Grasping Evil

Chapter 205 - Plucking the Two Females

Chapter 205 Plucking the Two Females

Xiao Wanluo’s eyelids struggled to open as he slowly regained his consciousness after he ended up in blackout earlier in the auction hall.

When he heard that Xiang Clan was wreaking havoc in his sect, he panicked.

But before he could let out a sigh of relief after knowing that Zhou Ming had solved the disaster brought upon by the Xiang Clan, he also discovered that he was still resting in the stone chamber which once belonged to the founder of the sect!

“Why is this fiend still lingering around this place? Ling Guiku, what’s this all about?!”

“*lets out a dry cough*… I’m not quite sure why. But this Zhou Ming seems to know me…”

“Er… Wait. What did you say…”

Xiao Wanluo stood in amazement.

“So you are intimate friends with this Zhou Ming?”

“No… In fact, I should say that I don’t even know him…”

“No? If he isn’t close with you, he wouldn’t have given you face and annihilated the experts of Xiang Clan. Just stop being long-winded. Alright. Let’s cut this short. Tell me, do you have some confidence in making him our Feudal Ranking Elder?”

Xiao Wanluo’s eyes glittered in anticipation.

“Brother Ling, you must help me as a favor for saving your life in the past… If this Zhou Ming becomes the Pill Cauldron Gate’s elder, then I would not need to run away anymore…”

Mountains and rivers filled the world within the stone chamber. It was like a utopia in the middle of the desert.

Birds sang and flowers gave off their fragrance. The two sisters, Bing Ling and Yue Ling were training approximately 1100 female cultivators, mainly consisting of the female cauldrons that were bought from the auction. Among them, there were also some Harmonious Spirit Realm females, Late Gold Core Realm females and Peak Gold Core Realm females from the Extreme Yin Gate.

Each and every one of the female cultivators from the auction were planted with mental seals by Ning Fan after the seals planted by Pill Cauldron Sect in them were erased.

All of them were Ning Fan’s female cauldrons. In ancient times, Yellow Emperor was said to have had three thousand women and ascended to the heavens one day. Today, Ning Fan was another person who was following his departed emperor’s footsteps by having more than a thousand women by his side…

“From today onwards, we are the ‘Female Guards of the Ning Clan’. We will have one surname and that is Ning. I am the chief commander of the guard, Ning Bing Ling. She is the vice commander, Ning Yue Ling… Is that clear?!”

“Yes! But why are we named after the surname ‘Ning’? Isn’t our master’s surname ‘Zhou’?

“You will soon understand. Just for your information, all of us will be cultivating within the master’s Cauldron Ring…”

“Sister Bing Ling, please allow me to ask a question… What is a Cauldron Ring?”

“It’s an Immortal’s Abode Magical Treasure that is specially prepared for female cauldrons by our master! There’s plenty of space, including mountains and rivers for us to cultivate!”

“What?! Our master has an Immortal Abode’s Magical Treasure…” A group of female cauldrons chattered among themselves with their faces full of radiance.

“Alright. All of you will get to know about some other details later. Now, since we are our master’s female cauldrons, we must first be clear of the dos’ and don’ts. Firstly, let me tell you the rules and regulations for the female guards… Number one… Number two…”

Ning Fan could not resist the urge to laugh in surprise when he found out that Bing Ling and Yue Ling were orderly carrying out each of the activities such as naming the guards, setting the rules, giving warnings to the females. Perhaps, his harem consisting of more than a thousand females will be formed today.

He withdrew his spirit sense and sat upright on the bed. He lifted his gaze and looked at the two females wearing thin, translucent shirts with a faint smile on his face.

One of them wore a yellow shirt while the other wore a green one. They were said to be women with national-level grace and divine fragrance and their gracefully slender bodies never failed to attract the men’s eyeballs. They were the only two Nascent Soul Realm female cauldrons.

Facing Ning Fan whose Violent Qi had yet to disperse, their eyes were filled with admiration and nervousness.

As female cauldrons, they could never decide their own destinies. No matter who their master was, they must never resist.

When they are being plucked, they have to obey.

When they are being mistreated like animals, they have to submit.

If their master was someone with an obnoxious hobby of inviting his friends to team up for an orgy, they also had to comply.

Even if their master decided to end their lives after using them, they could not defy them.

It was their fates…

Having Ning Fan as their master was considered a bliss to them.

Putting aside his nobility and the terrifying power that he possessed, his gentle attitude towards the two women had already filled them with heartfelt admiration.

Bing and Yue were Ning Fan’s cauldrons. It was not a mistake. However, they could still move around freely, express their feelings unrestrictedly, be pampered by their master… Beside they still retained their cultivation realms at the Gold Core Realm. This kind of lifestyle really made them envious.

Now, their heartbeat inevitably raced when standing before Ning Fan.

They were worried because of the concentrated Violent Qi on Ning Fan’s body. Meanwhile, they were also worried about what was going to happen to them next.

They knew deep inside that they had to make love with their master as only the two of them were summoned to his room… However, as a woman, even if she started learning bed techniques since young, she would still feel anxious since it would be her first time doing the real thing.

“Master, should we…” The two females’ cheeks were slightly red while their hands were fearfully rubbing their arms.

“En. I’m going to use my cultivation method to pluck you two. In the end, both of your cultivation realms will fall into the Gold Core Realm. But you don’t have to worry. I won’t kill you after that. Instead, I will keep you at the Early Gold Core Realm and will impart my cultivation experience to you as well as provide pills for your use. With the natural endowments inside you, it won’t be difficult for the both of you to regain your original cultivation level.”

“Yes! Thank you, Master, for sparing our lives!”

Originally, the main concern of the two females was to what extent would they be plucked.

After they heard that their cultivation realms would remain at Gold Core Realm, they immediately knelt down before Ning Fan and kowtowed to express their gratitude.

“Alright. Get up. Come and sit beside me…”

Ning Fan beckoned them with a smile. Their faces became pink out of shyness and did what he said. Consciously, they snuggled up to Ning Fan’s arms.

If the females were willing to be plucked and achieve climax during the process, the result would be comparatively better. Forcefully plucking the females was actually a second-rate technique that would only be used by weak devil cultivators. Similarly, drugging the females so that they would not resist when being touched or molested was also not a brilliant move.

According to the techniques recorded in the Yin Yang Transformation, just before the females are plucked, they should feel relaxed, joyful and comfortable.

This stone chamber was a good environment. From the outside, it was filled with mountains ranging for hundreds of miles. However, it was like the land of peach blossoms inside and the surroundings were quiet and beautiful. It was indeed a romantic place which was perfect for smooching with girls.

His hand gently stroked the cheeks of the lady in the yellow shirt. It was soft, silky and slightly cold. The next second, her face became burning hot and she bashfully bit her lips without showing any sign of resistance.

He put his other arm around the lady in the green shirt. This lady was a little skinnier and more petite. Easily, she was pulled into Ning Fan’s arms. As she felt the warmth of his chest, she lowered her head nervously as her body lightly trembled.

They seem to be quite nervous after all.

“Do the both of you have names?” While having the two females in close contact, he secretly rotated his bewitching technique in his voice.

“No… I’m number 947 and she’s number 385… If it does not trouble Master, please give us a name…”

They inwardly knew the bewitching power was being used in his voice but they did not try to resist. Instead, they exposed themselves to it. Gradually, their breathing became rapid, making their bosoms even more clearly visible when they rose and fell. Their anxiety and nervousness slowly faded.

“You have no names? Then let me give you two names… You, since your shirt is yellow like the tangerine, I shall call you Ning Tianer[1]. As for you, since your shirt is green like duckweed, I shall call you Ning Pinger[2]. What do you think?”

Ning Fan continued to infuse more bewitching power into his words while his hands glided down from their shoulders to their waist. He secretly applied the power of his Yin Plucking Finger and tenderly touched their bellies.

“Tha…Thank you Master for gra… granting us…. names…”

The two females quivered and gasped softly. They felt their eyes beginning to become blurry, losing control over themselves bit by bit.

Ning Tianer’s body gave in to Ning Fan’s irresistible devilish touch and lied onto his body. She put her arms around his neck and began licking his ear with her tongue.

As for Ning Pinger, when Ning Fan’s hand suddenly grabbed the petite bosoms on her chest, her sensitive body curled and let out a moan.

Her tone was lustful but comfortable to hear… It ignited the perverseness within the three people in the room.

A brief moment later, despite the thin clothes she wore, she no longer felt satisfied as she could not feel the roughness and authenticity of Ning Fan’s hand.

She unbuttoned the first button of her clothes, exposing half of her bra. She held Ning Fan’s hand and shoved it inside her undergarment.

As his fingers found its way to something erect on her bosom, she completely lost control of herself and leered at Ning Fan.

“Master… Please…have… pity… on… us…”

“Don’t worry. I’ll be gentle. Because you are all my cauldrons! I’m different from those unsympathetic experts. As long as you don’t misbehave, I can guarantee your safety for your entire lives!”

The bead curtains fell, partially shrouding the scene. However, two naked bodies as clear as jade sculptures were still vaguely visible from the outside. A pair of hands imbued with bewitching power could also be seen teasing the bodies.

Moans and groans, huffs and puffs, affection and…attachment.

Two untarnished half-cut blood plums were spread under the cover of a quilt.

“…Argh…No, not here… En…En…”

“Ah! Be… gentle…No… Don’t… This is…. Argh!”

“Master… You’re good… It feels good…”

“Pinger still wants…”

Note :

Measurements :

a. li(里) = 500 m

b. zhang(丈) = 3.13 m

c. chi(尺) = 30.7 cm

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