Grasping Evil

Chapter 211 - Old Ancestor Yu Long

Chapter 211 Old Ancestor Yu Long

Finally, Ning Fan accepted Xiao Wanluo’s request. At the same time, he also took away nearly a hundred million immortal jade from the Pill Cauldron Gate…

He could only be so rich in the Endless Sea. It would only be wishful thinking if he did this at the cultivation countries that were restricted by the World Law.

Of course, he got what he had today because of his capability. Xiao Wanluo might appear timid and cowardly in front of Ning Fan, but he was an expert that was more powerful than the king of Great Jin!

After a few days, a pair of lovers reached Xuan Wu City.

It was still a city full of cultivators like usual. However, this time, he came for a different purpose and a different mood.

The female corpse looked to her left and right. She was curious about everything she saw, just like a child who entered the city for the first time. When she passed by the stalls of rogue cultivators along the roadside, she would just take anything she liked and continued walking. She was completely unaware that she actually had to pay for the items she took…

As for Ning Fan, he did not know what to do with her, other than paying the cultivators on her behalf.

Only when he held her hands would she become a bit obedient, though she was reluctant to do so.

“Light…It…is…uncomfortable…” The female corpse pouted her lips.

It was indeed uncomfortable. Every mortal child would experience that before, especially when they follow their mothers to the market with their hands tightly held by their mothers, limiting them from freely running around. It really itched one’s heart.

“Be obedient!”

Ning Fan stroked her hair. His eyes were admiring the local customs and practices of Xuan Wu City.

When he first came to the city, there was only one thought in his mind – to form his Gold Core. That time, his whole body was injured after being pursued by devil cultivators. That time, he was too burdened to even stop and enjoy the scenery of the city.

Today, he was in a calm mood. The weather was fine and good with moderate wind and a beautiful sun. The mist of the sea faintly filled the air. The view of the island was picturesque and truly deserved to be one of the top three immortal islands in the External Endless Sea.

Two shadows gradually approached the southern pill tower.

The person who welcomed them was the same girl as before – Ya Lan. When she caught sight of Ning Fan, her lips curved into a broad smile and merrily spoke.

“Greetings to Great Master Zhou. Is there anything that Ya Lan can assist with?”

On the day when Ning Fan first came, she witnessed Elder Mo personally brought him to meet the tower master of the southern tower as he claimed that he was a Fourth Revolution Pill Master. Although Elder Mo did not obviously tell her about the results, she knew deep inside that he probably passed the test from the tower master.

However, she did not know that Ning Fan actually passed the test meant for Fifth Revolution Pill Master!

She heard about the name of the ruthless devil, Zhou Ming. But she did not relate him to the current Zhou Ming before her which appeared to be as gentle as a scholar.

When she shifted her gaze to the woman beside Ning Fan, her eyes turned gloomy.

No wonder he rejected my offer to sleep with him… He already has such an angelic wife.

“Miss Ya Lan. Could you help me notify Elder Mo? I want to see him.”

“Elder Mo once told me that if Grand Master Zhou Ming comes back, Grand Master Zhou Ming can just enter the tower without the need to notify him. Ya Lan will now bring Grand Master to see Elder Mo…”

Within the pill refinement room, Mo Yun was testing the pill refining techniques of a few Harmonious Spirit Realm cultivators.

All of them had achieved the peak of Second Revolution. They were attempting to concoct Third Revolution Pills in order to advance their techniques to Third Revolution.

Under Mo Yun’s supervision, the four of them were giving their full attention to prepare the pills. None of them dared to slack off. However, Mo Yun’s brows were tightly knitted together.

Among the four, three of them could be considered to have failed in preparing the pills and only one of them managed to succeed after putting in great effort. Though he succeeded, the pills lost most of its medicinal properties.

“Unqualified! All of you failed!”

He angrily flicked his sleeve, extinguishing the flames in front of the four people.

It had been ten years since Ning Fan last met him. He was now a Peak Third Revolution Pill Refining Master. It was just a hair’s breadth away from attaining the Fourth Revolution!

In his mind, he would rather comprehend and break through his pill refining techniques than waste his time on these four.

The four Harmonious Spirit Realm cultivators did not dare to resent Mo Yun. All of them nodded hurriedly and left the room. On the tediously long path in the tower, the four of them wore unhappy expressions. Coincidentally, they met Ya Lan who had a smoking hot body shape, leading a couple to see Mo Yun.

What a respectful look! The admiration that Ya Lan had for Ning Fan was clearly shown on her face!

The four of them were brothers. One of them had taken a liking to Ya Lan. He was Yu Wei and he was just a hundred years old. Furthermore, he was the descendant of a Third Revolution pill master who held a titular position in the northern tower. He intended to take Ya Lan as his wife but she had never once looked him in the eyes. To his surprise, this arrogant Ya Lan would become so obedient and even tried to exchange glances with a boy toy…

He coldly laughed and his eyes turned indifferent. He secretly spied on Ning Fan and his killing intent boiled within his heart.

As he knew nothing about Ning Fan and could not discover anything by just looking at him, he did not act rashly on the spot, even though anger seethed within his heart after he was harshly treated by Mo Yun.

When his gaze landed on the female corpse behind Ning Fan, he was immediately stunned by her beauty!

In the cultivation world, many women had beautiful appearances after they cultivate the Dao. But it was rare to have a woman as beautiful as the one he saw now!

A delicate and seemingly weak body would make anyone take pity on her… Moreover, her sickly look and bloodless lips made people want to sympathize with her even more! Her stockings, her shoes and the white shirt she wore were spotless, making her appear more holy and pure!

Yu Wei’s gaze were filled with malice. His dantian blazed with flames of desire. An evil smirk adorned his face.

When they brushed past Ning Fan, his heart was constantly thinking about Ning Fan’s wife…

The female corpse and Ning Fan did not emit any aura, making them look like they possess no magic power. Yu Wei thought they were just First Level Vein Opening Realm cultivators.

In his thought, the reason Ya Lan would behave respectfully towards them was probably because they had an unusual background…

Background?! Hmmph! In the Endless Sea, who looks at background? Who gives whom face? Without true power, one would not survive in this place!

A mere Vein Opening Realm junior has such a beautiful wife… Hehe. Once I get back, I’ll find out this person’s background. When he is alone afterwards, I’ll just finish him off and snatch his wife!

Look at her butt. It’s really tight! If only I can have a touch…. Hehe…

When the female corpse walked past him, Yu Wei sneered and quietly stretched out his hand towards her buttocks. His movement was as fast as lightning and it even left an afterimage.

A Harmonious Spirit Realm cultivator was much faster than Vein Opening Realm cultivators. He could be so fast that a Vein Opening Realm female cultivator would not be able to sense that she was being molested by him!

There was no kind cultivator in the Endless Sea!

He had already been used to committing impudent actions!

However, before his hand landed on her backside, it was grasped by another hand.

Yu Wei could not move a single step forward! The bones of his arm were pulverized!

The pain of the broken bones was immense. He lifted his gaze in fright and agony and met Ning Fan’s merciless eyes.

His gaze alone was enough to send chills down Yu Wei’s spine! All his Violent Qi condensed and formed a red light within his eyes!

That gaze made Yu Wei feel that his life was about to end!

What kind of killing intent is this?! Violent Qi?!

With just a sight, my immortal veins are nearly crushed!

At this moment, he regretted for underestimating the young man before him. Only at this moment did he realized that the man whom he called a ‘ boy toy’ earlier was an expert with great power!

A Gold Core Realm expert! No… He’s a Nascent Soul Realm expert!

“Senior, please have mercy. Junior is the descendant of Elder Yu Long of the northern tower. Please spare…”

Before he could finish uttering his words, Ning Fan let out a cold harrumph and the primordial energy of heaven and earth shook him. Yu Wei’s body instantly vanished into blood mist!

The other three Harmonious Spirit Realm cultivators had not seen or heard about this kind of technique before. They immediately concluded that the young man who looked inconspicuous must be an expert at the Gold Core Realm or above! To them, only Gold Core Realm old monsters could easily kill a Harmonious Spirit Realm cultivator!

“You… How dare you kill my brother, Yu Wei?! You’re dead meat now, even if you are a Gold Core Realm expert! Our master is Yu Long, an Early Nascent Soul Realm expert! He is also a Peak Third Revolution pill master of the northern tower. He will never let you off the hook!”

“Really? I want to see whether he dares to meet me. Tell him, my name is Zhou Ming!”

“What?! No, you can’t be him!”

The three of them clenched their teeth and left hurriedly to inform the Old Ancestor Yu Long of the northern tower.

Ya Lan covered her mouth with her bare hands. She was completely petrified.

She always thought Ning Fan was a modest and courteous person even if he had exception pill refining techniques. However, what she saw just now completely changed her mind!

This person did not even blink when he killed… He’s really brutal!

Wait… Zhou Ming… Zhou Ming?!

Don’t tell me this Zhou Ming is the devil lord who shook the entire External Endless Sea?!

No… That Zhou Ming is a ruthless cultivator that killed Peak Nascent Soul Realm experts…

This Zhou Ming in front of me is also strong. But his bone age is just around 340 years. How is it possible for him to be a Peak Nascent Soul Realm expert?

Her mind calmed down after a while. However, her eyes were filled with worries.

“Grand Master Zhou, you seemed to have got yourself into trouble… You shouldn’t have killed Yu Wei, though I don’t like him too…”

“I shouldn’t kill a person who intend to touch my woman?” Ning Fan faintly smiled. No killing intent was exposed from his smile. To Ya Lan, however, it was a blood-curdling smile which was even more terrifying than rage.

“No. I am not referring to that… That Yu Long is a biased person who would conceal his faults. He won’t be easy to handle as you’ve killed his descendant. In my opinion, I think you should leave hurriedly. Perhaps you should meet Elder Mo next time…”

“Never mind. Bring me to Mo Yun! The reason why I’m visiting the southern tower today is because I want to become an official pill master of the Lost World Palace… As for Yu Long, he won’t dare to offend me!”

He was seemingly conceited with the words he spoke. However, Ya Lan was filled with heartfelt admiration because of the domineering aura he had.

He was so powerful that he would not be afraid to kill others in order to protect his wife. He was so intimidating that even Nascent Soul Realm seniors would not dare to seek revenge on him…

Perhaps this Zhou Ming is really the devil lord that I heard from the rumours!

“Alright. Ya Lan will bring Grand Master to Elder Mo now!”

In the northern tower, Yu Long was refining a Fourth Revolution Pill.

His pill refining skill was now at the peak of Third Revolution, just a fraction away from reaching Fourth Revolution!

If he succeeds in concocting this pill, it would prove that his skill had attained the Fourth Revolution!

“Just a little more… Hehe… The technique of keeping the flame away while condensing the pill is the key to my success… Yes… If I keep this up…”

His eyes brimmed with excitement. During the process, the comprehension he had of the Path of Alchemy was gradually approaching the bottleneck of the Fourth Revolution!

All of a sudden, three flustered Harmonious Spirit Realm young men barged into his room.

“Old ancestor! Something bad happened!”

Yu Long was distracted by their abrupt appearance. His focus on the flame was diverted, making the pills explode!

He was on the verge of completing the Fourth Revolution pills but he failed because of their interruption!

Fourth Revolution, Fourth Revolution! I’m just one step away from that ethereal stage!

“Unruly followers! Detestable! Truly detestable!”

The infuriated Yu long clawed at the three of them. His primordial power shook and sent them flying backwards while spurting blood incessantly. Two were dead while one of them was grievously hurt!

This Yu Long was not a kind master!

He could only reach his current stage after going through countless bloodbath and killing!

His heart was already as hard as iron!

He would kill anyone, including his own disciples!

The effort he spent on comprehending the Path of Alchemy for ten years was now in vain! To him, granting them death would be considered a light punishment to them! The reason he left one of them alive was because he wanted to ask what exactly had happened that could cause the three of them to be so flustered.

“Yu Feng! I’ll give you three breaths! If you can’t tell me clearly what had happened, you’re dead!”

Yu Feng was the person who threatened Ning Fan earlier! As Yu Long had given him three breaths to answer, he did not dare to waste any second to speak! He deeply understood how merciless and ruthless his master was!

“Yu Wei has died at the southern tower…” He spoke in a trembling voice.

“What?! Why would he die? Didn’t you all go to see Mo Yun to test your pill refining skills?! Don’t tell me Mo Yun killed him! It’s true that we don’t get along well! But he is just a mere Gold Core Realm cultivator. It’s certainly not him who killed Yu Wei! Who was it? Who?!”

“It’s Zhou…” In the face of the Old Ancestor Yu Long’s intimidating pressure, Yu Feng choked on his words and breathed his last…

“Zhou?! Zhou what?! Useless scumbag! Fine! I’ll personally go to the southern tower to seek him out!”

Yu Long’s eyes were filled with viciousness.

He managed to only kill Yu Wei out of the four of them. That is to say the person’s cultivation realm should not be overwhelming. I suppose he is just an Early Gold Core Realm cultivator. Otherwise, he won’t allow Yu Feng and the other two to escape…

He was like a gust of fierce wind that swept across the northern tower. After letting out an angry roar that echoed in the entire city, he dashed towards the southern tower!

“The one with the surname Zhou. You killed my grandson, Yu Wei. This grudge is irreconcilable!”

Countless Gold Core Realm and Nascent Soul Realm experts of Xuan Wu City lifted their heads to the sky. Each of their expressions changed.

“Oh?! It’s Old Monster Yu Long! His grandson was killed? There will be a great show…”

Yu Long who was floating in midair, became the center of attraction among the cultivators of the city. His was glaring at the southern tower!

He distinctly sensed the presence of the person who killed his grandson through Yu Wei’s blood qi!

He sneered!

“The one with the surname Zhou! Come out here in three breaths!”

Just as his words fell, the brutality on his face was replaced by fear.

He deeply regretted coming to the southern tower!

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