Grasping Evil

Chapter 215 - Bei Xiaoman’s “Purity”!

Chapter 215 Bei Xiaoman’s “Purity”!

When Ning Fan appeared in the sky above Xuan Wu City, a heavy silence fell upon the city.

Even though the sea breeze tasted a little salty, it still could not get rid of the stench of blood coming from his body. The massive Violent Qi he accumulated condensed into traces of red light flashing around his body.

Under his gaze, no cultivators in the city dared to utter a single word!

That intangible devil prestige even made some old monsters gulped fearfully!

Zhou Ming! This person killed three tower masters of the Lost World Palace by himself! None of the three Peak Nascent Soul Realm experts could escape death!

The strongest expert below the Spirit Severing Realm! This person truly deserves that title!

“Dismiss…” Ning Fan’s voice was both deep and faint. However, the technique of reverberation made his faint voice echo loudly in the air.

The next second, all cultivators hurriedly cupped their fists towards Ning Fan and left.

The city which was originally noisy and crowded became quiet and empty because of the one word that Ning Fan uttered.

He shut his eyes and adjusted his feelings. The indifferent look on his face slowly faded.

This feeling is good. Now, I suppose no one would dare to ask for trouble from me in the Endless Sea.

The notorious reputation of his terrifying power was even more effective and practical than the young masters who always relied on publicizing their uncommon background to gain respect and protection.

In the Endless Sea which was also known as the Grave of Cultivators, having powerful backgrounds and face were useless. Power and devil prestige were the only assurances for protection!

After he landed on the ground, he returned to the female corpse’s side.

Her original calm expression changed immediately after she noticed the paleness of Ning Fan’s face. She stretched her ice-cold hand and touched his cheeks.


“Don’t worry. It’s just some minor injuries. Let’s go. Since I’ve helped the Lost World Palace finish off three potential threats, it doesn’t make any sense if Lu Qing is not grateful for my deeds.

A faint smile decorated Ning Fan’s face. He held the delicate hand of the female corpse and sauntered along the empty street.

The Southern Pill Tower of the Lost World Palace.

Mo Yun’s facial expression was complicated. It was hard to tell what he was feeling right now. As for Yu Long, the old ancestor, he was on tenterhooks.

All the twenty-seven Third Revolution pill masters and five Fourth Revolution pill masters held their tongues. The atmosphere was solemn.

After the news about the deaths of the three tower masters was spread, everybody was discussing about how to deal with the murderer, Zhou Ming.

Everyone could tell that Lu Qing was actually borrowing Ning Fan’s hands to kill the three tower masters as he had not appeared to mediate between the two parties from the beginning.

To put it in another way, Zhou Ming was the one who publicly murdered the three tower masters while Lu Qing was the one who incited him to do so in the dark.

If it was Lu Qing’s implied intention to do so, Zhou Ming would be considered guiltless. Instead, he performed a meritorious service!

But Zhou Ming must not be rewarded and commended in public. As the three experts who died were members of the Lost World Palace, if Lu Qing were to reward Zhou Ming, his actions would tarnish the reputation of the Lost World Palace.

Plotting a murder on the pill masters of his own clan with a foreign devil because they held ulterior motives… This was indeed a disgraceful label.

Therefore, Zhou Ming was in an unknown situation. He could neither be rewarded nor punished…

His unprecedented achievement of eliminating three Peak Nascent Soul Realm experts alone made him to be recognized as the strongest expert below the Spirit Severing Realm. With that kind of strength, perhaps not even a genuine Early Spirit Severing Realm expert would be capable of capturing him.

If anyone tries to catch him and fails, they would only create another formidable enemy for themselves. It would not really be worth it to offend a ruthless devil lord like him.

To others, he was a mad man. There would be bloodbath wherever he goes…

The bloodbath of the Hill of Death, the bloodbath of the Pill Cauldron Gate and the bloodbath of the Xuan Wu City… Furthermore, anyone who was observant would have recalled that on the day when Seventh Elder of the Demon Sealing Sect, Eagle Crane Elder died, Zhou Ming dashed out of the immortal island…

The murder of the Seventh Elder of the Demon Sealing Sect was most likely done by him!

As the saying goes, injuring all of an enemy’s fingers is not as effective as chopping off one of them. If the Lost World Palace were to send people after Zhou Ming and fails to kill him, they would offend him and it would be a foolish action!

As such, all the old monsters decided to remain silent in the meeting to discuss how to deal with Zhou Ming.

Speaking something wrong would only render troubles to oneself.

All of them knew it and none of them were fools…

Lu Qing was sipping a cup of fragrant Chinese tea while knocking on the jade table with his finger. He looked calm and idle, however, the rapid pace of his finger knocking on the table revealed the opposite. Deep inside, he was unsettled. From the start, he did not hold any intention of capturing Zhou Ming. He was just hesitating on what kind of benefits he should secretly give Zhou Ming as a reward.

In the fierce battle just now, this man appeared to be purposely displaying the two types of Earth Vein Demonic Flames that he possessed.

As Lu Qing recalled about that, he would feel headache.

From the perspective of the other cultivators, Zhou Ming seems to have showed off the flames to daunt the three tower masters. However, he was not a person who would show his trump cards easily before the battle started. He was trying to send a signal to Lu Qing that he was able to devour two types of Earth Vein Demonic Flames and he had taken a fancy on the Green Phoenix Flame!

“It’s so troublesome…”

Indeed. It was truly bothersome.

If Zhou Ming’s power was just enough to kill only Bei He, Lu Qing would still regard him as a significant expert for his exceptional pill refining skills. Based on the experience and the understanding he had of pill masters, the most he would give were a few recipes to refine Fifth Revolution pills in order to send them away.

Unluckily, Zhou Ming killed the three of them. Furthermore, the battle ended too quickly. His power and speed of eliminating his enemies were uncommon. Lu Qing felt that if he were to battle against the three tower masters, the result he would produce would likely be the same as Zhou Ming’s.

This person really is unfathomable…

Now, this unfathomable man wanted the Green Phoenix Flame and Lu Qing did not dare to disregard him.

My plan of borrowing his hands to kill them worked out well. But in a way, it made things worse.

After the three tower masters who had been eyeing the Green Phoenix Flame vanished, here comes Zhou Ming…

“Hai…It’s so difficult…”

Lu Qing took a glance at Bei Xiaoman who was unhappily eating melon seeds and a bitter smile formed on his face.

“Mistress. What is your opinion on how we should treat Zhou Ming…”

He mentioned ‘treat’ and not ‘handle’… He had no hostility towards Ning Fan at all. Instead, he was trying to figure out some ways to befriend Ning Fan.

It might look like a joke to others as a Spirit Severing Realm expert wanted to befriend a Mid Nascent Soul Realm expert. However, regardless of Ning Fan’s power, he was still a Fifth Revolution pill master who was capable of refining pills that could help raise a Spirit Severing Realm expert’s cultivation realm. In other words, Lu Qing might need to ask for pills from Ning Fan.

Although there were more than a dozen Fifth Revolution pill masters who held titular positions in the Lost World Palace, most of them were members of the Rain World Palace. Moreover, they normally stayed somewhere among the eight hundred cultivation countries and they never set foot into the Endless Sea unless they wanted to use the Lost World Tower for cultivation purposes.

The only Fifth Revolution pill master that he, Lu Qing, could meet face to face was Ning Fan!

Befriend him… I must befriend him… But the problem is how…

“What is so difficult about it? Just kill him! Hmmph! Even though I also feel satisfied at what he had done, he is a person that I hate the most! Lu Qing, from now onwards, you are responsible in finishing him off, okay?!”


The mouthful of tea spurted out from Lu Qing’s mouth when he heard of Xiaoman’s words. The only reaction he had was to reluctantly shake his head while maintaining a smile on his face.

She was indeed a spoiled mistress. She only wanted things to be done in her own ways without considering the pros and cons of her actions.

“Mistress is really overestimating my power. I can kill Zhou Ming. But if I really kill a Fifth Revolution pill master like him, my action may secretly offend some Spirit Severing Realm experts…”

A Fifth Revolution pill master truly had a horrifying charisma!

In the past, there was a Mid Spirit Severing Realm devil expert who stained the purity of a woman. Coincidentally, the most loved woman of a Fifth Revolution pill master. After knowing what happened to her concubine, he was enraged and he announced that whoever kills the Mid Spirit Severing Realm, he would reward them with pills!

Peak Nascent Soul Realm experts who came to help would each be given a “Separation and Reunion Pill” that could increase the success rate of achieving Spirit Severing Realm!

Every Early Spirit Severing Realm expert would be given ten “Primordial Shell Pills” that could increase their cultivation realms!

Every Mid Spirit Severing Realm expert would be rewarded with a “Divine Comprehension Pill” which could help them in comprehending their own divine abilities!

After that, the Fifth Revolution pill master brought hundreds of Peak Nascent Soul Realm experts, eleven Early Spirit Severing Realm experts and three Mid Spirit Severing Realm experts. They surrounded the sect of the devil expert, trapping him inside and killed him!

Lu Qing could not imagine how powerful the forces that Ning Fan could summon would be. However, he could tell that there would be Spirit Severing Realm experts who are willing to help Ning Fan if he offends him. By then, he would end up dead…

Lu Qing was a thoughtful person. He would never make Ning Fan his enemy. Besides, he wanted to be one of the Spirit Severing Realm experts who befriended the latter!

However, Bei Xiaoman was different.

She had an extraordinary status. When she detested a person, she would not act otherwise. No matter if you are a Spirit Severing Realm expert or a Void Refinement Realm expert, she would still dare to glare at you in the eyes regardless of your feelings.

“Mistress. Don’t forget that even if you have an exceptional identity, you must not do that to Zhou Ming…” Lu Qing opened his palm wide and made a gesture of five. Bei Xiaoman’s face immediately reddened.


He is a Fifth Revolution pill master. Even I was instructed by my mother not to offend any Fifth Revolution pill masters of the mortal world…

But this Zhou Ming is too detestable…

“I don’t want to care about this matter anymore! All in all, just do whatever you want to! However, there is only one exception. The Green Phoenix Flame must not be given to him!”

Bei Xiaoman had actually seen through Lu Qing’s thoughts.

After she let out a cold harrumph, she stood up and left the hall.

It was at this moment when two shadows emerged in the southern tower.

They were a man and a woman. Of course, they were Ning Fan and the female corpse!

“Mistress Bei seems to have complaints about me. However, I am clearly aware that I have not done anything that offended Mistress Bei. On the contrary, it was Mistress Bei who spied on me when I was having a good time with my concubines… You’ve seen me nude with your own very eyes. When will Mistress Bei be going to compensate me…”

“Pah! Who wanted to spy on you! Compensate you? Look at your own little body…”

Bei Xiaoman would be unreasonably irritated whenever she saw Ning Fan and she just spat out all the words that she had in her mind without filtering any of them.

Unknowingly, her words just made all the experts in the Lost World Palace suck in cold breaths.

Mistress really spied on Zhou Ming when he was having sex with his concubines… Could it be that the Mistress likes Zhou Ming?

Yes, yes. Occasionally, Mistress would mumble angrily to herself as if she was scolding someone when she was alone. The name that came out from her mouth was Zhou Ming…

No way. No way!

The respectable Fourth Mistress from the heaven world was a lady who countless True Immortals dreamed of. Now, she fell for a mere expert from the mortal world?!

No. Even if she did not love him, she had seen his entire naked body, including his ****. This might be considered as something that would affect her purity!

Lu Qing did not know what to do other than inwardly complaining without stopping. This Bei Xiaoman’s attitude was indeed nasty. She was not a person who looked highly on her own purity. But Lu Qing and the others were incapable of bearing the heavy consequences for her.

To conceal the issue of her lost purity, Lu Qing was more than willing to give Ning Fan anything, including the Green Phoenix Flame and his position as the tower master of the main tower in order to seal up the latter’s mouth.

The female corpse wore a blank expression. She did not understand why the people around her were so bewildered.

As for Ning Fan, his lips curved into an indescribable smirk.

He intentionally said those words earlier.

“Next, I have something to discuss with Tower Master Lu and Mistress Bei. Anyone unrelated please leave for a moment.”

“Retreat now!” Lu Qing let out a regretful sigh. If he knew that Ning Fan would reveal such things, he would never have allowed Mo Yun and the other experts to stay in the hall.

“You. You still owe me a Mental Seal. Don’t forget about it…” Ning Fan pointed at Yu Long with a smile.

The hairs on Yu Long’s arms stood straight. A chill could also be felt on his spine. The only response he had was to nod his head as hard as possible.

“I, Yu Long, dare not disobey Revered Ming’s order. It is really my fortune to be Revered Ming’s slave. I only beg that Revered Ming would spare my insignificant life…”

Yu Long had never lowered his pride like that before in his entire life.

Those were the only words he knew to suck up to another person…

After all, he was left with no options. Zhou Ming’s devil prestige was too intimidating. He made Lu Qing feel helpless and Mistress Bei feel irritated.

Hai… Hopefully I would not offend this person again in the future… If becoming his slave can save my life, then I will just obey…

Note :

Measurements :

a. li(里) = 500 m

b. zhang(丈) = 3.13 m

c. chi(尺) = 30.7 cm

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