Grasping Evil

Chapter 217(2) - Bei Xiao Man Bled

Chapter 217(2) Bei Xiao Man Bled

All her strength left her, as if it was completely drained. There were also traces of blood dripping down from between her thighs, staining her skirt.

She originally intended to display the divine abilities of Gui Vein to capture Ning Fan after finding that the Yuan Yao Jade had no effect on him.

Unexpectedly, at this point of time….

But I must not lose! I must not allow him to continue laughing proudly… That detestable smile… It is more despicable than when he destroyed my Heart of Dao!

“Gui… Gui Technique, Seven Kills! Body Refining Technique, the Rose Stomp!”

She strenuously performed the incantations of the techniques. Afterwards, seven blood-red stars emerged in the palace and each and every one of them linked together to form the Northern Dipper, radiating blood light which fell on her leg. In a flash, she dashed towards Ning Fan and lifted her leg to land a kick on his face.

Her body refining realm was at the Third Level of Silver Bone Realm. Her kick was also infused with the ability of her Gui Technique, Seven Kills, making it faster than her own shadow. The strength of the kick was so strong that it could easily pulverize any Peak Supreme Grade magical treasure!

The aura she emanated was strong. However, it did not spread outside because of the defensive formation of her internal palace. In a way, the formation seemed to have been purposely established as Bei Xiaoman was worried that Lu Qing would interfere when he knows she was going to assault Ning Fan.

As her leg was just an inch away from his face, the force was so strong that it seemed capable of breaking thousands of stars. The momentum of the blow brought a gust of wind to his face but he emotionlessly stood at his position. His indifferent eyes stared at the incoming kick and he gently raised his hand which immediately glowed with silver light, blocking the kick. Afterwards, he slapped on her leg for a dozen times, diminishing the impact of the attack!

Bei Xiaoman’s face was astonished. She could see that Ning Fan actually had a Half-Step Jade Life Body Refining Realm as her leg came into contact with his hand!

Besides, the slaps he made on her leg showed his excellent control over his strength in order to level off the impact of her kick.

If he exerted slightly less strength, he would be injured by the kick.

If he exerted slightly more strength, the bones of her leg would instantly be fractured by Ning Fan’s hand!

“Why?! A mere cultivator of the mortal world can possess a higher body refining realm than me?! Also, he restrained his full strength in order to show mercy to me… Detestable, truly detestable… Argh!”

She let out another wail of pain. This kick she made just now had drawn the blood and qi of her Gui Vein, causing them to go completely out of control.

Zhou Ming is strong… Even if I am at my peak state, there is no way I can win against him. At best, we will end up in a draw.

If Ning Fan blocks her attack when she is in her peak state, she would also be convinced of his strength, though she might be admitting it an unreasonable manner. Now, she was at her weakest condition. Having her attack blocked by Ning Fan showed that he was actually being lenient on her. She could not accept it. She was extremely dissatisfied…

His leisurely and unoppressive smile was like a silent humiliation to her. It made her feel like he was teasing that she, Bei Xiaoman, who was a descendant of the Four Heavens, only had such insignificant skills… She was both in anguish and agony.

As she wanted to withdraw her leg from Ning Fan’s hand, his hand grasped tightly on it just like a claw would and pulled her weary body into his arms.

The reputable Fourth Mistress from the Mixed Heaven in the North was held by Ning Fan in his arms who had a domineering aura.

Unfortunately, Bei Xiaoman did not even have an ounce of strength left to free herself…

She struggled. But when her small hands gently pushed on Ning Fan’s chest, she was pulled even closer until their eyes met. Now, it was already difficult for her to stand on her feet, let alone push him away. If he lets go of her, she would certainly fall to the ground.

Maybe she would even feel awkward when she falls down right in front of Ning Fan…

“You… What do you want to do to me?!”

Bei Xiaoman’s face abnormally reddened.

Her baby face that looked like that of a thirteen-year-old young girl was filled with hopelessness and desperation.

“As expected, you really intend to tarnish my purity… My nightmare is true…”

She opened her mouth and mustered her last ounce of strength to bite Ning Fan’s neck.

However, because her strength was too weak, it made her look like she was teasing him whom anyone would mistakenly perceive as her partner…

“Pluck you? Bei Xiaoman, you think too highly of yourself… Peak Nascent Soul Realm human cauldrons are only worth 30 units of magic power. I’m even more worried about my promises than that small amount of magic power… However, it’s beyond my expectations that you actually still have menstruation as all female cultivators under the blue heavens would experience menopause after they attain the Harmonious Spirit Realm… If it isn’t because plucking you right now will hurt your life force and my promises will be unfulfilled, I really want to try the taste of a girl with menstruation…”

Ning Fan was naughtily teasing her while bitterly smiling at the same time.

After finding out some truths, the original plan that he had in mind was changed.

Troublesome… It’s really troublesome…

Because under the tantalizingly mini skirt of Bei Xiaoman, above her alluring silk stockings, traces of blood were flowing down between her thighs.

This is a common phenomenon among mortal females. However, it was extremely rare in the cultivation world.

A female’s menstruation… This Bei Xiaoman still had her periods…

An ordinary female cultivator would not have periods. Periods were also known as the Gui phenomenon. The discharged blood was known as the Gui water. It was an item with intense Yin Power. Bei Xiaoman was a cultivator of the Gui Divine Veins which required a lot of Yin power and had outstanding killing power. Despite that, she was considered a weirdo among the female cultivators in the cultivation world as she still had menstruation.

Ning Fan was a little depressed as the battle just now was evidently an unfair match.

He was even more depressed when he thought that he could not pluck this girl because of the promises he made.

The Divine Vein of Gui can only be cultivated by women who had unique body types. The time when they break through a large cultivation realm was their nightmare. During that time, they must not suffer any injuries or see any blood with their eyes…

If they see blood, their wounds would not stop bleeding…

It was why Ning Fan must never pluck this girl as he would destroy her virginity, causing her to keep bleeding until she becomes all dried up and end up dead.

He would be able to tarnish her virginity, her primordial Yin. Moreover, he was confident that he could do it without letting anyone know. However, if she dies because of it, it could not be concealed any more. There might be countless enraged True Immortals descending from the Northern Mixed Heaven to find him…

As such, he must not let her die…

“Let…me…go…” Bei Xiaoman moaned. Deep inside, she was embarrassed to the extent of committing suicide as her flat chest was pressing against Ning Fan’s.

“You…talk…like…me…” The female corpse who was at his side curiously blinked her eyes.

Ning Fan let out a light sigh.

I think I have to do a kind act by helping this girl stop her bleeding…

But it’s not a bad idea after all. I can just record the process using a jade slip. With the jade slip, her purity will be considered in my hands without the need to pluck her…

Though it seems like a mean tactic…

“Weiliang, help me guard the door. Don’t allow anyone to come in…”

“Yes….” The female corpse stood like a statue at the door, wearing a ferocious face, as if she was implying that death awaits anyone who tries to enter the room.

Bei Xiaoman’s eyes were filled with disbelief when Ning Fan harshly hurled her onto the bed.

She had a relief as he did not act like the person in her nightmare.

But she was shameful that Ning Fan placed his hand on her silk stockings and stroked upwards to her calf, into her mini skirt. Afterwards, he helped her unbutton her dress… However, the buttons seemed difficult to unfasten and he literally tore her dress apart with force!

Her private part felt cool as well as her undeveloped chest…

Her eyes were now filled with fear. She tried to cover her exposed body with her bare hands but she could not do it.

Anyway, her chest which was as flat as a grassland had nothing worthy to be seen. There were only two soft little grapes.

“You… pervert… Don’t look…. If you dare… to defile me… I will…”

“Did I say that I want to defile you? I just want to stop your bleeding… You have menstruation. If the bleeding continues, you will die…”

Ning Fan no longer wore a smile on his face. Now, he looked expressionless as if he was not interested in her naked body at all.

However, to a girl, this unconcerned look was quite upsetting…

“Zhou Ming! You…!”

‘I’m just stopping the bleeding…” Ning Fan’s hands moved skillfully on her lower abdomen and hips.

The blood of Gui Vein was not easy to restrain. Luckily, menstruation was a natural behavior of a girl, making it possible for it to be stopped. If she has other external wounds, it would have been a lot more troublesome.

Bei Xiaoman was so furious that she almost cried.

She, the notable Fourth Mistress of the Northern Heaven, was being “molested” by the person she hated the most…

No. His dirty hands are touching my private part…

What made her feel even worse was that Ning Fan placed a jade slip on top of a table which faced directly at them. He was filming the whole process…

“You…shut down…the jade slip! Don’t record this!”

“It’s good as a keepsake, isn’t it? If you dare to offend me in the future, I will show this jade slip to the rest of the world… If you dare to stop me from getting the Green Phoenix Flame, I will also expose this jade slip to everyone…”

“You dare?!” Bei Xiaoman shouted like she was crying.

“There are always people who love to ask me that question… Bei Xiaoman, it’s rare that I decided to save you once… The next time we meet, I’m going to pluck you. Remember it.”

Ning Fan kept his mouth and no longer uttered any words.

It had been a long while since the last time he had done such mean, shameless and evil acts…

“If you are obedient, maybe this jade slip will be destroyed. Stone Warrior will also return.” Ning Fan broke the silence.

“What?! Grandfather Stone Warrior… It’s you… It’s you… What have you done to him?!”

“You don’t have to know. When you become my cauldron, I will tell you everything.”


Bei Xiaoman swallowed down the words she was about to say.

It was not because she did not want to say it. It was just because her body was reacting uncontrollably to Ning Fan’s touch, making her breathing rapid.

Why? Why is my body behaving like this?

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