Grasping Evil

Chapter 201(2) - A Sea of Blood! Devil Marks!

Chapter 201(2) A Sea of Blood! Devil Marks!

Ning Fan withdrew his sword sense, making the dark spirit sense dissipate. Stone Warrior returned to its statue form and was kept by Ning Fan into his storage pouch.

“12 Nascent Souls… Good. They should be sufficient in helping me break through to the second realm of the Silver Bone… ‘Blood Pricking Devil Marks’… This sure is a unique secret art to enhance my body refining realm… As for the flesh from the thousands of Gold Core Realm corpses and their corpse qi, they will serve as excellent nutrients for the cultivation of Corpse Devil Record… After all, I didn’t just get a large amount of immortal jade but also necessary items to increase my body refining realm and cultivation method… This kind of things can only be done in the Endless Sea. If I were to massacre thousands of lives in any of the eight hundred cultivation countries, I would have already been caught by the Void Fragmentation Realm experts of the Rain Palace and be executed.”

With a wave of a hand, Ning Fan kept all the corpses on the ground into his Cauldron Ring temporarily.

After that, he made a leap and returned to his camel that was being driven by Bing Ling and Yue Ling. Now, they could go towards the oasis leisurely.

Besides, Ning Fan had found out the secret art that would be able to increase his body refining realm from Stone Warrior by asking the latter some seemingly casual questions. He found out that it would require lots of ‘Secret Blood’ in order to draw the devil marks on Ning Fan’s body… The process of obtaining Secret Blood was not easy. Ning Fan must first gather the Gold Cores of Gold Core Realm cultivators, the Nascent Souls of Nascent Soul Realm experts and also the Primordial Spirit of Spirit Severing Realm experts. After all those items mentioned above are refined, they would be melted into droplets of Secret Blood.

Earlier, his worries were how to obtain the Gold Cores and Nascent Souls in order to create Secret Blood. Fortunately, there was the Hill of Death right outside the Pill Cauldron Gate which was a place that allowed cultivators to kill each other.

3711 Gold Cores and 12 Nascent Souls… I think they are enough for me to make a few droplets of Secret Blood.

As for the immortal jade, Ning Fan had obtained more than a hundred million. He was too lazy to even count the exact amount but he knew that he roughly possessed a hundred and thirty million immortal jade. From the loot he got, there were countless pills, magical treasures and also cultivation methods. Through the massacre he orchestrated, he also obtained 27 Gold Core Realm Dao Fruit. Unfortunately, there was not a single Nascent Soul Realm Dao Fruit.

In just one day, the number of people he killed was nearly equivalent to the total amount of cultivators of a Mid-Grade Cultivation Country!

I wonder if the king of Great Jin would feel terrified after hearing this news. Should I be worried of the powerful forces in the External Endless Sea that I offended just now? No. There’s nothing to feel scared about.

Actually, is there really someone in the Endless Sea that could hurt Ning Fan now?

If Spirit Severing Realm experts come to seek revenge on him, he would be very willing to kill them in return!

“Stone Warrior, you did great…” Ning Fan did not hold his back compliments for his newfound fighter.

“Hmmph! Remember what you’ve promised me!” Stone Warrior let out a cold harrumph as a reply.

“Regarding the secret art of drawing devil marks using Secret Blood. Which devil mark do you think I should choose?”

“I only know 3 ancient devil marks. The first two are Profound Ice Devil Marks and Huge Sun Devil Marks. They are devil marks at the general rank. Since your Corpse Devil Record is an earth element cultivation method, you can’t carve them on your body. Therefore, you should choose the third one, the Stone Warrior Devil which is same as mine. However, it’s only at the soldier rank…”

“Hmm? So the devil marks are categorized into ranks such as the general rank and the soldier rank?” The first thought that came to Ning Fan’s mind was the Demon General, Li Ban.

“Yes. The demon tribe is different from cultivators. They run their tribes using military rule. Nascent Soul Realm cultivators are the soldiers, Spirit Severing Realm cultivators are the generals, While the Void Refinement Realm experts are the marshals. Finally, Void Fragmentation Realm experts are the emperors… I don’t know much about devil marks of higher ranks. The reason I was created was and will always be to protect Mistress Xiaoman. I don’t really have much knowledge about other things…”

“Oh really? It’s fine. When it’s time for me to get some of the devil marks, I will be needing your guidance.”

“Hmmph! As long as you follow the agreement we have, I will naturally help you draw the devil marks on your body. Just a heads-up for you, carving the devil marks on your body is going to be extremely painful!”

“Painful? I like pain… I am actually worried that I won’t have the chance to eat the pill again.”

Ning Fan’s body was stained with tremendous amounts of Violent Qi. Within one day, he had killed too many people and broke the harmony between the experts’ primordial qi and heaven and earth. Despite what happened, his heart remained as calm as a tranquil lake.

If he had a lower cultivation base, he might be the one who’s dead right now, without having the slightest chance to survive.

This is the Endless Sea which is also known as the Grave of Cultivators. Those who are willing to enter should be prepared both mentally and physically. They should also understand the natural law of this place. The strongest are the ones who survive…

Back in the stone chamber of the Pill Cauldron Gate, Xiao Wanluo’s face was as pale as dying embers.

In the past, he turned part of his territory into the free killing zone which was known as the Hill of Death today. Cultivators were allowed to kill and rob each other but most of the people who would really enter this area with that purpose in mind were normally the Gold Core Realm cultivators. The strongest among them would be Early Nascent Soul Realm experts…

Obviously, they killed and robbed others because they did not have enough immortal jade on them. It was why they would risk their lives and bet everything into a single chance, hoping that they could get what they want by taking them from others.

However, it’s extremely bizarre to have a cultivator like Zhou Ming who would be able to kill so many people in the zone!

He was not just going after their immortal jade… After all, even the craziest cultivator would not kill so many people and risk offending the forces from the entire External Endless Sea just for money!

In Xiao Wanluo’s mind, this person might have strength that could rival a Peak Nascent Soul Realm expert and seize the External Endless Sea. Or perhaps this person might get himself killed by any of the Spirit Severing Realm experts in this place.

But those were not his main concerns. Currently, he only had a terrible feeling about what was about to happen.

“It’s over. We’re done for… The Pill Cauldron Gate has gotten itself into trouble… And a serious one, at that!”

That Zhou Ming might be enjoying himself but he was still killing people in the zone that was set up by the Pill Cauldron Gate!

If the offended parties could not find Zhou Ming to avenge their dead members, they would definitely come searching for Xiao Wanluo.

11 Nascent Soul Realm cultivators with three of them being Late Nascent Soul Realm experts! This matter was dead serious!

It would’ve been fine if they were only rogue cultivators. Unfortunately, two of the Late Nascent Soul Realm experts came from powerful backgrounds. Although they were not members of the top ten sects, they were still people that the Pill Cauldron Gate would avoid offending.

When he imagined many powerful forces coming to vent out their anger on him, he trembled in anxiety.

“What should I do now? You! Tell me!”

He was yelling at the sect master. A dignified Early Nascent Soul Realm expert like the sect master could only lower his head in silence.

The next moment, another expert at the Early Nascent Soul Realm came into the room, panting heavily. He was the vice sect master.

“It…. It’s even worse now! Another Nascent Soul Realm expert has died!”

“What?! That Zhou Ming is still not satisfied? Tell me, who did he kill?! Is he an Early or Mid-Nascent Soul Realm expert?”

“Erm… This…” Fear was written all over the vice sect master’s face.

“Don’t stutter! Is he another Late Nascent Soul Realm expert?! *sucks in a cold breath*” Without listening to him, Xiao Wanluo formed an answer himself.

That Zhou Ming has already killed four Late Nascent Soul Realm experts!

“No. It’s not… This time, the deceased expert is the Purple Charm Gate’s…”

“What?! Purple Charm Gate?! It’s one of the top ten sects in the External Endless Sea! He really killed a Late Nascent Soul Realm expert from that sect?!” Xiao Wanluo felt his heart could stop any moment from now.

What he has done in my territory?! He had just dragged us with him into this big troublesome matter! How am I going to face the Spirit Severing Realm old ancestor of the Purple Charm Gate?!

“No. It’s not…” The vice sect master shook his head.

“What do you mean?! Wait. Are you telling me that the expert is not actually from the Purple Charm Gate?!” Xiao Wanluo’s eyes flashed brightly with a glimmer of hope.

“No. He’s indeed from the Purple Charm Gate… But he is not a Late Nascent Soul Realm expert. He’s at… the Peak Nascent Soul Realm! He is Luofei, the Bloody Guest.”

“What?! *Jaw dropping in disbelief* An expert like him is dead too?!”

Thunder rumbled within his head as if it was going to explode his brain into chunks.

We’re really dead this time…

This incident would shock the entire External Endless Sea for sure and everyone would know Zhou Ming for what he had done. Perhaps the Spirit Severing Realm experts would not even dare to seek revenge on him.

Since no one would be daring enough to face Zhou Ming, they would obviously unleash their anger on the Pill Cauldron Gate!

Xiao Wanluo might not be able to get away with it this time!

“Why? Why do I need to suffer for him? It’s his fault for killing all those cultivators! Oh my god! Are you freaking kidding me?!”

*Puke* A mouthful of blood gushed out from Xiao Wanluo’s mouth.

This is really an unlucky year for me.

Note :

Measurements :

a. li(里) = 500 m

b. zhang(丈) = 3.13 m

c. chi(尺) = 30.7 cm

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