Grasping Evil

Chapter 214(2) - The Strongest Below Spirit Severing Realm!

Chapter 214(2) The Strongest Below Spirit Severing Realm!

“Impossible! That sword attack might have been infused with the heavenly spiritual energy which could destroy his entire body together with his Nascent Soul without shedding blood, but the Earth Vein Demonic Flames are spiritual items that shouldn’t have been affected by it… Hmm? Don’t tell me the two flames fell into the Void Realm through the opening made by the sword earlier. What a troublesome matter! I have to perform the technique again to create a rift into the Void Realm in order to retrieve the flames. How about you try wielding the sword this time?”

Bei He who was digesting medicines while floating in the air in a meditative position felt a sudden chill run down his back!

Countless dark sword sense emerged behind him and congealed into a figure of a young man wearing a black robe!

His face was pale and looked as if he was severely injured. However, the severity of his injuries did not kill him!

“Is hurting me something that made you feel contented? Black Tempest Rupture Art!”

The sudden feeling of danger that was too bizarre!

Bei He did not even have the time to notify Dong Qing who was a thousand zhang away from him!

This voice was like that of a devil. The tone was spine-tinglingly cold.

This voice sounds really familiar… Yes! It’s him!

“Zhou Ming! You aren’t dead?! How is it possible?! How?! Argh!”

The young man exploded into dark shadows and rushed towards Bei He. Immediately, Bei He wailed in pain!

His right arm was cut off when the black shadow passed through it!

The shadow then entered into his body through the wound, shredding every immortal vein within. Afterwards, it devastated his dantian and went directly at the miniature Nascent Soul which was hiding in a corner!

Within seconds, his physical body was cut into pieces. Knowing that he would be the next victim, the miniature man who was wearing a golden armor hurriedly took out a jade plate and crushed it. A scorching hot light emitted from the broken jade plate and the miniature man vanished and appeared a thousand zhang away! It was the power of Instant Shift!

His tiny pair of eyes focused on the young man who materialized from the black mist in disbelief. As for Dong Qing, he was completely stupefied by the situation before his eyes!

How is it possible?! He is still… alive! Even after being struck by the sword attack?!

A body of black mist? What is that? It even allows him to dematerialize at his whim!

Also, what is Black Tempest Rupture Art?! How can it tear Bei He’s body down just like that?

“No… No way!” Bei He screamed on the top of his lungs! His voice was filled with fear!

“Both of you are going to die… Before that, I have a question to ask the both of you. You two really went through a lot of troubles and served Revered Flame so obediently. I believe he must be a Fifth Revolution Pill Master. However, do you guys know that I am a Fifth Revolution Pill Master too?! You two should not have offended me.”

“Wha…What?! You are a Fifth Revolution…” An intense feeling of regret filled his mind. If he knew earlier, he would have desperately made friends with Ning Fan. It was not worth it to please another Fifth Revolution Pill Master by offending the one before him.

Regrets. His heart was full of regrets. His eyes flashed with terror.

This Zhou Ming is too unusual. I should escape from the Endless Sea and seek help from Revered Flame back in the Rain Palace to avenge my two brothers!

“You wanna run? Seal!”

Ning Fan lifted his finger and Dong Qing’s movement as well as the Nascent Soul of Bei He were sealed in place. He glared coldly at the both of them.

What happened next was Ning Fan opening his mouth widely and swallowing Bei He’s broken arm. Then, he held a green jade sword in his hand. All of a sudden, he felt the power of heaven and earth combine together in his heart.

So this is the Profound Heaven Spirit Slashing Sword? I have underestimated the full potential of magical treasures in the past. It is out of my expectations that a magical treasure would be able to gather Heavenly Spiritual Energy once it enters into the Spiritual Grade. Its power is terrifying. Even I was hurt by it too…

Although it was just a Profound Heaven Defective Treasure, his 190 units of magic power including his demon power, was far from enough to unleash its full power.

The two bodies that were sealed in place were trying hard to break themselves free through sacrificing their Blood Essence. Dong Qing who was close to gaining control of his four limbs was immobilized once more as Ning Fan lifted his finger at him again!

No matter how many times they broke free, they would be sealed a second after they regained the movements of their limbs!

Gradually, hopelessness filled their faces. The current Ning Fan’s aura was nearly that of the Peak Nascent Soul Realm. He might not be at the same cultivation realm like them, but it was a difficult task to break free from his Body Sealing technique!

“Fellow Daoist Zhou Ming. If you let me go this time, I promise you that I will never disturb you anymore! I will not treat you as a criminal who broke the World Law!”

“Disturb? *Cough lightly* Don’t be impatient. I’m still learning how to wield this sword to decapitate you!”

“You will never be able to wield it! It is something that not even a Spirit Severing Realm expert could…”

“Shut up!”

These two words were like thunderclaps, blasting in their ears!

Afterwards, a vast and boundless aura slowly filled Ning Fan’s body.

He opened his palm and positioned it towards the ground as if he was grasping onto something! It was like the entire ocean floor of the surroundings was in his hand!

“Soul Extraction…”

His faint voice echoed into the sky. The soul he obtained from the ground entered into his body and turned into tremendous amount of magic power!

300 units… 500 units… 1000 units…

2000 units… 5000 units… 10000units!

Ten thousand units of magic power was the amount that a Spirit Severing Realm expert normally had. With an immense amount of magic power, Ning Fan would be able to deliver a full attack of the sword without the need of sacrificing his own Blood Essence like how Bei He did.

“Soul… Soul Extraction! I understand! This black shadow of yours is your incarnation! It is one of the rare types of ‘indestructible incarnation’! You… You comprehended two Void Fragmentation Realm ability?! Zhou Ming! Haha. Now I feel that I truly deserved death in your hands! If you change your mind, I would be willing to …”

“Shut up!”

His eyes flashed coldly and an unprecedented aura turned into a sword attack!

A green light crescent slashed out from the sword, emitting an extremely intense power that threatened to cut open the sky!

As the light flashed through Dong Qing and the Nascent Soul, their expressions were a mixture of hatred and terror!

Be it a Nascent Soul or a physical body, both were quickly reduced to ashes…

Two loud painful wails spread across the sea along with the sea breeze. However, it was drowned out by a loud boom from the sky.

A black opening could be seen in the sky, connecting this world to the Void Realm. The trace power of Void Realm emanated from the opening was enough to make anyone’s hair rise and chill their spine.

Fortunately, it closed itself up after a short while.

Above the surging waves stood a black-robed young man. He was observing the sword that he was holding.

The soul of the ground gradually escaped from his body.

“Profound Heaven Spiritual Treasures… They’re truly terrific… I have to start refining a few handy magical treasures… The Separation Slayer Sword must be upgraded from its current High Grade…Before that, I must be extra cautious when dealing with Spirit Severing Realm experts.

Within the Xuan Wu City, countless Nascent Soul Realm experts surrounded the southern pill tower. Lu Qing and Bei Xiao Man were at the top floor of the Lost World Palace, silently looking at three jade plates which showed the life force of three persons. The atmosphere within the southern tower was as silent as a graveyard!

Suddenly, the three jade plates successively broke apart by themselves. Doubtlessly, it meant that the three tower masters were dead.

Next, a sensational news shook the entire Peng Lai and it was spread in the External Endless Sea with an incredible speed!

Zhou Ming killed three Peak Nascent Soul Realm experts by himself!

None of the three tower masters of the Lost Word Palace who were also Feudal Ranking Elders of the Rain Palace survived!

Zhou Ming was certainly the strongest cultivator below the Spirit Severing Realm in the External Endless Sea.

Note :

Measurements :

a. li(里) = 500 m

b. zhang(丈) = 3.13 m

c. chi(尺) = 30.7 cm

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