Grasping Evil

Chapter 213(2) - The First Kill!

Chapter 213(2) The First Kill!

With just a look from his eyes, the flames which had weak spiritual intelligence moved aside in fear!

“Flames…. They are nutritious items. I’ll absorb the entire sea of flames!”

His eyes turned solemn. It was at this moment when the quiet Yin Yang Locket in his dantian emitted an immense power that could tear anything apart, like an invisible vortex!

Before the three different kinds of flames cast using magical techniques could scorch a single hair on Ning Fan’s body, they were sucked into his mouth by a strange force and eventually flowed into his abdomen. As the Yin Yang Locket was activated, the flames diminished at a rapid speed!

The Yin Yang Locket never feared flames!

In the past when Ning Fan’s magic power was still weak, he could devour one of the Flame Dragons made of the Black Devil Flame with the help of the locket!

Currently, his magic power had achieved Mid Nascent Soul Realm. Every flame below the Sixth Grade was nothing before him!

It was also the reason why Ning Fan was not afraid of Revered Flame from the Rain Palace.

Revered Flame devours flames?

No matter how much flames he can conjure, they will only become nutrients for the Yang Power of my Yin Yang Locket!

Before it absorbed the flames, the locket had an appearance that of a blood-red jade. After the absorption, a strand of blood line was formed on the center of the locket, separating the locket into two parts. The left side was slightly faint in color while the right side was much deeper. It was as if it divided the two parts into Yin and Yang.

Within a few breaths, not a single trace of flames was left within a thousand li*!

When the three experts saw Ning Fan who was unscathed after the disappearance of their spiritual flames, they sucked in cold breaths together!

What kind of technique was that?!

This man dares to devour all our flames?!

Not even Revered Flame could do what he just did! According to rumors, only the descendants of the Flame Vein who perfected the cultivation method of flames could devour flames like that!

Don’t tell me this man possesses the Immemorial Divine Vein of Flame!

If Ning Fan were to possess the rare Divine Vein they mentioned, none of them would want to further offend him. The Rain Sovereign once gave a decree not to hurt any cultivators with rare immortal veins. Instead they must offer them forgiveness and recruit them!

But they did not have the time to think about it because Ning Fan had already begun his counterattack!

The massive sea of flames that was absorbed into his Yin Yang Locket compressed into a fireball on his finger. He even imbued the Black Devil Flame and White Bone Flame into it before he unleashed it!

“Dragon Flame Vortex, Ninth Revolution!”

This life-threatening devil chant echoed coldly from Ning Fan’s lips!

This finger was the combination of an all-out attack of three Nascent Soul Realm experts and his own ultimate strike!

Nine folds of grey flame vortexes appeared in the vast sky!

Within a thousand zhang*, the sky and the sea began to simmer!

As the nine vortexes whirled rapidly in midair, nine grey Flame Dragons emerged. Each of them was a thousand zhang long* and emanated a terrifying aura that could even suppress experts at the Late Nascent Soul Realm!

Xi Bai and Bei He were tied down by one Flame Dragon each. As for the remaining seven Flame Dragons, they targeted the weakest expert – Dong Qing!

The ability of the Yin Yang Locket to devour flames could not be repeated in the same battle. As such, before they had the time to face Ning Fan again, he decided to use his lightning technique to eliminate one of them!

Dong Qing who had 6000 units of magic power was the easiest to kill! However, sneak attacking him would be too obvious at this point.

The next second, another idea formed in his mind. When the seven Flame Dragons charged towards the enemy, Ning Fan dematerialized!

It was the Falsifying Art!

An unpleasant feeling struck Bei He when he lost sight of Ning Fan. He could guess what Ning Fan was up to.

Dong Qing was ranked the third among the three. He was the weakest among them all. Ning Fan’s intention of delivering a killing blow to Dong Qing was completely clear for them all to see when he deliberately deployed seven Flame Dragons at the latter! He wanted to sneak attack Dong Qing!

This man sure is cunning! However, he is doomed to fail!

Bei He emitted a roar and spurted out a mouthful of Blood Essence. He performed the self-sacrifice technique to boost his overall power temporarily, allowing him to crush the Flame Dragon with a claw!

Bei He truly deserved to be a Peak Nascent Soul Realm expert as he could instantaneously finish off this Flame Dragon which could kill Late Nascent Soul Realm experts in a flash!

Afterwards, he made a hurried blink to the side of Dong Qing and spoke solemnly, “Third Brother, don’t worry! I’ve come to help!”

With Bei He’s help, the Flame Dragons would not inflict much damage on the two of them.

Xi Bai also knew Dong Qing was in a difficult position. He did the same like Bei He and dashed to his aid.

However, before he could move, a silhouette of a young man materialized behind him and landed numerous punches like rain drops on his back!

His High Supreme Grade armor broke apart after receiving tens of punches from Ning Fan. After that, every punch that landed on his body crushed the bones in his spine inch by inch, grievously injuring him!

Xi Bai did not have the chance to react at all. It was completely out of his expectations that Ning Fan would feint to the east but strike in the west!

His true intention was to kill me first!

What was truly beyond his expectation was the brute strength of Ning Fan’s punch.

It was the power of the Half-Step Jade Life Body Refining Realm! Each and every punch emitted the sound of mountains collapsing!


In just a blink of an eye, the western tower master was already in a critical state!

Bei He and Dong Qing were both shocked and enraged at the same time. It was already too late for them to save Xi Bai!

Before this, they heard that Zhou Ming was only a cultivator with First Level of the Silver Bone Body Refining Realm. However, their information turned out to be untrue.

His body refining realm is just a hair’s breadth away from the Jade Life Realm! Among the experts below Spirit Severing Realm, he could be considered unrivalled with the body refining realm he possesses!

“How…How is this possible?!”

Xi Bai strenuously fished out a magical treasure which was shaped like a small tower and threw it at Ning Fan to cause a distraction that will aid his escape.

The small dark tower was a Peak Supreme Grade magical treasure. Its presence displayed a terrifying pressure on Ning Fan.

When it flew in midair, it immediately grew into a thousand zhang tall tower, emitting a deafening whoosh when falling down directly at Ning Fan.

Furthermore, it was augmented with the ‘Dispel’ ability! No techniques would be able to stop it from falling! He could either counter its movement using another magical treasure just as strong as it was or block it with his body.

From the perspective of Xi Bai, Ning Fan’s body refining realm could be considered heaven-defying with his current cultivation realm. However, even true Jade Life Realm expert could not directly block a Peak Supreme Grade magical treasure with his physical body.

But what he expected to happen was bound to be only wishful thinking on his part!

A blinding silver light flashed across their eyes. When they opened their eyes, Ning Fan was already a hundred zhang tall giant. The giant threw a punch on the enormous tower and brought it to a halt with his sheer physical force!

After his fist met the falling tower, his body retreated back a single step but he regained his stability in the next instance. The tower, however, was sent flying in the opposite direction with a few cracks on its body!

“No way! Even Jade Life Body Refining Realm experts would not be able to directly take on a Peak Supreme Grade magical treasure like that!”

Indeed, a Jade Life Body Refining Realm expert could not do that. But Ning Fan had endured ninety-nine inscriptions of the Stone Warrior Devil Mark and acquired the Profound Earth Devil Mark that fortify his defenses multiple times. In terms of offense, Ning Fan might not be able to compare with a genuine Jade Life Body Refining Realm expert. In terms of defense, however, only those of the Second Level of Jade Life Body Refining Realm could rival him!

The giant’s eyes turned clear and indifferent. He pointed his finger at Xi Bai and radiated a silver light. The next moment, circles of light rippled from his finger and travelled towards Xi Bai. As the light circle surrounded him and shook, countless intangible threads bound his limbs, sealing his movements.

This Body Sealing Technique was able to seal a Peak Nascent Soul Realm expert for a single breath!

Cold sweat covered his entire body. This single breath of time was the key to his life and death!

Without hesitation, he spurted out a few mouthfuls of Blood Essence, struggling to free himself from the technique. However, before he managed to succeed, the giant had already caught up with him. He stretched out his gigantic palm and held him tightly in his fist. What happened next made the three of them completely horrified!

The giant opened his massive mouth and chewed the western tower master into pieces! He had eaten Xi Bai alive! Not even the latter’s Nascent Soul could escape!

After warding off the attack of the Flame Dragons, Bei He and Dong Qing were deathly pale.

This man…This man is a mad man!

Only demon cultivators would eat cultivators alive. If a human cultivator did that, the spiritual power of the deceased cultivator would make the cultivator’s immortal veins burst!

But what made them horrified the most was that Xi Bai who ranked the second among the three of them was defeated in just a flash!

Despite the tricks that Ning Fan displayed earlier, Bei He clearly knew that he too might not be able to receive those attacks without suffering severe injuries!

“So this is… the true power of Zhou Ming?! Impossible! How could Xiang Liao survive when not even my second brother could?! Wait. I remember now! After the battle in the Pill Cauldron Gate, I have heard nothing about him anymore, not even the news of him seizing a new corpse… Xiang Liao did not manage to flee. Instead, he was caught by Zhou Ming after the battle and killed! That must be it!”

Luofei, Xiang Liao and Xi Bai…

Zhou Ming had already killed three experts at the Peak Nascent Soul Realm!

“This man’s power really is unusual! Which cultivator under the Spirit Severing Realm can be his opponent? Detestable! Let’s flee!” Dong Qing clenched his teeth in dissatisfaction.

“Flee!” Without further contemplation, Bei He answered!

As they intended to blink, the giant pointed his finger at them, sealing their movements.

“Want to leave? It’s too late!”

Even Bei He now shivered in fear under Ning Fan’s devil might. He roared loudly at Ning Fan, “Zhou Ming! You’ve broken the World Law by killing Xi Bai. You’ve offended the Rain Palace. Don’t tell me you won’t stop?!”

“There’s no World Law in the Endless Sea!”

“Fine! Fine! Zhou Ming, don’t be too arrogant! I don’t plan to use this item because it will take a toll on me… But since you are unbelievably thickheaded, I will kill you no matter what the cost! ‘Profound Heaven Soul Slashing Sword’, appear!”

Note :

Measurements :

a. li(里) = 500 m

b. zhang(丈) = 3.13 m

c. chi(尺) = 30.7 cm

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