Grasping Evil

Chapter 204(2) - Rampaging Mo Nan!

Chapter 204(2) Rampaging Mo Nan!

As the experts felt pain in their hearts like they were being torn apart, they could also feel a sword drilling its way out of their hearts, piercing their bodies from inside out. It emanated the might of a Peak Nascent Soul Realm sword technique. Eleven Early Nascent Soul Realm experts and four Mid Nascent Soul Realm experts were torn into shreds at the same time, leaving a thick mist of blood in the air. None of them were able to defend themselves against the sword technique. None of them weren’t even able to escape from the technique using their Nascent Soul.

The Late Nascent Soul Realm expert detonated his physical body in order to escape from the fine threads that bound his limbs. Although his Nascent Soul managed to flee away, Ning Fan threw his Separation Slayer Sword at him. It was like a tracking missile, stubbornly following everywhere the Nascent Soul went. However, the Nascent Soul failed to outrun the sword and within seconds, the sword pierced through the miniature body of the expert, rendering him unconscious. With the Nascent Soul in the middle of the sword, it returned to Ning Fan’s hands.

In just a brief moment, fifteen experts were now dead and the sole Late Nascent Soul Realm expert was caught!

Without any further hesitation, Xiang Liao bit the tip of his tongue. He intended to dispel the Body Seal at the expense of using the self-sacrifice technique. Even after taking damage from the Heart Drawing Sword, he was not dead yet…

Humans would die without a heart, but Nascent Souls were different! Besides, even if a Peak Nascent Soul Realm expert had his heart injured, he could still be energetic like a lively dragon and an active tiger.

However, this time, he was not happy at all. Instead, he was instilled with surprise and terror! His silver hair was stained with blood. He looked battered and exhausted like an unkempt dog! His pupils slit in fear like a snake in anxiety!

Dead… They are all dead!

The experts he brought to the Pill Cauldron Gate were all dead within half a breath!

In just a blink of an eye, he has killed 17 Nascent Soul Realm experts of the Xiang Clan and put me in this state! This Zhou Ming really is unfathomable! A Lightning Whip that can crush a cultivator’s Nascent Soul by just striking at their magical treasures! Heart Drawing Sword technique! This man’s technique sure is strange but powerful! Moreover, he shows no mercy whenever he kills! Who else can be his opponent under the Spirit Severing Realm?!

If I don’t flee now, there won’t be another chance!


Xiang Liao made up his mind. All of a sudden, he shot out a thin cold, needle-like object towards Ning Fan and blinked away to escape!

He deeply realized that this Zhou Ming was not an expert that he could defeat himself. Furthermore, he was very certain that if he flees away, even Spirit Severing Realm experts might fail to catch him, let alone Zhou Ming!

At that moment, every spectator thought that nothing would be more shocking than what they had just witnessed!

Xiang Liao, whom they had put their hopes on to defeat Zhou Ming suffered serious injuries from him. Out of the 16 Nascent Soul Realm experts of the Xiang Clan, 15 of them were now dead and the last one was held captive!

Zhou Ming! This is the wild and merciless devil, Zhou Ming! He is just as powerful as how he was in the Hill of Death!

Now, the usually arrogant and disdainful Xiang Liao is forced to flee away!

Ning Fan opened his palm and attempted to grasp the incoming object but it went inside his body through it. Soundlessly, it turned into a fine, sharp pin and pierced right at his Nascent Soul!

Ning Fan’s expression changed.

This magical object truly is bizarre!

Aside from that, this magical treasure carried an extremely familiar smell belonging to a female whom he had met before in the past!

The pin was as thin as hair. No magic power was also able to prevent it from puncturing his Nascent Soul. Without further contemplation, Ning Fan activated the Yin Yang Locket. The locket vibrated and glowed brightly, releasing a force that stopped the pin. Yin Yang Locket was undoubtedly the best protection for his Nascent Soul! Nothing could penetrate through the magical treasure that once belonged to an Immortal Emperor!

It was only then could he have a good look on what had gone into his body. It was just an inch-long silver needle… It was a needle used for embroidery…

A very dangerous but useful magical treasure! It may not look much but it’s a High Supreme Grade magical treasure!

If it was not for his Yin Yang Locket, Ning Fan would have been most likely injured if not dead, as his Nascent Soul would have been pierced through, leaving a hole in his miniature body.

The fragrance given out by the needle really did seem familiar to Ning Fan… However, he just could not remember the person who carried the same fragrance.

After Ning Fan was distracted by the needle, Xiang Liao was now nowhere to be seen. With Ning Fan’s current speed, he would not be able to catch up to him… Other than Spirit Severing Realm experts, who else could chase after a Peak Nascent Soul Realm expert who was desperately running away to save his life?

His eyes turned clear as he took out a stone statue from his storage pouch. He tossed it lightly into the air without attracting any unwanted attention from the crowd and gave an order in a cold tone.

“Stone Warrior, bring me his complete corpse!”

“Yes!” Stone Warrior’s reply was so faint that only Ning Fan was able to hear it.

As for the people in the hall, they still had yet to pull themselves together.

Xiang Liao… escaped!

None of them knew that Xiang Liang would still be caught by Stone Warrior after a short while.

After a brief moment of intense life-and-death battle, the auction hall was left with only the sound of breathing.

Zhou Ming! This man sure is ferocious! Even though he wasn’t able to kill Xiang Liao, but he still managed to hurt him and eliminate 16 Nascent Soul Realm experts… Judging from his current power, he could simply overpower the entire External Endless Sea!

The three experts at the Peak Nascent Soul Realm in the third room could not calm themselves down! They clearly knew that they had never once underestimated Ning Fan’s potential. However, from what they had just witnessed from the battle, it was still out of their expectations. The three of them did not have tremendous amount of magic power like Xiang Liao. Their techniques were undeniably weaker than his. If they were to get into a fight like that with Ning Fan, they would be… Having their Nascent Souls being struck by Ning Fan’s Lightning Whip… Having their hearts destroyed by Ning Fan’s Heart Drawing Sword… If they were not mistaken, only the strongest among the three of them could escape through the self-sacrifice technique like Xiang Liao. The other two would certainly die!

They would certainly be overwhelmed with fear if they knew that Ning Fan dispatched Stone Warrior to pursue Xiang Liao. A Spirit Severing Realm spiritual puppet was something that they had never imagined to own! A cultivator who had a spiritual puppet like that was enough to intimidate the top ten sects in the External Endless Sea!

Qing Huazi who drew his sword to fight Ning Fan for the Nascent Soul Realm Dao Fruit had cold sweat dripping off his face. His robe was entirely drenched in sweat.

It’s dangerous! Far too dangerous! If the experts of the Xiang Clan did not come in time to raid the sect, I would have fought Zhou Ming out of impulse. In the end, I would have ended up like those Nascent Soul Realm experts who died a dog’s death. There’s no way I could fight back against such a formidable enemy.

Ling Guiku was inwardly astonished. As Ning Fan said, he was the Revered Ku[1] of the Revered Four in the Sinister Sparrow Sect who went missing for many years! When Ning Fan revealed his true identity, he suspected that Ning Fan was most likely born in Yue Country and the latter must have some relations with the Sinister Sparrow Sect. It was also the reason why Ning Fan would save him. He thought that he, with his current cultivation realm of the Mid Nascent Soul Realm, is considered as an exceptional personage that could be found once in a million years in Yue Country.

One thing that troubled him was Ning Fan’s bone age. There was no mistake. Ning Fan was three hundred and forty years old. But three hundred years ago when he was still at Yue Country, he had not heard of a heavenly prodigy called “Zhou Ming”…

Anyway, it was not something he could surmise after all.

The auction would still be forced to end early because of Ning Fan who was going to buy out every item that was to be auctioned if the Xiang Clan did not come to cause trouble. However, their presence was quite advantageous to Ning Fan. After multiple experts from Xiang Clan were killed in battle, no one dared to be so ignorant to oppose Ning Fan in possessing all the Nascent Soul Realm cauldrons and Dao Fruit himself.

“The auction is over. Any person who have nothing to do with the Pill Cauldron Gate shall leave Mo Nan City immediately! I, Zhou Ming, want to enter into secluded meditation here. Every Nascent Soul Realm expert who stay here will be regarded as allies of the Xiang Clan! None of you will be spared! Black Armor, kill them!”

The next moment, Ning Fan spread his sword sense and swept the entire place! Meanwhile, he released the black refined corpse which wore a black armor!

Countless Gold Core and Harmonious Spirit Realm cultivators of the Xiang Clan who were still guarding outside the city fell in battle when the dark sword sense engulfed them! Those who survived by luck would be peeled and eaten alive by the black corpse!

*sucks in cold breath* This Zhou Ming has sword sense and a Nascent Soul Realm refined corpse too!

He wants us to leave! I think we better leave for good!

No one dared to disregard Ning Fan’s order even though they were at the Nascent Soul Realm too… Although they might have come for nothing as they haven’t gotten anything from the auction, the extreme battle still managed to open their eyes to the absolute power at the Peak Nascent Soul Realm level. Each and every one of the Nascent Soul Realm experts forced a smile on their faces and cupped their fists towards Ning Fan before leaving!

In the Endless Sea, only the strongest experts would be respected!

This could be reflected especially when the three Peak Nascent Soul Realm experts left their room wearing skin-deep smiles and praised Ning Fan with great ceremony with the intention to create positive impressions before they left.

“Fellow Daoist Zhou Ming really has astounding means! I’m Liu Wei, a rogue cultivator in the External Endless Sea. If Fellow Daoist is free in the future, you are welcome to visit the Empty Island. We can enjoy spiritual tea together.”

“Admirable, admirable! This poor monk is Xuan Jizi. I am a Feudal Ranking Elder of the Heaven Exploration Sect which is one of the top ten sect. If Fellow Daoist happens to visit Heaven Exploration Immortal Island next time, just let me know. I’ll definitely make sure the sect is spick and span when you come!”

“Hehe. Fellow Daoist Zhou has good skills! I am Lim Sushan. I am a member of the Lim Clan in the Internal Endless Sea. If Fellow Daoist comes to the Internal Endless Sea, remember to visit my place…”

Ning Fan just lightly nodded his head to respond to their formalities.

Tens of breaths later, the entire Mo Nan City became empty. Not a single shadow of a foreign cultivator could be found staying in the city, other than the members of the Pill Cauldron Sect and… the innumerable corpses of the Xiang Clan cultivators.

Ling Guiku was full of questions. He wanted to have a conversation with Ning Fan. But Ning Fan did not give him the chance to speak.

“Fellow Daoist Ling, please prepare a safe place for me to stay. I am exhausted. I need a place to take a good rest.”

“This…Yes!” Ling Guiku had no guts to utter any unnecessary words.

Resting was just a façade. In fact, he intended to remove the needle that was still within his body. Although it was now temporarily controlled by the Yin Yang Locket, it would still bring danger to him if he did not expel it right away…

A Peak Nascent Soul Realm expert should never be underestimated. If he did not have Stone Warrior by his side, he might still be able to defeat Xiang Liao but he could never finish him off.

Besides, he would have been seriously injured or died under the sneak attack of the needle without the protection of the Yin Yang Locket.

Unlucky for Xiang Liao, Ning Fan had the help of Stone Warrior. It would be futile to run away from Ning Fan.

However, Ning Fan did not show the presence of Stone Warrior before anyone’s eyes. It was because he didn’t want to attract attention from the Lost World Palace. If the Lost World Palace figured out that the disappearance of Stone Warrior was related to Ning Fan, he would bring himself another unwanted trouble, though he was not afraid at all.

He was a person who disliked troubles.

Throughout his journey to Mo Nan, despite the setbacks he encountered, the overall outcome was good.

The human cauldrons are now in my hands. The Dao Fruit is in my hands too. After Stone Warrior returns, I will adjust my body’s condition to its peak state. Then, I’ll pluck the newly bought females and break through to the Mid Nascent Soul Realm!

“Mid Nascent Soul Realm! It’s slightly beyond my anticipations to achieve this stage so quickly!”

Ning Fan’s eyes sparkled with hope but at the same time, he had worries deep inside.

My cultivation realm increases too fast. My state of mind is not able to catch up with it… Increasing the level of the state of mind is a troublesome matter after all.

State of mind… It would be good if I have Min Luo Fruits now… Min Luo Fruits… I wonder how the little girl, Bright Sparrow is doing…

In the Ying Country, a small little girl hopped on a Fourth Grade Immortal Cloud while hugging a shaggy soft silver ball. A few Nascent Soul Realm rain beasts followed beside her.

When Ning Fan thought of her, she unconsciously sneezed.

“Aiyaya. It must be grandpa scolding me again… Hmmph! But no worries! Grandpa can never leave the Dark Sparrow’s Grave and certainly he would not be able to catch up with me, let alone whack my butt! Since I have so many rain babies to protect me, I don’t think something bad will happen. I want to go to the island that I dreamt of. I want to understand what ‘Si Cang[2]’ is. I wonder if it’s a delicious biscuit… Why would I dream of her every day…”

Note :

Measurements :

a. li(里) = 500 m

b. zhang(丈) = 3.13 m

c. chi(尺) = 30.7 cm

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