit sense. Immediately, a childish but clear voice echoed in her head…

“This is me? Why would I commit such shameful acts? I even regarded you as my mother and snuggled into your arms to…masturbate… Zhou Ming! You! It was you who hoodwinked me using your bewitching technique!”


The jade slip was crushed into pieces in her small hand.

However, it did not matter to Ning Fan as the original copy was still in his hands.

If this jade slip were to be leaked, it would be the end for Bei Xiaoman…

She was not concerned about clearing her own name using fabricated means. However, regarding her own purity, it was impossible for her to stay unconcerned. After all, she was also a female…

“The jade slip is in your hands… Tell me. Is grandfather Stone Warrior in your possession as well?”

“It’s good that you aren’t stupid.”

“What do you want in exchange for releasing Stone Warrior and destroying the jade slip…” Bei Xiaoman spoke solemnly.

“When the time comes, it will naturally be destroyed… I will release Stone Warrior when he is no longer useful to me after I attain the Spirit Severing Realm. You, Bei Xiaoman, might have an unruly attitude and merciless in killing others, but since you are my cauldron, I will never be too mean to you.

“Pah! Who is your cauldron?! I am lying down right here on this bed. I dare you to pluck me!”

“You wanna try?!” Ning Fan’s eyes flashed with cold light.

“No…I don’t…” Immediately, Bei Xiaoman submitted. She could tell that this Zhou Ming truly meant what he said. He would follow through with whatever he spoke in actions.

Bei Xiaoman was not a person who would easily yield to others. However, today, she had no other option but to lower her head in front of Zhou Ming, the person she hated the most! It was something that not even her mother could possibly do.

“Where are my clothes?! My storage pouch?! My Yuan Yao Jade?!”

“Your clothes were torn to pieces. As for your storage pouch, I took 50 million immortal jade and some pills from it. I did not touch the rest of it. Regarding the Yuan Yao Jade, it will belong to me from now onwards!”

He tossed a shrunken storage pouch at Bei Xiaoman, making her lose her temper again.

“You can take all the immortal jade and pills you want! But you must not take away my Yuan Yao Jade! It has a special meaning to me…” Bei Xiaoman eagerly shouted.

“Why is it special to you?”

“I am not going to tell you about it! Regardless, you must return it to me!”

Ning Fan shook his head.

There are some things that I can know without needing you to tell me.

He activated his Yin Yang Locket and displayed the Mind Reading Technique. The next second, the worries in Bei Xiaoman’s heart flooded into his mind.

This jade was a Treasure of the Cosmos that contained a “chiliocosm”. Other than that, it was also a marriage token for her as the Fourth Mistress from the Northern Heaven.

If Ning Fan took the jade, Bei Xiaoman would be considered as his woman…

“Interesting… I’m not returning this jade!”

“You!” Bei Xiaoman’s heart fluttered in and out of the way. She was partially angry and partially shy.

Shouldn’t she be considered Ning Fan’s wife after her entire body was seen and even touched by him…

This guy took away my Yuan Yao Jade too… If mother knows about this, then I have to marry him!

What now… What should I do…

“Alright. Quickly change into some presentable clothes. We have to go out now. If we don’t, I’m afraid Lu Qing is going to barge into this room… Our ‘conversation’ seemed to have been excessively long…”


As she imagined Lu Qing coming in right now and witnessing the embarrassing scene where she was half-naked while facing Ning Fan, her scalp began to numb.

My purity must not be tarnished by him!

She hid her body in the thin blanket, leaving her messy-haired head out to watch out for Ning Fan and started changing clothes.

“Oh yes. I almost forgot to say this. Your legs are really good-looking and your skin is not bad…” Ning Fan abruptly broke the silence. He vaguely remembered that Mo Yun once told him that praising the Mistress’ legs would make her very happy.

“Hmmph! Pervert!”

Hehe. This devil lord has good taste. My legs are the most beautiful in the world! Though my chest is flat…

Ning Fan finally obtained the Green Phoenix Flame under Bei Xiaoman’s compliance.

In the lower level of the palace, Lu Qing was anxiously waiting for them. He whispered to himself saying, “The conversation between Mistress and Zhou Ming is a bit too long…”

He took another sip of the tea but this time, he no longer had the mood to enjoy it. From his perspective, he thought that the Mistress would not face any danger as the spiritual puppet, Stone Warrior, was still by her side.

However, if Mistress really likes Zhou Ming, a cultivator from the mortal world and has done something intimate with the latter, he would likely be decapitated.

“I don’t think so… Maybe the Mistress just has favorable impression of Zhou Ming. However, according to her attitude, she would probably not make out with him. I think I am just overthinking this…”

Lu Qing laughed at himself.

After following the Mistress for so long, would I still be unfamiliar with her behavior?

She would kill those men who dare to look at her a little longer, let alone making out with a man…

When he placed the cup of tea near his lips, intending to take another sip, Ning Fan, the female corpse and Bei Xiaoman came down from the stairs.

Upon seeing the Mistress was in good shape, Lu Qing inwardly let out a sigh of relief. However, terror filled his face at the next second.

Bei Xiaoman’s face glistened in redness. A trace of lust remained in her eyes and she looked like a woman who had satisfied her sexual desire after the ‘activity’ on the bed… Moreover, even though the Mistress still treated Ning Fan with a cold attitude, she behaved a little more tolerant than before. It was as if she was tamed…

“Don’t tell me that the Mistress was … No, impossible, I must be overthinking it…”


When Lu Qing’s eyes caught sight of the blood red thumb ring on Ning Fan’s hand, he almost choked himself to death by the tea.

Yuan Yao Jade!

The engagement ring of the Mistress!

How come it is in this Zhou Ming’s hand?!

Wait… Don’t tell me that the thing that I have been worried about has actually happened within the few hours earlier!

“Mistress, you and Zhou Ming…” Lu Qing cautiously asked in a soft tone.

“How audacious you are! I did not do anything with Zhou Ming at all!” Bei Xiaoman angrily rebuked as if the hot button in her heart was triggered.

She had already been bullied by Ning Fan and now, even Lu Qing had crossed the line…


However, after hearing her reply, a loud thunderous blast echoed in his mind, making the glimmer of hope he had earlier shatter.

Did not do anything at all… In other words, it means they had done it?!

It’s over… Mistress has already been “eaten” by Zhou Ming…

If the revered master of the Lost World Palace knows about it, Lu Qing will certainly be dead!

It’s my fault for not fulfilling my duty in supervising the Mistress… It’s my fault ah!

Keeping the jade slip as an evidence to threaten Bei Xiaoman was indeed a wrongful act in the eyes of the Righteous Path.

From the perspective of the Devil Path, however, it would be considered an act of a scoundrel.

However, whatever you could not take through proper means could still be snatched using other ways! If using force is not the correct method, there are still soft ways!

The process can be neglected as only the result counts.

If the desired result cannot be achieved, everything is just empty talk.

The Old Devil did not teach Ning Fan a lot of things. However, he managed to impart a message to him – do things using either fair or foul means!

Note :

Measurements :

a. li(里) = 500 m

b. zhang(丈) = 3.13 m

c. chi(尺) = 30.7 cm

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