Grasping Evil

Chapter 200 - Killing People and Robbing Treasures. I Like It.

Chapter 200: Killing People and Robbing Treasures. I Like It.

Ten days later, Ning Fan embarked on a journey to Mo Nan City!

This city was located in the middle of the Mo Nan desert. But this desert was unlike other deserts. It was because it’s a place with rich amounts of earth element spiritual power.

It was heaven for cultivators who cultivate earth element cultivation methods and a paradise for devil cultivators.

It was because the Pill Cauldron Gate was here and it had many human cauldrons for sale!

An oasis appeared thousands of li away in the middle of the desert, where a city built with rocks could be seen.

Today, countless cultivators at the Harmonious Spirit and Gold Core Realms rode on ‘camels’ to visit the city, regardless of the long distance. All of them came with the same intention – to attend the auction of the Pill Cauldron Gate.

Those who were able to fly overhead in the sky were Nascent Soul Realm old monsters!

However, Ning Fan did not want to attract a lot of attention. In fact, he followed Bing Ling and Yue Ling’s idea to ride a camel instead.

Every camel of this desert was tens of zhang* tall and emanated Gold Core Realm auras. When they quickened their pace in the sand, their speed was comparable to that of a Peak Gold Core Realm expert. Moreover, the camels behaved in a haughty demeanor. Although each of the camels could carry tens of cultivators, there must be an expert at the Gold Core Realm or above among them in order to discipline the beasts.

There were tens of cultivators, including Ning Fan, who were sitting in their own respective pavilions. At the enormous head of the camel, there was an Early Gold Core Realm cultivator maneuvering the beast. An elderly expert in purple robes stood beside him.

This expert wore a plain purple full-length Taoist robe. However, his beady eyes were like those of a mouse, revealing his true nature. He did not seem kind. Instead, his face looked pale as if he was drained because of his debauchery.

He was also one of the passengers. Since he was at the Late Gold Core Realm, a level many of the passengers considered terrifying, he became responsible in keeping the camel under control. To him, it was not a task of a lowly porter because by doing so, his fee for the ride would be waived. As such, he was more than pleased to stand on the head of the camel, making sure it did not go wild.

But his bean-like eyes kept glancing at Ning Fan’s direction while drooling lecherously.

Of course, he did not yearn for Ning Fan… In fact, he coveted the two Mid Gold Core Realm ladies beside him!

This elderly expert was not the only one lusting after them, but also most of the passengers on the camel had their eyes fixed on the two ladies from time to time. Whenever they took a peek on their slender bodies, they would smirk lasciviously.

It was normal for them to behave in that manner because Ning Fan concealed his true cultivation realm. He intentionally revealed a Mid Gold Core Realm aura as he wanted to keep a low profile while accompanying his ladies to enjoy the scenery.

As for the experts and cultivators onboard, they all came for the human cauldron auction. To them, the price of the human cauldrons was exorbitant. Some of them even had the idea of robbing Ning Fan of his cauldrons as Mid Gold Core Realm females would fetch a high price.

However, the only person on the camel who dared to publicly reveal his hostility towards Ning Fan was the purple-robed expert.

Only him, a Late Gold Core Realm expert, could fight against three Mid Nascent Soul Realm cultivators and defeat each and every one of them!

“That boy toy should be a fine cauldron for female devil cultivators. Once I catch him, he could be sold for a high price! As for the two females, I would like to pluck them first. It won’t be too late to sell them to the Pill Cauldron Gate after I’m done with them… With my current cultivation realm and the talisman that stored the secret art of my Purple Charm Gate, it won’t be difficult for me to deal with the three of them in one go! The only problem would be the restrictions of the Lost World Palace. No cultivators could engage in personal fights… Fortunately, there’s an exception. When we reach the Hill of Death up ahead, I won’t be bound by those restrictions anymore because it’s the territory of the Pill Cauldron Gate! Hehe… I must act as swiftly as possible to prevent the other Late Gold Core Realm experts from stealing what will be mine!”

His beady eyes shot a last glance on the two ladies’ bodies looking at them thoroughly from top to bottom. Afterwards, he looked up ahead with a cold smirking.

He stood with his hands clasped behind his back and his face filled with pride and arrogance!

There was actually a reason for him to behave like that.

The Early Gold Core Realm cultivator who was maneuvering the camel sat as still as a mountain on the camel’s head while expressing his amazement by clicking his tongue. He complimented the purple-robed expert beside him.

“Elder Yao is truly a strong expert from one of the most powerful sects. It’s no wonder that this camel would be so tame. It is my first time witnessing such impressive aura! Experts from the Purple Charm Gate truly deserve their esteemed reputation! I suppose Elder Yao must be one of the first class experts among the Late Gold Core Realm experts in your sect, right?”

“Thank you. But I think Fellow Daoist has overpraised me. There are quite a number of Late Gold Core Realm experts in our Purple Yuan Immortal Island. I’m just somewhere among the top rankers.”

He might be addressing him as ‘Fellow Daoist’ on the surface, but he did not even look at him in the eyes. To him, this mere Early Gold Core Realm cultivator was worthless since he could just make him perish with a wave of his hand.

However, he enjoyed receiving compliments from this cultivator. Besides, what the cultivator said was somewhat accurate. The purple-robed expert was the elder of Purple Charm Gate’s Outer Sect. He was within the top three of the most powerful experts among all the Late Gold Core Realm experts in the sect.

The camel beast sure is obedient and submissive today. It isn’t as ferocious as usual. Perhaps it’s frightened by my powerful aura.

If anyone observed the camel properly, they would find out that the camel was actually overwhelmed with fear!

Being able to strike fear into a beast notorious for being force was indeed something worth being proud of as not every Peak Gold Core Realm expert or the common Early Nascent Soul Realm expert could do that! They might be able to silence the camels but making the beast yield and fear them was another story.

“The camel is terrified. Haha. It simply proves that I’m more outstanding than the other so-called experts. Perhaps my power even surpass some of those experts at Peak Gold Core Realm!” He let out a hearty laughter, feeling pleased with himself.

But sometimes having too much pride would blind one’s eyes from the truth.

This camel was a beast that had yet to develop its vocal cords like those of a human. If it could speak, it would definitely tell the cold harsh truth to the expert blinded by his pride.

In actual fact, it was not afraid of this purple-robed old man at all. Instead, it was the innocent-looking person who was leisurely drinking wine with the company of two beauties.

Beasts and demons have sharper instincts than humans. The camel could sense a monstrous aura that could flatten everything, including itself, from Ning Fan!

“Master, we kind of feel that they want to hurt us…” Bing and Yue communicated with Ning Fan through telepathy.

“Do they…?” Ning Fan sipped some wine in a relaxed manner.

“Hehehe. Younger Brother seems to be in a good mood now. You’ve become more calm and steady compared to the past you… However, someone wants to kill…” Ever since Luo You lent Ning Fan a hand to capture Stone Warrior, she said she would only sleep for 29 days in a month. She wants to stay awake for one day in order to monitor Ning Fan’s progress on leveling up his Yin Yang Transformation up to the third realm. She was desperate to escape from within the locket.

“Hmm. If that’s the case…” A gentle smile formed on Ning Fan’s face.

He pretended that he was unaware of the situation they were in. But deep inside, he clearly knew who coveted his women and who intended to kill him.

A green area with buildings could be seen in the distance. There was a towering ancient tree which was nearly a thousand* zhang tall outside the area. On the dried-up branches of the tree hung thousands of human skulls.

Each of the skulls’ owners were at least at the Gold Core Realm or above. Some of them were even Nascent Soul Realm experts!

This place was named as the Hill of Death!

This place was not bound by the restrictions of the Lost World Palace!

Killing was not forbidden at all!

When the camel set its foot onto this territory, the purple-robed expert turned around, holding three purple talismans!

His eyes were completely fixed on Ning Fan, flashing with killing intent!

“Hey young man, you only have one choice! Hand over your women to me and I’ll let you go considering your elder’s face!”

He shook the purple talismans and a massive amount of magic power exuded from them. In the next second, the three talismans turned into three fearsome purple flames, floating above his palm!

“*clicks tongue* Those are the Intermediate High Grade magical treasure of the Purple Charm Gate – Purple Flame Talismans! Each of the talismans contain enough power to eliminate a Mid Gold Core Realm cultivator. Since he summoned three of them, they’re really in grave danger…”

“This Elder Yao sure is sly and cunning. He demonstrated his purple talismans to intimidate them. Meanwhile, he deceives them by saying those words. What does he mean by ‘I will let you go, considering your elder’s face’? There’s no such thing as giving faces to others in this place that is famously known as the ‘Grave of Cultivators’!”

The groups of Gold Core Realm cultivators were sneering at their respective pavilions but each and every one of them had their magical treasures prepared in their hands. They were waiting for an opportunity to strike the losing side of the battle, no matter who it was.

The main reason of the Hill of Death’s existence was to allow the cultivators to kill each other in order to rob each other’s magical treasures. Once they obtained enough immortal jade, they could spend it in the Pill Cauldron Gate.

To the cultivators on the camel, they thought that Ning Fan would not be a match to Elder Yao. They expected that Elder Yao would exhaust his magic power after killing the three of them or even suffer some injuries. Only then would they strike.

While they were all immersed in their own thoughts, the camel began to shudder in fear.

It was trembling now because it felt a cold menacing killing intent intensifying on its back!

Ning Fan wanted to kill someone!

That trembling almost caused the pavilions on its back to crumble.

Suddenly, a voice as loud as thunderclap blasted on its ears, restraining it from moving anymore.

“If you shudder again, I’ll kill you!”

This voice came out from Ning Fan’s mouth.

This voice revealed the aura of a Nascent Soul Realm expert!

The purple-robed expert who was grinning hideously at first had his face harden. Deep inside, he felt that death was inevitable!

All the other Gold Core Realm cultivators who also had evil intentions on the frail young man were shocked to the core when they realized that he was actually a Nascent Soul Realm expert!

“It’s bad!”

They knew that there would not be a good ending for them when they forced Ning Fan to reveal his true cultivation level. But they did not even have another second to flee!

“So I’m allowed to kill and rob whoever I want in this place? I LIKE IT!”

He swept across the surroundings with his sword sense and everyone on the camel, including the cultivator who was maneuvering the camel, were turned into minced meat!

The camel suppressed the fright within its heart and continued moving as usual.

As for the two ladies, they were astonished of their master. It was not because their master killed everyone on the camel but they worried that their master might offend some powerful old monsters of the sects in the External Endless Sea, especially when he killed the purpled-robed old man. Perhaps the sect master of Purple Charm Gate would pursue their master.

“Master, the purple-robed expert is a member of one of the top ten sects in the External Endless Sea… All the top ten sects have at least a Spirit Severing Realm guardian. They might come for you.”

Spirit Severing Realm… In the past, this realm did not even exist in their imaginations. In their minds, it was a realm that was impossible to attain. They were completely dumbfounded when Ning Fan showed them the toy statue of Stone Warrior earlier. Now, they actually felt Spirit Severing Realm was not something that was unthinkable.

“Master, what shall we do with this camel? The coachman of it is dead…” Yue Ling asked in a worried tone.

“It’s a gift to you both. Both of you ride on it. Bing Ling, take this jade slip. It stores a Spirit Severing Realm attack. Use it to protect yourselves when it’s necessary… I’m going to do what I’m supposed to do here. Kill and rob!”

By doing so, he could obtain countless immortal jade, amassing even more wealth that can be used to purchase human cauldrons.

Secondly, he might be able to intimidate the master of the Pill Cauldron Gate!

Within a stone chamber in the Pill Cauldron Gate, the old ancestor of the sect – Xiao Wanluo was in the middle of breaking through to the Peak Nascent Soul Realm. He had been in secluded meditation for quite a long time.

“Hmm. The auction is going to start soon… I guess it’s time for me to leave…” He muttered to himself. Before he could make his way to the door, the master of the Pill Cauldron Gate rushed into his room with anxiety plastered all over his face!

“Old ancestor! Something bad is happening! Someone is killing the arriving cultivators at the Hill of Death!”

“Oh, hehe… It’s just a trivial matter. Let them do as they like. At the end of the day, the immortal jade that they earn would still belong to us.”

“No! It’s different this time… There is an Early Nascent Soul Realm old monster blocking the entire path and killing all of the passersby! According to the latest information, he had already killed thousands of Gold Core Realm cultivators!”

“A Nascent Soul Realm expert?! Is this person a fool? With his current cultivation realm, it might be easy for him to kill Gold Core Realm cultivators. However, he would definitely offend the powerful forces of the External Endless Sea…”

“Old Ancestor… He doesn’t just kill Gold Core Realm cultivators. I heard that eleven Nascent Soul Realm experts has died in his hands! Among them, there were even three Late Nascent Soul Realm experts!”

“What?! Could he be a Peak Nascent Soul Realm expert?! What’s his name?”

“Zhou Ming!”

Note :

Measurements :

a. li(里) = 500 m

b. zhang(丈) = 3.13 m

c. chi(尺) = 30.7 cm

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