Grasping Evil

Chapter 202(2) - Making Out with Thousands of Women in a Day?

Chapter 202(2) Making Out with Thousands of Women in a Day?

There were tags hanging around each and every one of the women’s necks. It not only displays their name, cultivation realm and bone age, but also their number, prices and the unique traits of their bodies.

“If any of you have made up your minds and chose any of them, just come up and pay the price.”

“ *sucks in a cold breath* Number 3 is a woman of peerless beauty, though she is just at the Harmonious Spirit Realm! I think I might just marry her instead of making her my cauldron! Once I bring her home, we could have fun every single day!”

“I like Number 11. Hehe. Those pairs of delicate feet and long legs… *licks lips*”

“Hmm. Number 105 is not bad. She’s at the Early Gold Core Realm and she has the Body of False Yin which would be quite useful to my cultivation…”

“That female with the number 755 is an ‘extraordinary vessel’ that would only appear once in a thousand years… *clicks tongue* Although it is useless to pluck her, her body type would never fail to send any male to seventh heaven when making out!”

Noises of discussion filled the tower. Some of them were giving remarks about the women while some of them were indecently teasing them.

Countless eyes and spirit sense scanned the bodies of the women, from the very top of their heads to the lowermost point of their toes. Those hungry eyes were like those of a beast that Ning Fan always met in the Ning Bi Mountain during his childhood – the wolf!

However, each and every one of the women in display were trained to be professional human cauldrons. They might feel embarrassed, unhappy, wronged or bad but ultimately, none of them would complain against the devil cultivators that were intensely staring at them.

Since young, the golden rule of becoming cauldrons had been ingrained into their minds – to never resist their masters.

Ning Fan gently closed his eyes. He did not think of buying from this group of cauldrons as they were useless to him. He was not in the mood to feel pity for them even if they are going to fall into the evil hands of the devil cultivators and might die a violent death after they were completely plucked. If they were lucky enough, they might be able to become the wives or concubines of their masters. However, what lies ahead in their future would be the humiliation of being degraded in bed.

Yes. They were unlucky to be born as human cauldrons. However, misfortunes were just part of life and there are still worse tragedies in this world.

No power, no dignity… This was the reality of the cultivation world.

Yue Ling obediently sat in silence but her eyes never shifted from the females on the stage. She felt a little uneasy watching them, recalling the years she spent in the Extreme Yin Gate.

Bing Ling’s usual calmness could also no longer be visible on her face. Now, she was recollecting the humiliation that she had suffered during her childhood… Once, there was a drunken Harmonious Spirit Realm elder who barged into her room with the intention to…… That time, she was not capable of resisting him. Fortunately, some disciples of the sect passed by her room and stopped the elder in time. Otherwise, she would have been…

Today, the female cauldrons on the stage might also have to suffer a miserable fate like hers. A number of devils who had already paid the price grinned wickedly at the women they chose, fully intent on hugging them…

“Master, can you please buy all of them?!” Bing Ling suddenly stood up from her seat and knelt before Ning Fan. Her expression had never been that serious before.

There was a saying which states that people who had always suffered from injustice but were still able to tolerate others would become so unyielding that others will fear them when they finally decide to become strong.

Upon seeing that sudden action of Bing Ling, Ning Fan frowned.

He was not a kind person after all. Why should he save all these women? Although he might still be able to obtain just a tiny bit of magic power from plucking any one of them, it would still take time to pluck the women. If he were to pluck every one of them, one time for each of them, how long would take?

“Elder Sister… Why? There’s no need for that…” Yue ling was afraid. Ning Fan had become a strong expert today. Despite her admiration for him, both of them had yet to gain the status that could change Ning Fan’s mind.

“Are you sure you want me to buy all of them? Adding up all the prices, they will cost me at least 30 million immortal jade…” Ning Fan shook his head gently, but he was not enraged.

“30 million immortal jade…” Bing Ling’s face turned pale. To her, not even extorting the entire Yue Country could get such a large amount of immortal jade… She did not know Ning Fan actually held even more wealth than that. But even if Ning Fan had so much money, to be honest, it would be not worthy to spend them on a bunch of useless cauldrons.

“Silly girl. Quickly stand there… You go and buy all of them for me!”

“Yes. Maidservant understands… Wait, what did Master say?! Are you really willing to save them?!” Bing Ling was beaming and in high spirits.

“Yes. I’m willing. If not, I’m going to have a headache watching you cry while kneeling on the ground. However, you must listen clearly. I’m not saving them. I’m buying them. They’re going to be my cauldrons whom I can pluck at my whim. Do you understand?”

Ning Fan smiled and wiped the tears off Bing Ling’s cheek.

“Understood! It is their good fortune to be pampered by Master!” Bing Ling nodded her head as hard as she could.

“Good fortune… You silly girl expect too highly of me. All right. Let’s stop joking now. It’s time for serious matters.” Ning Fan kept his smile and wore a stern expression.

“Besides, My Cauldron Ring has ample space and each and every one of the girls are excellent cauldrons, though their cultivation realms are relatively low. It’s why I decided to buy them. If every one of them attain Nascent Soul Realm, they would be more than enough for me to pluck in order to break through to the Spirit Severing Realm. Of course, I’m just being unrealistic. There’s still a long way to go for them to achieve that cultivation level… However, I have a task for you after I buy them… When they are in the Cauldron Ring, supervise them on their cultivation. If I am injured next time, I can pluck some of them to regain my power… Can you do it?”

“Yes! I’m willing to do it! I will definitely train a troop of female devil guards for Master! Please give this troop a name!”

“A troop of devil guards? And you want me to give it a name?” Ning Fan chuckled to himself and stroked her hair tenderly. He never had a plan to train the women into a troop of devil cultivators with combat power, let alone naming the troop. Moreover, he even had not figured out a suitable name for his Lightning Whip. Is there really a need for names?

“Hurry up. Take this immortal jade and go down there. Buy me all the female cauldrons on the stage. Then tell them to wait at the backstage. Right after the auction ends, I’ll pick them up there. If you’re late now, the devil cultivators down there are going to dirty my cauldrons with their filthy hands!”


Without further hesitations, Bing Ling held a storage pouch in her hand and dashed out from their room. She softly uttered a few words to the person in charge on the stage and everyone turned silent.

“My master wants all 1079 human cauldrons on the stage!”

Dead silence fell on the whole tower!

Those who were ready to get the women they yearned for after paying the price stopped and grimaced!

Who is that bossy person? Is he really so lustful that he needs a thousand females to serve him? Can he really have fun with every one of them?!

When they found out that it was the request from an expert at the third floor, all Harmonious Spirit and Gold Core Realm cultivators kept their mouths shut.

It’s a Nascent Soul Realm old monster who took a fancy on these women?!

The cauldron with the highest cultivation realm among this group of females is only at the Mid Gold Core Realm. What does he need them for?! Why? Why?

However, no one dared to question a Nascent Soul Realm expert’s prestige even though the woman who voiced out the request was just a Mid Gold Core Realm female cultivator. They knew this woman came from the third floor and naturally was a concubine belonging to a Nascent Soul Realm expert.

The storage pouch in her hand must have tens of millions of immortal jade!

What kind of Nascent Soul Realm old monster would be able to take out that amount of immortal jade to buy a thousand human cauldrons… Could he be a Late Nascent Soul Realm expert?

When they thought of this possibility, they felt the sweat on their backs turn cold.

Some of them felt it was unfair while some of them began to hold grudges against the Nascent Soul Realm expert. But none of them dared to express their feelings through their expressions.

If you don’t have the power, never ever argue with a Nascent Soul Realm expert for a woman!

Instead, everyone was cursing inwardly.

The expert who bought all the human cauldrons must be a Late Nascent Soul Realm expert who has been through thousands of years of cultivation. Perhaps it’s why he is so thirsty that he needs more than a thousand women to satisfy himself… He must have gone crazy after a long period of cultivation. Whoever tries to stand against him will surely die!

“Hehe. Fellow Daoist sure is a person who is honest with his feelings. Admirable. Admirable…”

These voices belonged to the three Peak Nascent Soul Realm experts on the third room!

Even Peak Nascent Soul Realm experts like them are fawning over the person who bought all the cauldrons!

What’s his true identity?

Don’t tell me that he’s….

That person who stained the two thousand li* sand hill with blood – Zhou Ming!

*everyone gasps in shock*

When this possibility crossed their minds, all their heartbeats spiked wildly!

When Bing Ling who was wearing a pure white robe sauntered past them, none of the cultivators dared to even glance at her attractive body anymore even though her face was angelic.

Zhou Ming! Zhou Ming!! Zhou Ming!!!

This woman belongs to him! Who dares to glance at her? Who dares to kidnap her?

Some of the lewd devil cultivators who could not resist their urges to touch the silky white hands of the female cauldrons immediately cupped their fists towards Ning Fan’s room and left the tower without their immortal jade when they figured out who Ning Fan was. When they exited the door of the tower, they flew and fled for their lives, ignoring the rules of Peng Lai that restricted them from flying!

That was a kind of devil aura that engulfed every bit of courage to resist within the cultivators at the scene! Besides, this aura was even more terrifying than that of a Spirit Severing Realm expert in the rumors!

They had never met a Spirit Severing Realm expert before. But Zhou Ming… Every cultivator who came to the Pill Cauldron Gate witnessed the bloody area in the desert on their way… Three thousand Gold Core Realm cultivators and twelve Nascent Soul Realm experts were slaughtered at that very place… It was a place filled with heaven-piercing Violent Qi.

The External Endless Sea was going to be plunged into chaos. A drastic change was going to happen!

It’s all because of the sudden appearance of a single person – Zhou Ming!

Note :

Measurements :

a. li(里) = 500 m

b. zhang(丈) = 3.13 m

c. chi(尺) = 30.7 cm

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