Grasping Evil

Chapter 206 - Mid Nascent Soul Realm!

 Chapter 206: Mid Nascent Soul Realm!

After an enjoyable night, the two exhausted female cauldrons fell asleep on the bed. Although there were traces of tears on their cheeks that had yet to dry, their faces were adorned with satisfied smiles.

If both parties chose to make love of their own free will, it would certainly become a soothing and relaxing activity.

At the side of the bed, Ning Fan wrapped his body with a shirt and sat down on a cattail hassock.

Now, the magic power of the two ladies dropped to Early Gold Core Realm because they were plucked by Ning Fan. On the other hand, Ning Fan’s magic power rose to 135 units from his previous magic power of 93 units!

After a brief silent meditation, he took out 27 Gold Core Realm Dao Fruits… To him, Gold Core Realm Dao Fruits were already not as effective as before. One of them could only increase one unit of magic power. As for Nascent Soul Realm Dao Fruit…

His eyes focused on the red lines on the fruit and were filled with a bit of excitement.

Consuming this fruit would increase his magic power by another 20 units!

If he takes all the fruits, he would not only achieve a breakthrough to the Mid Nascent Soul Realm but also have even more magic power than any ordinary expert at that realm!

From the pile of pills that he snatched from others, he found a Fourth Revolution Pill, “Nascent Condensation Pill”. His eyes glittered with surprise. Without any hesitation, he swallowed it down his throat.

It was a pill that could increase the success rate of attaining the Mid Nascent Soul Realm…

As the pill went down into his stomach he shut his eyes, digesting the medicinal effect from the pill while reserving his magic power at the same time to comprehend the bottleneck of the small cultivation realm that he was about to break through.

If he succeeds, he would be a Mid Nascent Soul Realm expert at just 340 years old. His incredible speed of cultivation would make many of the descendants of Immemorial Devil or Divine Veins feel embarrassed of themselves!

Within his dantian, his Nascent Soul’s mouth opened wide to breathe. Traces of primordial power from heaven and earth flowed into his dantian, entering into his Nascent Soul. Under the nourishment of the primordial power, this miniature Nascent Soul suddenly flew out from his dantian and grew into a small infant the size of an adult’s fist. His face was exactly the same as Ning Fan.

However, the face of the small infant appeared exhausted. His tiny little hands were making hand seals. When the hand seals were done, his small body transformed into a vortex that absorbed primordial power from every direction.

Along the way, the size of his Nascent Soul gradually grew and became more and more corporeal.

The process of advancing to the Mid Nascent Soul Realm from Early Nascent Soul Realm was to keep condensing the existence of the Nascent Soul. By the Late Nascent Soul Realm, the Nascent Soul would be in its complete form. Then, the cultivators would start to comprehend the power of heaven and earth in order to break down their Nascent Soul and form their Primordial Spirit. Only those who successfully form their Primordial Spirit would be considered as Spirit Severing Realm experts who have the power to shake the External Endless Sea!

After the two females woke up, they did not dare to disturb Ning Fan. Instead, they quickly put on their clothes and joined the female guards in their cultivation.

Within a month, the face of his Nascent Soul became distinct. It even had hair growing on its head. Although its entire body still looked like that of a child, his face was not different from Ning Fan’s!

All of a sudden, Ning Fan sensed the bottleneck of the Mid Nascent Soul Realm. He kept the Nascent Soul back into his dantian and opened his eyes that were flashing brightly!


A surge of primordial power of heaven and earth entered into his body. It was in this moment where his aura intensified bit by bit!

After consuming the Dao Fruits, he had already amassed 182 units of magic power. However, after condensing his Nascent Soul, his magic power increased once more, reaching 190 units!

When his aura reached its peak, Ning Fan stood up. By just releasing his aura, everything a thousand zhang* around him within the palatial room crumbled!

Afterwards, red clouds could be seen gathering above the sky of Peng Lai Immortal Island, signaling the emergence of the Heavenly Tribulation!

Many cultivators spotted the phenomenon and realized that someone had broken through to the Mid Nascent Soul Realm!

Countless Nascent Soul Realm experts spread their spirit sense and discovered that the person who caused this phenomenon was currently at Mo Nan City… It was the place where the wild devil, Zhou Ming, was having secluded meditation! Although most of them were curious who exactly was the person who experience a breakthrough, no one was bold enough to go to Mo Nan City to find out the answer!

The territory of Mo Nan City was tens of thousands of zhang*! It was deemed as the land of Peng Lai’s Devils! No one dared to disturb that place!

Within the same month, Zhou Ming’s reputation spread widely across the entire External Endless Sea! Every single person of the top ten sects knew that a true devil appeared in the land of Peng Lai!

Those who originally wanted to seek revenge on the Pill Cauldron Gate changed their minds after discovering that Zhou Ming was still in the Pill Cauldron Gate…

No one mentioned about it…

Some cultivators from the Pill Cauldron Gate were horrified by the fearsome might of the heavens emanated from the blood red Heavenly Tribulation! As far as they know, the Heavenly Tribulation for cultivators below Spirit Severing Realm was the Tribulation of Lightning. Only after they attain the Spirit Severing Realm would they face the Tribulation of Dark Flames, followed by the Tribulation of Yin Wind… They had never witnessed anything like the Tribulation of Red Lightning…

The color red indicated that Heaven was enraged… Heaven was angry and the people were resentful! It was why the clouds became blood-red!

Under the blood red clouds imbued with heavenly might, a young man dressed in white clothes and draped in a black cloak firmly floated in mid-air. His hand held a whip that was infused with the same red lightning in the clouds. He brutally lashed the clouds, breaking them into two!

Before the lightning rays could gather again, Ning Fan sent out a whip another time, shattering them apart!

“So what if it’s a Heavenly Tribulation… I have the Divine Star of Lightning. I can manipulate the red lightning at my whim. Disappear now!”

He continuously attacked using his whip for tens of times and the Heavenly Lightning was finally eradicated!

The cultivators of the Pill Cauldron Gate stared with gaping mouths at him.

Such a savage person who even dares to insult the Heaven!

This is a cultivator who chose the Path of Defiance, the path of a true devil!

As for the huge harem of Ning Fan, each and every one of them were brimming with joy.

It was because the person who shattered the Heavenly Tribulation of Lightning was their master!

When their master was just at the Early Nascent Soul Realm, he was able to kill Peak Nascent Soul Realm experts. Once he attains the Mid Nascent Soul Realm, his power would be far beyond their imagination!

The red clouds that appeared vanished in just a short while.

Ning Fan returned to the stone chamber and entered into another secluded meditation to regulate his breathing. Ten days later, he came out from seclusion!

After consuming another Fourth Revolution Pill, the “Nascent Strengthening Pill”, his new cultivation realm stabilized. It made him save a few years’ time as he did not need to spend a few years to get used to his current realm.

With a wave of his hand, the broken buildings returned to their original state!

As he looked into himself, other than finding out that his magic power exceeded 190 units, he realized that his spirit sense had attained the Peak Nascent Soul Realm.

That is to say that his black incarnation alone possessed the power equivalent to a Peak Nascent Soul Realm! He could teleport faster than a Peak Nascent Soul Realm expert, though he was still much slower than those of the Spirit Severing Realm. As for his Black Tempest Rupture Art, it was strong enough to inflict serious damage on a Peak Nascent Soul Realm expert or kill a Late Nascent Soul Realm expert in just a single strike!

However, his sword sense was stuck at its previous realm and could only kill Early Gold Core Realm cultivators. Unless he gets lucky and find an ancient sword qi like the sword qi of the Immortal Execution Order, he could never enhance his sword consciousness as well as his sword sense.

Despite that, his overall combat power drastically increased.

Even his Lightning Whip successfully assimilated the power of the Tribulation of Red Lightning earlier and became a High Supreme Grade magical treasure.

If Ning Fan were to battle against Xiang Liao now, he would definitely be able to kill him and capture him as well! His current teleportation allowed him to move two thousand li in a single breath. Such incredible speed would surely terrify Xiang Liao!

“Congratulations, Master! Your cultivation realm has greatly improved. Master could now permanently rule over Peng Lai!”

A thousand females chanted in a respectful and orderly manner. They were all the members of the Female Guard of Ning Clan; they were all Ning Fan’s harem!

Now, there are only about one thousand females. In the future, there will be tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands and even millions of them…

I shall pillage females from other people and make them all my own!

“En. All of you continue your cultivation. Ten days later, we will leave this place!”

“Master… The old ancestor of the Pill Cauldron Gate, Xiao Wanluo, requested to see you.” Bing Ling’s soft and gentle voice could be heard from outside the palace.

“Let him wait!”

Ning Fan did not have time to meet Xiao Wanluo. Furthermore, he already knew what Xiao Wanluo was up to.

When I went into seclusion for more than a month, Xian Wanluo did not run away. Instead, he chose to stay at the Pill Cauldron Gate. It was probably because he’s waiting to see me and seek my protection. He plans to use my name to continue to keep his foothold in the External Endless Sea…

Ning Fan had no interest at all in Xiao Wanluo’s matter. Besides, he had some other things to take care of.

His hand held the silver embroidery pin that glittered under the daylight.

After he search the memories and souls of the Late Nascent Soul Realm expert from the Xiang Clan, he found nothing that concerns the background of the pin. From the memories of Xiang Liao, he only knew that Xiang Liao found this pin by accident when he sneaked into the outer domain of heaven after the Ruins of the Ancient Heavenly Court opened.

Almost no one could spot the pin if it was used to ambush the enemy. Moreover, common Nascent Soul Realm experts did not have a magical treasure like the Yin Yang Locket that defended the front part of the Nascent Soul, blocking the attack of the pin. If the enemy’s Nascent Soul were to be pierced by the pin, the cultivator would most likely suffer a grievous injury.

However, that was not Ning Fan’s main concern. In fact, he was more concerned about the familiar fragrance.

He was constantly thinking of the person who owned this smell.

After racking his brains out, he finally remembers why the smell was so familiar…

I don’t understand… The female corpse… This pin gives out exactly the same fragrance that I smelled from the female corpse…

Could it be that this pin belonged to the female corpse when she was still alive?

Aside from that, I think the female corpse should have some relation with Mu Weiliang.

Ning Fan’s current power was still insufficient to match the female corpse. Otherwise, he would have searched the female corpse’s memories. Since she did not have a soul, performing the Soul Memory Searching Technique should not hurt her Sea of Consciousness as he would only be able to access to the memory fragments in her remaining Sea of Consciousness.

Wait… The female corpse has no soul!

“Don’t tell me that Weiliang is a part of the female corpse’s soul?! Ning Fan’s eyes flashed. If that was the case, it made sense why the both of them had the same appearance. Mu Weiliang’s qi was different from the female corpse because she was only one part of the corpse’s complete soul.

(Note : a complete soul is formed from three spiritual and seven physical souls)

However, Mu Weiliang’s soul that did not go into samsara should logically be together with the female corpse in the Ruins of the Ancient Heavenly Court.

Why did she appear in the Demon Sinister Forest? Does this mean that there’s a secret passage to the Ruins of the Ancient Heavenly Court in the forest?!

Apart from that, how come Ning Honghong who was a cultivator from Wu Country appeared in the Demon Sinister Forest of Yue Country? Perhaps she died a violent death while she was searching for treasures in the Ruins of the Ancient Heavenly Court which caused her soul to linger around and was eventually transported to the Demon Sinister Forest from that passage!

Someone set up the forest in Yue Country to keep souls and ghosts… Yue Country must have a passage that connects to the Ruins of the Ancient Heavenly Court!

“Ruins of the Ancient Heavenly Court…”

Ning Fan recalled his master’s advice.

There were still approximately 90 years before the next time it opens. It was the exact time Emperor Moksha would arrive.

Emperor Moksha would most probably enter the Ruins of the Ancient Heavenly Court from the entrance of the Devil World. That day, he said that he would come to Yue Country in his true form. That is to say there was a huge possibility that the secret passage that connects that place to Yue Country exists… Emperor Moksha would most likely use this passage to come to Yue Country…

On top of that, why was a fallen Immemorial Dark Sparrow there in the Dark Sparrow Grave in the first place? Perhaps it was killed in a battle in the Ruins of the Ancient Heavenly Court and coincidentally fell into the secret passage which brought it to Yue Country!

Why did the Jade Lake Saint placed a clone in Yue Country? Why did the Old Devil who possesses the pass to enter the Ruins of the Ancient Heavenly Court remained in Yue Country… Perhaps he was in despair as he could not find any means nor any descendants of the Yin Yang Devil Veins to cure Xiaomei and decided to find secret medicines from that place…

Yue Country must have a special status in the Rain World!

No wonder Nan Yangzi who was a mere Gold Core Realm cultivator was able to get a female corpse from the Ruins of the Ancient Heavenly Court…If he was born in another country, he might not even have the chance to reach the entrance of that place.

Ning Fan’s brain was filled with past memories which actually enlightened his mind, clearing off the things that had been troubling him.

The story about Que Shenzi building the Sinister Sparrow Sect was something that happened later.

Before the sect was built, there should be a mighty being who raised a pill devil in the place where the Dark Sparrow fell. As for the ghosts within the forest, some of them were brought inside by the members of Sinister Sparrow Sect. The others should be the souls that belonged to the deceased members of the Ruins of the Ancient Heavenly Court and bringing them here must be the deed of that mighty person!

Demon Sinister Forest had nine layers. The first seven layers were in the Rain World. The last two layers might be at the Ancient Heavenly Court!

Every time the Heavenly Court opened, that person would go personally or send someone to the eighth or ninth layer of the Demon Sinister Forest to collect the ghosts which had successfully achieved the True Immortal level.

The next time it opens, he might also send someone to check on the pill devil in the Dark Sparrow’s Grave. If they find the pill devil is different, I might be in trouble…

The Ancient Heavenly Court is going to open ninety years later. That time, I did not only need to fight Emperor Moksha, I might most likely be also offending a True Immortal who has been developing his schemes all these while.

“It’s so troublesome…”

Ning Fan cut his thoughts abruptly and clenched his fist with the pin within his palm. Yue Country really was not a simple place… He would find out the truth the next time he returns to the country.

After reorganizing his thoughts, he heaved a sigh of relief.

Now, it was time for him to continue striving for more power.

In order to search the female corpse’s memories, he must first be capable enough. The fastest way to increase his power included plucking the two female demons and obtaining the devil marks through the secret art Blood Pricking Devil Marks to enhance his body refining realm. Originally the twelve Nascent Soul Realm experts he killed were enough for him to break through to the second realm of Silver Bone. Now, he had another seventeen Nascent Soul Realm experts from the Xiang Clan. With the current number of Nascent Souls as well as the Jade Royal Pill, it should not be a problem for him to attain the third realm of the Silver Bone.

Body refining realm first and the female demons come next. After that, I will deal with the female corpse!

He slapped his storage pouch and fished out a stone statue. By placing his finger on the head of the statue, it transformed into a tall stone man.

“Stone Warrior. I have gathered enough Secret Blood. You can help me draw the devil marks now.”

“No. You haven’t become the Feudal Ranking Elder of the southern tower. I can’t help you do it!” Stone Warrior refused.

“I will go later!” Ning Fan frowned.

“…” After staying quiet for a while, Stone Warrior helplessly said, “I hope you’re a person who keeps your words! I will help you draw the devil marks now. Again, I want to remind you, this process will be extremely painful…”

“It’s good that it’s painful! I can eat this…”

Ning Fan flicked his sleeve and a Jade Royal Pill appeared on his palm.

Stone Warrior’s face twitched when he saw the pill.

“You even have the Jade Royal Pill that the Immortal Emperor wants… Who are you really?”

“You don’t have to know… Just draw the devil marks…”

“Er… Do you want a spot of the Nine Worlds? If you have this spot, you would have the chance to fly up to the Four Heavens even if you have yet to reach Void Fragmentation Realm…” Stone Warrior cautiously asked as if he was trying to entice him.

“Oh? Is there a special status like that?”

Ning Fan was greatly interested. He wanted to know more about the secrets of the Four Heavens. Stone Warrior was a good source of information after all.

Note :

Measurements :

a. li(里) = 500 m

b. zhang(丈) = 3.13 m

c. chi(尺) = 30.7 cm

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