Grasping Evil

Chapter 216 - Treasure of the Cosmos. Yuan Yao Jade.

Chapter 216 Treasure of the Cosmos. Yuan Yao Jade.

Everyone retreated. Even so, Lu Qing was still worried as he was afraid that Ning Fan would expose even more shocking news that would humiliate the Mistress.

However, the Mistress seemed to be unaffected…

Even so, Lu Qing was still a Spirit Severing Realm old monster. He might be feeling worried, but he did not look flustered at all. Instead, he wore a calm expression with a happy smile. With a flick of his sleeve, two cups of spiritual tea were brewed for Ning Fan and the female corpse.

“Hehe. Fellow Daoist Zhou, have some tea.”

“This tea is good… You used spiritual mist as water in brewing the ten thousand-year-old tea leaf, Bi Luo. A sip of this tea can raise a considerable amount of magic power equivalent to cultivating for half a year,” said Ning Fan after he took a sip of it.

When the female corpse placed her lips on the edge of the cup, her brows knitted together.


“Don’t be afraid.”

Ning Fan lifted his finger and conjured some ice crystals from the above. As the tea came into contact with the ice crystals, it immediately turned cold. The female corpse beamed at Ning Fan and no longer complained about the hotness of the tea.

Indirectly, Lu Qing was inwardly surprised by Ning Fan’s technique.

If he was not mistaken, that cold qi summoned from Ning Fan’s finger belonged to a combination of two Heavenly Cold Qi: the Cold Pine Essence and the Bone Prison Qi.

He actually has two types of Heavenly Cold Qi!

The grand Fifth Grade Cold Qi which all Spirit Severing Realm experts yearned is being used to cool down the tea for a woman…

Nascent Soul Realm cultivators were able to display the techniques of the five elements. As such, devouring spiritual flames and cold qi at the same time was not odd at all.

However, there was an exception for the Heavenly Cold Qi and Earth Flames. When the spiritual flames and cold qi are of the Fifth Grade, it was nearly impossible for Nascent Soul Realm cultivators to devour them.

Even experts at Spirit Severing Realm had to be very careful when devouring just one type of those.

This kid is really hard to predict.

Lu Qing knew it was not difficult for him to devour a type of Earth Vein Demonic Flame as his cultivation method was based on the fire element. Devouring the second type of flame at that grade would be dangerous for him but not impossible. But he could never devour any type of Heavenly Cold Qi.

As for Bei Xiaoman, she unhappily snorted. Obviously, she disliked Ning Fan’s show of “affection”.

To whom you are pretending to show off?

The devil lord who is widely known for his ruthlessness is trying to act gentle towards a woman? Hmmph! It’s just an act to trick the woman and gain her affection. Afterwards, he’s just going to lure her to the bed and do the “things” that he wants.

A man who does not know shame… A pervert… You, Devil Lord Zhou’s ulterior motives is as clear as day to me. Every man is like this, just like what mum has told me!

Lu Qing had even more respect towards Ning Fan. On the contrary, Bei Xiaoman despised the latter even more.

Lu Qing cackled and filled their cups full with spiritual tea and changed the topic.

“A straightforward person does not resort to insinuations. I’m truly grateful that Fellow Daoist Zhou were able to eliminate Bei He and his men… I heard that Fellow Daoist Zhou wants to become the official pill master of our Lost World Palace. It is a simple matter. You can even become the tower master of the northern, western and eastern towers. I just have a word for you. Fellow Daoist should know what special benefits and treatment in being a tower master, shouldn’t you?”

“Of course I know. After becoming the tower master, all the spiritual herbs below the age of five thousand can be used anytime. The tower master can also receive ten units of ten-thousand-year-old spiritual herbs! Other than that, the tower master is allowed to read or imprint any pill recipe for pills below the Fifth Revolution as he pleases! If the tower master needs any pills, he can assign quests on the Lost World Palace for others to refine…”

Ning Fan took another sip and grinned, “If it was not because of the perks, I would not have killed the three of them to dominate the three towers.”

“Fellow Daoist Zhou really knows how to joke. Even if you don’t kill the three tower masters, it would only need a word from me to make you the master of the three towers just for your identity as a Fifth Revolution pill master.” Besides, I can even grant your wishes if you have any. But I just have one request from you. Please don’t spread the issue of Mistress’ purity around. Of course, I will make those who heard it just now to keep their mouths shut. If Fellow Daoist promises me, I will not just grant you the position of the tower master of the three towers, but also the Green Phoenix Flame…”

He paused. He seemed to be experiencing a struggle in his thoughts. However, he gritted his teeth and said, “I will also present to you the Green Phoenix Flame myself!”

“For real?”

“I am a man of my words!”

As the elderly and the young experts were about to finish their discussions with just exchanging a few words, Bei Xiaoman felt utterly dissatisfied.

For what reason?! For what reason can this shameless Zhou Ming be the tower master of the three towers while I, Bei Xiaoman, the dignified Fourth Mistress from the Northern Heaven, am only the master of one tower?!

Why must the Green Phoenix Flame be given to him?! Although I, Bei Xiaoman, am not using it, he does not deserve it!


Bei Xiaoman’s delicate hand slammed on the table beside her and stood up.

“Lu Qing! Leave us! Let me handle him!”


Lu Qing was stunned.

After spending so much effort to get Ning Fan’s promise for not spreading the scandal around, the Mistress was now trying to cause another trouble for him.

Can’t she understand that I am actually doing this for her own good?! I have even promised to give out the Green Phoenix Flame for her!

“Lu Qing! I order you to leave now!”


“Get out! Now!”


Lu Qing, who was one of the supreme beings in the External Endless Sea, was courteous in front of Ning Fan. However, in front of Bei Xiaoman, he did not even dare to talk back against her.

He let out a deep sigh.

Hmm. Since she has another Spirit Severing Realm spiritual puppet as her guardian which is more powerful than me, there should be nothing much to worry about.

The only thing that he was worried about was that the Mistress would offend Ning Fan again.

But he did not know that the bodyguard of Bei Xiaoman – Stone Warrior, was already being held captive by Ning Fan.

He let out a bitter laugh and threw a jade tablet at Ning Fan before he gestured that he was leaving.

When he was leaving, he said to Ning Fan through telepathy, “Fellow Daoist Zhou, please tolerate Mistress for her rudeness. This jade tablet is a token from me. Even if you haven’t become the tower master officially, you can use the medicine storage in my Xuan Wu City at your will. Also, you can enter the Pavilion of Pill Recipes to have a look. As for the Green Phoenix Flame… Let’s just wait for the Mistress to calm down. After that, I will find a way to give it you. So, hopefully Fellow Daoist could…”

“Don’t worry. I am not that small-minded to even argue with a small girl.”

“Then, thank you so much…”

Bei Xiaoman was still unaware that her rowdy behavior was quoted as a “troublesome young girl with tantrums” by Lu Qing and Zhou Ming.

When Lu Qing left, she was still acting bossy and arrogant.

Every night, she would be tormented by her Heart’s Devil in her dream. She would dream of the nasty things that Ning Fan did. She would dream of his perverted large hands humiliating her own body…

The torments would continue for her entire life, unless her Heart’s Devil was eliminated, recovering her Heart of Dao.

As such, it was not odd for her to be furious towards Ning Fan.

“Zhou Ming, don’t you want the Green Phoenix Flame? Hmmph! Come!” Bei Xiaoman walked up the stairs of the tower. Her eyes flashed with anger and shyness.

Ning Fan stood his ground and activated his Yin Yang Locket to use the Mind Reading Technique. Immediately, the voices within her head echoed in his ears.

Bei Xiaoman : Hmmph! You want the Green Phoenix Flame?! In your dreams! After I reach my room, I will use the Yuan Yao Jade that was gifted by my mother to trap you within the Yuan Yao World… Hehe… Even if you have three heads and six arms, it is impossible to escape once you are trapped within!

Ning Fan’s eyes widened in surprise!

What a cruel trick that this Bei Xiaoman has in mind! She actually has a Treasure of the Cosmos?! And she wants to trap me within it?!

The treasure with a function that closely resembled a Treasure of the Cosmos was the storage pouch. However, a storage pouch could only store items, but not living things.

Another treasure which was slightly better than the storage pouch was the Demon Keeping Pouch. However, it could only store certain living things like demon beasts, but not humans.

The treasure which had a higher grade would be the Immortal Abode’s Magical Treasure. It would create a hidden cave for the cultivator. But a magical treasure like this normally comes with some disadvantages. For example, the space within the cave was too small or the lack of spiritual qi within the cave, making cultivation in the cave impossible. As for the Cauldron Ring, the red mist within the realm of the ring was extremely good for female cultivators in their cultivation progress. The speed was heaven-defying. The interlaced realms within the ring created more space to store almost an unlimited number of people. The main disadvantage was the master of the ring being unable to enter into the realm within the ring.

For a treasure which had functions like an Immortal Abode’s Magical Treasure but without any flaws mentioned above, they would be called a Treasure of the Cosmos!

The Yin Yang Locket was a good example. It granted Ning Fan uncommon abilities and at the same time, it had the Profound Yin World. The world within the treasure was so powerful that it could even trap someone like Luo You within, making her unable to escape.

Now, this Bei Xiaoman before his eyes also had a similar treasure, the Yuan Yao Jade!

I must not underestimate this girl. If I didn’t have the Mind Reading Technique, I would not know what her true motive was.

What an unruly girl!

Ning Fan knew clearly that if he were to be trapped by Bei Xiaoman into the Yuan Yao World, he would not die but he would definitely be unable to free himself.

It’s time to give her some serious lessons as she has been trying to harm me over and over again.

Evidently, breaking her Heart of Dao was not enough to serve as a reminder…

“I might have promised Stone Warrior not to hurt her but to protect her for one time. But I have countless ways to strike fear into her heart without harming her through the Yin Yang Transformation…”

Deep inside, he sneered but on the surface, he remained emotionless.

He turned to the female corpse and spoke, “Weiliang, let’s go…”

“Light… Be…care…ful…” The female corpse could faintly sense a terrifying aura from Bei Xiaoman. It was much more horrifying than that of an Early Spirit Severing Realm expert.

She was a descendant between those who have Immemorial Divine Veins. Besides, she was a first-class descendant among the cultivators of the Four Heavens. Although her cultivation realm was just at the Peak Nascent Soul Realm, her combat power was not any weaker than a Spirit Severing Realm expert.

“Don’t be afraid. She is a female and she can never be my opponent.”

Bei Xiaoman who just pushed open the doors overheard the conversation between Ning Fan and the female corpse. She was furious to the point where she was stomping incessantly on the ground like a child.

“Zhou Ming! Don’t be too arrogant! When you are trapped within the Yuan Yao World, it will be the time for you to repay and beg for my mercy! Hmmph! I will castrate you myself, even when Stone Warrior isn’t here! Moreover, it was how I went through so many years in the past. All by myself!”

Bei Xiaoman’s face became slightly pale and her head became dizzy. The blood and qi within her body were in disorder.

“Not again… Detestable… Let me ‘fix’ this despicable Zhou Ming first!”

She forcefully suppressed the disrupted qi and blood with her magic power.

Ever since her Heart of Dao was broken, her Gui veins suffered some injuries, leaving a residual effect on her body… To any women or girls, it was truly a terrible symptom…

Note :

Measurements :

a. li(里) = 500 m

b. zhang(丈) = 3.13 m

c. chi(尺) = 30.7 cm

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