Grasping Evil

Chapter 201(1) - A Sea of Blood! Devil Marks!

Chapter 201(1) A Sea of Blood! Devil Marks!

The Hill of Death turned into a bloody hill with blood stains all over the place. The stench of blood and the gruesome scenes would make anyone who approaches this area to feel nauseous.

Dark cloudy spirit sense covered a vicinity of two thousand li* within the Hill of Death. Only experts with Late Nascent Soul Realm spirit sense would be able to do that.

Whenever someone tried to enter the area covered by it, they would immediately be attacked by the sword sense. Any Early Gold Core Realm cultivator would die instantly whenever they enter. For cultivators at the Mid Gold Core Realm and above, they could still resist the sword sense. However, just as they go in deeper, a dark shadow of a young man would appear and eliminate each and every one of the intruders with a single wave of his hand.

These two thousand li* death zone was his territory. Whoever goes in, dies!

The cultivators who came to the Pill Cauldron Gate were those who needed human cauldrons and none of those kinds of cultivators were good people. Moreover, most of them would have hurt at least one female cultivator at a lower cultivation realm than them or a mere mortal female just to satisfy their desires.

Since the Hill of Death was widely known as a place with no restrictions on killing and plundering, those who wish to set foot into it would most likely be well prepared. Once they’re inside, it is either they themselves survive by killing others or they die by being killed by others…

As for the cultivators who had been cultivating in the External Endless Sea for many years, they have seen different kinds of upheavals. But it was their first time seeing such a terrifying scene in the Hill of Death.

A true devil stood in the middle of the path to the Pill Cauldron Gate, blocking every single one of the cultivators and slaughtering anyone who tries to get past him. When they heard that the devil had already massacred thousands of Gold Core Realm cultivators together with eleven Nascent Soul Realm experts with his own strength, none of them dared to set foot into that area anymore, unless the devil leaves himself.

Rows of camels could be seen lining up at two thousand li* away from the area that was now a zone of death. The cultivators knew that the devil was called Zhou Ming but knew nothing more about him other than that!

“My name is Zhou Ming. I’ll kill whoever trespasses my territory. Those who don’t want to die, get lost!”

This voice was infused with magic power, echoing loudly in the sky. Without a doubt, it was the technique of reverberation. However, the aura emanated by the voice was even more powerful than an ordinary Late Nascent Soul Realm expert!

Each and every cultivator who intended to enter the Pill Cauldron Gate and exchange their immortal jade for a few beautiful women turned deathly pale!

“This man must be a… Peak Nascent Soul Realm expert! No wonder he dares to start a bloodbath at this place, killing thousands of Gold Core Realm cultivators and eleven Nascent Soul Realm experts!”

“Zhou Ming, a Peak Nascent Soul Realm expert?! I haven’t heard of him before. Could he be one of the devils from the Internal Endless Sea?!”

“I have heard of a powerful clan in the Internal Endless Sea known as the Zhou Clan. Don’t tell me that he’s a member of that clan!”

“ *clicks tongue* I have no idea… However, since he killed numerous cultivators, he must have obtained tremendous amounts of immortal jade… I guess his current wealth is more than… a hundred million!”

“What?! That’s a lot! If we can kill him, it would still be a huge amount even after dividing equally among us!”

“But… I don’t think that’s a good idea…”

Each of the old monsters wore solemn expressions. None of the Nascent Soul Realm experts dared to simply cross his territory. Some experts at the Late Nascent Soul Realm even felt their hairs stood on end. However, there was a Peak Nascent Soul Realm expert who stood firmly with his hands clasped behind his back. His brows were tightly knitted together with greed flashing within his eyes…

Before his arrival, eleven Nascent Soul Realm experts were overtaken by their greed and tried their luck to snatch Ning Fan’s loot. But none of them were able to survive once they entered into the black spirit sense.

In the cultivation world, only Spirit Severing Realm experts would be capable of amassing more than a hundred million immortal jade… If any of them were here at the Hill of Death, they would also do the same.

This Peak Nascent Soul Realm expert was known as Luofei. He was the Feudal Ranking Elder of Purple Charm Gate. He, too, could not hold himself back in the face of a massive amount of wealth!

When he heard that a Late Gold Core Realm elder from his sect was killed by the devil who controlled the black spirit sense, he did not have any intention at all to avenge him. To him, it was not worth it to endanger his own life for a mere Gold Core Realm cultivator.

But when he heard about the immortal jade that he could possibly gain…

I wonder if that Zhou Ming obtained a Nascent Soul Realm Dao Fruit after killing eleven Nascent Soul Realm experts.

If he really did, I could get more than a hundred million immortal jade as well as a Nascent Soul Realm Dao Fruit! It is definitely worth trying.

Besides, this Zhou Ming sure is audacious by killing and robbing everyone in a public area. Does he really think that he’s a Spirit Severing Realm expert?!

If he is, then the top ten sects of the External Endless Sea would only warn him, but not seek revenge on him, regardless of how many lives he takes.

If he isn’t, he’s surely digging his own grave in the Endless Sea.

“Hmmph! No matter who he is, be it a devil cultivator of the Internal Endless Sea or a descendant of the ‘Venerated Zhou’, I am not afraid of him! The Rain Palace once had an agreement with the Internal Endless Sea. The Spirit Severing Realm experts of the Internal Endless Sea must never leave their territories… Even if I kill him and take all his belongings, I don’t have to be afraid of the Peak Nascent Soul Realm experts that will be sent after me! I can just hide in any of the floating islands around here. With that amount of wealth, I can buy all the pills I need and human cauldrons that I desire. Then I’ll be able to attain the Spirit Severing Realm! Hahaha!”

The more he thought about what he could do with that amount of wealth, the stronger the greed in his heart took form, occupying his mind!

When Zhou Ming’s spirit sense swept past him, he caught a glimpse of his cultivation realm!

This man is only an Early Nascent Soul Realm expert! However, he has quite the powerful combat power which is comparable to that of a Peak Nascent Soul Realm expert! Despite that, he is just at the Early Nascent Soul Realm and I am a genuine Peak Nascent Soul Realm expert!

“Hmmph! All your immortal jade belongs to me now!”

He vanished in a blinding light and reappeared within the dark spirit sense. He raised his hand and grabbed the black spirit sense. Immediately, the spirit sense that was fused with the sword sense began to disperse!

“Zhou Ming! How dare you kill my Outer Sect Elder?! You should know your crime!”

“Crime? What crime?! Is killing someone in the External Endless Sea considered as a crime?”

A grey light flashed and a young man who wore white robes and draped in a black cloak emerged. He was Ning Fan!

Luofei spread his spirit sense to study Ning Fan again, making sure that the latter really was only an Early Nascent Soul Realm cultivator. Now, he had 90% assurance that he would be able to eliminate Ning Fan.

This cultivator really does not know his place. Countless people like him have died in the hands of the cultivators from the top ten sects!

Luofei had been cultivating the devil path for one thousand and four hundred years. His hands had reaped numerous lives in order to survive until today.

Although he was sure he could kill Ning Fan easily, he was a little curious about Ning Fan’s expression. The latter was rather calm for someone who was about to die.

Is he unafraid of a Peak Nascent Soul Realm expert? Is he unafraid of me?!

“Purple Charm Gate? Interesting. I’ve just killed your Gold Core Realm elder and I believe your sect would certainly send people to pursue me. But if I eliminate the Peak Nascent Soul Realm elder of the sect as well, it should be more than enough to intimidate the Early Spirit Severing Realm old ancestor of the sect… Am I right, Stone Warrior?”

“Precisely. In the External Endless Sea, those who killed Gold Core Realm cultivators of a sect would end up being hunted by experts from the sects of those they killed. Those who can kill Nascent Soul Realm experts are considered as powerful cultivators. And those who are able to kill Peak Nascent Soul Realm experts would definitely possess the power to injure a Spirit Severing Realm expert. As such, none of the Spirit Severing Realm experts would want to offend them…”

The voice of the person who answered was rather ineloquent.

Although the voice came from beside Ning Fan, Luofei was unable to identify his existence, let alone his presence.

The next moment, fear ran through his veins, sending chills down his spine!

He realized that the only cultivators he would not be able to sense were cultivators at the Spirit Severing Realm!

This Zhou Ming has a Spirit Severing Realm fighter?! Now I understand why he dares to behave so recklessly!

With a Spirit Severing Realm fighter at his side, no one would dare to offend him, even if he plunders the cultivators in the whole External Endless Sea!

“This is the twelfth Nascent Soul Realm expert. I think it should be enough… Stone Warrior, finish him. Take his Nascent Soul and keep his corpse…” Ning Fan ordered coldly.


A giant man revealed himself from beside Ning Fan. His body was made of rocks that had moss growing on its surface and a black crescent mark was imprinted on the left side of his face.

All of a sudden, loud screams resounded from inside the Hill of Death. The cultivators who were waiting outside of the territory were shocked!

“What was…that? Did you hear it?!”

“Yes… It’s not a mistake! It belongs to the Feudal Ranking Elder of the Purple Charm Gate – Luofei. Don’t tell me that he’s now dead too!”

“What?! He’s an expert at the Peak Nascent Soul Realm! There’s no way he would die!”

“Who wants to go and have a look?”

“Are you crazy? No one would be that dumb and get himself killed!”

Each and every one of the devil cultivators were rooted to the ground like wooden statues. None of them were brave enough to enter the black spirit sense.

Furthermore, after hearing the screams, many of the cultivators who wished to buy human cauldrons to break through the bottleneck of their cultivations gulped in fear and left hurriedly.

They no longer wanted to attend the auction!

The black spirit sense was like a wall that separated all the cultivators from the Pill Cauldron Gate in the last two thousand li*!

Normally, there would be nearly ten thousand devil cultivators who would attend the auction of the Pill Cauldron Gate every time.

This time however, half of them have been killed by Ning Fan while 30% of them fled, leaving only one fifth of the normal number of attendees.

Note :

Measurements :

a. li(里) = 500 m

b. zhang(丈) = 3.13 m

c. chi(尺) = 30.7 cm

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