Grasping Evil

Chapter 213(1) - The First Kill!

Chapter 213(1) The First Kill!

Ning Fan’s words were extremely arrogant. He held the intent to kill the three of them and seize their positions!

However, with the notorious reputation he had earned, the people were not disgusted at his ego. Instead, people believed that he was capable of doing so!

Originally, everyone thought that it was the end of the show as they no longer could witness the scene where Yu Long would avenge his grandson.

Out of their expectations, Zhou Ming was going to put on a good show by fighting the three tower masters…

He, Ning Fan, wanted to battle against the three tower masters from the northern, eastern and western towers respectively.

Opposing the forces of the Lost World Palace seemed to be an action of recklessness. But there were some vague speculations within his mind.

Bei He and I came into conflict. Since Bei He does not know that I am a Fifth Revolution pill master, it’s normal that he would speak insolently to me. The thing is, the Spirit Severing Realm guardian of the main tower, Lu Qing, does not appear to be trying to reconcile our conflict.

Lu Qing should know that I possess Fifth Revolution pill refining skill…

Ning Fan triggered quite a stir in Xuan Wu City.

But even after he claimed to seize the position of Bei He, Lu Qing still did not emerge.

It must be implying something.

Lu Qing implicitly allows my action!

Moreover, Ning Fan could imagine that Bei Xiaoman must be hiding somewhere in the dark to enjoy how he would kill the three of them.

A hypothesis formed in his mind… The so-called three tower masters were actually on bad terms with the Lost World Palace.

Lu Qing should be someone from the Four Heavens as he sided with Bei Xiaoman.

Dong Qing, Xi Bai and Bei He should be pill masters from the External Endless Sea or Internal Endless Sea. They might also be the spies from the Rain Palace or some other forces. Maybe they hold grudges against Lu Qing too. Anyhow, they must not be friendly with Lu Qing and it is why he does not come out and put a stop to this. Lu Qing intends to finish them off through my hands. Otherwise, he would have been standing between us with a smile on his face, making peace for both sides.

After weighing and considering the reasons of Lu Qing’s absence, Ning Fan became more determined in his actions.

If he goes to the Pleasure Devil Immortal Island and joined the auction of Peak Nascent Soul Realm human cauldrons, there will be many Peak Nascent Soul Realm experts. Most of them would not even look Luofei or Xiang Liao in the eye. If Ning Fan needed to intimidate people like them, he had to establish his might by fighting the three tower masters.

His arrogant words shocked the three tower masters. However, they were shocked because they had the chance to obtain his Earth Vein Demonic Flames which they all coveted from the beginning.

“Hehe. It’s really unexpected. We can’t get our hands on the Green Phoenix Flame but we can obtain the Black Devil Flame and White Bone Flame… We just have to eliminate you and those two flames will belong to us. They will suffice in completing our mission assigned by Revered Flame!”

Revered Flame?!

Ning Fan’s eyes narrowed. As expected, his guess was correct.

Revered Flame from the Rain Palace was rumored to be a Mid Spirit Severing Realm expert with Fifth Revolution pill refining technique! He seemed to possess a secret cultivation method involving flames. By devouring spiritual flames, he could raise his cultivation realm and strengthen his Path of Pills at the same time. Furthermore, he was also a pill master who held a titular position in the Lost World Palace!

Bei He and the other two were the people sent by the Rain Palace! Their intentions were probably to steal the Green Phoenix Flame from Bei Xiaoman.

It also made Ning Fan straighten out his mind about why the Green Phoenix Flame was not kept by Lu Qing or the other three towers, but by Bei Xiaoman.

It’s because Lu Qing’s status is not powerful enough to protect the Green Phoenix Flame. Putting the flame by Bei Xiaoman’s side would keep the spies from Rain Palace away as no one, including the Revered Elders from the Rain Palace, would dare to steal it from her!

As such, killing the three of them really was tacitly allowed by the Lost World Palace.

His mind was full of thoughts. If he could kill the three of them, he would then possess the ability to impress Lu Qing. At that time, it would not be difficult for him to request for the Green Phoenix Flame after he becomes one of the Feudal Ranking Elder of the Lost World Palace!

As for the issue of offending Revered Flame of the Rain Palace, Ning Fan did not consider it at all.

“Apparently, I’m going to have a life and death fight with the three tower masters… Weiliang, wait here. Remember, don’t simply eat people. I’ll be back in a short while.”

“Light… Be…care…ful…”

Ning Fan rubbed her cheeks and stroke her hair in order to console her. When he turned facing the three experts, the gentleness on his face vanished. His eyes turned cold like those of a merciless killer and glared directly at the three of them.

“It’s not convenient to start a fight within this city. It’s not something wonderful to hurt the innocent. If the three tower masters want to kill me, let’s go to the outer sea!”

Ning Fan vanished in a grey light and teleported away. His speed amazed quite a number of Nascent Soul Realm old monsters. Even the three experts were slightly surprised.

Now, even if Lu Qing appeared to stop them, the three tower masters would still use unscrupulous divisive tactics to seize the two types of Earth Vein Demonic Flames from Ning Fan!

This action might be illegal in any of the cultivation countries, but it wasn’t in the Endless Sea!

The three of them followed Ning Fan and left Peng Lai Immortal Island.

The sea breeze was gentle but the killing intent was surging.

Ning Fan floated in midair in the middle of the sea while the three experts spread out into a triangle-like formation. They were a thousand zhang away from each other, surrounding Ning Fan.

No one dared to enter the ten thousand zhang* area around them although everyone hoped to witness who would be the winner of the battle!

“Zhou Ming! I’m giving you one last chance. Hand over the Black Devil Flame and White Bone Flame willingly and I will not pursue anymore what you have said earlier!”

“No. Can’t you all get it? The Lost World Palace wants you three to be dead!”

“Of course we know about it! Do you think we are fools? Lu Qing wants to borrow your hand to eliminate us. But you alone are not enough! I guess Lu Qing is going to be disappointed!”

Dong Qing’s eyes flashed with a cold light. As he slashed his claw-like hand at Ning Fan, a blazing-hot green flame covered the vast sky, forming the shape of a lotus!

Fourth Grade Spiritual Flame, Jade Lotus Flame!

Xi Bai narrowed his eyes and gave out a loud roar, expelling a breath of blue flame, stretching over the surface of the sea!

Fourth Grade Spiritual Flame, Sea Core Flame!

The three tower masters were all Fourth Revolution pill masters. The reason why they had such vigorous magic power was because they cultivated pill refining techniques from young. Until now, they had been cultivating for one thousand and six hundred years.

Besides, with an endless supply of spiritual herbs from the Rain Palace, they could refine pills every single day, polishing their pill refining skills. Due to the daily depletion of their magic power for pill refinement, their magic power grew stronger and denser than the other devil lords in the External Endless Sea.

However, the three of them shared a similar weakness – lacking combat experience. The only offensive method they excelled in was controlling flames.

From their point of view, Ning Fan might have Earth Vein Demonic Flames that could weaken their Fourth Grade Spiritual Flames. However, it would not be repeated again after they controlled the power of the flames, intensifying them with the help of their magic power.

The three of them could be considered outstanding among all Peak Nascent Soul Realm experts. To them, Ning Fan was just a brat who had no idea of impending danger coming for him after luring them to the outer sea.

It would be more reasonable if a formation was being set up on this place. However, Dong Qing and Xi Bai did not find any traces of a formation even if they had scorched the heaven and sea.

In other words, the young man before them was going to act recklessly by going head to head with the three of them alone.

He was just a Mid Nascent Soul Realm cultivator who won against some weak Peak Nascent Soul Realm experts by luck. Did he really think he could fight against a Peak Nascent Soul Realm expert who was about to break through the Spirit Severing Realm, let alone three of them!

“Hmmph! Junior, this is my final advice. Tell me about your background. If you come from a force that is so powerful that I am dreadful of, then I might …” Bei He sneered but one of his hands secretly summoned a flame to sneak attack Ning Fan!

Before he finished speaking, Ning Fan laughed grimly for three times.

“Shut up! Such insignificant skills…”

He lifted his foot and stomped on the air below.

This moment, the area in a thousand li* froze. The next second, the frozen heaven and earth cracked!

Ice Smash!

The power of his stomp revealed the brown flame that was secretly conjured up by Bei He, causing it to disperse!

Bei He’s face hardened. Inwardly, he was flabbergasted by Ning Fan’s keen senses and the latter’s terrifying strength of his foot.

To him, however, so what if Ning Fan discovered his trick!

“Let’s attack together! Path of Flame, Scorpion Flame Devil Rain!”

“Lotus Move, The Art of Seven Fractions!”

“The Art of Four Layers of the Sea Core!”

The three of them were skillful in fire attacks!

Three types of magical techniques at the Peak Nascent Soul Realm!

With their strong magic power, even a Spirit Severing Realm expert would find it difficult to take on their combined attack.

Above the boundless sky, a dark green sea of flame made of countless lotus shadows combined into a gigantic blazing lotus!

On the surface of the sea, a deep blue flame turned into four layers of waves that emanated heavy killing intent!

Between the sky and the sea, Bei He’s brown spiritual flame transformed into devil rain and bolted at Ning Fan. Each drop of the rain was capable of incinerating a Harmonious Spirit Realm cultivator!

Facing the incoming attacks, Ning Fan stood calmly with a smirk on his face.

As he walked into the sea of flames, the flames would move aside into his sides!

Note :

Measurements :

a. li(里) = 500 m

b. zhang(丈) = 3.13 m

c. chi(尺) = 30.7 cm

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