Grasping Evil

Chapter 212 - Flaunting the Demonic Flames!

Chapter 212 Flaunting the Demonic Flames!

Only Nascent Soul Realm experts were allowed to fly in the sky of Peng Lai.

Every Nascent Soul Realm expert who came to Xuan Wu City flew into the air and watched them at a distance.

Yu Long, one of the official pill masters of the northern tower! He was also an Early Nascent Soul Realm expert with Third Revolution pill refining skill!

Furthermore, he was favored by the tower master of the northern tower because he successfully fused pill refining techniques into his Path of Killing!

Such outstanding person’s grandson was killed by someone from the southern tower… Perhaps this issue would not be easily settled without a fight. Who was it exactly from the southern tower who dared to kill his grandson?

Yu Long’s eyes looked upon the tower, muttering to himself.

At most, I suppose he is just at the Early Gold Core Realm…

No matter how strong the person’s background was, Yu Long was not afraid to kill him in the Endless Sea!

He is just right for me to vent out my pent-up dissatisfaction before I start to comprehend the Path of Pills again!

“The person with the surname Zhou. You only have three breaths. Come out here right now!”

After he made up his mind, he shut his eyes and floated in the air with his hands clasped behind his back, waiting for the presence of a terrified cultivator! He emanated a forceful Nascent Soul Realm aura that permeated the vast sky. Numerous Harmonious Spirit Realm and Gold Core Realm cultivators looked up to him in absolute admiration…

So this is the aura of a Nascent Soul Realm expert who is known to be able to annihilate a whole country on his own! Such powerful aura! It makes us feel a suffocating feeling even though we are far away from him!

Yu Long carried a massive killing intent with him. Whoever tries to stop him would become his enemy!

Under such powerful aura, some Early Nascent Soul Realm experts with common potential were surprised inwardly too…

Such formidable killing qi!

However, the next moment, each and every one of the cultivators in the city, regardless of their realms, narrowed their eyes in disbelief!

Even Yu Long himself opened his eyes wide and both of them were filled with horror!

Abruptly, a smiling young man wearing a white cloth draped with a black cloak appeared in front of him without notice!

His presence shattered Yu Long’s aura that was built up from just now!

Yu Long could instinctively feel immense danger coming from the person. His heartbeat raced. His back was drenched in cold sweat.

It’s him! There’s no mistake! Yu Wei’s blood qi is still on his body!

But this person is too creepy…

Despite the smile Ning Fan wore on his face, Yu Long felt his whole body was going to collapse when his eyes met Ning Fan’s. The primordial energy inside his body was in disorder, making it difficult for him to take in another breath!

“You, you…” Yu Long was quivering in fear when facing Ning Fan, even after he had been cultivating for more than a thousand years!

He could not see through this person’s cultivation realm.

But the words this person uttered next were enough to drive Yu Long to nearly commit suicide!

“I am Zhou Ming… Did you just ask me to come out?”

Zhou Ming!

The horrible slaughter in the Pill Cauldron Gate made the name ‘Zhou Ming’ famously known in the entire External Endless Sea. Yu Long might be spending all his time in his room cultivating pills, but he also heard about Zhou Ming from time to time. Sadly, he did not actually take the latter seriously. It was because he thought that he had nothing to do with Zhou Ming, no matter how strong the latter would be…

It was way beyond his expectations that the ‘Early Gold Core Realm’ cultivator who was going to become a tool to express his anger was actually Zhou Ming!

The ruthless devil lord who could even kill a Peak Nascent Soul Realm expert!

Yu Long was not the only person feeling afraid! As Ning Fan introduced himself, a complete silence fell on the group of Harmonious Spirit and Gold Core Realm experts as if a heavy rock was weighing down their hearts. The Nascent Soul Realm experts quickly retreated to somewhere further away from the ‘killing zone’ of Yu Long. None of them wanted to be involved with him.

There were many cultivators called Zhou Ming. However, there was only one Zhou Ming who possessed such condensed but concealed aura that could even exert pressure to Nascent Soul Realm experts!

Now, Yu Long was no longer as disdainful as before… There were only regret that could be seen on his face!

His face paled. The hands which he held behind his back were uncontrollably trembling. His palms were dripping with cold sweat!

“The person I actually wanted to kill is Zhou Ming? I’m really…”

Deep inside, he was cursing and swearing the defiant grandson and useless disciples!

Yu Long knew the attitude of his grandson very well. When he saw the angelic white-robed woman standing beside Ning Fan, he immediately understood what his grandson had done.

Useless Yu Wei! He must have done something towards the woman and offended Zhou Ming. Otherwise, Zhou Ming would not be so bored to kill a Harmonious Spirit Realm cultivator!

He literally felt that his grandson deserved death as the latter put him into such trouble.

The three dumb disciples should deserve even more brutal deaths… Why did he just tell me the surname and died?

If Yu Long knew the person who killed his grandson was Zhou Ming, he would never seek revenge on Zhou Ming even if he had ten thousand times the guts!

Almost immediately, Yu Long who looked fierce and savage changed into a pitiful cultivator pleading for mercy!

“Fellow Daoist, please forgive me! I was too reckless just now. It’s just a misunderstanding, a misunderstanding! If this old man knew that you are here, I would never have talked so wildly! For my sins, I am willing to compensate!”

“Oh? Compensate? Your grandson…”

Ning Fan shot him a contemptuous look. The way Yu Long changed his expressions were faster than flipping the pages of a book. Before Ning Fan had the chance to reveal his killing intent, he had already untied his storage pouch and tossed it to Ning Fan from afar!

“My grandson courted death and offended ‘Revered Ming’! He deserved it!”

Revered Ming? He deserved death?

Ning Fan was sneering within his heart. This Yu Long really was a hob meat. He would say anything just to save his own life.

He was not only cruel and cold-hearted, but also good at shamelessly flattering those who were more powerful than him.

Revered Ming? Only Spirit Severing Realm experts would be addressed as ‘Revered’ in the External Endless Sea. Yu Long sure was trying his best in bootlicking Ning Fan.

The pouch landed on Ning Fan’s hand.

“Just a million immortal jade? To buy your life with this amount of money is not clearly enough! Let me plant a mental seal on you! Become my slave!”

In actual fact, Ning Fan could just eliminate Yu Long with a turn of a palm. But he chose to spare his life because the latter might be helpful to him. Yu Long was once an elder who held a titular position in the Pleasure Devil Sect. Pleasure Devil Immortal Island was rumored to be a massive island encompassing hundreds of thousands of li*. In addition, the primordial energy of the island was in chaos. He could use Yu Long as a guide to enter the sect.

“What?! This old man is also a Nascent Soul Realm expert…” Yu Long wore a reluctant expression. To him, how is it possible for a Nascent Soul Realm expert which is considered to be supreme being in mid or low rank cultivation countries to become another’s servant?

“If you say ‘no’, you’re going to hell…”

The smile on Ning Fan’s face faded and cold light reflected from his eyes. He took a step in midair. This step made all the Nascent Soul Realm experts in the city feel a piercing pain in their hearts at the same time.

This was the first step of his Nascent Soul Realm sword technique, Nine Steps, Sky Treader!

With just a step, Yu Long felt a sharp pain in his chest and spurted a mouthful of fresh blood.

The sages once said, “It’s better to see something once than to hear a hundred times about it.” Only now did Yu Long realized that he did not even have the qualifications to stand against Ning Fan, though he was an Early Nascent Soul Realm expert!

How could he still maintain his pride by rejecting Ning Fan’s order faced with such a situation? To him, he would rather choose to become a slave than die in vain!

Nine Steps, Sky Treader was a technique that consisted of nine steps which would force the aura to form a sword after completing them all! The first step itself injured Yu Long. If Ning Fan used the third step, Yu Long would be grievously injured. On the fifth step, Yu Long would be gone! If he made the final step, even experts at Mid Nascent Soul Realm would not survive!

However, before Yu Long could open his mouth and answer, three immense pressuring aura shook the vast sky and shattered the aura emanated by Ning Fan’s first step. Three tall elderly experts emerged beside Yu Long. They looked almost the same. The only physical characteristic that distinguished themselves was the colors of their robes, which were brown, green and white respectively. All of them were Peak Nascent Soul Realm experts!

“They are the tower masters of the northern, western and eastern towers! Their presences are as expected! The northern tower master is rumored to look highly on Yu Long. As such, he would not allow the latter to have a Mental Seal planted on him without giving him any help.”

There were clamors of comments among the onlookers. As for Yu Long, he let out a sigh of relief. Inwardly, he felt fortunate that he did not have to become Ning Fan’s slave as he was backed up by his tower master.

Just as the three of them appeared, Ning Fan’s eyelids twitched.

The elderly expert in green robe had 6000 units of magic power; the one in the white robe had 6500 units of magic power; while the brown-robed elderly had 7000 units of magic power!

They were all experts who could break through the Spirit Severing Realm bottleneck at any time…

“This subordinate is Yu Long. Greetings to Dong Qing, Xi Bai and Bei He[1] the three tower masters!

The experts in green robe and white robe nodded their heads gently in response. However, the brown-robed expert’s face turned gloomy.

“Shut up!”

With immediate effect, Yu Long zipped his mouth in obedience.

The three experts cupped their fists towards Ning Fan. Afterwards, Bei He softly spoke.

“Fellow Daoist Zhou Ming is really powerful and prestigious. At Mid Nascent Soul Realm, Fellow Daoist is able impress the whole External Endless Sea. Today, you even have the audacity to step on the tail of the Lost World Palace… From my perspective, since you have got what you wanted from Yu Long, let us just be done with it… If Fellow Daoist is still being too obstinate to accept it, don’t blame us for not showing mercy!”

He had only given Ning Fan one decision: to forget about it.

Zhou Ming was able to kill Peak Nascent Soul Realm experts? The Peak Nascent Soul Realm expert he killed was Luofei, who only had two thousand units of magic power. They also had their respective techniques that could do the same!

None of them knew Zhou Ming was a Fifth Revolution pill master other than Bei Xiaoman, Mo Yun and Lu Qing. It was because Ning Fan had not become the Feudal Ranking Pill Master of the Lost World Palace and his pill refining realm had yet to be revealed. Otherwise, Bei He would not be harsh on Ning Fan for a mere Third Revolution pill master like Yu Long.

From the aspect of cultivation realms, Bei He certainly did not fear Zhou Ming. Besides, he was a person of unusual status as he was a tower master of the Lost World Palace. Even the respected Spirit Severing Realm elders from the Rain Palace were at the same level with him!

Ning Fan became solemn.

It was already rare for him to spare Yu Long’s life but someone had intervened. If he retreated at this point, the devil might he established in the External Endless Sea would then be wasted.

People with great influence were always conceited… However, no matter how confident they might be, they would never dishearten Ning Fan, a fearless person who even dared to hold Stone Warrior captive.

Even if Bei He’s magic power was outstanding, Ning Fan would not give him face.

To gain a firm foothold in the Endless Sea, power was the only element.

Become an official pill master of the Lost World Palace? Why don’t I kick him off and make myself an official tower master of the northern tower?

“I came to the Lost World Palace with the kind intention of joining the Lost World Palace. However, at first, Yu Long’s grandson Yu Wei had tried to molest my wife. Now, the northern tower master made impertinent remarks on me. Today, I need an explanation from the Lost World Palace!”

“Hehe… With you? Do you really think you are unrivalled under the blue sky after you killed a Peak Nascent Soul Realm cultivator? A Mid Nascent Soul Realm cultivator like you want an explanation from our Lost World Palace? What kind of explanation do you want? Immortal jade? Pills? And you telling me you want to join our Lost World Palace right after you injure the people of my tower? Hehe. I have a word for you. Impossible!” Bei He let out a cacophony of laughter.

“I want your status as the tower master of the northern tower!”

“You arrogant brat!”

Bei He clawed towards Ning Fan. Immediately, the primordial energy of heaven and earth within a thousand li* turned into a rain of flames, rushing at Ning Fan.

As the female corpse saw Ning Fan was in danger, she dashed forward to fight Bei He. With her power, she could easily pulverize Bei He like an ant! A dignified Spirit Severing Realm corpse devil like her would only be afraid of Ning Fan’s ‘light’. Other than that, there was no one she feared!

But before the female corpse could move, Ning Fan grasped her hand and shook his head in disapproval.

“Be obedient and wait for me here.”

Ning Fan felt happy to see the female corpse’s reaction.

She knows when to protect me… Evidently, I did not treat her greatly for nothing.

In this battle, Ning Fan just wanted to break Bei He’s spirit and then convince him to make himself the new tower master. He did not want any help from anyone.

Fame and wealth, status and reputation. Those are the things that I need to earn by my own hands!

Bei He’s primordial energy transformed into flames. The flame was a Fourth Grade Spiritual Flame, ‘Spiritual Scorpion Flame’.

A mere Fourth Grade flame…

Ning Fan lifted his finger. A white flame and a black flame appeared on its tip. They were the White Bone Flame and Black Devil Flame respectively. The flames revolved around his finger and eventually created a huge vortex of grey flames that soared into the sky!

Bei He’s facial expression was filled with disbelief. The brown Scorpion Spiritual Flame that he conjured flickered as if it was trembling in fear!

Spiritual Flames that reached the Fifth Grade would be considered as Earth Vein Demonic Flames. Among all flames, those of its kind were like the reputable experts in the cultivation world, respected by other flames below the Fifth Grade.

No spiritual flames below the Fifth Grade could compared with them!

Furthermore, Ning Fan’s grey flames were the combination of two Fifth Grade Spiritual Flames! All the three tower masters were pill masters as well. Each of them owned a Fourth Grade Spiritual Flame. As Bei He’s flame flickered, the flames of the other two tower masters quivered unsteadily too!

The Earth Vein Demonic Flames also known as Fifth Grade Spiritual Flames were items Spirit Severing Realm experts greatly desired but was not something they could all acquire! When Ning Fan was not strong enough in the past, he had to be extra cautious in showing off his flames. Today, he no longer had anything to fear. In fact, which Spirit Severing Realm expert from the External Endless Sea could rob him of the spiritual flames?!

“*sucks in cold breath* Earth Vein Demonic Flames! The White Bone Flame and the Black Devil Flame! Impossible! How could you get your hands on these flames?!”

“You don’t have to know. Dragon Flame Vortex, Eighth Revolution!”

The Eighth Revolution of Dragon Flame Vortex transformed into eight grey fire dragons that circled the vast sky!

The rain of flames that was summoned by Bei He vanished!

“Now I’ve changed my mind! I will take on the position of the tower masters of the northern, eastern and western towers!”

Note :

1. Measurements :

a. li(里) = 500 m

b. zhang(丈) = 3.13 m

c. chi(尺) = 30.7 cm

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