Grasping Evil

Chapter 202(1) - Making Out with Thousands of Women in a Day?

Chapter 202(1) Making Out with Thousands of Women in a Day?

It was the most desolate auction that the Pill Cauldron Gate had ever held before.

In the tall tower painted in gold within the city, only two thousand people occupied the place which could normally hold up to ten thousand people.

The atmosphere was rather awkward because of the emptiness in the room.

The person who was overseeing the auction was a man clad in silver robes. His surname was Ling and people called him as Elder Ling. He was a Mid Nascent Soul Realm expert.

With his cultivation realm, he could become one of the influential seniors of a country. However, it’s usual to have people like him as auctioneers in the Endless Sea.

Usually, hundreds of human cauldrons at the Harmonious Spirit and Gold Core Realms would be auctioned by the Pill Cauldron Gate. But the cauldrons that everyone would fight over were the Nascent Soul Realm human cauldrons.

Even Spirit Severing Realm experts would want to have Nascent Soul Realm human cauldrons, let alone Nascent Soul Realm old monsters.

Therefore, if the auctioneer was not competent enough to preside over the auction, the situation might make a turn for the worst.

The tower had three floors. Harmonious Spirit Realm cultivators gathered at the first floor while the Gold Core Realm experts sat at the floor above them. The third floor was of course, for the Nascent Soul Realm experts.

On the third floor, Ning Fan was sitting inside the seventh room with his two women. It was adorned with curtains of beads and was protected by a transparent defensive formation which allowed them to see the stage.

After killing so many people, it would not take long for his name to be spread widely in the Endless Sea.

Fortunately, none of the cultivators had seen his face before. Those who tried to enter his black spirit sense to have a look on his appearance were already dead in the Hill of Death earlier. Moreover, among the millions of cultivators in the Endless Sea, there were at least thousands of them who shared the same name as him. After the terrifying incident in the Hill of Death, he didn’t deliberately conceal his identity nor did he expose his deeds earlier. So until now, there was not a single person who knew that he was the cold-blooded killer.

Perhaps there might be some experts with sharp observations who could guess that he was the infamous Zhou Ming. But they did not matter to him… Now that he was considered unrivalled in the entire External Endless Sea!

“Master, I heard that all cauldrons from the Pill Cauldron Gate are remarkably beautiful just like angels, regardless of their cultivation realm. Since Master has so much immortal jade from all the looting earlier, do you want to buy them all and behave like the kings from the mortal world who have up to three thousand concubines in their palaces?”

Yue Ling suggested while serving tea to Ning Fan.

“Never mind. Nascent Soul Realm human cauldrons would be enough. As for cauldrons at the Gold Core Realm, they are not helpful at all. They won’t even increase half a unit of my magic power. Ever since I’ve achieved Nascent Soul Realm, whether it be plucking Gold Core Realm women or practicing dual-cultivation with them, the effects would be reduced by half. As such, I prefer to save up some of my Yang Essence for the Nascent Soul Realm females.”

In Yin Yang Transformation, practicing dual-cultivation was the main path while plucking was just a technique. It was impossible for the male cultivators of this cultivation method to hold back their Yang Essence. However, if they could not restrain their lust and make out with a thousand females a day, their Yang Essence would be drained, hindering their cultivation instead. In other words, over practicing would actually make all the effort in vain.

“What about the time when Master practiced dual-cultivation with us? Wasn’t it a waste?!”

“That’s a different story. I’m quite satisfied with your techniques.” Ning Fan’s mouth curved into a smile and sipped his tea.

The elder sister Bing Ling’s face reddened when the memories of what happened in the inn ten days ago surfaced in her mind.

Her younger sister, Yue Ling, let out a soft groan as if she was flirting with Ning Fan.

“Master, do you want to feel satisfied once more here in this very place?” She shot Ning Fan a lecherous gaze.

“It’s not an appropriate time for that. Somebody is watching us…”

Ning Fan’s smile vanished from his face. His eyes turned ferocious and cold. He unleashed his black sword sense and struck at three different directions within his room. The next moment, three Peak Nascent Soul Realm experts from the third room coughed out mouthfuls of fresh blood. Astonishment filled their eyes!

It’s him. It really is him! He is… Zhou Ming! He’s the devil who massacred thousands of cultivators by himself in the Hill of Death!

There were hundreds of rooms on the third floor. However, only 70 Nascent Soul Realm experts occupied the rooms this time. Among them, only 3 Peak Nascent Soul Realm experts managed to recognize him as the merciless Zhou Ming after being injured by his sword sense!

None of them spoke anything after the shocking discovery. Instead, they had known what they should do next…

If he takes some fancy of a cauldron, we must stop bidding for that cauldron no matter what! If he bids for the cauldron that we want, we must never bid against him!

They were no fools.

Only devils who were truly powerful would be brave enough to announce their name to everyone. Of course, some of them might also be thinking too highly of themselves, but it was most likely to be impossible in this case.

Zhou Ming managed to kill 12 Nascent Soul Realm experts with 3 of them being Late Nascent Soul Realm experts while 1 of them was even at the Peak Nascent Soul Realm! Furthermore, the Peak Nascent Soul Realm expert was the Feudal Ranking Elder of the Purple Charm Gate – the Blood Guest, Luofei!

Luofei was quite famous in the External Endless Sea. In the past, he was also a devil lord who killed without mercy. Even Spirit Severing Realm experts would avoid displeasing him. After he joined the Purple Charm Gate and was promoted as an elder of the sect, he gained the support of the sect’s Spirit Severing Realm ancestor and behaved even more mercilessly.

The three Peak Nascent Soul Realm experts knew Luofei very well. One of them was slightly weaker than Luofei; the other one was on the same level as him; while the last one could win against him but only after exchanging multiple blows. However, winning against Luofei was an entirely different story from killing him.

When Peak Nascent Soul Realm experts died, their Nascent Souls would travel faster than usual. Only Spirit Severing Realm experts would be able to capture them!

Why couldn’t Luofei run away when he knew that he could not win?

Those who were able to cultivate in the Endless Sea and achieved their current cultivation realm without dying were intelligent people. Luofei was clearly one of them.

However, Luofei was gambling with his life in that fight. He was betting everything for the massive amount of immortal jade in Ning Fan’s hands. In the end, he lost the bet.

The only conclusion I can make is that Zhou Ming possesses a trump card with strength comparable to a Spirit Severing Realm expert’s full-powered strike!

After scaring off the three experts, Ning Fan withdrew his sword sense and remained silent in his room.

The Pill Cauldron Gate was a sect that was guarded by mere Late Nascent Soul Realm old ancestor. Therefore, the number of Nascent Soul Realm human cauldrons that they could raise was limited.

Aside from the Pill Cauldron Gate, there were still a few forces selling Nascent Soul Realm human cauldrons. Speaking of human cauldrons at that cultivation realm, any devil cultivator would actually think of Bi Yao Immortal Island where the Bi Yao Sect was located. The sect purely made up of female cultivators…

Among all the members of the sect including the sect master, there were a few Nascent Soul Realm female cultivators. However, Ning Fan did not attempt to kidnap their women.

The reason was because the sect was too peaceful. Normally, a sect made up of solely female cultivators should not be able to survive in the Endless Sea. The female cultivators in the sect would be viewed as the perfect human cauldrons in the eyes of the devil cultivators. On the contrary, it was still able to exist until today without being annihilated in the External Endless Sea. It did not mean that no one had not tried plotting against them. Perhaps some Spirit Severing Realm experts might have even visited this place before. However, this sect must have some exceptional background that could stop the devil cultivators from offending it.

It would be too risky to rely on Stone Warrior alone to plunder Bi Yao Sect. Besides, Bi Yao Sect was one of the top ten sects in the External Endless Sea. If there was another Spirit Severing Realm expert who was concealing her presence all this time, then there was only a ten percent chance of surviving. Moreover, betting everything on Stone Warrior was not how Ning Fan did things. He would never try to confront any of those sects unless he personally attains the power to resist a Spirit Severing Realm expert.

“The difference between me and a Spirit Severing Realm expert is huge… I can only endure against them for 3 breaths…” Ning Fan muttered to himself when he recalled the battle against Stone Warrior.

If Luo You did not lend him a hand, he could only inflict serious damage on Stone Warrior by extracting the strand of Yin Yang power from the Yin Yang Flame. By doing so, he would also be grievously injured by the backlash from using that power…

The Heaven Sealing Technique and the Grievance Technique… Even Luo You did not know about them. Evidently, the secret art that could imprison spiritual puppets was something she obtained fortuitously. After she passed it to Ning Fan, he no longer needed to fear any kind of spiritual puppet. Even though his opponent was a Spirit Severing Realm spiritual puppet, he could also gain control of the puppet and kill him at his whim!

In the past, she imparted the chant to resist Revered Bai’s technique. She also taught me the Incense Sword to eliminate the Heaven Separation Sect. I really owe her a lot.

There was only one way for Ning Fan to repay this woman and that was to break through to the third realm of Yin Yang Transformation. By doing so, he would be able to unlock the Profound Yin World within the locket!

Human Cauldrons… Ning Fan would need tons of cauldrons!

After Elder Ling made a dry cough, the atmosphere turned silent and the auction began.

“I believe most of you should be aware of the rules of the auction. Therefore, I won’t be talking much about it. The only announcement I want to make is that only cauldrons above Late Gold Core Realm would be auctioned through bidding. All cauldrons below that realm would be sold at the marked prices. The starting price of the cauldrons at Harmonious Spirit Realm would be five thousand immortal jade and the cauldrons at Gold Core Realm would be fifty thousand immortal jade… Alright. Let’s begin. Firstly, the human cauldrons below Late Gold Core Realm. A total of 1079 females will come on stage in an orderly manner. Anyone who have made up their minds could bring the cauldrons home after making payment at the stage!”

Just as Elder Ling’s voice fell, there was an uproar in the crowd!

In the past, the Pill Cauldron Gate would never sell Harmonious Spirit Realm cauldrons. After all, the spiritual qi in Peng Lai Immortal Island was very concentrated. It won’t take long to turn the Harmonious Spirit Realm cauldrons into Gold Core Realm using their secret arts. After upgrading the Harmonious Spirit Realm cauldrons, their price would multiply tens of times!

However this time, the Pill Cauldron Gate put the cauldrons at the Harmonious Spirit Realm for sale. They behaved like they wanted to sell everything they had and flee.

Those who understood why they behaved like that were sneering inwardly.

The wild devil, Zhou Ming, eliminated three thousand Gold Core Realm cultivators and twelve Nascent Soul Realm experts, offending most of the powerful forces of the External Endless Sea. Faced with that kind of situation, the old ancestor of the Pill Cauldron Gate would either leave the Endless Sea and return to his country or flee to the Internal Endless Sea and run away from trouble after they sell all their human cauldrons…

However, it turned out to be good for the devil cultivators. Many of them who could not afford to buy Gold Core Realm cauldrons would be able to buy a Harmonious Spirit Realm female to pluck.

After Elder Ling made a sound to signal the cauldrons in, ladies with pretty faces walked up to the stage one-by-one. All of them wore the same thin cloth that vaguely revealed their bras and underwear. Their presence were exceedingly fascinating and charming as each of them were angelic.

The stage which was made of jade was extremely wide and big. It could hold thousands of people at a time. Among them, there were mature and graceful women; there were also young girls who had just hit their puberty; and lastly, there were even little girls to satisfy those who have such fetishes.

Note :

1. Measurements :

a. li(里) = 500 m

b. zhang(丈) = 3.13 m

c. chi(尺) = 30.7 cm

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